Continuum Season 2 Episode 3 “Second Thoughts”

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that won’t air in the U.S. until June 7.

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

We are back in 2077 and it being Vancouver, it is raining. Kiera gets off a a helicopter taxi and is walking in a pretty slummy area of Vancouver, the Downtown Eastside of 2077. She uses her suit to track someone. In the distance, Kiera sees a young woman meet with a man, who gives her something. We learn that his is Kiera’s younger sister, Hannah and the man is her drug dealer. Kiera is disappointed in her sister for still taking drugs and she crushes the drug. Hannah is pissed at her sister and looks to be part of the LIber8 movement and admonishes her big sister for being part of what Liber8 is fighting against. Hannah, pissed walks away from Kiera.

Sonya and Lucas goes and meets with the Coalition Kings to finalize their arrangement with Travis watching in the distance and tries to kill Sonya but a Coalition Kings gang member is killed instead and Travis gets away.

We then meet again Jason (Ian Tracey), the time traveller too and is mumbling away. Back at the precinct, Jason comes looking for Kiera but Carlos meets with him instead but insists on seeing Kiera with the information that he has. But Carlos says that Kiera is not here. Jason tells Carlos about freelancers are around. Carlos thinks that it might be about the bombing that ended season 1 but Jason stays silent.

Alec is hanging out with friends who are talking about this new drug and how it makes them feel. Everyone but Alec takes it as if you are taking eye drops.

They are driving around the streets of Vancouver and everyone looks sleepy in the car and his friend is driving so fast that he ends up crashing the car.

In rainy present day Vancouver, Kiera is giving Alec a ride home. It is obvious that Kiera was Alec’s phone call. She pretty much yells at Alec for associating herself the flash drug. She tells him it is a drug from the future, which originally was made for Alzheimer’s patients until it was cured. Kiera asks Alec to find everything he knows about flash and just before he leaves the car, she is happy that he is okay.

Julian’s step mom visits him to give him his dad’s journals as requested along with an article about how 5 pharmaceutical executives were meeting at that building on some top secret meeting that was exposed because of his actions. Julian feels that Kagame had set him up and vows to work things out.

Kiera is debriefing Dillon and Carlos about the Flash drug and tells them that Liber8 is responsible due to Sonya’s medical knowledge. It seems that more people have died because of this drug.

Back at the prison, all the inmates are eyeing Julian and one with a skull tattoo on his neck sits next to him, Gus, saying that he is got her back cause of Sonya, who wants to ensure that she is the safest person inside that prison.

On Kellogg’s boat, Kiera comes a calling and looks none too pleased. She asks him about Flash, the drug and not the superhero. Kiera thinks he is the one that released the recipe for the flash drug. But Kellogg says he has better things up his sleeve than peddling a street drug. Kellogg was hoping to be on more friendlier terms with each other considering their relationship with Alec and shares with her their new business venture. Kiera is not pleased with dragging Alec in their mess. Kiera wants Alec to fulfill his destiny and doesn’t want Kellogg involved.

Alec then calls Kiera about some neighbourhood watch that has developed. As she leaves Kellogg, she will make him pay if he screws them over.

In an airport hanger, there is a dead body Coalition King members making it look like it was a gangland shooting. Dillon thinks it is a gang war but Kiera is not too sure. Using her CRM, Kiera is recreating the crime scene and determines only one shooter was present. Kiera thinks it was a super soldier that has done it: Travis. Dillon, Carlos and Kiera determine it is a war between Travis and Sonya.

At a Liber8 stronghold, Sonya and Lucas seem to be planning something. Lucas is concerned that Sonya is not taking the Travis situation seriously. He says the Coalition Kings are supposed to protect them in exchange for the Flash drugs. Lucas tells Sonya that she should use weapons as backup then using Kagame’s ideals as her backup.

Kiera and Alec meet but he leaves when Kiera talks with Jason. I don’t even know the significance of her with groceries. Anyways, Kiera wants to talk to Jason about the freelancers. He fears that they are after him. Kiera wants to know they are and he tells they are time travellers to either protect the time line from abuse or abuse them.

Jason keeps on mentions some inventions over the history of time and says they are freelancers. The freelancers fear exposure from Jason while Kiera thinks that these freelancers can help her get home. She fears the longer she stays in present day Vancouver, she will lose herself.

Dillon is pissed at the last Flash victims and wants results but Carlos says they are busy with the gang war. Kiera still believes the drug and the gangs are related.

Betty comes in with a break about a gang member, Gabriel that can help but Kiera thinks that Travis can use him too.

We next see Garza and Travis talking about his war with Sonya and meets with the head of the Westcoast Syndicate that we met in the season premiere.

Meanwhile, Alec meets with one of his friends who was hurt in the hospital. He asks her about what is feels like to be on Flash. She describes how he felt like she was body surfing in Hawaii and how she was actually there, that she chose to be there despite the fact that she was in the ambulance. The experience that she felt wasn’t good in real life.

Kellogg meets up with Alec in the hospital and wants to formalize their arrangement but he needs more time. Kellogg says he needs an answer. Kellogg then sends Alec some research on what he can provide.

Elsewhere, in an alley, Kiera and Carlos meet up with Gabriel about their association with Liber8 and their association with Flash. Gabriel denies everything but Carlos says they can help him and his gang.

As they leave their meeting, Kiera uses her nifty gun to put a tracking device on Gabriel’s car. Using her CMR, but pretending to use her GPS on her phone, helps Carlos follow Gabriel. Carlos believes that whoever wins the Sonya versus Travis war will come up more powerful. Kiera says they need to take them both down.

They find Gabriel meeting with Sonya at the warehouse where they make the Flash drug but they are made and a gun fight ensues and Sonya escapes.

Sonya returns to her hideout and formulates her next plan. She vows not to associate themselves with criminals but use the system against them. Lucas is skeptical of Sonya’s new plan and seems to want to follow Travis’ philosophy. Sonya seems to ask Lucas to pick a side.

Travis is meeting with the Westcoast Syndicate members saying he is speaking for their leader. But his right hand man thinks he is part of the Coalition Kings. Travis tells them he represents all the gans in the city and dumps their heads on the pool table. Travis wants all the gangs to team up to take the city. He says everyone uniting will be last thing the police will suspect. It looks like people are on board with this new plab of Travis.

We see Alec with the Flash drug, comtemplating taking it. He looks at a watch that was his father’s. Alec decides to take the drug. and he a visions of him with the watch and his mother meeting and arguing with a mystery man that is Jason.

At a cafe, Alec and Kiera meet and Kiera is mad that Alec didn’t tell her about Kellogg’s arrangement and warns him against Kellogg. Alec says that he is still thinking about it. Kiera wants to be kept in the loop 24/7. Kiera also wants to Alec to look into Mr. Esher and also asks as his wingman in getting Alec to ask a young woman at the dinner to join him for breakfast.

Back at the prison, a prisoner has a shiv and repeatedly stabs Gus. Another inmate tells Julian that Travis and the Syndicate has his back.

In 2077, Kiera’s sister Hannah is high as a kite, standing on the ledge of a building and is off in her own little world. Kiera wants to take her to the medi pod. Hannah relates a story of how her father wants her to special and she falls to her death with Kiera grieving.

With all this back and forth with the Travis and Sonya war, who is going to win it? Is it Travis 1 and Sonya 0. Can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.


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