Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 15 “Don’t Poke the Bear” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid
Alex (Erica Durance) sees Charlie (Michael Shanks)

Alex (Erica Durance) sees Charlie (Michael Shanks)

For this week’s episode of Saving Hope, we get guest star Liane Balaban, the return of Joel and Maggie avoiding the handsome Dr. Calfous.

Alex and Charlie

Tonight’s episode begins with Alex getting into an elevator at Hope-Zion. But then it gets stuck and she starts to get a panic attack and starts pounding on the doors asking for help to get out. Eventually the elevator starts moving again and when the door opens she seems to have attracted a crowd that includes Charlie who had no clue that Alex was claustrophobic. This little elevator incident has made Alex the talk amongst the Hope-Zion staff that is seen throughout the episode.

Alex gets paged and starts to walk away from Charlie but he too gets paged and promises that he isn’t following her. They meet up with Dawn who tells the former couple that she needs both of them to help a couple that were attacked by a bear.

As they wait for the couple to arrive, we learn that Charlie is living in a hotel and Alex is having to switch over their bills to her name. When Alex learns that Charlie has paid her parking tickets, she insists on paying him back.

Liane Balaban with Michael Shanks (back to camera) as Charlie Harris

Liane Balaban with Michael Shanks (back to camera) as Charlie Harris

The couple arrive, Wayne and Abigail. Wayne is far better than his wife. Wayne only requires some shoulder surgery but Abigail has a lot of injuries like claw scratches and a bruised abdomen. Alex wheels her into surgery and as she is being wheeled away, Abigail’s spirit appears to Charlie. I could have sworn that Alex had the feeling that Charlie did see something but Charlie brushed that off.

In surgery, Alex manages to fix Abigail’s internal bleeding but notices a pretty bad hematoma that she won’t touch and hopes that it would take care of itself but the OR will be on standby should it burst. Abigail is brought back to the ICU.

Meanwhile, Charlie has tracked down Abigail’s spirit in an empty room and she is cowering in fear. But once Abigail learns that Charlie is the only one that can see her, she relaxes and asks not to be called Abigail so instead Charlie calls her Abbie. Another request that Abbie has is to watch some TV but not nature programs.

In the ICU, we see Wayne arrive to Abigail’s room whistling. He tells Alex that this was his sign to his wife that he was coming home. When Abigail’s machines start going off, Wayne reacts violently to this and is angry and Jackson. Alex gets Wayne to leave as she works on stabilizing Abigail, which she does.

Alex then goes over Abigail’s x-rays with Charlie and they notice a lot of fractures that haven’t healed properly. In fact they noticed a lot of injuries that haven’t been treated by a doctor. When the confront Wayne about his wife’s injuries, he explains the injuries like Abigail falling out of a kayak and that he has set her bones. WAyne says that Abigail is clumsy and has brittle bone disease. Later, Charlie and Alex get Abigail’s test results back that indicate that she doesn’t have brittle bone disease but has vitamin D deficiency meaning she hasn’t seen the sun in awhile. Alex thinks this is odd considering she lives in the woods.

Charlie and Alex find his answers suspect and believes that Wayne is abusing her. But they can’t know for sure unless they talk to Abigail. They do know that once Abigail wakes up that Wayne will be out of Hope-Zion like a shot. So they turned to Gavin in hopes of keeping Abigail at the hospital by enacting a domestic abuse protocol. Gavin seems to agree with the duo.

When Charlie talks to Abigail again, he asks how she met Wayne. She tells him they met while she was hiking and she fell and broke her leg. Wayne set it for and they’ve been together ever since. Charlie presses her to see if she is being abused but Abigail insists that is not the case and that she needs Wayne. We then see Abigail hear Wayne’s whistle call and she starts to panic but Charlie doesn’t know how to help her.

Meanwhile. Abigail’s hematoma has burst and Alex and Maggie take her back into surgery where do manage to stop the bleeding and ensure that she will be okay.

Charlie goes to Gavin again and asks him if it is possible for a wife to become so dependent on a husband that she would end up defending him. Gavin says it is possible and when he says the word hostage, this clues Charlie in that perhaps Abigail is a kidnap victim. When Charlie finds Abigail again, he keeps on pressing Abigail to finally reveal her real name: Kyla Bradley.

Charlie then shows the missing poster of Kyla. She has been missing sine she was 12 years old, which was 15 years ago. When Alex asks how Charlie knew, he lies and says that he Googled missing people and someone who looked like Abigail came up.

When Wayne wakes up from surgery and asks about Abigail, Alex and Charlie are there and says she is fine. When Wayne asks to see her, Alex refuses and says she will never see her again and says that Wayne kidnapped her. Wayne thinks Alex is being ridiculous and goes to see his “wife” but the cops are there and they take him in. And Kyla’s spirit disappears.

When Abigail wakes up, Alex is there and she introduces herself as Kyla Brady.


Joel returns to more screen time and he looks awful lot like The Originals’ Elijiah. Joel’s patient is Kai, a caucasian buddhist who has a hunchback. Kai is reluctant to get the surgery to straighten is back but Joel insists that surgery needs to be done or he will choke to death while he is sleeping. Kai only agrees to the surgery if Joel will let him do something for him. Joel says yes and the surgery is on, which Joel seems excited to do.

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren and Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza

Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren and Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza

I actually found Kai’s surgery interesting as we see Joel and Shahir work on his back. Some comedic moments happen hear as Shahir doesn’t quite comprehend some of the talk that surrounds him.

After the surgery, Kai is in pain but Joel tells him that straightening his back will cause other organs to try and adjust. Kai can’t be given drugs as he is a recovering drug addict but Reycraft says that it is possible that Kai could require more surgery. However, it seems that meditation is helping Kai cope with his pain and when Joel sees Kai admiring himself in the mirror (something he hasn’t done in a while), Kai says it is now time for him to help Joel. This help involves teaching Joel to meditate to which he fails miserably.

Maggie and Gavin

Gavin is waiting for Maggie to show up for their appointment with Dr. Calfous but she is a no show again. When Gavin wonders where Maggie was, she simply says she forgot. However, Gavin thinks Maggie is avoiding Calfous because of her crush on him. Maggie suggests that they get another doctor but Gavin doesn’t want to as Calfous is a good doctor.

Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) and Gavin (Kristopher Turner) get an ultrasound of their baby under the care of Dr. Calfous (Eric Johnson)

Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) and Gavin (Kristopher Turner) get an ultrasound of their baby under the care of Dr. Calfous (Eric Johnson)

Eventually, Gavin tricks Maggie into an appointment and when Calfous shows up, she doesn’t seem too pleased but goes through the appointment. The expectant parents hear their baby’s heartbeat for the first time puts smiles on their faces, But Maggie’s continued cold shoulder of Dr. Calfous puts a damper on the mood.

At the doctor’s lounge, Calfous wants to know what is Maggie’s beef and it is the fact that Maggie caught Calfous being hopped up on liquid codeine and doesn’t want a drug addict to her doctor. However, Calfous explained that the liquid codeine was for cough that he had and it just took him out. Maggie seems to believe this and the two make up. As they hug, Gavin comes in and looks almost jealous but Maggie pulls him away so they can go home. Something tells me that Maggie’s instinct was right and Calfous is a drug addict and something almost bad will happen to her and her baby.

Alex (Erica Durance) and Charlie (Michael Shanks -back to camera)

Alex (Erica Durance) and Charlie (Michael Shanks -back to camera)

The episode ends with Charlie and Alex saying good night and parting ways. In the elevator, Alex steps in and as it closes Joel steps in. Joel tells her about him trying to meditate and she gets a good laugh out of that. Talk turns to Alex wanting to hide from the world and as Joel keeps on chatting away, Alex pushes him against the wall of the elevator and when it looks like they might kiss, she simply thanks him and walks out of the elevator.

Alex (Erica Durance) and Joel (Daniel Gillies) in the elevator hopefully not to make out

Alex (Erica Durance) and Joel (Daniel Gillies) in the elevator hopefully not to make out

That elevator scene with Joel was kind of hot even though nothing happened and probably won’t considering that Alex told Joel in the last episode that she can’t imagine her life with out Charlie. This scenes just shows you that Erica Durance can have white hot chemistry with any leading man thrown at her. In Smallville, she had with Alan Ritchson, Justin Hartley and Tom Welling and now in Saving Hope with Michael Shanks and Daniel Gillies.

Anyways, we only have two more episodes left until the season 2 finale. Until next week

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