Arrow Season 2 “Tremors” Recap

TremorsArrow trains Roy, an enemy returns and Moira ponders a new career in this week’s Arrow. Also, Laurel continues her downward spiral.

We begin at Iron Height’s Prison where we see a new inmate check in. He gets roomed with Bronze Tiger aka Ben Turner. This man gives Turner a message to meet someone on a rooftop at a specified time. But Turner wonders how that would happen considering that he is in prison. But his cellmate has the answer. In what is a pretty gross scene, we see this man remove the Bronze Tiger’s claws that have been surgically implanted in him. And we then see Bronze Tiger kill a guard.

At this rooftop meeting, Bronze Tiger meets a mysterious bald man (James Kidnie – he played Amos Fortune in Smallville), we later learn (thanks to Felicity) his name is Armitage and he is an arms dealer. Armitage has a job for Turner and that is to steal an object that we learn has the potential to kill thousands of people. More on that later.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse we see Arrow train Roy, which involves Roy mostly slapping water in a bowl just like we saw Shado do to Oliver back on the island. Roy is frustrated at the glacial pace of the training that he ends up not only smashing the bowl but the table that it is on. Arrow tries to explain to him that this ia ll about controlling his strength and his anger. Arrow shares his experience with the Mirakuru and how it corrupted and warped his friend that resulted in him shooting an arrow through his eye.

At the Arrow Cave, Oliver shares his frustration of how his training of Roy is going with Felicity and Diggle. Both are worried about Roy and his mental state. Felicity is then alerted of the prison break and that Bronze Tiger has escaped.

At another training session, Arrow uses a fighting dummy to help Roy but again he is frustrated and Roy believes the only way he can learn is if he goes out on the field. Felicity then call Oliver to let him know that Bronze Tiger stole the architecture designs to Malcolm Merlyn’s house. So the two head off to Merlyn’s house to see what Bronze TIger is after.

Roy (in his red hoodie) and Arrow are making their way through Merlyn’s house. Roy finds a picture of Tommy and points it out to Arrow and he also comments how Arrow seems to know his way around the Merlyn mansion. They then hear a noise coming from the garage. We then see Bronze Tiger and Armitage’s man seek out a prototype of the earthquake machine that levelled the Glades in the season 1 finale. Armitage hired Bronze Tiger to take care of Arrow knowing that he would come on the scene. Bronze Tiger and Arrow get into a fight while Roy takes on the henchman by pulling out of the van and starting to beat the crap out of the guy. Arrow seeing this abandons his fight with Bronze Tiger to stop Roy. Because of this Bronze Tiger escapes with the earthquake machine.

Back at their training warehouse, Arrow reams Roy out for what he did but Roy is not having any of it. When Arrow mentions that Roy should think of Thea, this gets Roy angry and he tosses Arrow clear across the room. Roy tells Arrow that he is going to take down Bronze Tiger himself.

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle and Felicity once again voice their concerns about Roy but Oliver still wants to help him and not let him become a failure like he failed Slade.

Knowing that another earthquake device is out there, Roy goes to Verdant and tries to warn Thea to take her family and leave town. But Thea wants to know why Roy is acting the way he is but Roy is insistent that she leaves and when she won’t, Roy roughly grabs her arm thus hurting her. Roy, seeing his hand shake, realizes what he has done and leaves.

Meanwhile, Moira is having dinner with Walter. Thea has high hopes that they may reconcile but Moira doesn’t want to think that her dinner with Walter is a date. And in fact it is not. She is having dinner with Walter and Mark Francis (Nicholas Lea), a CEO of a company. The gist of their dinner is they want Moira to run against Sebastian Blood for mayor. They believe that Blood won’t be good for Starling City financially.

Moira thinks it is a Moira mulls it over for a few days but believes her running for is bad idea as people hate her for being a part of the Undertaking. But Walter says that she has a fairly high approval rating. Later, she asks Thea for advice. Thea tells her that people will forgive her like she has and that she has a chance to save Starling City. With those words from her daughter, Moira decides to run for mayor. She lets Walter know of her decision but realizes that the story of Thea being Malcolm’s daughter could get out and only one person knows the truth outside of her, Malcolm and Walter: her OBGYN. Moira asks Walter to take care of him.

Back to the main action, Felicity manages to find out that Armitage is planning on shipping the device out to the highest bidder so Arrow goes to the shipment yard to stop it from going out. Arrow and Bronze Tiger get into a fight but Roy comes on the scene and takes over. Armitage realizes that the device isn’t going to his buyer to he activates it. Arrow tries to open the container that houses the device but it won’t open so he can’t stop it. Realizing he needs Roy’s strength, Arrow reveals himself as Oliver Queen and uses Roy’s love for Thea to stop beating the crap out of Bronze Tiger and to punch a whole in the container so that Oliver can put a bomb in the container to destroy the device.

In the aftermath, Roy can’t believe that Oliver Queen is the vigilante and thanks him for saving his life, for giving it purpose. Oliver shakes his hand and says that they’ve only just begun.

We also see Bronze Tiger is back in custody. But for how long? We see Amanda Waller visit Bronze Tiger in prison and wants to recruit him for a squad she is putting together. We know this squad to be the Suicide Squad.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Diggle and Felicity aren’t happy that Oliver revealed himself to Roy but tells them that he had to in order to get him to trust him and he needed to be Oliver in order for him to do it for Thea because saying that as Arrow wouldn’t hold any water.

Later on, we see Oliver bring Roy to the Arrow Cave and tells him that Thea must never know and Roy promises that she won’t. He wonders how many people know Oliver’s secret and he says too many but introduces him to the two people that count: Felicity and Diggle. Roy jokingly calls them Team Arrow and Felicity says that is what she calls them. Oliver is not amused. Welcome to Team Arrow Roy!

Island Flashback

Oliver and Sara are trying to find Slade. Oliver wants to come clean to Slade about letting Shado die but Sara says that is not a good idea. Both believe that Slade went to the cave where those Japanese soldiers were found but when they get there Slade isn’t there. Oliver does notice some new drawings on the cave wall and Oliver realizes that Slade is planning to use Fyers missile truck to destroy the freighter. At the missile truck, Slade is programming it to hit the freighter. Oliver and Sara arrive and try to stop Slade for destroying their one way off the island. But Slade won’t listen to reason. He wants revenge against Ivo for killing the woman he loves and points a gun at Oliver to get out of his way. But Oliver mentions that Slade should think of Shado and that she wanted him to leave the island so he could see his son again. This gets Slade to stop what he is doing. We see his hand shake and Slade wonders what is wrong with him. Even though Slade has stopped the missiles from launching he still wants Ivo to pay so Oliver says that they will take control of the freighter.

In Laurel land, we see Lance trying to reconnect with her and even tries to take her to an A&A meeting under the guise of a dinner out. Of course, Laurel is none too pleased with this and storms off. The next day, we see Laurel go to her job interview at her former CNRI colleague Joanna’s new law firm. However, Joanna tells Laurel even more bad news. Because of what happened in the last episode, Laurel is being investigated for misconduct, which likely means she will be disbarred. This sends Laurel further down the black hole and she ends up at Verdant drinking heavily. Oliver arrives at the bar area and stops Laurel from drinking and takes her car keys away and puts her in a cab home. Oliver then calls someone to be there for Laurel and he quite insistent that this person does so.

We see Laurel drunkenly return home and as she stumbles around, she eventually falls and we see hovering over her is Sara who has revealed to her sister that she is alive.

Next week, we get a Lance family reunion with the return of Alex Kingston as Dinah and also involves Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Nyssa (Katrina Law).

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