Arrow Episode 6 “Legacies” Review

This week’s episode opens with the Royal Flush Gang robbing Starling City Bank and their heist and the way they let go of the hostages reminded me of Spike Lee’s The Inside Man.

Anyways, in a cool training sequence what was almost like the Jedi Master training his Padawan but it is unclear who is who – is it Oliver teaching Diggle how to fight how he does or is ti Diggle training to teah Oliver how to be a better hero.

Diggle wants Oliver to go off list and stop the Royal Flush gang but they are related to someone on Oliver’s list (Scott Morgan). Oliver won’t because he wants to punish does that destroyed the city and the crimes committed by the Royal Flush gang are symptoms of that corruption. Oliver is stubborn in maintaining his mission to honour his father’s last wishes. Diggle says that he can be more of a hero if he goes beyond stopping corrupt CEOs. But Oliver claims that he is no hero.

We then flash back to Oliver on the island and throws a blank page from what appears to be that book that contains the list of names but is blank in these flashbacks, into the fire, where all of a sudden his father appears to him. Oliver is hallucinating his father who tells him just to kill himself because he is not surviving to honor his wishes and produces a gun. Oliver takes it to shoot himself because he is starving a feels he will die anyways. But of course he was hallucinating and Oliver continues having a conversation with his father about righting his wrongs. Later on, we discover that heat reveals invisible ink and we get the list of names that we all know and love.

Tommy makes an appearance that is more than one minute and longer than one line where he tries to woo Laurel by asking her to go with him to Coast City, which is home to Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern but Laurel is not in the mood as the CNRI has lost its funding and all the work she has done for it would have been for nothing and she would be out of a job. Tommy goes to Thea of all people for advice on how to woo Laurel. So of course Tommy would do something to help out the CNRI, which is in the form of a benefit that Laurel begrudingly agrees to. To be honest I don’t really care about this subplot. I really like Laurel and Oliver together but I know every show needs a love triangle so unfortunately Tommy has to be that third point. Or do we now have a square? It seems that Thea looked a bit crestfallen (hitting the sauce was a big hint) at finding out that he used her advice to woo Laurel. But she is way too young for Tommy.

Diggle tricks Oliver into actually going after the gang by playing on his emotions when Oliver meets the wife of the man shot by one of the gang members. Diggle stresses that he works with Oliver and not for and he believes that Oliver and his alter ego can make a difference.

I really liked that arrow that Oliver used to trap the bags of cash that the gang was trying to steal. Pretty cool.

Awful product placement alert! Felicity Smoak is using Windows 8 on an Asus laptop. This reminded me of when Lois, who was so using a BlackBerry as her smartphone for years all of sudden in season 10 switched to using a Windows 7 phone and her search engine of choice was Bing and not Google. Thanks Microsoft for forcing your way into another one of my favorite TV shows! But it was cute that Felicity is happy to do some Internet research for Oliver.

She uncovers that the “friend” that Oliver wanted to find is Derek Reston, who is one of the gang members, worked for Oliver’s father in one of their factories but Derek lost his job when the factory was shut down with its production moving to China. A loop hole in the union contract meant that severance didn’t have to be paid and everyone not only lost their jobs but their homes as well. Oliver wants to make this right because he feels responsible for what his father has done and goes and meets Derek at a bar where the factory workers used to hang out to offer him a job but he refuses. Oliver plants a bug and discovers that the Reston family plans on doing one more heist so their family can stay together. But of course it all goes to hell and the father, Derek, gets fatally shot, and tells Oliver (who has revealed himself as the Hood to him) that don’t blame Kyle because he is responsible turning his son into a criminal.

It seems that Oliver taking off to deal with the Royal Flush Gang has created a strain on his relationship with his mother, who wonders why he bothered coming home at all if he continues to always avoid her and still be his old irresponsible self. But they seem to start to rebuild their relationship over late night burgers.

Diggle puts the whole Royal Flush Gang into perspective for Oliver with Oliver reluctantly agreeing that maybe there is more than one way to honour his father than the list but helping those that were affected by the list like the Restons.

And is it me but were people really mumbling a lot in this episode. I had a hard time understanding people and had to rewind multiple times but I still couldn’t catch what some people said. Anyways, Arrow takes a break next week for American Thanksgiving and returns on November 28 where we are introduced to The Huntress!

Smallville Connection Side Note: One of the hostages was played by Sarah Jane Redmond who played Lana Lang’s Aunt Nell in the early seasons of Smallville. Also one of the members, Ace aka Kyle Reston is played by Kyle Schmid who was Sebastian Kane in season 8’s Identity who was a meteor freak that could steal your memories, who was hired by Tess, went out on a date with Lois, and was killed by Chloe.

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