Revolution “The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia” Recap & Review

Revolution - Season 1The episode opens up with Monroe finding out that Neville and his wife have fled and that his son Jason, who was presumed dead, is in fact still alive. Monroe is pissed at this piece of news. So pissed in fact that he shoots the messenger that tells him of these developments dead.

Back at the Rebel camp, a bloodied messenger arrives on horseback with a letter for Miles. The young man does not survive. The letter states that Monroe has sent the nukes to Atlanta in hopes of getting Georgia to surrender, if not, he will use it one them.

Miles, Nora and Charlie are on their way to Georgia to stop the nukes.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Rachel are on their way to find Dr. Warren, who can help them get into the tower.

Our merry band of rebels are now in Georgia, Charlie is in slight awe as she had never left the Monroe Republic. And the Georgia Federation is quite different: Steam vehicles, warm weather, filthy rich, bountiful crops and trade with Europe.

To blend into Georgia, the three of them need to pretend to be Georgia Federation soliders. But when they go to a solider outpost to steal uniforms, the men inside are dead and the spare uniforms taken. Also inside is a knife that belonged to Miles and he knows that Alec (Dayo Okeniyi) left it there.

Miles flashes back to 7 years after the blackout where he is conversing with this Alec . After a conversation over how it was his father’s knife, Miles gives Alec it.

In the forest, Aaron and Rachel are getting closer to Dr. Warren when they encounter two men with guns who ask for a toll and it look like one of them is about to rape Rachel while the other one points a gun at them. All of a sudden the two of them start to burn spontaneously. It seems that Dr. Jane Warren (Kate Burton) is their rescuer. Warren doesn’t really explain how the men burned but instead offers them to come in for sandwiches, to which Aaron quips that he has lost his appetite.

Miles, Nora, and Charlie are wandering the streets of Atlanta, on the lookout for Alec. Since the nuke has a pendant, our trio will use flashlights to try and find it (the flashlight will power on when it is near it).

Alec and Miles meet again and he is pissed at Miles for his betrayal and they have a good ole fashioned sword/fist fight. Alec was winning until Charlie shoots him with an arrow but Alec escapes with the nuke but Charlie is on his trail.

As they run through Atlanta, we see how Georgia really does have it good. As it still looks like pre-blackout life. Alec kills a cop and pins it on Miles and this lets him escape. Miles is arrested while Nora and Charlie figure out how to rescue him.

Inside Jane’s home, the encounter another friend, Beth, but Rachel doesn’t tell the real reason why they have passed through. Rachel tells Jane that she wants to go to the tower to turn the power back on to turn off the nanites. Rachel tells Jane that Danny is dead and shows her the capsule that she took out of Danny. We learn more about the nanites through Jane and that it actually eats cancer cells. Beth is Jane’s partner and she has cancer but the nanites are keeping her alive. So Danny did have cancer and was saved because of those nanites. Jane tells Rachel that if she turns the power back on, it means the nanites shut down, which means death to Beth.

Charlier and Alec meet up and Alec calls Charlie another him in how Miles mentored him only to turn on him. Charlie defends her uncle and when Alec finds out she is Rachel’s daughter, Alec taunts her into asking Miles what he did to her mom. But they are distracted by a helicopter overhead dropping papers to the ground advertising not a shoe sale but a nuclear event that is coming.

Miles is brought forth to the president of the Georgia Federation, Kelly, (Leslie Hope). He tells her that he didn’t kill the police officer but warns her about the dangers of Alec. The president then informs him about Monroe’s threat of using the nuclear bomb unless they surrender as Monroe wants Georgia. Miles wants to help Kelly but because of what he did to her people and herself, she doesn’t quite trust him. But Miles, believes that he can stop Alec.

Panic rises in the streets of Atlanta as our trio search for the nuke.

We are now nine years after the blackout and the once friendly relations between Alec and Miles is now cold. Miles calls Alec on a failed mission in Texas, where Alec was supposed to assassinate someone but didn’t and his target could ID him. Miles then turns Alec in for his failure because Monroe doesn’t want to war against Texas.

Back at Jane’s house, Rachel goes through her research. The debate on Rachel’s mission and when it looks like Jane is about to fry Rachel, Beth comes in and is horrified to know that Jane knew how to turn the power back on. She begs Jane to give the information Rachel needs to know or she will kill herself. Jane does and throws Rachel out.

Miles has caught up with Alec and the nuke. They has a conversation about their past history. Their conversation is interrupted by Philadelphia giving the order to detonate. But the two men are in a fist fight while Monroe over the radio keeps on trying to reach him to complete the mission. Alec wants revenge but Miles ends up killing Alec with his knife.

In the aftermath, Charlie wants to know about what Miles did to her mom but Miles just tells her that he hurts people and to get away from her.

The Georgia Federation president tells Miles that he won’t be intimidated by Monroe and if wants war then he’s got it. Before Miles leaves, she wants his rebels to hit Monroe from the inside and she is offering her soliders to him to lead.

And the episode end takes a page out of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones where the Jedi survey the scene of all the clone army that will be under their control, Miles surveys all the soldiers of the Georgia Federation that will be under his control.

The only thing we need to know is war is coming!

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