Arrow Episode 11 “Trust but Verify” Review

The episode opens with a late night armoured car robbery.

The next morning, after a talk about whether or not Thea will get a car for her 18th birthday and Tommy asking Oliver about how her mom is holding up with Walter missing, Oliver sees on the news about the armoured car robbery and looks on with great interest.

Back in what Diggle has hilariously dubbed the Arrow Cave, we get our per episode training shot of Oliver, this time doing one-handed push-ups. And Dig did bring up something that I wondered from the last episode. Oliver entered his lair using the fuse box but as construction of his club goes on, that wouldn’t be a viable option but Oliver says that he as set-up a side entrance so he can still enter and leave his lair as Arrow without any one being suspicious.

Oliver discusses with Diggle the third armoured car robbery and mentions how the robbery was very similar to a military tactic used in Afghanistan. Oliver mentions the name Ted Gaynor, a bodyguard with a private security firm, as being a possible connection to this and Dig tells Oliver that Gaynor was his commanding officer during his first tour of Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, Oliver tells Dig that Gaynor is on his list and even though he doesn’t meet the List’s profile, Oliver still thinks something is not on the up and up with this guy despite what Dig defending Gaynor because he saved his life.

Oliver is resolute in the List believing that those in it are up to no good for Starling City despite the fact that it wasn’t written by his father. And Oliver mentions that he will be having a “pointed” conversation with Gaynor that night and understands if Dig wants to take the week off.

We get an island flashback with Oliver taking a look at the map that he found in the vest of the mercenary that he killed in the last episode. He walks around the woods and upon hearing voices, he dons a ski mask and stumbles upon a camp of similarly dressed people who are speaking Mandarin. And just before Oliver gets to eat probably his first real meal in forever, a fellow mercenary comes and engages Oliver in conversation. Oliver tells him he is new but that he was supposed to be transferring a Chinese guy in a green hood (Yao Fei) and just as Oliver gets a tray full of hot food, this other guy says he can take him to his “prisoner.” But before they can go to the east camp, Edward Fyers gets in the same jeep as Oliver. Fyers questions Oliver about security around the perimeter and asks how long has he been on the island. Oliver tells him he has just arrived and Fyers notes that he does seem new but doesn’t recall the submarine bringing in new troops. Oliver realizes that Fyers saying submarine was a trick and tells Fyers that he thought new soldiers were brought in on the plane and Fyers agrees. Oliver looks relieved to have passed that test. But it seems that Fyers knew all along that Oliver was in his jeep and throws him in with the rest of the island’s prisoners that are prone to running off.

Elsewhere, Tommy is busy overseeing the construction of Oliver’s club when he gets a call from dear old dad who wants to make amends with Tommy and asks him and Laurel out to dinner.

Arrow goes and has his pointed conversation with Gaynor at Blackhawk Squad Protectiong Group. But Dig is there and tells Oliver to put his bow down. Before they can come to blows, Arrow leaves but without taking the USB key that Gaynor had.

Gaynor is appreciative of Dig for saving him and offers him a job at Blackhawk. Dig wonders what kind of job it is for Arrow to come after him since he usually goes after rich schmucks. Gaynor doesn’t answer but uses their history to get Dig to believe that Arrow is wrong in going after him

Later, Oliver is pissed at Dig because he could have killed him but Dig is resolute in believing Gaynor’s innocence and that Oliver rather trust the List than him. Oliver counters that he doesn’t trust the List but what his father said about the names in the List. He goes on to tell Dig that he wouldn’t doing everything that he as done since he got back like lie to his family if he wasn’t so sure.

Dig tells Oliver that is going to take job that Gaynor offered to prove his innocence and that Oliver owes him that much.

While Moira and Thea shares memories of Robert, Moira gets a call from Malcolm. Moira abandons their mother-daughter time to take care of some business that can’t wait. Thea looks on suspiciously.

Back in the boring land that is Tommy and Laurel, Tommy mentions the dinner with his father and states that it really could be him wanting to mend fences and for no other reason.

When Moira and Malcolm meet up and Malcolm wants Moira to stop a friend or someone at Queen Consolidated from gentrifying the Glades -which is Arrow’s version of a bad neighbourhood. This is apparently going against Malcolm’s plans. Moira says she will do it only if Malcolm offers her proof that Walter is still aliver. Malcolm seems to be offended at Moira not trusting his word and this is where Moira utters tonight’s episode title. I wonder if Arrow is doing this deliberately as I noticed that the majority of Arrow episodes had the episode title uttered by someone. This was very much like in Smallville. Pretty much every episode had someone say its title with the only exception being Pilot, Absolute Justice, and Finale.

Anyways, Thea sees their exchange but the only thing she really sees is Malcolm leaning in to Moira and caressing her back.

At the Big Belly Burger, Dig and Gaynor are catching up and comparing bodyguard stories of protecting rich boys. Gaynor points out to Dig that his sister-in-law likes him but Dig says that she his sister-in-law, implying that nothing can happen. Gaynor says that his brother his dead and reading between the lines suggests that Dig should just go for it. A fellow Blackhawk colleague and pulls Gaynor away for a job.

Meanwhile, Oliver is trying to get into the secure USB key that he stole from Gaynor when Thea enters his room and talks to Oliver about her suspicions about their mom in that she is hooking up with Tommy’s dad. She believes this is a recurring thing and tells Oliver how she remembers her having lunches with Malcolm during a time when their parents were fighting and just before Oliver and their dad left on the yacht. Oliver doesn’t believe their mom would be a cheater and a liar but Thea believes that she is and Oliver has no clue who their mother really is. You have no idea how right Thea is.

Oliver confronts Moira about Thea’s allegations, which Moira denies. Oliver wants to know what his parents were fighting about. Moira tells Oliver how his father was repeatedly unfaithful to her. Oliver looks upset at hearing this but Moira says to Oliver that Robert wasn’t the man he thought he was and that he always had a perfect image of his father that Moira wants Thea to still have and gets Oliver to promise not tell Thea anything that she has told him

Oliver then asks if Moira sees Malcolm and she replies that of course she does as she goes to him for advice on to be a CEO. Not quite sure if Oliver believes her.

During the dinner with Malcolm, Tommy and Laurel, talk turns to Mrs. Merlyn and when Laurel mentions how she died before Tommy and her were friends, Malcolm corrects her and says that she was killed. Something about that fact is a pretty important plot point methinks.

And yay 30 minutes in and we get Felicity Smoak, eating Chinese take away when Oliver comes in. Felicity quips that she thought that her days of being Oliver Queen’s personal computer geek were over and Oliver asks if that is her way of saying she missed him.

Oliver really has the flimsy excuses to use Felicity and her mad computer skills. This time it is in the guise of a scavenger hunt with the prize being some rare red wine. All Oliver has to do is figure out is on a USB key, the very same USB key that Oliver took from Gaynor. Felicity sees that the USB has military grade encryption on it and doesn’t quite believe that this USB key is for some rich boy scavenger hunt but Oliver plays it off as something a rich person would do. Oliver promises Felicity one of the bottles of red wine as payment for figuring out the USB key. And with that someone has a little crush on Oliver. Maybe I should be shipping Oliver and Felicity and not Oliver and Laurel. Who says that Oliver and Laurel are end game; if Smallville can change that why not Arrow.

Back at awkward dinner land, Malcolm needs Tommy’s signature to shut down his mother’s free clinic. Guess she was a doctor. And Tommy refuses because he was right that the dinner with Laurel wasn’t about getting to know her but about shutting down his mother’s clinic. I could go on more about this but frankly I don’t care except for the fact that Tommy’s mother was shot and killed.

Elsewhere at Blackhawk, Dig questions why Gaynor hired Knox (the guy that pulled Gaynor away at the Big Belly Burger). Gaynor explains that jobs are hard to come by for war vets and better to give him a job instead of him leading a life of crime.

Felicity gets back to Oliver and tells him that there is no scavenger hunt on the USB key but instead there are plans on how to rob armoured trucks and the routes of the major armoured car carriers that includes the previously three hit. Felicity wants to take this to the police so they can intercept the next heist but Oliver claims he doesn’t want to get his friend in trouble and asks Felicity to forward that information to him to pass along to the police. Felicity is disappointed to not be getting any wine. Felicity is both awesome and hilarious.

We next see another armoured car being robbed but this time Arrow is present to stop it but the robbers get away before Arrow finds out there identity but we see that one of them is Knox.

At Thea’s 18th birthday party, Dig hears about Arrow foiling the robbery and Oliver tells Dig that Gaynor wasn’t part of the gang and Dig agrees as he was with Gaynor while the robbery was happening. Dig says the likely suspect is Knox and Oliver wants to help Dig catch the culprits but Dig insists that Oliver stay for Thea’s party. But as Dig leaves, he plants something on Dig and the mumble something that I have no clue what they said. If someone out there that reads this review and knows what they said, please sound off in the comments. It could be important or just idle conversation.

Thea’s friends birthday gift to her is a new drug called Vertigo, which will be important in a later episode.

And Malcolm stop being so touchy feely with Moira because that is the reason why Thea will always think you are having an affair with her mom despite protestations. Anyways, Malcolm shows Moira proof that Walter is alive and now wants Moira to do what he asked for earlier in this episode. Thea sees this (well the touchy feely part) and confronts her mom for cheating on Walter. She leaves upsets clutching the Vertigo drug. And where she promptly goes out and we see why she is nicknamed Speedy as she swerves to avoid a car, she crashes her car and is injured. At the hospital, Thea claims she is okay but is being the petulant teenager.

Meanwhile, Dig is at Blackhawk investigating to see who might be involved in the armoured car robbery. He find a van with blood on the floor. Dig notices the Blackhawk sign on the van is a sticker that when peeled away reveals InterGlobe Cable. This reminds of that great 1970s Disney film The North Avenue Irregulars when the ladies where chasing around the cable van that then turned into a trailer.

Anyways, Knox shows up and confronts Dig. They mention Felicity hacking into their computer system thinking it was Dig. Dig is captured and Gaynor emerges from the shadows.

Gaynor is the leader of the gang and that while they were heroes in Afghanistan trusted with high tech weapons but back in civilian life they are just men with tasers. Dig wonders if that makes it right to rob and kill people. Gaynor is not looking to convince Dig that his way of life is right but to join his team. And his form of convincing is Dig’s sister-in-law, Carly, that Gaynor has kidnapped and threatened to kill. While all of this is going down, Oliver is listening in (and I think Diggle knows this as it looked like he knew that Oliver planted something on him).

Forced to do it to save Carly, Dig is the main with gas grenade launcher ready to attack the armoured truck but Dig couldn’t pull the trigger. Gaynor is disappointed at Dig and as Gaynor and his men are ready to kill Carly, Dig shoots at them with the grenade launcher and lets just say all hell breaks loose with Carly running away, Dig running after her, Knox ready to shoot Dig, Arrow coming in and stopping them, Knox and Arrow duking it out with the end result Arrow snapping his neck.

Dig and Gaynor confront each other with Dig threatening to kill Gaynor but he doesn’t believe Dig will do it. Lucky for Dig, Arrow comes through and shoots Gaynor through the chest with one of his trusty arrows.

Oliver realizes that Dig knew that he was coming and talks about Oliver’s poor job at planting a bug on him. Dig wishes that Oliver would have trusted him but Oliver said that he trusted Dig but not Gaynor or his men.

Tommy mentions to Laurel how after his mother died, Malcolm shut an 8-year old Tommy out and left him for a year, we hear Tommy say this as we see Malcolm in the Dark Archer lair looking at a family photo. It may seem that my prediction that Yao Fei trained Malcolm could be correct.

It seems that Oliver is the voice of reason for Diggle when Dig feels he let Oliver down. Oliver tells Dig that his experience on the island made him hard to trust people but Dig does and that’s what makes them perfect partners. As a gesture, he gets Dig to cross of Gaynor’s name of the List.

As we near the end of the episode, Thea is arrested for having the drug Vertigo (apparently a drug popular in the Glades) in system when her car accident occurred.

And the episode ends back on the island with Fyers taunting Oliver saying that he trusted Yao Fei when he shouldn’t and when the mercenary with Fyers pulls off his ski mask, we see it is Yao Fei.

I have to say it is nice to have a Diggle-centric episode and that he was being more than the voice of reason to Oliver and actually being part of the action.

I am going to predict right now that Felicity is the person that finds out Oliver’s secret next. Why? Based on the fact that Felicity gave Oliver the plans for the armoured truck route and Dig mentioned how he heard Arrow stopped one of the armoured truck robberies, I think Felicity is smart enough to put two and two together.

And next week, we learn more about the Vertigo drug.

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2 Comments on Arrow Episode 11 “Trust but Verify” Review

  1. Poor Felicity, somebody get her a bottle of wine. That’s an interesting theory about Yao training Malcolm, makes sense. Great review!

  2. She needs some booze to be Oliver’s personal computer geek.

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