Revolution Season 2 “Patriot Act” Recap and Review

By Bec92160

Revolution - Season 2Happy Hump Day everybody!! Woo wooooooo. I was on vacation last week. I went to New York City. Had an awesome time. If you’ve never been there you owe it to yourself to go. I spent the most of my time in the Museum of Natural History and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Extraordinary!!

I did watch last week’s episode. So to recap… Jason has been brainwashed into a killing machine; Miles knew about Monroe’s kid this whole time and hid him from Monroe; Monroe was sentenced to death by the US Government; Rachel pretend killed Monroe and Gene is and has been on the side of the Patriots and is a big fat traitor.

Let’s roll.


Rachel is digging up Monroe. Monroe seems to be coming out of his drug induced state. We’re at some house in the country. Miles is talking Monroe/Bas out of his stupor. Monroe is being mushy to Miles. Miles is still denying the Bromance. Monroe immediately asks Miles where his son is. Miles blows him off. Charlie questions Rachel’s motives of fake killing Monroe. Racheal gives the practical reason “cuz we need him” then follows up with the suck up to the kid that hates me reason “and you asked me to”. Charlie hatred seems to subside but only a tad.

Cynthia and Aaron are walking through town. She is questioning him about the Patriots. Why have they taken over? Why are we doing what they say? Etc. Apparently the new government is controlling what literature and school books are allowed. Censorship. The new government seems to be cherry picking how they want the New American to run. An explosion interrupts their chat. A building nearby goes up in flames. There’s carnage everywhere. Miles, Charlie and Rachel come running. Gene is already on the scene. Gene is calling out Truman for setting off the bomb in HIS town. Truman takes issue with Gene’s claim on Willoughby. Truman puts Gene in his place and questions Gene’s loyalty to “America”. Truman is peddling his bullcrap in the center of town for all to see. He’s shoveling it good. Trying to find the culprits, blah blah, blah; don’t worry we’re here to protect you. Lot’s of security upgrades. More guards, sealing the town, blah blah, only temporary….oh sure.

Some guy in a suit approaches Rachel. He knows her. He’s grinning. He seems smitten. She doesn’t remember him. He’s disappointed. We meet Doctor Calvin Horne. He was with the Department of Defense so and so project. She still doesn’t remember him. She was a big wig and he was a peon. He wants to chat. Ominous music plays them out. Truman is in the background spewing God Bless America. I wonder if Truman is his real name or if he changed it thinking it would gain him more respect?

Horne telling Rachel when Washington, DC fell he was in one of the first boats to Cuba. I wonder why they headed to Cuba? How did they know to go there? Why isn’t anyone asking this question? Randall was with Horne on the boat to Cuba. Horne is now a bigwig. He’s stoked. He shows Rachel her wanted poster. He admits that he was the one who put it out because he wanted to find her and pick her brain. He’s very impressed with her genius. They start talking science stuff. Nanotech, nanonites. He shows her a picture of the two burned soldiers. She’s playing dumb. He thinks she’s already developing the technology of the nanonites. He wants to cut in on her action. She refuses to help him.

Miles, Rachel, Charlie are telling Aaron that Horne knows about his talent/gift/issue and he needs to get out of town. They want to send Aaron out to the country house with Monroe. Aaron strongly objects. They have to sneak him out but he doesn’t want to go without Cynthia. Gene the big fat liar and traitor is listening to the conversation through the air vents. Flashback.

Gene and about 20 other people are standing by a mass grave. They are burning the bodies. His wife was one of the bodies. The people in the grave died from cholera. Gene walks home and finds a stranger on his porch. He hands Gene a vial of cholera vaccine that predates the blackout. High quality stuff. The stranger has plenty more nearby and offers it all to Gene. Gene is questioning the stranger’s generosity. The stranger gives Gene the US Government sales pitch. He wants to enlist Gene’s help getting America going again.

Somewhere on a dusty road perhaps in Georgia

Jason wakes up. Tom has him handcuffed. Tom asks how Jason is feeling. He says ok he guesses. The Secretary calls BS; says Jason is acting and will kill her and Tom if he is cut loose. She thinks he is beyond repair. They hear gunfire in the distance. The patriots have found them. They need to get away. Jason wants to be cut loose to help. Madam Secretary say no way, Jason will yell for help and get them caught. Jason says he won’t. Secretary says he’s lying. Tom shuts them up. He’s considering. He holds a huge knife in Jason’s face and threatens him. No calling for help or else.


Miles is signaling Monroe with a mirror. Monroe takes notes. He’s all what the hell.

Gene visits Truman and Horne . Gene sees the insignia on Horne’s lapel and has some gruesome flashbacks. He becomes reluctant to talk about what he heard. They know Gene is lying and holding back. Gene leaves after promising to tell them anything he hears.

The town’s people are starting a memorial at the bomb site. Gene flashes back to nine years after the blackout. He’s watching someone being water boarded. What the hell. The guy being tortured begs Gene to help him. The guy passes out. The torturers ask Gene to give the guy some “wake up juice”. Gene walks over and injects the prisoner in the neck. The prisoner wakes up. The water boarding continues. Later, Gene is outside washing blood off his hands. Literally. The man from the Gene’s porch’s name is Shaw. Gene asks who the guy they tortured was. Shaw says an enemy of the United States. Gene’s not buying it. He’s disgusted and troubled with his participation. He gets paid from Shaw with high grade medications. TB and Yellow Fever meds. Shaw reminds Gene they are the good guys.

Charlie, Rachel and Miles are trying to figure out how they are going to get Aaron and Cynthia out. Gene volunteers to get them out. He confesses he has overheard them talking and knows about Aaron. Gene shows the three that he has a secret compartment in his wagon. He says Truman and the gang will let him leave town cuz he goes out all the time to get meds for the town and the troops. Gene is feeling guilty. He’s trying to atone. He doesn’t completely confess to them.

Somewhere on a dusty road perhaps in Georgia.

Tom, Jason and the Secretary are walking. They seem to have gotten ahead of the gunfire. They hear something. Tom investigates. A bird flies by. He lowers his gun and starts to say they are okay. Someone starts shooting at them. Tom fires back. Tom and Jason exchange a look. I think Tom is out of ammo. Jason gives himself up. Jason tells Tom and the Secretary to come out that it’s safe. Tom walks into the hollowed out building to find Jason holding a knife with blood on his face. At Jason’s feet are two dead soldiers. Jason killed them. Tom walks closer. Jason and Tom exchange a look. Jason hands over the knife. The Secretary looks on.


Cynthia is packing. She and Aaron are getting ready to leave. She tells Aaron where ever they are together that’s where home is.

Gene is collecting herb jars. Shaw walks in. They haven’t seen each other in a while. Shaw tells Gene that Horne wants to see him. Shaw takes Gene to the Patriots headquarters. Horne wants Gene spill everything Gene knows about Aaron.

Gene plays dumb. Horne reminds Gene that Aaron was dead and came back to life. He’s heard the rumors. Gene says he mistakenly pronounced Aaron dead. Horne says he knows the truth. Horne thinks Rachel brought Aaron back to life. Horne asks Gene if Rachel is hiding Aaron. Gene plays dumb. Horne reminds Gene he is one of them. Horne reminds Gene that he stood by while watching people get tortured. Horne threatens Gene. Says he’ll start killing people and make Gene watch saving Charlie for last. Gene tells Horne that it’s Aaron that’s controlling to Nanites not Rachel. Horne is impressed.

Gene is waiting for Aaron and Cynthia to show up so he can take them to Monroe. Horne and some soldiers are hiding nearby. Aaron and Cynthia aren’t showing up. Miles and Rachel look on from a distance. Miles suspected Gene was working with the Patriots. Rachel is shocked. Miles explains to Rachel how he guessed Gene’s secret. Rachel is devastated.

Somewhere on a dusty road perhaps in Georgia.

Tom and the Secretary are sitting by a fire. Jason is nearby handcuffed to a bumper. He looks drugged. The Secretary wants to go find her son. She’s nostalgic. She suddenly falls over passing out. Tom drugged her.


Horne figures out that Gene’s cover was blown. Gene is shaken. Horne leaves him to his misery. Charlie, Miles, Rachel, Aaron and Cynthia are trying to find another way out. They go through the sewer. Horne figures out they are escaping through the sewer lines. Horne’s men are gaining on them. Aaron and Cynthia make it to a sewer manhole. They climb the stairs and lift the cover. They are met by someone hold a rifle on them. It’s two Patriot soldiers. Monroe attacks the soldiers from behind. He takes them out even though he’s still woozy from being drugged. Two more Soldiers come from the other direction. Monroe takes off. The soldiers drag Cynthia away. Aaron is screaming at them to leave her alone. Some fireflies/Nanites appear. Aaron has an episode. Two more solders hear the screams. The soldiers who were dragging Cynthia and Aaron apart burst into flames. Monroe takes out the other two soldiers. Monroe and Cynthia look on in horror as the soldier’s burn. Cynthia is sickened by what Aaron did.

Somewhere on a dusty road perhaps in Georgia.

Tom throws a bucket of water on the Secretary to wake her up. She is now handcuffed to a bumper. Tom reveals that he had her number and it was her not Jason who couldn’t be trusted. Tom asks about the Secretary’s husband who with the Patriot High Command. He wants to know where he is.


Monroe, Aaron and Cynthia are walking back to the house. Monroe wants Aaron to explain how he set those men of fire. Cynthia is clearly freaked. Aaron tells Cynthia she doesn’t need to be afraid of Monroe. She walks ahead of them. He then realizes it’s not Monroe that Cynthia is afraid of.

Horne angrily questions Gene about Aaron’s whereabouts. He also wants to find Rachel. The soldiers are searching for Rachel, Miles and Charlie in town. They are hiding in a warehouse. Rachel is crying about her father being a big fat liar and traitor. Charlie can tell by Miles face that whatever Rachel is crying about is pretty bad. Charlie lets down her guard and comforts Rachel.

The dynamics of some of these characters has completely changed and it’s not a big stretch to say that it’s completely believable. You can see the position they find themselves in and why they have to make the decisions they have made. That’s something that makes a show great. I find myself physically and emotionally reacting every week. Next week looks emotional. Can’t wait.

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