This is 40 is hilarious

The sort of sequel to Knocked Up is way funnier than its predecessor because maybe some of the humour in This is 40 is grounded in the reality of real life.

The premise of Judd Apatow’s This is 40 centers on Deb and Pete (Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd), who appeared in Knocked Up  as the sister and brother-in-law of Katherine Heigl’s character (neither she nor Seth Rogan appear in this film so we don’t know the fate of their characters), as both turn 40.

It centers on the ups and downs of their marriage, their relationship with each other, their kids (Maude Apatow and Iris Apatow) their relationship with their fathers, and difficulties at work.

There were a lot of laugh out loud moments in this film that I enjoyed immensely in particular the oldest daughter, Sadie’s fascination with Lost.

I particular loved the chemistry between Rudd and Mann. They are definitely a couple that while they have their problems, love each other deeply and their kids.

Mann’s real life kids with Apatow play her daughters here and both are very good with Iris being very cute and precocious as Charlotte and Maude playing the surly teen very well and accurately.

There is a hilarious cameo by Melissa McCarthy as one of the parents of a classmate of Sadie’s.

Some people from Knocked Up come back like Jason Segal and Charlene Yi as the characters they played in the earlier films. Yi is especially funny. And even Megan Fox holds her own in this comedy film.

I think Apatow does capture perhaps what people feel when turning that milestone age and as I approach that age, maybe I will feel some of those same feelings.

The running time is a tad long at over 2 hours and perhaps some trimming could be done but overall it was a fun and laugh-filled way to spend my time.

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