The Tomorrow People “All Tomorrow’s Parties” Recap and Review

All Tomorrow’s PartiesIf there is one thing that I really appreciate about The Tomorrow People is that it isn’t dragging out the secrets and lies that people have for several seasons. Instead, tonight’s episode, many secrets are revealed with some taking it well and not so well.

The episode begins with Stephen undergoing some training exercises with Darcy but it has to be stopped by Jedikiah when Stephen wouldn’t hit a girl. As the training session ends and Stephen goes home to study, Jedikiah receives a phone call from Ultra’s home office where a guy (Hiro Kanagawa – he played the Smallville High’s principal in several Smallville episodes) wants Jedikiah to bring in Stephen and also chastises him for letting people like Kurt Rundell and Killian McCrane get away.

Speaking of Kurt, he is being yelled at by John for going topside to visit his mother as that would expose Ultra to their location. There is an argument between the two that involves Stephen’s dead father and the promise of going to the Refuge. Cara eventually mediates the argument.

At a diner, we ses Astrid there studying when Stephen walks in. Astrid is still mad at Stephen for lying to her and continuing to lie to her. However, the two friends make up and plans are made to attend homecoming together.

Later, Cara has a mission for Stephen. He wants Stephen there to witness a Tomorrow Person getting their powers stripped because she wants him to steal a sample of the serum to be used so that their geneticist, Irene (Laura Slade), 17-year-old genius can formulate an antidote.

So Stephen does witness the powers being stripped and does manage to grab a sample of the serum. His uncle then talks to him about how the Ultra higher ups want to see him. Stephen is worried that he will be killed just as they killed his father.

Since everyone is so antsy down in the Lair, Cara thinks it is a good idea that they all blow off steam by attending some girl’s 21st birthday party at a nightclub that TIM managed to get everyone on the guest list. John doesn’t not think it is a good idea but Cara challenges him to a fight where if she wins, they all get to party and if he wins, they never mention something like this again.

As John prepares for his fight with Cara, Stephen tells John of his meeting with Ultra higher ups. John thinks this might be a good thing as Stephen could lead them to their location. But Stephen is still worried that he might be killed.

But we get to the fight were Russell acts as the ring master and while the fight start off slow, powers are shown and it is back and forth for a bit but Cara does win.

As Astrid shows Stephen multiple choices for her homecoming dress, she still tries to get Stephen to tell her the truth but he still isn’t forthcoming. Stephen wants her to drop this as since they just made up, he doesn’t want to create more of a wedge between them. When Astrid goes to try one more dress on, Jedikiah calls Stephen to say it is time for him to meet the higher ups.

Preparations are made for everyone to dress their best for this party and Cara procures a nice suit for John but John still doesn’t want to go. Cara says that they all need to feel like they are still a part of the human world and being stuck in the lair for two years wasn’t helping. They argue and John says were doing okay until Stephen came into their lives. However, Cara defends Stephen and says they surviving didn’t equal to living.

At this meeting at a really fancy looking house (I need to find out what house they used in Vancouver for this scene) and the guy on the phone greets them and takes Stephen to a study where a voice enters Stephen head. Stephen realizes that the head of Ultra is one of them. Stephen wants to know why he is hunting his own kind. He simply tells Stephen that end of the war, he wants to be on side that wins. Talk turns to his father and his death. Then this mysterious voice wants to learn more about Stephen’s powers and tries to get into his head while Stephen tries to apply Occulemency.

As Stephen prepares for homecoming, he summons Cara for talk, Cara is looking smoking in her dress while Stephen is dapper in his suit. He tells Cara of his meeting with Jedikiah’s partner and how he tried to get him out of his mind. The two definitely have some electricity between them as noted when Cara completes his suit with a pocket square.

Before Stephen even has a chance to meet Astrid for homecoming, Jedikiah comes to his place to whisk him away for a mission. Astid sees them leave and flags a cab down to follow them.

At the Club, our Tomorrow People are having a blast. Dancing and drinking is had by all but Cara feels left out because John isn’t there but John does arrive looking really handsome in the suit. They share a dance and Cara wonders why she can’t read John’s mind, why he won’t let her in. When they notice Russell head up to a private area of the club with one of the party’s guest and they see Irene dancing questionably. they head off to keep an eye on the two like they were their parents.

We see Russell try and impress the girl by levitating an olive but it isn’t working. Russell blames being drunk as to why. However, we know the reason why. Jedikiah has taken Stephen to this club to ambush the Tomorrow People. He has planted the club with devices that prevent them from using their powers.

The club as been cleared of all civilians so the ambush can begin. Astrid arrives at the club and meets Darcy who prevents her from entering. When Astrid hear voices via Darcy’s earpiece, she smartens up and realizes that danger is present and leaves.

John notices the power sucking devices and Cara realizes that she can’t hear people. They soon realize it is an ambush but as they try to leave, Ultra opens fire and Stephen and Jedikiah witness the massacre and three Tomorrow People are killed and Irene is shot. Stephen leaves but he uses the Force to turn the power off. This allows everyone to use their powers to escape. However, Cara has a wounded Irene and is a bit slow to escape when one of Ultra’s men is about to shoot them, he is gunned down by John. Cara sees this and realizes that John can kill.

Back at the Lair, Cara and Russell are trying to save Irene. Stephen is there too and wants to take her to a hospital to save her. John doesn’t want to risk any more exposure and is willing to let her die. But Stephen doesn’t want to make it 4 deaths that occurred tonight and breaks protocol to save Irene.

John and Cara get into another argument. This time about how John kept it a secret that he was part of the experiment that allows him to be killed. John tells her that he kept it a secret because he didn’t want other to think of him as freak and look at him disgusted like Cara is looking at him now. Cara says that the look is that John lied to her, not that he can kill now.

When he returns, we learn that Irene will be okay and he sees that Cara is trying to find out who betrayed them as it was someone on the inside that let Ultra know of their partying plans. Stephen thinks it might have been him but we learn that it was Kurt who betrayed them. We learn that when he went to visit his mom, Ultra was their and gave him a deal to save his mom. Kurt feels guilty because he was told that they only wanted John and no one else was supposed to be hurt.

Russell, Cara and the rest are pissed of his betrayal. They kick him out of the Lair with Cara using the serum that Stephen stole to take away his powers. She threatens him some more so he won’t expose them to Ultra.

After the eventful evening, Stephen returns home and finds Astrid there. She wants to know what happened to him and tells him that she followed him. Stephen is reluctant has he doesn’t want to drag her in his mess but she says she is already in this. So Stephen takes her and and teleports them to where they first became friends, which is near the Brooklyn Bridge. They share a quiet moment as Astrid takes it all in as she is now part of the world of the Tomorrow People.

I am really loving The Tomorrow People. I love the stories being told and like the fact that Astrid is in on Stephen’s secret. I look forward to seeing what the show does with that fact.

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