Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Well” Recap and Review

CHLOE BENNET, BRETT DALTON, ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE, IAIN DE CAESTECKER, CLARK GREGG, MING-NA WENApologies for not recapping the latest episode of SHIELD until now. I was afraid that I would be spoiled on what happened in Thor: The Dark World if I haven’t seem that movie yet as the show seems to assume that you’ve seen The Avengers. But I needed have worried after assurances from my podcast co-host Sigrid. However, Thor gets named dropped like a million times in this episode that I could have gotten drunk if I made this a drinking game.

Anyways, I guess the action sort of picks up in what happened in Thor: The Dark World with the team at Greenwich University looking over some stuff and the taking back anything alien or Asgardian. Simmons seems to be avoiding taking a call from her parents as she doesn’t want to discuss with them things alien and what she went through a few episodes back.

The action then switches to a national park in Norway where two park rangers notices a strange alien symbol spray painted on it. At the same time, a young couple, Jakob and Petra are walking in the park with some instructions in rhyme written on it. The deduce that found the right tree and begin to cut it down with a chain saw.

The crack open the tree and retrieve a staff that is clearly been broken into pieces. THe park rangers hear all the noise they are making and go to investigate. When Jakop gets Petra to touch the staff, it glows and he encourages her to let the rage grow inside her. When one of the park rangers encounters them, Petra uses one of the powers of the Tomorrow People and Forces the guy away and probably killing him.

The SHIELD agents come on the scene to investigate. Simmons does a scan on the tree and Fitz makes a 3D model of what was in the tree. We learn that it is Asguardian but don’t know what the markings mean.

At the same time, Petra and Jakob and their followers of people who sympathize with the Asgardians or something like that are wreaking havoc in Oslo and call these themselves gods.

Back on the Bus, Coulson suggests they go see Elliot Randall, an expert in Norse mythology who teaches at the University of Seville. When they go and see Randall, he explains that the staff is from a Beserkian who came to Earth thousands of years ago as part of an invasion but he fell in love with all that Earth had to offer and stayed behind when the Beserkians left. He cut his staff in three and hid the pieces so no one could find it and realize its powers.  Randall tells the team that this Beserkian soldier left clues on how to find it and they are riddles. We know that Petra and Jakob have the first one and are now on the look out for the other two pieces.

Thanks to Skye, the team determine that one of the pieces is in fact in Seville, Spain. When Ward and Skye go and look for it, they seem to be at a dead end when Fitz tells Ward that there are alien signatures near him but it is on the move. When Ward catches up to the guy, it is Randall and he has to the second piece of the staff. When Ward touches the staff, it glows and we see flashes of something that happens in Ward’s childhood. We see a boy in a well begging to be rescued as water starts to overwhelm him.

Let me reveal what is happening in this memory as Ward has flashes back to this throughout the episode and even tells Coulson at one point that he has tried to lock this memory away but the staff unlocked it. Basically, we see this boy asking another boy above to be rescued. We learn that the boy in the well is Ward’s brother and Ward is the one above. Ward wants to throw down a rope to rescue his brother but another boy appears and pretty much bullies him to not rescue him yet. We see the water overwhelm Ward’s brother and we assume that he drowns before Ward can rescue him. And we assume that this fuels Ward’s rage throughout the episode.

Randall makes escape with the staff but Petra and Jakob and his followers get to him and take the second part of the staff, which we later see the two use it to juice more followers.

On the bus, Simmons is running tests on Ward to see what affects the staff had on him but he gets increasingly ragey on FitzSimmons and Skye. He starts to punch his rage on a punching bag and almost punches Melinda and the two have a talk that I can’t remember the details on.

In the interrogation room, Coulson is questioning Randall, who denies being the one to help Jakob and Petra. Coulson mentions having one on one time with Asgardians recently in hopes of getting Randall to reveal what he is not telling him. Later on, Coulson uses Ward’s rage issues to get Randall to talk. When Ward goes to stab Randall, he grabs the blade and bends it. We then realize that Randall is Asgardian and is the Beserkian solider that stayed behind. Eventually, Randall helps the team find the final piece, a church in Ireland. Before they head off, Ward asks how long will he feel the effects of the staff. Randall says the super strength will wear off in a couple of days but the rage will stay with him for decades.

When they get there, the team discovers the final piece is now in the hands of Jakob and his followers. Jakob stabs Randall and as he lays dying, Simmons tries to save him but because he isn’t human, makes it a bit tougher but Coulson shoves his hands in his chest and with the help of FitzSimmons, saves his life.

Meanwhile, Ward takes on Jakob and his followers and he touches more parts of the staff and it glows too making him even more rageful. He manages to take down everyone and he looks beaten and spent. When Skye wants to take him away, Petra comes on the scene with more followers. Ward goes to take her down but Melinda steps in. She grabs on to two pieces of the staff and it starts to glow too and she and Petra begin to fight. During the fight, Melinda puts all three pieces of the staff together and defeats Petra. She the places the staff down.

During the cleanup, Ward asks how she could control what she could see after she touched the staff. She said it was easy because she sees it everyday. Why do I want to believe is her being forced to give up her child. And said child is Skye. I think we may have some proof of this as both Skye and Melinda think Thor is dreamy.

Before the clean up guys take away the staff, Coulson is tempted to touch it so he can see what happened to him after he was killed but he doesn’t. Randall mentions moving on to somewhere else and Coulson suggests a place that sounds like Tahiti but later on recommends Portland to his alien friend.

As Ward drinks at a bar, Skye once again tries to get Ward to open up about what happened to his brother but Ward says that perhaps he will but not know. Skye once again offers her shoulder for him to cry on.

When Ward turns in for the night, he sees Melinda go to her room, with a bottle of booze in hand and leaves her door open for him to join her. This was either done so they could talk or for a hookup. I am thinking the latter.

In the post credit scene, we see Coulson getting a relaxing message from a young Tahitian woman, when she says that it is a magical place, Ward wakes up with sweat on his face.

And again, we get teased with something yet I feel we are no where close to an answer as to what happened with Coulson. As for Melinda, I really hope I am right about this. Sometimes it is hard to play predictor. But I think the clues are there that Melinda and Skye are mother-daughter. If anyone disagrees, sound off in the comments.

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