If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada: Leg 3 Vancouver to Horse Thief Canyon, Alberta

Leg 3The Amazing Race Canada leaves the familiar and comfortable surroundings of my hometown and head to cow town aka Calgary, Alberta. I’ve only been there once and spent a couple of days there en route to a job in Northern BC. What I remember of Calgary was that it was a big city that definitely as expanded and I remembering feeling like it took forever to get to my B&B when I was in one part of the city to the other. The highlight of Calgary for me was visiting Olympic Park where I got to do the bobsled. Best $40 I spent.

Route Marker #1

The need to go to an Internet Cafe on Robson Street before heading off to Calgary. I didn’t know there was one there. It is the Nicola Internet Cafe, must check that out next time I am in downtown (1565 Robson Street)

Once in Calgary, the need to search for the statue of Outlaw, a famous bill of the Calgary Stampede.

In an interesting development, the Hippies gave the sisters the Express Pass thus pissing off the doctors.

Route Marker #2

Ranchman’s Cookhouse

Road Block

Line Dancing: I probably would do this one because I have done line dancing before and most recently when my company did some as a fun event to celebrate the Cloverdale Rodeo. But then again I am not very coordinated and Justin has done some dancing in the past that he might be better suited to this.

Who performed the road block: Joanne, Jody, Holly, Darren, Vanessa, Tim Sr., and Dave.

This is proving pretty tough for teams as everyone has caught up.

Route Marker #3

Hoodoos, Drumheller, Alberta

I’ve always wanted to go to Drumheller as it is famous for a lot of fossil dinosaurs being found there.


Choice 1: Lump by Lump: Seems to involve loading coal into a car. Very physical work

Teams: Team Body Break, Team Hippies, Jet and Dave, Team Sisters, Team Brothers, Team Father/Son

Choice 2: Bone by Bone: Go to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Assemble a dinosaur model by memory.

Teams: Team Doctors

What we would have done: While physical, I think we would do lump by lump because it probably is quicker to do. I do have a good memory but it can fail me if I am under stress/pressure.

Route Marker #4

Pit Stop

Horse Thief Canyon aka the Badlands of Alberta.

Order of Finish:

1. Hal and Joanne

2. Kristen and Darren

3. Jet and Dave

4. Vanessa and Celina

5. Jody and Cory

6. Holly and Brett

7. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

Eliminated Team:

None as it is a non-elimination round

Quick Thoughts: Glad they went to Drumheller and happy to see other parts of Alberta that I’ve never seen before. And yay that Hal and Joanne are team number 1. And Leg 4 is in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. I am jealous. I would love to one day visit the NWT. Looking forward to seeing what tasks teams will be performing.

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