Revolution Season 2 “Born in the USA” Recap and Review

By Bec92160

Revolution season 2 episode 1I’m excited for the new season and hope my recaps are worthy. Let’s roll…

Fingers crossed for a great “previously”. Well done. We’re jumping 6 months ahead. The power doesn’t seem to be on.

OK, any show that starts with a rockabilly version of anything Ozzie has got to be a good omen.

Charlie is heavy hitting on a bartender. Sowing some oats. Charlie was mostly annoying last season but she did have an unwavering desire to kill Monroe so that raised her stock with me.

Over to Texas and a shed in the middle of nowhere. Miles emerges looking pretty rough and he has just killed something. Looks like he got a haircut. Miles torches the shed and whatever he left inside. Possible hint to a new plot line? We’ll see.

Acoustic Rush!!! We’re two for two on the soundtrack. Miles enters a town and exchanges a glance with Adam Beach. I like him. He comes across Aaron whose demeanor is…well, less dark than Miles’ demeanor. Aaron has a GF. GF calls Miles “Stu”. Hmmmm

Rachael is patching up a guy. He calls her doc. First Adam Beach now Stephen Collins. Liking these two new additions to the cast. The doctor is Gene and he is Rachael’s father. They’re patching up Sgt. Gibson. He has a ghastly scar and explains it’s from the bomb. His jacket melted to his skin. Ouch. One of the nukes hit Atlanta and he was 30 miles from it. Rachael has a flashback to watching the bomb hit. Sgt. Gibson tells Rachael and Gene that Atlanta and Philadelphia are gone. Miles enters the room and silently listens to the conversation.

Off to Savannah at a refugee camp in the Georgia Federation. Tom Neville and Jason are looking for Julia, Tom’s wife, Jason’s mother. They’re not having much luck. We get an aerial of the entire camp and it is overwhelming. There must be thousands of people in a enormous tent city. The camp is located on the coast or river.

Back to Texas. Gene is stitching Miles hand. Gene doesn’t think much of Miles. We’re taking a walk down Rachael’s formative years. Gene knows something went on between Miles and Rachael and warns Miles off. When are parents going to learn they have zero control over who their kids end up with.

Back to Charlie and her hot bartender hook-up. He’s chatty and she’s playing the loan wolf card. Hot bartender wants to couple up and talk serving in Monroe’s army. He noticed Charlie’s Monroe tat on her arm and shows her his. She can’t get out of there fast enough until hot bartender mentions that he has recently seen the great man. Charlie is intrigued.

Rachael seems to be having a nutty. It seems the soldier set her off. She’s feverishly writing in a book when Gene comes over and closes the “big book of crazy:. Gene is no BSer. I’ve decided I like Gene. Apparently this current nutty is an “aftershock” to a much larger nutty she had a few months earlier. She’s talking conspiracy theory now. Gene’s having no part of that. I think he’s going to regret blowing her off.

Whoa, the White House is also looking rough. Who are these guys? Whose side are they on? Why are there cages in the White House??? Answers please.

Miles is taking Gene’s advice and leaving town. What’s with the scar? Rachael puts herself out there and asks Miles to stay. Miles shoots her down. Seems that “bad things happen when they’re together”. Ouch. That was a little rough Miles. Way to pile onto her guilt trip. You should have stuck with “this town isn’t my speed”.

A Miles flashback. After the bombs went off Miles and Company left the Tower in Colorado and brought Rachael to her dad, Gene in Texas. Charlie knows her grandpa. Sweet. That was a lamo hug Gene gave Charlie. Seriously, it’s been like 10 years and a devastating global event and he hugged her like he saw her a few months ago. Rachael is a mess.

We’re back to the present. Miles is back at the shed which is now in pieces on the ground. Gun shots in the distance. A look through the binoculars and Miles grabs his sword and is back in action. I can’t figure out that corn field. It’s definitely dried up but has someone been harvesting it all these years? How long can corn stalks stay upright? Miles gets tackled in the corn field and the two fight to the death. I’ve been wondering how NBC was going to handle the violence since the show is on at 8 pm. I was thinking it can’t be to violent, right? Wrong. Miles just slashed the guys throat with his sword.

Back to Charlie. She finds herself in New Vegas. Deep Purple. Just keeps getting better. Here’s hoping for a season 2 soundtrack. Holy cow. Ross is the only surviving Friends. Figures. Kudos to the writers and produces for that reference. I’m liking Season 2 so far.

Over to Aaron who still has one of those pendants. He’s teaching again. 4th grade. His GF doesn’t seem to know about his past. Either of them. He seems to be doing well for himself everything considered. He goes out for firewood and sees a swarm of fire flies. A big swarm. His mind starts working.

The next day in town Aaron tells Rachael about the swarm but she thinks they are just fire flies. Aaron isn’t convinced. He mentions a few other oddities they have seen since the bombs dropped. Rachael wants to simplify things but Aaron presses his point of view. Apparently some insane things also happened to them.

Miles is back in town with the guy he killed in the corn field. We finally get confirmation that Adam Beach is the Sheriff. The guy from the corn field is not run of the mill bandit. He’s from a nasty war clan from the Plains Nation. The town is in peril. The Sheriff calls Miles Stu. He’s suspicious of Stu’s knowledge of war clans and how to deal with them. Gene vouches for Miles.

Over to Georgia. Tom has lost his will to live and is armed with a large gun. His wife is surely gone and she probably suffered in the bombing waiting for Tom to return. Tom’s feeling the guilt. Jason ain’t buying the self-pity. I hope Jason gets a bigger plot line this season. Someone outside is shouting. Tom and Jason leave their tent to see a fancy clipper ship coming up the harbor. Must be someone important. Too fancy to be pirates.

Another flash back. Four months ago. Charlie is explaining to Miles why she can’t stick around. They’re talking in grandpa Gene’s front yard. Rachael watches from the upstairs window. Charlie feels nothing for her mom and can’t be of help to her. Miles let’s Charlie go and gives her the best advice I’ve heard in a while, “try to keep your stupid to a minimum”. Classic!!!

Back to the present. The fight tent. Charlie doesn’t seem to be the only one interested in Monroe for reasons other than the bare knuckle brawl. A guido is hitting on Charlie. She points out Monroe and asks the guido about him. He’s Jimmy King from back east. Yeah, sure. Shirtless Monroe looks bigger than douchey General Monroe. I always thought he looked like a kid wearing his daddy’s clothes.

Back to Texas. Miles, Rachael and the rest of the town are waiting for the war clan to arrive. Miles tells Rachael she should leave but she can’t leave until Charlie comes back. Miles tells her Charlie isn’t coming back. Rachael disagrees.

Over to Jimmy Monroe King. He’s reading what passes for a news paper. The headline is about the Philadelphia Holocaust. He looks wistful. Or Guilty. Maybe a little of both. Looks like JMK tried to burn his Monroe tat off. The guido comes to get JMK out of his trailer because someone wants to meet him. JMK leaves the trailer and we see Charlie aiming her crossbow at him. How many assignation attempts does it take to kill a Monroe!?!? Before her arrow connects with JMK’s skull the other guy from the tent and some of his buddies hit him over the head and abduct him. Better luck next time Charlie.

We’re back in Savannah and Secretary so and so is speaking next to the American flag. Looks like her lackey’s are distributing grain or something. She’s telling the crowd that the President has been holed up in Cuba forced there by warlords like Foster and Monroe and they are responsible for the nuclear attack. She’s lying through her teeth and not missing a beat. Like an old pro. She has “incontrovertible proof”. Good grief. Of course Tom and Jason know that is total BS. blah blah blah more BS. Cut to Tom who now has a reason to live. The fire is back in his eye.

Thugs have breached the town. Aaron’s GF is explaining her “defensive wound” from her former husband. GF is seducing Aaron and he decides to forego protecting the home and take her up on her offer. He walks into the bedroom to find GF being held by one of the thugs with a knife to her throat. The thug and Aaron fight and Aaron gets sliced across the chest. That doesn’t look good. Big gash. Lots of blood. Everyone comes running. Rachael goes into doctor mode and tries to save him.

Outside the thugs are stealing women. Miles chased them down and battles a few. The Sheriff arrives with his gun and takes a few of them out. A few seconds of calm and before you can say “that was close” about 20 thugs come out of the bushes. The Sheriff gets hit from behind.

Aaron dies. GF sobs. Rachael and Gene sadly look on.

Back to Savannah. Tom is shaving with a purpose. He’s pissed. He speculates that Randall wasn’t acting alone. He’s certain the government people are phonies. Either way; he’s going to exact his vengeance on them for the death of his wife.

Texas. The thugs are escorting Miles and the Sheriff to their warehouse. They parade past two hanging bodies. Inside is a large contingent of men of all shapes and sizes. Scruffy, filthy men. One very creepy looking guy comes through the crowd to greet the new arrivals. Titus Andover. He introduces the men as his family. This guy is giving off the seriously crazy vibe. He offers sweet tea. Really? LOL. Random.

Back at Gene’s, Gene reports to Rachael (who is still by Aaron’s side) that the thugs got away and no one has seen Miles or the Sheriff. Rachael and GF separately reflect and mourn Aaron. GF is outside and sees the fire flies. Rachael is sitting by Aaron’s body. The camera slowly makes its way to Aaron’s close up when his eyes pop open. Gahhhh Didn’t see that coming.

So, it looks like all the major players have scattered and are laying low. Rachael and Miles are still playing guilty and self-suffering in Texas. Aaron was guilty and suffering but determined, died, came back to life. Monroe is a suffering sadist bare knuckle fighter and now captured by unknown parties. Tom and Jason Neville are suffering on the other side of the country. The United States is back in business. Supposedly. Tom Neville is going to expose the government for the liars they are and there is a new enemy for Miles to fight. Charlie has a goal (killing Monroe) and doesn’t seem to be suffering at all. We gained Stephen Collins and Adam Beach to the cast and I think they are both great additions. Let’s not forget about the fire flies. Seems they’ll be playing a part this Season.

It’ll be interesting to see how they get these people back together. Looks to be a good season and the music doesn’t suck either. Until next week………..

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