Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D “0-8-4” Recap and Review

IAIN DE CAESTECKERAs tonight’s episode opens, SHIELD’s bus aka their pretty cool looking plane. Everything seems to be calm. A SHIELD agent on the ground is giving Coulson clearance to land and mentions a dust up on the ground. Coulson answers that there is nothing but blue skies from now. Then we see the side of the plane blow up.

We then go back to 19 hours and we see Skye moving out of her “home” aka as her van and into the bus with her stuff. FitzSimmons shows her her quarters and it seems that Fitz might have a crush on her considering that her quarters is next to his.

Anyways, Ward and Melinda have their reservations of recruiting Skye as an agent considering she is Rising Tide. But Coulson calls Skye a consultant and not an agent.

Ward announces his reservation about to Skye to her face while Coulson is a little more welcoming and tells her about their mission to Peru to investigate a 0-8-4 which it seems that no one knows anything about. He explains that a 0-8-4 is an unidentified object and it is up to them to determine whether is a friend or foe. The last time he encountered a 0-8-4 it was a hammer, he tells Skye of course referring to Thor’s weapon of choice.

When they land in Peru, FitzSimmons find the 0-8-4 in an Inca temple. Using one of the drones (Sleepy) they see that it has been around for quite a while and has a power source.

Outside the temple, Ward jokes how an unarmed Melinda is the calvary to which she is not amused. They are then ambushed by soldiers. When Coulson goes to help out, he discovers a friend, Camilla Reyes, someone he has worked with in the past, leading the soldiers. She is the head of the National Police and they team up when they are attacked by Peruvian rebels who want this mysterious weapon.

Ward, Coulson and Melinda take on the rebels with the help of Camilla and her men. Ward manages to get the weapon, Skye and FitzSimmons to the safety of a SHIELD vehicle thanks to a cool looking weapon that he staked to the ground and caused a force field to emit and blow back the rebels.

But they are given chase by the rebels but Melinda manages to get them and Camilla and her men on board the Bus. Fitz tells the team that the weapon has Tesseract technology and comes from HYDRA’s Nazi days/the time of Captain America and has tons of gamma rays thus is extremely dangerous.

As the team tries to figure out what to do with this weapon, there is tons of in fighting that Coulson puts a stop to. And Coulson also has to apologize to Melinda for pulling her back into the field when she didn’t want to be in the first place.

Meanwhile, Camilla and her men make themselves comfortable on the Bus and at the same time, Skye and Ward come to an understanding about each other over drinks. Down at the lab, FitzSimmons determine that the Tesseract weapon is pretty much a ticking time bomb and it was a good thing that Sleepy didn’t set it off. I am really liking the drones!

Soon Ward realizes that something is up with the soldiers and at the same time, Coulson, who has brought Camilla to his office, has realized that she has become overtly flirty with him as she shares memories of their past and attempts to get him to sleep with her for old times sake.

The soldiers have over taken the plane, despite Ward’s best efforts. In the cargo hold, Ward, Skye, FitzSimmons and a knocked out Melinda our tied up and wondering how they can escape. They all realize that Melinda can help because her nickname is the Cavalry meaning that she pretty much is a one-woman army.

While that is happening, Camilla reveals to Coulson (who is tied up) that she wants the weapon so her country can stop the rebels but Coulson thinks she also wants to use it to take over her country.

In probably one of the funnier scenes of the episode, Melinda breaks her wrist to break free and we see from one of the soliders POV Melinda there one moment and the next moment kicking that guy’s butt.

The team puts their plan in motion that involves Fitz sending the Sneezy drone to hover over the weapon thus causing it to react thus the exploding side of the plane. This causes one of the soldiers to fly out of the window and Ward starts to take on the soldiers, Melinda taking back the plane and FitzSimmons and Skye getting back the weapon. Of course everything goes right for our heroes with Skye releasing one of the plane’s inflatable rafts to plug the whole in the plane,  Melinda back at the helm, FitzSimmons having the weapons and Coulson capturing Camilla, who will be sent back to Peru but most likely won’t face any charges.

The weapon is brought to Slingshot a classified SHIELD location where the Bus being fixed and Melinda suggesting to Ward that he should perhaps help train Skye to be an agent. As the team sit at the tail of the plane to watch a rocket launch, which I believe has the weapon on it so that it won’t fall into the wrong hands again, Skye gets a DOS looking text asking whether or not Rising Tide is going dark. Skye looks conflicted but she texts back that she’s in.

And before the closing credits role, we are back in the plane and Nick Fury (Samual L. Jackson) is yelling at Coulson for destroying the plane that he built for him and he wants Coulson to restore it as he found it with no modifications. He tells Coulson that he doesn’t want FitzSimmons to add a fish tank. Before Fury leaves, he tells Coulson that adding Skye is a risk, which he agrees.

I have heard that they are going to do scenes like these at the end of every SHIELD episode almost keeping up the tradition of all Marvel movies. I don’t mind that actually so it will be interesting to see who pops up next.

Since we are at the 2nd episode of SHIELD, there still are no answers to our questions. Tahiti was brought up again and Coulson mentioned to Camilla that he was having an after-life crisis so is he actually dead but is some sort of spirit/zombie/ghost?

But I really like FitzSimmons. They are my favourite part of the show and I actually am shipping them. Who I am not shipping Skye and Ward but we know the show will put them together. And loving Ming-Na Wen and seeing her kick ass and Clark Gregg has really perfected the snark and cynicism of Coulson. I will be sticking with this show.

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