Smallville Season 11 “Argo” Recap and Review

The cover art for Issue 42-44 for the Argo arc. Art by Cat Scaggs.

The cover art for Issue 42-44 for the Argo arc. Art by Cat Scaggs.

The fourth Smallville Season 11 arc begins with issue 42 and we meet an old friend from season 10, Booster Gold.

He is in Antarctica to rescue a group of scientist there being chased by some sort of snow creature. Skeets is there to give Booster the entrance that this show boat deserves. It seems that these men would rather have the Blue Beetle come and rescue them. While Booster attempts to subdue the creature, the Legion ring that he borrowed and which is the source of his powers, starts to act up and shuts itself down since he is not an authorized user. With Booster now powerless, Blue Beetle comes to the rescue.

Before the ring shuts down, it says something like “Legion Protocol Six”. Booster asks Skeets what it means. While he doesn’t know, Skeet knows just the person who might.

Lois and Clark in the shower. Art by Daniel HDR

Lois and Clark in the shower. Art by Daniel HDR

We then switch to one of my favorite panels of Smallville Season 11, even more so than the sexy times in the Fortress of Solitude. Now that Clark is no longer being tracked by Lex, he can finally live his life as Clark Kent again. And what do we see? We see Lois and Clark in the shower together! Clark is washing Lois’ hair and discussing how Clark has to make up for all the domesticity that he missed. Clark responds that it is hard to do when she is going out of the country to track down the Angel of the Plateau as seen in the side arc “Valkyrie.” Clark leaves for work and they exchange I love you’s.

I want to add that when Clark was in the shower with Lois, he said that one of the things he missed during their separation was moments like they were spending. To me, I took it as they’ve showered together before and I totally love that fact.

Clark arrives back at the Daily Planet and greets all of his co-workers including Cat Grant who is a bit pissed at Clark for not returning her calls. Just before he can get back to work, Clark is visited by Booster. They talk on the roof of the Daily Planet about what the Legion ring told him and when the ring is in the presence of Clark, it activates and transports both Booster and Clark to what we presume to be the future.

Issue 42 features the comedy stylings of Skeets as he roams around Metropolis for someone to help him get to Superman and Booster Gold. He comes across Watchtower and finds the virtual form of Tess keeping track of League members on her computer. Oddly, Bart is on one screen as his Green Arrow, Batman, some unknown guy that I think is Cyborg and Lois. Skeets wants Tess’ help in finding someone with deep enough pockets so he can buy land with a thousand year lease. Tess first suggests Ted but Skeets says his pockets are deep enough. I am going to assume that Skeets gets the money from Bruce Wayne.

Because we see Skeets again in the 31st Century as he was buried in a time capsule to be released the exact moment that Clark and Booster arrived in that timeline. It seems on the future, we see citizens with robotic limbs.

Before they can further explore, a space ship comes hurtling towards ground, Clark changes into his Superman costume and gets Booster to clear the area so he has room to work with since he has never caught a spaceship before.

In that spaceship is Garth/Lightening Lad and Brainiac 5. Garth appears handcuffed while Brainiac 5 is working the controls trying to escape the room they are in. Garth manages to escape and Brainiac finds a way out and both are on running through the ship as alarms sound. Soon a grenade lands in front of them and explodes and Black-Op soldiers come upon them. Brainiac 5 has a throw away line about his love life, which I think will get explored in future issues as I believe his love life involves one Kara Kent.

Garth and Brainiac 5 work together to take down the soldiers and notice what they think is missile heading for them but Brainiac 5 knows that it is Superman, who catches the ship and brings it down safely and wants to Booster to remind him to brag to Oliver that he caught a spaceship.

When Superman meets up with his pals from the 31st Century, they ask him what brings him to the future and responds that he was going to ask the same thing of why is he here. But before any answers can be shared, the Black-Ops folks demand they hit the ground. It seems that Earth has been invaded and the new enemy is New Krypton.

In Issue 44, we see Booster and Skeets help Superman, Brainiac and Garth escape the Black-Ops folks. Brainiac and Garth tells Clark that he needs a disguise and at Legion Safe House 47, we Clark sport his season 10 Blur look but with glasses. Brainiac explains to the time travelers how New Krypton was formed. It was thanks to Clark and how he helped the Kandorians when he sent them through a portal in season 9’s Salvation. The Kandorians ended up in a place called Argo and thrived as a society for a thousand years. When they wanted to enter the United Planets, Earth turned them down for being too young and hence war was declared. Brainiac also informs the time travelers that he didn’t send them and that the United Planets also has a prisoner.

Meanwhile at the United Planets, a man named Kirt is talking to a whole bunch of people and is angry in how the Legionnaires managed to escape and wonders how a man sporting Superman’s symbol is involved. Kirt believes it is only a matter of time that the Legionnaires and their guests will come after their prisoner. As if on cue, enter Superman. But guards come with and throw red sunlight weapons as Superman to de-power him. But this is only temporary and Superman uses his height over the guards to get the upper hand and easily defeats them. He then demands to know where Kirt is keeping the prisoner. Kirt does tell Superman her location and Superman speeds to it and breaks in. We are then in a cell filled with red sun that is keeping Kara at bay.

As we open 47, Clark has just rescued Kara from her prison cell. They are high above Earth and the cousins catch-up. Clark apologies for not knowing that she and his Legion ring had disappeared but defends himself by saying that he was busy with the Apololips situation that he could have used her help in. Kara then informs Clark that she was ordered by Jor-el not to interfere so that Clark would embrace his destiny. Kara then explains to Clark how she became involved with New Krypton, EarthGov and the Legion.

When she arrived to the 31st Century, Brainiac 5 welcomed her and they discovered the lost Argo Colony and that discovery led Kara to find her place in the world. She goes on to tell her cousin about the Legion’s diplomatic mission to Argo but someone from EarthGov sabotaged it, which led to war. Clark asks why would EarthGov sabotage the mission, Kara sa.d that it was fear. All of sudden Kara starts destroying gravity buoys that have surrounded them. Apparently these buoys are there to extract Kara back to New Krypton. She tells Clark that she wasn’t a prisoner but a spy.

Meanwhile at the EarthGov Holding facility, Kirt i having his meeting with his bosses about Kara’s escape by the hands of Superman.

On the Worldship New Krypton, where Rokk and Imra are on a mission, it seems for EarthGov. They get into a altercation that involves fighting people and disarming bombs when they are caught by New Krytpon Eradicators that wants to take them to the Judgement Council when Superman and Supergirl come to their defense. When these New Kryptonians see Superman, they recognize him as Kal-el the last son of ancient Krypton and they kneel down before him.

In Issue 48, Booster wants Brainiac 5’s help in getting his powers back that he got through the Legion ring. Brainiac wonders what is so special about Booster considering there is no record of him. Skeets comes to his master’s defence. Anyways, we later learn that the citizens of New Krypton are looking for the tomb of Faora.

As we open issue 49, Booster and Skeets are in Metropolis investigating what had happened earlier when they see soldiers of EarthGov chasing some alien citizens and captures one them. Booster goes to rescue her when he himself along with Skeets gets captured. Meanwhile, Clark and Kara are over the Amazon searching for Faora’s tomb and discussing all that has happened. Kara feels being used by everyone to meet their own agenda. Clark briefly talks about his experience with Darkseid and Apokolips that helped embrace his destiny. But their conversation and journey is interrupted by EarthGov soldiers. Kara is pissed that they shot at them and uses her heat vision to take down one of their ships. Clark rescues all of the soldiers and uses his freeze breath to hold them captive. They reach Faora’s tomb and the Kryptonian cousins talk about the original Zod and Faora and how they created Davis Bloome/Doomsday to be their child when they couldn’t conceive naturally. We then flashback to see highlights of the clone Zod’s journey in season 9 and his relationship with clone Faora. Kara notices that EarthGov left behind a DNA extraction device while Clark wonders what they would want with DNA from Faora’s unborn child. We get that answer when we see Minister Niedrigh, in an EarthGov lab working on what is called Subject Zero.

We find out later on in issue 51 that Subject Zero is a resurrected Doomsday that EarthGov have dug up. But before we get to any of that, we are in an EarthGov ship and Booster is being held captive and questioned by Niedrigh. Booster is not giving him the answers he desires so he tortures him. Niedrigh wonders why Booster didn’t come up in any of their records and shows Booster a torn apart Skeets who revealed all of Booster’s secrets. Meanwhile, Rokk is having a meeting of Legionnaires and what course of action they should take. Next we see Brainiac 5 and Imra talk about EarthGov’s plans for New Kryton. We then see the Ministry of Conflict on New Krypton preparing their response to EarthGov’s plams.

In the Amazon, we see Clark and Kara get into a huge fight over Kara’s perception that Clark has chosen to side with EarthGov. Clark says that the people of Earth and not all bad and that his adopted parents and Lois are proof that humans can accept aliens. They continue to argue about why Clark sent the Kandorians away and how Clark can help change this future. Brainiac 5 and Imra swoop in to tell them about New Krypton’s plans to attack Earth because Doomsday has arrived on New Krypton to wreak havoc.

Clark and Kara, in issue 52, fly up in space and learn from Brainiac 5 that a WMD is being launched in response to Doomsday. Kara doesn’t know who Doomsday is. Kara and the Legionnaires separate from Clark and Imra who take on Doomsday. Meanwhile, Booster escapes along with Skeets, who was faking being broken. They leave to join the fight. Back on New Krypton, Clark takes on Doomsday and with Imra’s help, he calls on the citizens to take a stand and help him take on Doomsday. And this battle between the two is way more epic then what ended up being on screen back in season 8. Clark wants Pa-Vel to redirect the gravity buoys toward the sun that could possible help defeat Doomsday but could also mean killing Clark. He knows the risk. Back on Earth, the Legionnaires are trying to stop the WMD that New Krypton sent to Earth but they are too late as Brain reports that Metropolis is lost.

“Argo” concludes in issue 53 and we see Booster in a commandeered EartGov ship trying to help the people of Metropolis who apparently are floating due to Earth’s gravity being sucked away from them. Anyways, other EarthGov ships try and stop Booster. Meanwhile, Kara, Brainiac 5, Garth, Imra, and the other Legionnaires go and help Booster.

Out in space, we see Superman and Doomsday fight and the battle is orbiting the sun. Clark knows the only way to kill Doomsday is to push him into the sun but he knows that he will die in the process. He telepaths with Imra so that she can relay a message to Lois but also to ensure that Kara, Booster et al are also safe. Imra tells Clark that it doesn’t have to end this way. Just as Doomsday falls into the Sun and with the gravity pulling Clark in, he is rescued by Rokk and Kara and the rest of the Legionnaires who pull him up.

Later on Brainiac 5 gives him back his Legion ring so that way Booster is able to steal it in the 25th Century. Beforehand, Clark meets up with a young mom who as a fast boy who won’t keep still. We learn his name is Bart Allen. Clark gets teary-eyed. Just before Clark returns to his time, he meets up with Kara to convince her to return with him so she could attend Chloe’s baby shower. But Kara decides to stay in the 31st Century as it seems she has found a purpose there. And so ends “Argo”.

It was a pretty cool arc but often times a bit confusing as I couldn’t quite follow along the action. But it was nice to see Kara again as well as Booster. I loved how Booster and Skeets were the comic relief in this arc. I am hoping that Miller explores the Brainiac 5/Kara relationship that I am pretty much sure he hinted at in the early parts of the arc.

As always, I am looking forward to see what Miller has in store for our Smallville crew in the next arc “Olympus” where Wonder Woman comes on the canvas but at least we know she won’t be involved romantically with Clark!

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