Continuum Season 2 Episode 7 “Second Degree” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that premiered in the U.S. on June 7 thus are several episodes behind. If you still want to know, then please read on.

continuum207It is 2077 and we meet who I think is an older Julian but the guard calls him Theseus. This is intercut with scenes with present day Julian as both men are led out of their prison cells on their way to somewhere. Great casting by the way on the older Julian, they really look a like.

In the present day, Kiera and Carlos are visiting Elena’s grave and tells him that Elena was lucky because she managed to carve a life here while she hasn’t. Kiera then notices something odd about Elena’s grave and after a quick scan sees that her coffin is empty. Carlos wants to know how does she know, she explains she knows because of her tech. Carlos asks why would someone do this. Kiera says it is someone that knows that she is a time traveller. Meanwhile, Agent Gardiner is watching them.

At the morgue, Kiera is paying the ME a visit who thinks Kiera is here for another case and how an Agent Warren signed out the Liber8 bodies and this Agent Warren is from Section 6.

At the courthouse, Jim Martin and Carlos meet up talking about Julian’s case. Jim wants to bring the city back together that is divided by Libe8, Carlos doesn’t believe him.

At Alec’s lab, Alec is working on the time travel device when Kiera calls him to inform him of someone posing as Section 6 signed out those bodies and Elena’s body has been moved, she wants Alec’s help but her conversation is interrupted by Gardiner, who wants to take a look at what is up with Elena. She also mentions to Gardiner about the missing bodies posing as Section 6. Kiera wants Gardiner to help her, Alec is not so sure but Gardiner takes up the challenge. Kiera is getting his help to distract him.

Kiera has arrived at the courthouse but notices Sonya and gives chase. However, she has escaped.

At Julian’s trial, Carlos is on the stand testify the day that Julian shot him. The lawyer is really grilling him about whether or not he identified himself as a police officer. Kiera notices that one of the juror’s heart rate is elevated. Then a whole bunch of people in the gallery yells for the court to free Julian.

Travis confronts Jim about his deal with Sonya but Travis has a counter offer for him to basically spy on Sonya for him. It is key for Travis that Jim become mayor.

Back at the courthouse, Kiera tells Carlos how she saw Sonya and knows that means something. She then tells Carlos of the anxious juror that Sonya may have gotten to in order to free Julian.

Back at the morgue, Gardiner is looking at surveillance footage to see who claimed the bodies. But the footage doesn’t reveal anything initially until he notices Travis. Gardiner tries to call Kiera on what he found but Kiera will not take his calls.

Since Kiera is on a truth kick with Carlos, she tells him what she is getting Gardiner’s help on. Talk then turns to the juror and about his life. Alec is then looking into Hirsch’s life and family. It seems that Hirsch has no online presence. Carlos is surprised that Alec is the one helping Kiera. Kiera concludes that Sonya wants Julian trial to fail.

After some calls, Alec sends Kiera a whole bunch of emails that Hirsch got before being sequestered and see an email that shows Hirsch’s family being held captive. Alec can’t help further as he wants to meet his mom for Julian’s trial.

Carlos notices something in the email and deduces that Hirsch’s family is probably being held captive on a boat and is starting a search. They go to inform Harris about a tampered juror but don’t want to inform the judge yet until they can find the family.

Now on the stand is Alec’s mom who testifies her side of the story but Alec knows that her mom is lying to protect Julian. His mom goes to defend herself on why she lied and puts Alec in a situation as he was supposed to testify the next day and if he tells the truth he reveals that his mom lied and she would go to jail or he lies and he goes to jail too. Alec walks away in disgust.

Kiera has brought Carlos to Alec’s lab and they are testing something with Kiera’s CMR to help them find Hirsch’s family using the time travel piece. Talk turns to Alec’s  mom’s testimony and a bit of a debate breaks out between the three until Alec starts his test. Whatever Alec did, it is working as Kiera is processing thousands of images and she found the boat they are looking for. It is nice to see Carlos as part of Kiera and Alec’s world now.

Travis meets up with one of the courtroom protestors, Rebecca and how they believe in “Theseus'” message and movement. Travis wants Rebecca to step up her efforts even if it involves a sacrifice.

It is morning and we see Alec and Emily in bed together after a night intimacy. It is also the day that Alec is supposed to testify but he still doesn’t know what to do. Emily is being very supportive no matter what Alec’s decision is. Then Alec leaves Emily awkwardly.

Emily is still in bed one someone comes into Alec’s place, it someone looking for Alec but before he could drug her, Emily starts kicking his ass. She demands to know who this guy is when he doesn’t respond, she kills him and the calls her back up for clean up in aisle 1. We learn that Emily is working for Escher and has something that would interest him, the device that the stranger that attacked her had on him.

At the precinct, Carlos and Kiera are going over some evidence from what Kiera found and Alec is having no further luck either. Harris wants to know what they found and they tells her that they are on some fishing boat. Harris wants to know how they knew it was a fishing boat and Kiera smoothly lies to Harris. Carlos tells Kiera that it probably wasn’t easy to lie to others to protect her, she agrees. Kiera then finds something to help their case.

They go to a boat and notes heat signatures on board. Carlos thinks getting on board would be difficult but Kiera is going to use her suit. Carlos wonders if all cops have suits like this and Kiera explains how she was issued one. Carlos wants to talk more about her time travel history but she defers. As the enter the boat house, they are caught by a gun men but Kiera uses her suit to disappear and Carlos easily gets the upper hand.

Carlos gets on board the boat and encounters two more gun men. One of them is getting his butt kick by an invisible Kiera. While the first gun men is watching, Carlos defeats him and they rescue Hirsch’s family.

Alec is now on the stand at Julian’ trial to tell his side of the story. His mother and Emily are watching him testify. Alec tells the truth and how Julian shot at Carlos. Someone comes in to tell the judge something and he calls a recess. Carlos and Kiera tells the judge on how they rescued the juror’s family and I am not quite sure what has happened to Julian’s case as a result of this.

Outside the courtroom, Alec apologies to his mom for telling the truth but his mom said don’t be. She lied because she didn’t want to lose Julian after losing her husband and she feels Alec slipping away. Her mom tells Alec that he is so smart that he will make something of himself. Why does this sound like a good bye? Emily gets all shifty eyed as his mom walks by.

Court is back in session, and it looks like the judge is about to pronounce judgement and we see a parallel trial for older Julian in 2077. As facts are being read in both cases, the judges in both time periods have found Julian not guilty. Present day Julian is to finish off his sentence while 2077 Julian is being transfered to corporate detention to which Julian is not pleased as it looks like older Alec might be in custody of his brother.

In the present, Jim is in front of the press acting pissed at Julian’s sentence. Carlos wants to know from Jim what happened. Carlos believes it was all Liber8’s doing and Jim says he will help him. In Jim’s car is Sonya who tells her that Julian will be released into her custody and we learn that Jim paid off the judge.

At the precinct, Carlos tells Kiera that there is going to be an investigation into the trial but states it won’t make a difference since Julian is going to be released in a couple of weeks. Kiera then realizes that they played into Sonya’s plan. Kiera then receives an email from Gardiner revealing what I think is Travis as the one taking the bodies.

We then have a montage of Alec and Emily, Sonya, Jim and the judge, older Julian and present day Julian being all contemplative.

Kiera and Gardiner meet up and apparently this guy isn’t Travis and Gardiner has found who this man is. Kiera and Gardiner have formed a temporary partnership.

The judge is leaving his courtroom when Rebecca stops his to thank him for helping the movement when Travis dressed as a baliff kills him.

There has to be something significant with Julian being set free and I would really love to see a 2077 where we see the actions done in the present day, what kind of ripple effect it causes. Maybe that may happen in season 3.

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4 Comments on Continuum Season 2 Episode 7 “Second Degree” Recap and Review

  1. great recap thanks

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the review. Can you tell me who the two liber8 bodies are? I don’t recall any time travellers dieing in recent episodes other than Elena?



    • The two bodies are Stefan Jaworski and Curtis Chen.

      Chen died in the first season episode “Wasting Time” when he accidentally killed himself using Kiera’s 2077 weapon.

      Jaworski died in the pilot “Stitch in Time”

      Hope that answers your question.

  3. The comforter set on Emily’s bed is beautiful. Anyone recognize it and know where I can get one like it.

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