Continuum Season 2 Episode 12 “Second Last” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that premiered in the U.S. on June 7 thus are several episodes behind. If you still want to know, then please read on.

It is the penultimate episode before we hit the season finale next week and as has been the case all season, we open up in 2077. Kiera comes in to investigate a crime scene. A murder that seems to have been committed by Liber8 and we see a recreation of the crime scene.  But the image of the perpetrator is not clear and Kiera deems it is a cloaking device. The man that called Kiera for help on the serial killer case approaches Kiera to get her take on the murder. We find the victim worked for Sadtech and worked on anti-matter. Kiera wants to investigate further but this man tells her that her work is done and dismisses her.

In the present, Sonya and Kellogg are having an argument about their arrangement. Sonya threatens Kellogg with Travis to get him to cooperate and Travis comes on the scene and Kellogg pleads that he can help fund their cause.

At the precinct, Kiera updates Carlos on the whereabouts of Gardiner that includes the fake law firm and the Freelancers. Carlos also updates Lucas on his mental state. Kiera fears that what happened to Lucas and Jason that she might end up loopy.

Kiera talks to Alec about their failure to find Gardiner via the Arc but now wants Alec to use other methods to find him; he refuses. However, now with the time travel device now intact, Alec tells Kiera that once he figures it out, he can possibly send her home to 2077.

Carlos meets with a fellow cop at an abandoned car and we learn that it is Gardiner and we see his body in the trunk.

Esher and Emily meet. Emily reiterates she wants free of their arrangement. Escher says that he will free her if she brings back the sphere (time travel device). Emily looks conflicted.

At Alec’s lab, he tells her to get it to work is a reliable power source and Laroche Tech’s work on anti-matter is the key. Kiera says that it won’t be reliable till the 2040s. But Kiera thinks that approaching Laroche now might work. Alec, tells Kiera that her going back to 2077 might not be the life she was hoping to go back to. Kiera thinks other wise and vows to get the anti-matter and Alec to continue working on the device.

Carlos and the other cop search Gardiner’s body and they find a USB key. This other cop wants to call it in and thinks Kiera might be involved but Carlos convinces him to give him the USB key.

Meanwhile, Kellogg confronts Emily about convincing Alec to destroy the Arc. The argue back and forth and we learn that Emily’s real name is Mia. She has a criminal past and Kellogg also tells her that he knows that she works for Escher. He tells her that he won’t say anything as long as she convinces him not to destroy the ARc.

Betty tells Carlos that the USB key belongs to CSIS and when she opens it, there are tons of photos of Kiera on it and linking her to Liber8. Betty starts spouting how some of Liber8’s manifesto makes sense that maybe Kiera also sympathizes with them, Carlos tells her that Keira is being set-up.

Back at Alec’s lab, Emily sees him working on the time travel device and asks about it but Alec tells her he can’t say anything yet. Emily then tells Alec that she needs to leave for a few months. Alec is worried and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him her past is catching up with her and needs to leave perhaps to Thailand. Alec offers to go away with her and this makes Emily happy.

Before Kiera could enter the precinct, Carlos tells her that Gardiner is dead and the evidence points to her as the killer. Kiera believes it is the Freelancers and goes off to investigate and also stay clear of the VPD.

Alec is packed and ready to go and he also packs the time travel device. Before they can leave, Alec gets the results of the DNA test on Jason and we learn that he is Alec’s father. Emily thinks the tests are wrong as his dad is dead. Alec thinks that everything he knows about his father is a lie.

Emily wants to go still but before she can, Travis comes in and while Alec wants to protect her, Emily starts to defend herself but Travis gets the upper hand. Emily looks physically hurt and threatens to hurt Emily if Alec contacts anyone for help. Travis blames him for activating his CMR and wants his to work with a suit like Kiera’s. Travis starts to tell Emily about the technology that Alec will develop, how it creates super soldiers. Alec starts to negotiate with Travis for Emily’s freedom.

Dillon is pissed that Carlos tipped Kiera off and now is on the run. Agent Lewis is also pissed and plays the recoding of Kiera telling Gardiner that she wanted to kill him during her brief mental break. Lewis wants Carlos to give up Kiera or she will declare her a Liber8 terrorist. Carlos agrees to help bring her him on his own terms.

Kiera goes to visit Escher and talks about the Freelancers. She tells him that she can go back to 2077 to stop any of this from happening. Escher tells Kiera that he has the anti-matter. Kiera offers that they work together. But Escher believes that Kiera causes destruction but before their conversation can continue, Escher gets a call and Kiera also hears Alec conversing with Travis on activating his CMR.

Kiera wants Alec to stall him and he does by overloading him and they escape. And Travis starts looking around Alec’s lab with interest. Kiera arrives and surveys the scene and sees the suit is gone.

Alec and Emily is on the run and she is asks him about Travis and what he was talking about: the chip in his head, the suit, future tech, etc….Emily wants answers.

Kiera goes to confront Kellogg while he was getting his hair done to find where Alec is and scars him with some future tech. She learns that Kellogg let Travis in to Alec’s lab. Kellogg then tells the truth about Emily and Escher. Kellogg tells Kiera that Travis needs the suit to go after Escher. Kiera believes that Kellog has signed all their death certificate.

Kiera gets a call from Alec and lets her know that they are well and going to his lab assistant meaning Jason. Kiera gets Kellogg to call Carlos to tell them to go to Jason’s and Carlos notices that he is being followed. Also, Betty is unable to trace the call placed to Carlos.

At Jason’s, he playing host to Alec and Emily. Alec tells Jason how he knows his mother and shares with him the memory he has of Jason visiting his mom. Alec pretty much is trying to get Jason to confess that he is his father and why he abandoned him. Alec shows Jason the time travel device, which he promptly hides.

Travis is trying out the suit that was initially found by that dry cleaner in front of Sonya.

Back at Jason’s, Emily confesses to Alec the truth that she was hired to make contact Alec and get Arc. Emily confesses that she is in love with him and it is no longer an assignment. Alec is pissed and wants to know who hired her. Jason interrupts and tells them to hide the time travel device because the Freelancers could be after them. They hear a noise but it is Kiera and Carlos soon joins party. Kiera tells Alec that Escher hired Emily and she can’t trusted. Emily wanted to flee to get away from Escher. Kiera tells Alec that Kellogg let Travis in the lab to rid him of the Escher travel.

Alec then tells Emily the point of the sphere, a time travel device, which Escher is after. Destroying it means that Escher won’t hurt them. Kiera wants Alec to send her back to stop LIber8 but Alec is not sure that it will work. Before anything can proceed, the Freelancers come on the scene and they want the time travel device. Before Kiera can use her, suit they stop her from using it. Alec gets knocked out, Emily kicks some ass, Kiera gets shot and gunfire is exchanged and more ass-kicking happens all around. Kiera uses her suit to protect Emily and they take off together. Just when we think the Freelancers are down for the count, they just get up. Everyone is leaving Jason’s, they are all scattered and now are on the roof of the building. Carlos gets knocked out by some futuristic device and when it looks like he is about to be killed, Carlos manages to stop him and they start to fight and finally knocks one of the out.

Emily shows the Freelancers the time travel device and throws it off the room. Emily gets shot and Kiera starts run after it. We see it roll off the roof as the Freelancers shot at her. It finally lands underneath a truck and Kiera retrieves it. And it looks like no one is after her.

Alec goes to Emily who apologizes to him and she dies. Could this be the event that turn him evil? We see this evil glint in his eyes, it is a pissed off look like he is ready to kill someone.

At Alec’s lab, Kiera has the time travel device in her hand and she calls out to Alec but he isn’t answering. She opens up an urn of some kind and places the time travel device in it to perhaps hide it. She then goes to Alec’s computer and we see her suit hooked up to it. It seems she uploaded something to it and we notice a video camera watching her.

Meanwhile, Alec has gone to confront Esher at Piron and so ends episode 12. Interesting to see where this confrontation will lead in the season finale. And will Kiera realize that her life now is in the present and not back in the future. And seeing clips from the season finale, it looks epic.

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