The Tomorrow People “Limbo” Recap and Review

Tomorrow People love triangeThis review is about a week late but didn’t have the time to watch the latest episode of The Tomorrow People until this week.

Anyways, the first season of The Tomorrow People seems to be borrowing from the first season of Smallville where that show had a freak of the week, The Tomorrow People has the breakout of the week that the team and Ultra are looking to bring in.

So this episode is all about catching a serial rapist (Ben Cotton) who uses his powers to kidnap women and rape them before depositing them back in their homes with their hairs wet. The only thing they know about him is that he has attacked 8 women all in a specific geographic location.

And this episode opens up with him taking another victim. We then go to a very awkward morning after of the Cara/Stephen hookup.

Stephen is looking for round 2 but Cara wants them to forget it happened. She takes off before a couple comes into the hotel room they were in while Stephen is still there.

Meanwhile at the Lair, John and Russell are back from the latter’s dad’s funeral. John has come with a peace offering, a stuffed beaver but Cara seems cold and distant to John and the gift. Irene interrupts to let the gang know about the serial rapist.

At Ultra headquarters, Stephen sees someone backing Darcy’s desk and another Agent, Perkins, confronts him about his rep in killing his partners. Jedikiah interrupts to let the other agents know about the serial rapist. Stephen leaves the meeting fed up with Perkins’ taunting and seeing how his powers seems to be getting, Jedikiah asks Stephen to take a little break from Ultra.

On his break from Ultra, Stephen is in gym class and confides in Astrid that having powers is bringing him down. Astrid encourages Stephen to use his powers for fun, which ends up doing during a gym class game of basketball. Their gym teacher is so impressed that he gets Stephen to join the basketball team.

When Stephen teleports he and Astrid home and go up to his room, Cara is there. Astrid leaves and when she does, Cara tells Stephen that he needs to go back to Ultra so he can provide information to catch the serial rapist. However, Stephen tells her he is taking a leave of absence from Ultra. Talk turns to their one night stand. Cara says it was a mistake. However, Stephen believes that there is something between them and there always has even before they met. When Stephen asks her to deny there is anything Cara really doesn’t.

On the topside, Russell, Cara and John are trying to get a read on this breakout, which Cara has been unable to do, by visiting the area that he seems to be targeting. They are unsuccessful. Cara is still distant to John and John thinks that it is because he lied to her about killing people. He tells Cara that he loves her.

Back at school, Stephen’s new basketball teammates manage to convince Stephen to host a pre-game party at his house. Like any typical high school party, it gets out of hand. His teammates gets him drunk, a popular girl lures Stephen to his room to make out and when the police come, Astrid goes to warn Stephen but catches Stephen and the girl, Jenny, kissing. Astrid leaves hurt and when Stephen tries to stop her, he reads her mind and learns that she is in love with. We as an audience are not shocked at all.

In the aftermath of the party, Perkins and Jedikiah come to Stephen house to punish him for having fun with his powers. They slap a suppression cuff or a blue kryptonite bracelet on him so he can’t use his powers.

We later see Cara confess to John that she slept with Stephen. She did so in wanting to be honest with John. He thinks it is a tit for tat thing.

When Stephen comes to lair for some help with the cuff everyone says that they can’t and Irene says that it won’t be possible based on the material is it made of. John says he needs to make nice with Jedikiah in order for the cuff to come off. At the same time, TIM is showing city worker badges as they believe this serial rapist was wearing something with a badge when Russell, Cara, and John stopped him the previous night.

Stephen goes to his basketball game and to say the least it isn’t going to well for him. But he sees John and there is hope. John does use his powers to help the team win does so by embarrassing Stephen as he makes him trip and get a ball in the face but he did manage to score a couple of baskets.

After the game, the two men have it out over Cara but she comes and breaks up the fight. When Stephen goes to lick his wounds, he notices one of the badges that were flashing on the screen. It is one for the city’s waterworks department and Stephen starts to piece the clues together like how the victims’ hair was wet and that Cara can’t read people’s minds when there is running water. He figures out this guy is taking is victims to the sewers.

Despite not having his powers, Stephen goes down and saves a girl from almost being raped. He confronts the guy but of course he has the upper hand and handily beats Stephen and while he can’t kill directly, he throws an unconscious Stephen down the sewers in hopes that he drowns.

This is when Cara (who somehow heard Stephen’s call for help), John and Russell come on the scene. John goes and saves Stephen while Cara defeats the rapist.

Before John saves Stephen, Stephen sees his father in some kind of limbo. His dad tells him he needs to go back and mentions the word Thanatos.

At Ultra, we see this serial rapist in the procedure room, where we assume his powers will be taken away but something Jedikiah says to Stephen makes me doubt that. Anyways, Jedikiah is impressed that Stephen took him with no powers but mentions how the guy said he was beaten up by a woman who sounds a lot like Cara. Stephen reiterates that he took down the guy by himself. Bottom line is Stephen gets his powers back.

Stephen goes and tries to make amends to Astrid who calls his life a bad 80s movie. To make her feel better, he tells her that he is in love with Cara who doesn’t love him back. Astrid tells him not to be silly that Cara does indeed love him too or at least has feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Cara and John do make up but she doesn’t deny that there is something between her and Stephen. The only thing that matters to John is that Cara loves him, which she does.

Stephen goes to Lair and tells Cara that they were destined to be together and her being able to hear him while he had no powers just shows it. But the real reason why he came was to tell Cara and John about seeing his father and the importance of trying to find him,

There is something that is kind of bugging me now about The Tomorrow People. It is heavily borrowing story lines (in terms of the characters) from other TV shows. For example, look at our quadrangle of Cara, John, Stephen and Astrid. This reminds so much of Smallville season 1-5.  Where Stephen is Clark, Cara is Lana, John is Whitney or Jason while Astrid is Chloe.

I feel sorry for Astrid because like Chloe, she had unrequited feelings for Clark and she never ended up with him. I know in the first season of Smallville Clark explored a potential romantic relationship with Chloe since Lana was unavailable but nothing came of it as Clark was too hung up on Lana. So Chloe got the shaft and I fear that is what is going to happen to Astrid. I really hope that Stephen doesn’t try pursue a romantic relationship with her in order to see what else is out there beyond Cara. This makes me wonder, who is Stephen’s end game love interest? Is it Cara or Astrid or someone we haven’t seen yet. In the case of Smallviille, Clark’s end game love interest was Lois but we didn’t get introduced to her until season 4 and it took 5 more seasons for them to get together. And you know who Chloe ended up with on that show, Oliver, the other superhero on the show.

So it is possible that John could end up with Astrid at the end of the series. Just throwing out crazy ideas here.

And what is with this Irene. I think this is The Tomorrow People’s  attempt at adding a Felicity Smoak-type character to the show but Laura Slade Wiggins is no Emily Bett Rickards.

Anyways, I could do less with the soapiness of the show and more movement on finding Stephen’s missing presumed dead father.

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