Feeling not so Gleeful for season 4

I think I am starting to fall out of love with Glee and I blame the decision to keep everyone of its high schoolers (except for Dianna Agron) still part of its regular cast for season 4.

I don’t mind the decision to split the show with a focus on Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) lives in NYC and those crazy glee club kids back in Lima, Ohio.

I actually like watching Rachel at NYADA and see her but heads with Kate Hudson’s Cassandra July and Kurt being mentored by Sarah Jessica Parker’s Isabelle over at Vogue. Plus if we actually get location shots of New York then I am all for it.

What I really don’t like is forcing people like Puck (Mark Salling) into an episode for one minute so he can convince a half-brother that he never knew existed to join the glee club. It isn’t up to Mr.Schue (Matthew Morrison) to force that meet up just for that purpose. And as of this writing, Puck hasn’t been seen since. We also go five episodes without seeing Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) until they are conveniently and unrealistically brought back to McKinley to help Artie (Kevin McHale) and Finn (Cory Montieth) direct Grease. 

I mean Mercedes and Mike have post secondary lives that I assume they are in the thick of mid-terms that they shouldn’t have the time off to do some stuff with the musical. I don’t think Mike needed to come back to choreograph the musical as you have a very talented dancer in Brittany (Heather Morris) still attending McKinley. And I never quite understood Mercedes role for the musical -was it as a vocal coach? Is that what Mr. Shue is for?

And what is with bringing in Santana (Naya Rivera) back to play Rizzo? She graduated from McKinley and really that part should go to a current student so it makes way more sense to have Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) play her after Unique’s (Alex Newell) parents pulled her from that part. And Glee is once again pushing Tina to the background and this really pisses me off because she is an original character and they really have done nothing to flush out her character more. I thought that now that she is a senior that they might showcase her but not. The new people like Marley (Melissa Benoist), Jake (Jacob Artist) and Kitty (Becca Tobin) get way more screen time than her. And Kitty is so unlikable with no redeeming qualities. At least Quinn became likable when we first met her. Right now Kitty is really mean and a bully for no reason and unless we see why she is like that then I say get rid of her.

And Sue (Jane Lynch). What’s with her? I think her venom towards the glee club and Mr. Shue, while funny in the first two seasons, is just so tiresome now.

The one think I do like is Marley and her story line and the love triangle that she finds herself in with Jake and Ryder (Blake Jenner). I actually like her with Jake, they have some great chemistry together especially in Britney 2.0 singing Drive Me Crazy/Crazy.

What I really find unrealistic about Glee this season is the fact that they are bringing back original cast members in an unrealistic way. When I graduated high school, I never looked back. I moved ahead and didn’t visit my high school shortly after leaving it. The only one that is sort of believable is Finn. He has no direction so why not go back to your mentor and ask for advice. I can see Finn’s temporarily taking over glee club as a way for him to maybe consider teaching as a career.

I applaud the show runners wanting to make the original cast still employed but when they only get a few minutes of screen time that is doing their talent a disservice and should let them go so they can pursue other roles.

Glee needs to take on the Degrassi model where they introduce some new kids while phasing out the old and maybe one day Finn will be the Snake of Glee where he started out as a student to become a teacher and maybe butting heads with Sue.

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