Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 10 “Wishbones” Recap

Saving Hope Season 2 part 2Don’t let CTV fool you into thinking that tonight’s episode is the season 3 premiere of Saving Hope. It is in fact the premiere of the second half of season 2 where the final 9 episodes will unspool before Grey’s Anatomy returns.

Alex, Charlie, Joel and Luke

In an empty hospital room, Alex and Charlie are making out but are interrupted when he sees a spirit. Alex thinks that Charlie is keeping a secret about Luke. Charlie confesses that he found some pills in Luke’s jacket. This interrupts their sexy times.

Meanwhile, we see Luke at a construction site trying to talk down a  jumper while Alex is trying to call him to ream him out. Luke manages to talk him down, however, the man slips and they both fall and Luke seriously injured as it looks like he gets impaled with a rod in his leg and bones showing.

When Alex goes searching for Charlie, Zach becomes evasive but tells her about Luke.

He comes onto the scene to care for Luke and decides that they need to cut the rod to save Luke. Luke is brought into Hope-Zion so further his care and Charlie is brought into consult. Joel tells Charlie that Luke doesn’t want Alex to know that he has been hurt. Charlie and Joel work together to save Luke and his leg is a mess. The two men work on giving Luke a new bone for his leg.

Alex is pissed that no one told her about Luke. She wants to scrub in but Joel says she can’t and let them do their jobs to save him.

Joel and Charlie argue about Luke’s behaviour. Charlie talks smack about him while Joel defends Luke. This seems to turn into a conversation about Alex.

Charlie tells Alex that Luke is going to pull through.

Luke is awake and is apologetic to Alex for always bringing bad luck into their lives. Luke wishes they could go back to a time when he wasn’t a drunk and thinks Alex is ashamed of him.

Luke tells Alex that the pills Charlie found wasn’t his but it seems that Alex doesn’t believe him but tells him that she does as she leaves.

Joel goes to check up on him but something is wrong with Luke and he starts to code. Mal sees that there is tons of blood around his heart and Joel performs emergency surgery to drain the blood.

Charlie gets Alex who runs to him. But Charlie then sees Luke indicating that he is dying. Alex sees Mal and Joel try to save him and she can’t move and won’t leave.

Charlie goes to talk Luke’s spirit to try and convince him to live but Luke is ready to die and thinks that Alex is better off without him. He wants Charlie to do something for him but Charlie doesn’t listen but runs off to be with Alex.

After trying for over 30 minutes, Joel calls Luke’s time of death and Alex is devastated.

Alex asks Charlie about him missing something during Luke’s surgery. She is taking out her grief on him. Charlie doesn’t know what to say to her.

Alex believes that Luke died thinking she is mad at him. Luke is feeding Charlie everything he wanted to say to Alex. She then shares stories about her brother and that she is proud of him and she regrets that he will never know but little does she know that he does know.

Charlie tells Alex that Luke did hear him and reveals what he went through during him coma and tells her that he can still see spirits/ghosts. Alex doesn’t believe him and feels she is going crazy and runs off. She goes to the morgues and pulls out Luke’s body and hugs it. She puts the body back out repeatedly bangs on the door in a rage and grief.

Gavin and Maggie

Alex and Maggie are taking are of a pregnant woman, Carrie,  (Rachel Craword) with twins but she also has a cancerous tumor. Her OBGYN comes in, Dr. Calfous (Eric Johnson). and Alex discusses the case with him Maggie seems smitten because of how good-looking he is and Alex leaves.

Maggie is embarrassing in front fo Dr. Calfous and is a bit spacy during the surgery of the pregnant lady. Alex is trying to remove a tumor that is outside the uterus and is running into some complications that involve her water breaking thus is in labour. It looks like the babies might not survive nor the mother. Dr. Calfous, Maggie and Alex work together to try and save the babies but it seems that Dr. Calfous can only save one. So Alex asks him to leave so she can save the mother. Carrie is informed that one of her twins is dying inside her and is quite upset. She wants to induce labour to let her child live. But Alex says that is not an option. Carrie doesn’t want her child to die inside her. However, Alex tells her that Carrie is tumour free.

Maggie comes to Calfous and Alex with an experimental way to save the other baby. Alex wants to do it and Calfous is convinced to do it.

Maggie then turns to Gavin for some “therapy” about her crush on Dr. Calfous. She tells him that she thinks that is good looking in his own way but not as sexy as Dr. Calfous. This makes Maggie fell better but not so for Gavin it seems.

Gavin, is a bit unsecure, asks Zach how good looking he is and they then encounter Dr. Calfous where Zach says that he is one good looking dude.

Dr. Calfous, Alex and Maggie perform the surgery. When it appears that something is wrong, Carrie starts to panic impeding the surgery but Alex manages to calm her down and the surgery is a success.

Calfous congratulates Maggie on her help and when she goes to apologize for her behaviour, he drops a bombshell: she is pregnant!

Alex pays Carrie a visit and they listen to her babies heartbeats and it gives them both a sense of calm.

Meanwhile, Maggie visits Gavin and asks him about getting a dog. When he says that they are too busy for pets this seems to indicate that perhaps they have no room for kids and that she may get an abortion.

Smallville fun fact: Dr. Calfous is played by Eric Johnson, who played Whitney Fordham in season 1 of Smallville and of course we know that Erica Durance played Lois Lane. Even though the two were seasons apart, we had a mini Smallville reunion. And having Maggie call Dr. Calfous Superman is hilarious. Does she realize who she is saying this line to?

So I am glad that Charlie finally told Alex the truth about his abilities and it seems next week Alex might be open to accepting this.

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6 Comments on Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 10 “Wishbones” Recap

  1. i loved the smallville reference in this episode but you forgot to mention that Michael shanks(charlie) played hawkman on smallville for 4 episodes so it was kind of a multiple character reunion

    • You are right. I did mention in previous blog posts how Shanks played Hawkman. I didn’t mention it here cause they didn’t share any scenes in the episode so the thought didn’t occur to me.

  2. I would really like to figure out how to buy or watch this. If you could tell me how i would. Be very greatful

    • Unfortunately if you are in the US you are out of luck. The only way to see it there is not entirely on the up and up (i.e. downloading a torrent). You can trick to mask your IP address and make CTV think that you are coming from Canada as CTV has full episodes online. Other than that, I am sure season 2 will come out on DVD/Blu-Ray and you can order it on

    • A little late since its 2016, but Saving Hope is now airing in the US on iON (Not sure if that’s strictly a Dish Network channel though).

      **came here to find out what happened to Luke since the recording of that episode was deleted😑😕**

      • Sharon Driscoll // April 18, 2016 at 2:18 am //

        I watch this in the UK but was disappointed that for some reason it went from ep9 straight to ep11 so we never got to see ep 10. Thank you for the synopsis, filled in the blanks

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