Arrow Episode 10 “Burned” Review

Episode 10 "Burned"Six weeks has passed since we had a new Arrow and six weeks has also passed on the show.

The episode opens with the Starling City Fire Department battling a building blaze and one of the men gets lit aflame from what appears to be a fellow fireman but in reality is Firefly a villain in DC Comics, who is of a foil for Batman.

We next get gratuitous shots of Stephen Amell’s torso as Oliver does his per episode training but something is different this time. As he continues his workout, he keeps on thinking about the sound beating that the Dark Archer gave him in the last episode and as he goes to try and hit a tennis ball with an arrow, he uncharacteristically misses. Oliver has lost his mojo.

Diggle comes in to update Oliver on Walter, who has gone missing thanks to Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Archer. Oliver believes he has either taken off or kidnapped but Diggle reasons with Oliver that six weeks has passed without a word from kidnappers so Oliver realizes that he must be dead.

Diggle then asks Oliver how he is doing. And comments that more names still need to be crossed off his father’s book. Oliver states that the people in the book can wait as his family needs him given the situation with Walter.

We flashback to the island and we see again Fyers calling upon Deathstroke to beat Yao Fei and being taken away and Oliver fleeing from Fyers henchmen.

The Italian immigrant from Titanic (Danny Nucci) comes in the CNRI to tell Joanna that her brother Danny was the firefighter that got lit ablaze by Firefly.

It is interesting that Moira seems to be wallowing in grief over Walter (at least to Oliver and Thea) going missing yet she is partly responsible for what her family is going through right now. Is perhaps what she is feeling guilt?

A Meet the Press style show comes on where one of the panelist praises Arrow because him crime has gone down but now questions where he has been for six weeks while Oliver watches.

I don’t really care about Tommy or Laurel and whether or not he should have a drawer but Joanna drops by Laurel’s apartment. She believes that her brother’s was not accidental but that he was murdered. Laurel blabs that Joanna is feeling this way because she is grieving and that she sought a different reason for her sister’s death than an accident. But Joanna says that the coroner’s report contradicts the actual fire scene and that her brother’s fire coat was soaked in turpentine when none was present at the plant.

Laurel goes to her father to see if he can do anything as another firefighter was killed the same way as Joanna’s brother. Before Det. Lance can answer, the police tech dude comes in with Arrow’s iPhone and says he can’t find anything to ID who Arrow is. Laurel inquires about the phone and where dad tells her it belongs to the vigilante and she asks whether or not he answers. Lance says it is a dead end with the phone and then tells Laurel that he can’t help her with her case. When her dad leaves, she takes the phone and calls the vigilante. Oliver answers and when he hears Laurel ask for his help a look of confusion greets his face. This is where I like Laurel when she and Arrow work together.

Arrow meets with Laurel in her apartment kind of the same way they first “meet” back in episode 4. Lights go out and then BAM! Arrow with voice modulator in tow. Laurel didn’t believe that he would come but come on we know Oliver would come because Laurel asked him to.

Laurel asks Arrow’s help in finding the killer of these firefighters. Oliver wonders why Laurel is asking one killer to find another, essentially throwing back at her the words she used to describe in a previous episode. Laurel asks if Arrow has remorse for those who he killed, he stays silent but says that Danny’s killer needs to brought to justice if indeed he was murdered. Arrow takes the file and tells her he will look into it.

Now we get a shirtless Diggle working out when Oliver tells him that Laurel reached out to Arrow to get him to investigate these firefighters deaths. He asks Diggle to do well some digging on this and anything he finds he should tip off the police. Diggle thought that he would do all that and questions why he isn’t “hooding” up.

And I’ve forgotten about this but above, work seems be going on with Oliver’s club. Tommy suggests using the club to throw a fund raiser for the fire fighters.

Lance storms into the CNRI and demands that Laurel give back Arrow’s phone to which she lies and said that he took it back.

Smallville connection alert! That man (Michael Daingerfield) talking to Moira? Why that is Gordon Godfrey, one of Darkseid’s minions who appeared in Season 10. But I don’t think Godfrey has to mark Moira with the Omega as she probably has already been marked. But in Arrow’s universe, Daingerfield is Ned Foster, COO of Queen Consolidated talking to her about who will be the public face of the company because there probably will be a lack of confidence because this is the second straight CEO that has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Moira is in denial and states that everything will be fine. Foster wants Moira to be CEO as stock prices have been damaged and her presence will help calm things. Moira doesn’t want to be CEO as she wants to be there for her family. Oliver states that he and Thea is fine and says she should be CEO but Moira remains unmoved.

Diggle interrupts and pulls Oliver away as he believes that Firefly will strike again and when Dig mentions having his Arrow gear in the car, Oliver balks. But Dig said that Arrow is the best hope at saving a life as by the time he convinces the police it will be too late.

Back to the present, Firfly has struck again but Arrow has confronted him but is easily beaten and escapes using a fireball. Oliver returns to his lair after his beat down and reflects when he was on the island being chased by Fyers mercenaries. He confronts one and as they tussle, Oliver and he fall over an edge and into a river while the mercenary is dead. Later Oliver has taken his clothes and buried him. In this mercenary’s vest is a set of keys and a map in Chinese.

Oliver then calls Laurel as Arrow and relays all he knows on Firefly and tells her to use this information in the same way she would have done prior to meeting him. Laurel lies to Tommy on who she was talking to.

Diggle once again is the voice of reason to Oliver and questions why he is leaving it up to Laurel to chase after a killer. Oliver tells Dig that he can’t right every wrong but Dig counters that Oliver is not at 100% after his defeat from Dark Archer. They fight with each getting the upper hand at one point. Dig points out that Dark Archer has messed with Oliver mentally that took away all of his bravado that lets him be Arrow and until Oliver confronts that the Dark Archer might as well have killed him.

After a boring talk about her relationship with Tommy to Oliver, Laurel states she is an all or nothing gal and she jumps all in like Oliver, which is why they scared each other off from a real relationship. She states something that Oliver is going through right now about how feelings and fears control us and not the other way around.

At Danny’s fire station, Laurel questions dude from Titanic about the firefighters from Engine 15, the squad that Firefly is from. Apparently, Firefly was part of a group of fire fighters called Fireflies and now three of the 8 are dead except Garfield Linds who died a couple of years back in the Nodel Tower fire tragedy. Oliver comes back to see if Laurel needs help and questions the fire chief about this particular building fire.

After getting seemingly no where with the fire chief, Laurel calls Arrow just afer parting ways with Oliver. She wonders what she should do now. Arrow says that it is his turn now. This is where I prefer Laurel as I mentioned above, when she is working side by side with Oliver/Arrow on bringing justice to Starling City.

Oliver reveals to Diggle that he doesn’t fear death but what made him afraid after being almost killed by Dark Archer was when he thought about his family and friends that he let in when he came back from the island. He thought what would happen to them if they lost him again. He said that it was the first time he had something to lose. Diggle said that it is those he let in that has given him his edge and having something worth living for gives him strength.

But back at the case in hand, Oliver explains that the person he fought had a firefly tattoo on a badly burned hand and that Garfield Linds probably didn’t die in that fire but presumed dead.

At the fire fighters benefit at Oliver’s club, Laurel and Oliver confront the chief about Garfield Linds and the Nodell Tower fired and find out that the chief let Linds die in that fire and he has come back for revenge by killing fire fighters in that chief’s unit for revenge.

The badly burned Firefly is in the club and starts throwing off fire balls and lights the club ablaze hoping to kill the chief. Oliver shield Laurel from Firefly’s vengeance.

After everyone escapes the club, Oliver enter his lair and suits up as Arrow. Oliver saves the chief and tries to help Firefly but instead he kills himself by lighting himself on fire.

The day after, Oliver watches a news report of Arrow’s action at his club where the newsreader calls Arrow a hero instead of a vigilante.

And it seems that after Thea gave a verbal beat down to her mom, Moira will take over as CEO of Queen Consolidated. Moira vows that she will find Walter but she should just as Merlyn where he is.

Joanna is taking a temporary leave of the CNRI to help her mother deal with the grief of losing her son and Joanna wants Laurel to give Arrow Danny’s badge and tells Laurel that Arrow really is a guardian angel.

Lance comes in and calls Laurel on her lie of Arrow taking back the phone. She gives her dad the phone back but as he walks away, it looks like he does something to the phone before he gives it back to Laurel to hold on to as he may not like Arrow’s methods but he always seems to be around to save Laurel and he can get behind that. Of course that was all a lie because what he placed was an untraceable listening device so he can find out who Arrow is to take him down.

The whole thing with Firefly had re-invigorated Oliver and he is back to hunting down those on the List and Diggle couldn’t be more pleased.

I know she wasn’t in this week’s episode but I read an article where the show runners said that another person will know Oliver’s secret fairly soon and I hope it is Felicity but wouldn’t be opposed if it is Laurel.

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2 Comments on Arrow Episode 10 “Burned” Review

  1. Is arrow as good as smallville?

    • That’s a good question. I would probably say yes it is as good but they are completely two different types of shows. Arrow is more grounded in reality like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy while Smallville definitely verges more on true comic book/fantasy/sci-fi territory. Oliver in Arrow is way different than the Oliver in Smallville.

      Also, Smallville’s first season was bogged down by the freak of the week villains while Arrow so far is bogged down will Oliver chasing down the people down on his list every week.

      I see a lot of similarities between the two and I have high hopes for Arrow.

      Hope you do take a chance on Arrow and if you were/are a fan of Smallville you will enjoy this show too.

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