Continuum Season 2 Episode 8 “Second Listen” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that premiered in the U.S. on June 7 thus are several episodes behind. If you still want to know, then please read on.

continuum208This was the episode that Luvia Peterson said in her Province chat that would delve deeper into Garza and she wasn’t kidding.

As per usual, we start in 2077 and we see a futuristic shuttle flying about and arriving at a hangar. In it, we see Garza with Kiera following closely behind. A small droid ID’s Garza, who looks quite skanky. Kiera sees some sort of metal on Garza so Garza goes naked to. Once Kiera finds what she saw and she is deemed clean, Kiera takes Garza to an older Alec.

In present day Vancouver, some kids are is up to no good. Kiera and Gardiner pull them out of a van that was used to kidnap the bodies of the time travellers. They want to know what they know. One of the kids were told they were paid to dig up Elena’s body to transport to a location that Gardiner and Kiera go to. As they arrive, they discover nothing. They leave the scene saying they will get their people on it to find something.

Kiera goes to see Alec to activate something in the dead time travellers’ CMR to help her find them. At first Alec thinks it is creepy then thinks it is cool. Alec works his magic and they see who the dead bodies are looking at, it is a man that we don’t know, at least I think we don’t know.

Next we see Jason and Alec working on the time travel device. At first they managed to power it up but then it short circuits and the power went out temporarily. Kellogg comes in and worries about Alec working with Jason and ignoring their project. Jason leaevs and Kellogg and Alec talk about time travel project but comes back to Kellogg wanting him to focus on their project.

Back at Alec’s apartment, he is having breakfast with Emily who wonders if he is alright. Alec talks about all the stuff that is happening in his life from Kellogg to stuff with his family to Emily. He talks about what lies his mom might have been telling him.

At the precinct, Kiera shows Gardiner the picture of the guy she saw and tells Gardiner she got the info from Section 6 that Gardiner seems skeptical about it. Gardiner wants to use the grave robbers to ID them and they are off again. Kiera and Carlos have a brief discussion about the peace between her and Gardiner.

Back at Alec’s, he tells Emily about the vision he had of Jason and his mom. Alec thinks that Jason might be his dad and Emily says that he should get some proof via DNA. Kiera calls Alec’s phone that Emily answers. Kiera worries about Alec’s relationship with Emily and Kellogg. Talk then turns to the body snatcher case and what Alec can do to help her.

At the courthouse, the body snatchers lawyers is trying to get them off when Kiera notices how ill they look when they collapse dead and we see a African Canadian man walk away, it is the same man that we saw in the side mirror of the truck that took away the bodies of Jaworski and Chen.

In the aftermath, the police are investigating, the ME states to Gardiner and Kiera that he never seen anything like this as there were no visible trauma. He speculates aneurysms but Kiera sees something else. Looking at video footage, they both see the image of the guy from the morgue.

At Alec’s lab, Jason and Alec are working away at the time travel device. Alec is subtly trying to see if Jason could be his father and takes away stuff that hasJason DNA on it.

Kiera visits Escher to see if the man from the courthouse works for him but Escher says no but that he is dangerous. Alec notes that Escher’s office has no personal items in it and she believes that he is a time traveller too. Escher tells Kiera about tattoos on these people’s fingers and how time travellers understand what is at stake with the time continuum and these people want power. Kiera wants to stop them and as Kiera leaves, it is obvious that Escher is one of them.

Kiera is at the morgue looking at one of the bodies and sees the tattoos. The ME shows her photos and she notices that the tattoos are some sort of code.

At the precinct, Betty is giving the low down about the tattoo pattern, it seems there are more people that have these tattoo patterns. Gardiner wants to know a pattern, the pattern is they stole the id’s of infants and used the same law firm to probate their wills. Gardiner goes off on his own to investigate. Kiera stays behind with Carlos to investigate on their own.

At Alec’s lab, Kellogg and Alec is talking about the work he is doine with the time travel device. Alec gets a call from his roommate talking about trouble with his computer at home. But this totally smells like a trap.

At the law office, Gardiner is trying to find information on the two dead people, which he is getting like the beneficiary of their wills, a Mr. Warren. The clerk their confirms that it is the guy from the courthouse and morgue.

Meanwhile, Kiera is trying to reach Alec and manages to get a hold of him via cell phone, Alec wants her and Emily to be friends. Alec comes home and knows something is not right as his roommates are dead except the one that called him. Garza is there and knocks his roommate out and asks Alec does he thinks she is still pretty; referencing what future Alec told her at the top of the episode. 

Kiera arrives at the crime scene at Alec’s house, Carlos informs her that Alec is missing. She scans the apartments and finds Garza’s fingerprints. Emily is outside who wants in. Kiera comes out to find out what she knows as she seems very suspicious. Kiera calls Alec at his lab but instead gets Jason, who she gets to search for him, who can’t find him. Kiera begs Jason to find anything that can help her fine him.

But we know that Garza has Alec. Garza starts hitting Alec and talks to Alec as if she is talking to future Alec. She wants to know what Alec is up to.

We then switch to Gardiner who calls Kiera about what he has found but Kiera can’t hear it as she wants to find Alec. Kiera then talks to Emily wanting to know what she knows but Emily continues to lie and it seems that Emily might have those tattoos between her fingers.

Back to Alec and Garza, Alec tells her about all the projects he is working on. Alec tells Garza that he is good at listening at Liber8’s ideas. We then switch to 2077 and we see Garza and Alec’s conversation there. Back to the present, Alec tells Garza that whatever happened in the future, he can change that.

At Alec’s lab, Kiera wants to use the time travel device to find Alec.

We learn that Garza has taken Alec to a factory that would be home to what future Alec will build that Garza is so against. Back in 2077, Alec wants to know what Garza thinks of Kiera, who offers her assessment of her. She determines that Kiera is a mother.

In the present, Jason wonders why Liber8 would grab Alec, Kiera believes it is to change the future. They are going through a lot of surveillance data and finally jackpot, we find out that Garza is taking Alec to the site of Sadtech factory one.

At this factory, Garza tells Alec of a favour that future Alec asked of her. In 2077, we learn that Kagame sent Garza to kill Alec not in the future but in the past. Alec doesn’t understand why; he tells Garza about the message that he sent to Kiera so he could change the future. We switch back and forth between present and future conversation between the two. Alec realizes that Garza is his fail safe if Alec fails at changing the future.

Kiera arrives to save Alec, to stop Garza. Alec tells them that he is not the future Alec that he is afraid of becoming that, afraid that he can’t change. He is just 18 and wants to be with the girl he loves. Garza thinks that nothing will change and she flees. Alec almost falls off the rafters but Kiera saves him. Alec wonders what he is the future that is causing all this.

Alec is reunited with Emily, who wonders why Liber8 wants him. Alec tells her that he is helping Kiera investigate them and will continue to help her. Emily vows to Alec that she will protect them. Kellogg comes in and is pissed that Emily is there but Alec is pissed back, who wants Emily to stay. Kellog is impressed that Alec has grown a pair.

Gardiner is back on the hunt to find out more about the guy from the courthouse and morgue. At first the guy didn’t want to help but eventually does.

We switch back to Alec’s lab, where Emily and Kiera have a conversation on helping/saving Alec. Both seems to come to a truce.

Back at this office, the guy from the courthouse and the guy from dead guy’s eyes come in and shoot Gardiner dead. At Alec’s lab, they are still trying to find out that guy’s identity. Kiera suggest they use the time travel device, the ark, to ID the body snatchers.

Alec and Kiera and a heart to heart about the message his future self sent and realizes that he now charts his own course. Kiera then receives a call from Gardiner but no one is at the other end.

So will this experience that Alec went through change the future for the better? And do you think we truly got under more layers of Garza or is there more to see to her? Also, is Emily possibly a time traveler too out to seduce Alec in the present day? That would be an interesting twist.

Well, it looks like here in Canada that we have a two week break from Continuum perhaps to let the US catch up a bit so we will see you sometime in July.




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8 Comments on Continuum Season 2 Episode 8 “Second Listen” Recap and Review

  1. You forgot to “review” this episode, and please do! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

    • The episode was great. Loved that we got to learn more about Garza and the stuff with Alec was awesome. It seems that future Alec’s plan might have worked and his younger version encounter with Garza was what he needed to change his course.

      I am a little suspicious of Emily still. She just might have those finger tattoos and I think she too was sent back to the past to seduce young Alec for some nefarious purpose.

      What did you think of the episode?

  2. Thanks for the review!
    You don’t by any chance know the name of the song in the end credits?

  3. Does anyone know who the bodies that were snatched are? I don’t remember two people from the future dieing.


    • The two bodies are Stefan Jaworski and Curtis Chen.

      Chen died in the first season episode “Wasting Time” when he accidentally killed himself using Kiera’s 2077 weapon.

      Jaworski died in the pilot “Stitch in Time”

      Hope that answers your question.

  4. Finally got caught up. This episode was interesting and sets up a lot of interesting possibilities. Still not sure what to think of Emily, but surely she loves Alec. Gardiner always bothered me, but clearly got what was coming to him after snooping and trying to uncover too many things without really knowing what he was after; but I bet it’s going to really change the way Kiera and the entire department approach this.

    Season 2 is a lot more interesting to me, because it’s less about the procedurals and more about the stories interconnecting and weaving together now. I’m enjoying it a lot and look forward to what’s next. Thanks again for writing these recaps, good to know others are watching it too.

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