Revolution “The Love Boat” Recap & Review

Revolution - Season 1Tonight’s episode of Revolution was definitely exciting and new (get the pun? No, well it is part of the theme song of the 1980s romantic comedy show The Love Boat that starred Gavin McLeod -still no clue -Wikipedia the show and Gavin McLeod).

Anyways, the episode opens with Nora doing what she does best and that is making things blow up. She sets up explosives in a hospital or lab that is under the control of the Monroe Republic, in there is a scientist (Timothy Busfield) performing some experiments and he gets kidnapped by Nora, Miles, Charlie and Jason. As they escape with him, the building explodes.

We then go back two days earlier.

Miles is interrogating a Monroe soldier that Jason has captured but when he won’t turn, they execute him.

Afterwards, we see Miles reflect over what happened in the last episode and that is the death of Emma. His thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Tom Neville, who tells Miles that he is his reinforcements from the Georgia Federation and to show he is legit produces a letter from President Foster. Miles isn’t interested in teaming up with Neville but when he learns that Monroe is manufacturing anthrax, he becomes interested and learn that Monroe is using the only scientist that can make it – it is the same man that we saw at the beginning of the episode.

Charlie and Nora don’t trust Neville but Miles is on board with it and plans on turning the scientist, Dr. Camp over to President Foster and if it means that Georgia makes their own anthrax then he is okay with it as along as it stops Monroe.

The rebels and Neville use a fishing vessel to sneak to their destination and onboard father and son (Neville and Jason) reunite. But it isn’t a happy reunion. Neville wants to call a truce but Jason doesn’t. Neville then blames Jason as the reason why had to join the Georgia Federation.

Meanwhile in the Plains Nations, Rachel and Aaron are still continuing on their trek to the Tower. They come upon a campsite and try and trade for food but the man there won’t.  Later on at night, they are caught by the same man for stealing his food. Rachel wants some leniency because they are starving but the man is not in a charitable mood and is about to execute them until Rachel shoots first. Militia men hear the commotion and Rachel and Aaron and running to escape but Rachel trips and falls and injures herself.

Meanwhile, the rebels and Neville arrive at their destination and we see the mission that was opened the episode.

Elsewhere, Randall questions that Monroe developing anthrax is not helping matters and only will incite the rebels further. Monroe is not pleased with Randall and threatens to cut his throat out if he continues to talk like that.

Neville goes in to question Dr. Camp but he ain’t talking cause he fears that once Monroe realizes he is gone that his family, wife and daughter are dead. But Miles informs that good doctor that while they were kidnapping him, Neville rescued his family, who are safe on another boat. They won’t let Dr. Camp see his family until he does what he was doing for Monroe for the Georgia Federation. Charlie and Nora are upset with Miles for knowing about this all along.

Nora threatens to leave Miles for another unit because of his actions. She is disappointed and thought that Miles had changed.

Aaron is now carrying Rachel and hides out in abandoned truck. Aaron is trying to repair her broken leg but Rachel begs Aaron to leave her to go to the Tower because the militia men are coming. Aaron refuses to leave. Rachel is doing her best to try and get Aaron to leave but he tells her he is not going anywhere. Rachel still pleads for him to go.

Charlie goes to see Dr. Camp who begs her to help him and his family but their conversation is interrupted by a routine inspection of the fishing vessel. Our merry band of rebels hides themselves. In hiding, Neville wants to kill Dr. Camp to stop Monroe from getting him back while Charlie points a gun to Neville. Just when it looks like they passed the inspection, one of the militia solders makes Miles.

When the coast is clear, everyone comes out of hiding and Neville not pleased over Charlie pulling a gun on him, hits her but Miles comes to her rescue before she is beaten further.

Back at Plains Nation, the militia men have come across Rachel’s hiding place, and Rachel momentarily keeps them at bay with her gun. The two men enter the truck and after a struggle, Aaron and Rachel defeat them.

Charlie goes to Miles and asks him to let Dr. Camp go but Miles refuses. Charlie equates what he is doing to Camp like what Monroe did to her mom. Miles blames his actions on this being a war, a personal war that Monroe has against him. He has no choice to continue on his actions and refuses again Charlie’s request to let Camp’s family go. Charlie then chains Miles to his quarters and Neville hears the commotion and before he could see what is happening Jason chloroforms his father.

Jason, Nora and Charlie take over the boat and demand to be taken to Dr. Camp’s family.  The other boat sees Neville’s looking abandoned and decides to check it out and come upon an ambush. Dr. Camp and his family are reunited.

But Neville has awoken and has escaped and now they have re-taken the boat. Charlie’s mission to save Camp’s family has failed.

Neville doesn’t understand how his own son can turn against him, Jason spits that he hates him. Neville then puts a gun to Charlie’s head and Miles comes to her rescue again. The fishing boat captain is about to shoot Miles and company but then the Monroe Militia fires upon the boat killing the camp and a gunfight ensues.

This gives Miles, Nora, Charlie, Jason and Dr. Camp and his family the opportunity to escape on the other boat. And Dr. Camp happily reunites with his family.

Charlie thanks Miles for helping her but he thanks her for probably making him see sense.

We are now two days later at a Rebel-Georgia coalition camp and Neville bursts in all pissed of at Miles for allowing Camp to escape. Neville then threatens to take all the troops but Miles says that his winning record will put Foster on his side.

Nora goes to Miles in quarters looking all kids of sexy and the two then proceed to kiss passionately.

After escaping the militia men, Rachel and Aaron discuss what has happened. Rachel still wants Aaron to go to the Tower. She gives Aaron, Dr. Warren’s book and asks him to turn to page 74 and in it is an article about Aaron. He is confused as to what is his role in all of this.

We next see Grace (Maria Howell), a colleague of Rachel before the blackout, at her computer and notes that the elevator is up. The man keeping guard is going to Level 12. Grace warns him not to there cause Randall won’t be pleased. While he is gone, Grace is trying to escape as she keeps an eye on the elevator. She sees that it stops at 7 and her guard in it is most likely killed and the elevator makes it way back up and we see fear in Grace’s eyes.

So what is in that elevator? Is it Lost’s Smoke Monster or something else? And what is Aaron’s role with the power outage? And when are we going to see Charlie and Jason get together. They’ve been teasing it for weeks.

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