Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 1 “I Watch Death” Recap and Review

Episode 1When last we left our doctors of Hope Zion in season 1, Charlie (Michael Shanks) has woken from his season long coma and reunited with his fiancee and fellow doctor Alex (Erica Durance). Just as the couple seemed to be destined for a happy ending by getting married in the season finale, Charlie realized a side effect from his coma: he can still see spirits that he saw whilst out for the count. This caused Charlie to leave Alex at the altar. In other developments, Joel (Daniel Gillies) became the new Chief of Staff replacing Dana (Wendy Crewson). In happier news, Gavin (Kristopher Turner) and Maggie (Julia Taylor-Ross) finally became a couple.

Before we dive into episode 1 of season 2, I want to outline how recaps are going to work for Saving Hope. Each week I will break the episode down into the medical cases of the week and then break down each of the different relationships/characters of the show and what went down with them non-medical wise in the episode.

So now that we got that straight, onto to the recap.

Medical Cases of the Week

The doctors of Hope Zion are working on several victims of a mall shooting. This includes Sonya (Erin Karpluk), who initially came in because her son was trappled on during the chaos but she herself was shot in the leg. However, when they go to surgically remove it, it seems to have disappeared. Joel and Dr. Miller (Benjamin Ayers) have found it in the abdomen and Charlie helps them determine a precise location.

Dawn (Michelle Nolden) is called into this case to help Joel remove the bullet that has flowed to Sonya’s chest. Dawn explains the surgery necessary to save her life. Joel gives her another surgical option. Sonya chooses Joel’s surgical option. He uses his pull as Chief to do the surgery he wants. In surgery, Joel offers Sonya comfort as she worries over the fate of her son. Joel tries his surgery and things are first aren’t going well and Dawn wants to do her surgery. Joel insists that his will work and yells for Dawn to step aside. Eventually, Joel does get the bullet out his way. He apologies to Dawn for yelling at her but she is okay with that.

Another young man is also badly shot and his pregnant wife goes into labour. As Charlie is operating on the young man, his in limbo spirit appears to him in the OR and gives him some key medical information that allows Charlie to treat him successfully. The man is still unconscious and Charlie keeps looking around his room thinking he will see him. He gives the guy something in hopes of waking him out.

This guy, Nick, who has fallen into a coma seeks out Charlie’s help in talking to his wife and not get them to name their child Jedi. To make it look like he is not crazy, he pretends he is talking to Nick on his phone.

Shahir (Huse Madhavji) and Charlie are trying everything to wake him up like blowing a whistle or smelling salts but it is not working. Nick worries that he won’t wake up and won’t meet this son. Charlie tries to assure him that they don’t know what is happening. Nick wants to know if he has talked to his wife about their child’s name. Charlie thinks that maybe what he sees isn’t real. Charlie thinks if he does this for Nick then that will be his life: helping spirits. If does this then he will lose everything from is career to Alex. Nick is getting worse as fluid is starting to fill his lungs. Charlie goes to visit Nick’s wife, Lucy, to update him on his medical condition. He then tells her about a conversation he had with Nick about the name of their son and how he wants to call him Joseph instead of Jedi. Lucy honours his wish but will call her son Jedi as a nickname.

We see Charlier working on Nick but to no avail, he passes away while his wife Lucy gives birth to their son.

Alex treats a suicidal young woman with the help of Maggie. This young woman has overdosed on meds and has disappeared. Eventually the ladies find Katie who is still suicidal. They realize that Katie is jaundice. In the ICU, Mel (Glenda Braganza) treats her liver. However, her liver is completely shot and her only chance for survival is a liver transplant. Gavin comes in to assess Katie and her viability as a transplant candidate and gives Alex details on her mental state. Alex receives a text via Katie’s phone that indicates that she is being bullied. The read more texts and see a video. Katie is not going well but Mel seems to have something that can save her life. A possible liver candidate is one the shooters who is brain dead. They won’t know if he is a organ donor until his parents arrive. The mother arrives and Alex explains the situation to her and how her son is brain dead but she can’t grasp that. Alex tries to point out that he can save lives if he donates his organs and they are running out of time for her to make a decision. It is obvious that Katie gets the liver as Joel congratulates Alex on that case. Alex is in the transplant surgery to get Katie her new liver. She later visits a recovering Katie and talks to her and offers her comfort over what she is going through.

Charlie and Alex

The episode actually opens with the two coming back from a vacation in Costa Rica still not married and are caught in the gun fight that opened the episode.

Charlie and Alex comfort each other over their respective medical cases. Him saving the guy and Alex slapping her patient. Alex wonders why bad stuff keeps on happening to them.

Later Charlie goes to Shahir get another brain scan to help solve why he is still seeing spirits. Shahir prescribes him to see a psychiatrist.

Meanwhile, Maggie thinks that what happened earlier (Alex slapping her patient) that she should go home because she was part of the shooting.

In between all the medical stuff, Alex seeks Maggie out to discuss how bad she feels for hitting Katie and how people perceive her in how she stood by Charlie. And she also confesses to Maggie that maybe it would been easier if Charlie died. Charlie comes on the scene and Alex gives him a tender kiss as Nick looks on. Charlie mentions to Alex how he wants to tell her something and would do so after work.

Alex confesses to Joel that she doesn’t know if she is the same doctor that she was a year ago because of how she initially was supposed to be in on Nick’s surgery but Ryecroft (K.C. Collins) bullied her out of it. Joel calls her on discussing her feelings, which is obviously something she doesn’t do.

Charlie later goes to Gavin to talk about the medical acronym of I Watch Death and its symptoms. He gets what he wants and leaves before Gavin can offer his ear to him.

At the bar, after their long day. Alex asks Charlie if they are cursed, he counters they are lucky. He assures to her that they are fine and everything is fine. She gets him to promise and they share another tender kiss. Alex wants to know what Charlie wants to tell her but he defers for another time. The couple then joins the other doctors for dinner.


He is not liking the admin side of being Chief of Staff and leaves that side to help out in the ER that includes helping Sonya. Joel distracts her son by getting him to come up with jokes for a fundraiser that he has to attend. As Dawn and Joel scrub into Sonya’s surgery, Dawn suggests that Joel should date her. He says that he is not a one night stand kind of guy and also implies that Dawn isn’t over Charlie.

He goes to visit a recovering Sonya. She tells Joel that Ryan has a joke for him and while Joel initially did that to distract him, he does sit and listen as Ryan tells Joel his joke. Later we see Joel getting dressed for this dinner while rehearsing the joke.

Gavin and Maggie
We don’t get much of them in this episode but a brief scene near the end when Maggie goes to visit Gavin in his office and they make out on his couch. Good to see these two still going strong. Looking forward to exploring their relationship as season 2 goes on.

So that was the season 2 premiere. I am glad that Charlie is out of the coma and it was something they had to do. I did like how they reduced the use of light flares. And since Erin Karpluk will be recurring this season, can’t wait to see where her relationship with Joel will go. I also look forward to seeing how Charlie deals with his “gift” and balancing that with his relationship with Alex and his job. I am hoping for some flashbacks still though. I really want to know who Alex and Charlie fell in love that caused Charlie to leave Dawn.

It looks like next week we see a Dawn/Alex showdown over Charlie.

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