Continuum season 2 Episode 1 “Second Chances” Recap & Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that won’t air in the U.S. until June 7. So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

6215.Continuum Season 2 Episode 1 watch.jpg-610x0Season 2 opens with Kiera (Rachel Nicols) strapped to a gurney being pushed through some dank hallway. She escapes from the gurney and is drowsily running away but a group men catch her and syringe her in the neck that sedates her. Kiera wakes in a glass cage and screams for someone to help her.

Kiera suddenly awakes next to her husband (John Reardon). We are in 2077 and she has a splitting headache and thinks something is wrong with her CMR (the computer in her brain). While she is explaining this, her husband sees a ship in the distance.

We are now back in 2012, and we see the rest of the confrontation between Sonya (Lexa Doig) and Travis (Roger Cross) that was in the season one finale. They argue about who is the new leader of Liber8 with Kagame (Tony Amendola) now dead. Sonya shoots Travis several times and leaves him for dead. Doctors try to revive him and thinking that they failed are about the call his death until he suddenly convulses back to life. When awakens, he starts to kill those around him and he starts to make his escape until a doctor drugs him and as he slips into unconsciousness, he shouts Sonya’s name.

A week later

A group breaks into a warehouse and is about to the kill the security guard but an invisible force stops them. When she makes herself known, it is Kiera and tells the guard he saw nothing.

Next we see that Alec (Erik Knudsen) has moved out of the family barn/farm and now as a roommate, who tells Alec that he is behind on the rent. Kiera calls but Alec ignores it. Kiera is calling because she wants to talk about the Future Alec message. Kellogg (Stephen Lobo) meets up with Kiera and talks about being used by her in him letting her hide out on his boat to only disappear on him to then to  all of sudden wants to see him again.

Kiera wants to see Kellogg to know what is Liberr8 next move and she also needs money & blackmails him into giving her it. She also tells Kellogg that she still wants to get home and needs to ensure that Liber8 fails in their mission.

The mayor of Vancouver is about to speak in front of reporters in front of the Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver. But before she can say anything, she is assassinated.

The police chief, Dillon (Brian Markinson) talks about the capture of Travis and won’t let something like that happen again. But it seems that his job is on the line and needs to solve the assassination case. Dillon asks Carlos (Victor Webster) to work on solving it and wants him to call Kiera to help him as the case screams Liber8.

Kiera and Carlos meet and tells her to drop being a vigilante and go back to the police. Kiera did what she did to stop Liber8 from taking over the electrical grid.

If Carlos and Dillon don’t solve this case they are out of a job. Kiera starts asking about any potential skeletons in the mayor’s closet, shady dealings, or enemies.

At Liber8’s headquarters, Garza (Luvia Peterson) tells Sonya that Travis is alive. Sonya wants to know what cells are still around and tells Lucas (Omari Newton) to shut things down till things clear up. Garza wants to rescue Travis but Sonya doesn’t. Garza questions her leadership but Sonya stands her ground.

At the crime scene, Carlos and Kiera are trying to figure out how the mayor was shot. Kiera uses her CMR to survey the scene to see how the crime could have happened. and kieera uses her cool computer in here brain to see how it could have happened. Kiera wants everything connected to the case including every possible surveillance angle sent to her, which Carlos does get for her thanks to Betty.

Meanwhile, Alec seeks a job at a Memory Express. It a Best Buy type of store that is actually a real store that is in Richmond, BC.

Agent Gardiner (Nicholas Lea), who was seen in the season 1 finale, is looking for Kiera but Dilion is vague in helping him find her until he knows why he wants Kiera. Both answers aren’t given.

Elsewhere, Kiera keeps on calling Alec but he keeps on ignoring the calls. [Side Note: The street that Alec was on is in Richmond, BC and is No. 3 Road and Alderbridge Way. Across the street is Lansdowne Mall, which you see in the background. I actually saw all the cameras set up for this shot while I was on the Canada Line on my way to work one day).

At Alec’s new apartment, he gets a visitor and it is his mom. She wants to know why Alec has left home suddenly and living like a frat boy. She wants her son back but Alec wants to make his way in the world and has his reasons.

While Alec is having his conversation with his mom, Kiera uses it has an opportunity to upload all the surveillance footage onto his computer to help her solve the case. Alec is not impressed that she did this.

But that is the catalyst for Alec to finally call Kiera back. She needs Alec to upload the surveillance footage to her CMR. After avoiding talk about future selves and job hunt, Alec helps her out by reconstructing the crime scene using 360 degrees of surveillance footage. This is where we get some really cool special effects here. Alec wonders to Kiera is if this is how she solves murderers in 2077 but she replies there are no murders in her time. After some looking, she finds where the kill shot happened and thanks Alec for being back but Alec says he is not back but bored.

Kiera goes to the address that Alec found and in the apartment is Agent Gardiner. Both wonder what they are doing there. The agent wants answers of the city plaza building explosion that occurred in the season one finale and wonders how she survived and how she disappeared right in front of his eyes. Kiera tells the truth of how she is a time traveler but he doesn’t believe her. He wants to know about the mayor’s assassination and Liber8 but she believes that they are being framed for this.

Kiera believes that the gang she stopped was the Coalition Kings and is working with Liber8 and perhaps a rival gang, the West Coast Syndicate lead by a man named Walford (i that is his name), is pissed at that.

Kiera seems to want to investigate Walford on her own and tells Carlos to wait for her signal. He makes a Batman joke but Kiera doesn’t understand. Meanwhile, Alec gets the job at Memory Express.

Kiera is at the night club that Carlos has sent her to. She rummages around Walford’s office and uses a cool device to open a cabinet filled with guns and the one that shot the mayor. Carlos confirms that the apartment is connected to Walford but he denies any part of it but Kiera notes that he is telling the truth just as they are about to take her away and kill her, she tells them about a rival gang wanting to frame them and it seems that she has the ear of Walford but before he could say anything Carlos and the police arrive.

At the police station, Carlos shows Walford the rifle that shot the mayor but again Walford denies being part of this and wants his lawyer, but he is unavailable. Dillon asks Kiera to come back to the police force but she will only return on her own terms Dillon tells Carlos and Kiera that he wants to use Walford to show the city that they have the situation under control but Kiera believes that he is innocent.

Later, Alec calls Kiera because he needs to see her to discuss his future not the 2077 future. She agrees to see him after taking care of something .

Sonya meets up with Jim Martin (Tamhoh Penikett) seen in season 1 episode 7 “The Politics of Time”, he is running for mayor and we find out that Liber8 was responsible for the Mayor’s assassination and that Garza pulled the trigger so he can be mayor and Liber8 would pull the strings.

In prison Travis meets Alec’s step brother Julian (Richard Harmon), the prison guard said they shouldn’t be placed together but Agent Gardiner wants them to be.

Alec and Kiera finally do have that talk about his future self. Kiera describes older Alec (William B. Davis) as a powerful man that would do anything to protect it. The Alec of now worries by helping her, he is messing up the message of the future. Kiera asks why future Alec sent her to 2012 but he doesn’t know.

Kiera gives Alec a piece of the time capsule to help her get back. She wants to know if future him talked about helping her in 2012 but he doesnt answer. Kiera hopes that they are good now and he says that are.

As Alec leaves, Kiera asks herself what is he up to. We then slowly switch from 2012 Vancouver to 2077 Vancouver. We see older Alec recording a message to himself about their father and how he instilled in them a passion for technology. He then warns his younger self that he took a dangerous path and how he is the only one that can prevent this future from happening. We see him pull up Kiera’s file and upload that message. Then we are back to the beginning of the episode where she wakes with a headache and my head is aching too cause I don’t know what just happened but it is a great start to season two that is filled with awesome special effects.

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