Smallville Redux: Season Nine Review

Noted: Started watching season 9 on April 23, 2012

Finally! When I started this Smallville journey four months ago, this was the one season that I couldn’t wait to get to. I went through all the seasons quickly so I could see season 9. I wanted to see this season because it is the true season that Lois and Clark (Erica Durance and Tom Welling) fall in love and actually start dating but before any of that could happen, we needed to find out where Lois went to at the end of season 8, who emerged from that orb and resurrect Clark Kent who has decided that was dead and is 100% Kryptonian.

So in the season premiere, Savior, we have Zod (Callum Blue) show up with a whole bunch of people from Kandor and they are all wondering why they have no powers from the yellow sun and have taken Tess (Cassidy Freeman) hostage.

Also, Lois comes back after disappearing in the finale. And she comes back with a bang and landing into a Skytrain from where ever she was and after a fight with someone that followed her (more on that later), the train falls off its tracks and Clark aka the Blur comes to its rescue and sees Lois in the window and the look on his face is almost of relief and love now that he has got Lois back.

Clark is MIA for three weeks with no contact from everyone but as soon as Lois shows up, he’s there. In fact, Lois discovers that she has been missing for three weeks thanks to John Corben (Brian Austin Green), a fellow reporter and Lois’ new partner, who has a major beef with the Blur.

I did love how Lois thought it was Clark annoying her with the squeaking of his chair and looked happy to see Clark again but found out it was John.

When Lois did come back, she wasn’t along as a ninja assassin was on her trail.

The assassin is one year from the future (thanks to her having Clark’s dad’s watch and him having it in his own timeline) and it is discovered by Chloe that Lois somehow got hold of the Legion ring and went to the future. The assassin targeted Lois because she knew that Clark would be watching over her.

In fact, according to Chloe (Allison Mack), Clark has been skulking around phone booths in case Lois shows up.

Because Clark Kent is dead, he turns a deaf ear to Chloe’s plea to use the Legion ring to turn back time to save Jimmy. He knows that messing with time is not a good thing and the last time that he tried to change fate, his father paid the price. Clark of course is referring to season 5’s Reckoning when he turned back time to save Lana, who at time thought that she was his destiny and couldn’t live without. Of course, in exchange his father died instead.

I did always wonder about that. He turned back time so he could save Lana and be with her and in her place, his Dad died instead. Does he feel guilty that he did that and hate Lana for it? I mean they aren’t even together now so he must have felt that it wasn’t worth saving the girl he supposedly loved for his Dad’s life. I would think that he would be okay that he lost his dad as long as he had Lana in his life but he has neither.

Anyways, I am digressing. I want to give props to Emil Hamilton (Alessandro Juliani) for outfitting Watchtower with high tech equipment. The only reason why Emil did this and not Oliver (although he used Oliver’s money) is that Olive (Justin Hartley), Bart and Dinah have all disappeared as they blamed themselves for Jimmy’s death because they turned on each other. Oliver has given up on being Green Arrow and gone back to be a drunken billionaire playboy who goes to underground fight clubs for kicks.

Also in Savior, Clark is running around the city saving people and buring the House of El symbol as a calling card and is no longer the Red Blue Blur but just the Blur as he now wears black and a black T-shirt with a silver S on its chest.

As well, Clark is training at the Fortress and things were going fine until Lois shows up and Jor-el (Terence Stamp) mentions that he is distracted from his training and that something or someone (he means Lois) is holding him back and Clark comes to the realization that if he wants to complete his training and be the hero that he needs to be (that includes flying), he has to say good bye to Lois.

When Clark calls Lois at the Planet, Lois thanks him for saving her from the falling Skytrain and thought that she would never here from him again and that was their goodbye, Clark as the Blur tells her that was supposed to be but he can’t say good bye or stay away from her and asks that Lois keep their relationship a secret, to which she promises.

The episode ends with Lois having dreams of an Earth under a red sun and under attack with Tess kneeling before someone, Chloe running and then later dead and Oliver burying someone but Lois also dreams of her making love with someone unknown at first but is later revealed to be Clark.

I loved Metallo. I loved the fact that Erica Durance was very funny as Lois from blackmailing to get her job back from Tess to trying to find out who was the one that attacked Met Gen’s ER.

I also loved that Shelby was back and Lois taking care of him because she sees the Kent farm not being taken care of.

As well, Lois thinks of herself as the Blur’s sidekick and loved the fact that Clark and her consider the phone booth where he first called her as theirs. Their conversations throughout this episode shows how concerned and protective that Clark is of Lois. So much for turning his back on his human side.

And Chloe is pissed that Clark is calling Lois as the Blur. But Clark tells Chloe that talking to Lois is easy and felt so right. And Chloe sees in her monitor’s reflection that Clark really loves Lois.

Clark has tried to stay connected to humanity by listening into everyday conversations of people living their lives and says that he can’t turn away from his human life. Chloe says that what Clark really can’t stay away from is Lois. Chloe further says that Lois means something to him, something more.

It is obvious that Clark can’t live without Lois. He completely turned his back on everyone, including his best friend after she suffered a great personal loss and wasn’t really living but living off to the side and in the shadows. But as soon as Lois comes back from the future, Clark slowly turns to her to be back in the living. He calls her and talks to her as the Blur so it seems like he is living some sort of life. And he likes what he feels when he talks to Lois and didn’t want to let that go. It is the same for Lois and she opens up to the Blur more when they talk to each other on the phone.

It is funny because during season 4 and 5, all he ever wanted was to get Lois out of his life and that spending even one second in her presence was too much. And now, he doesn’t want to stay away from her.

Metallo shows that Lois is integral to Clark’s life. Without her, he just becomes a hero on autopilot with no emotions. This shows that Lois is his soul mate. I mean, it is obvious that Clark can live a very fulfilling life without Lana. He seems to live his life as before and didn’t turn into someone who was just existing when Lana left him at the end of season 7 and then again at the end of season 8’s Requiem. So this shows that Lana isn’t an integral part of his life.

When he comes back to his life and to the Daily Planet, Clark sees Lois at her desk holding his name plate, Clark says that he will need that back and Lois jumps out of her chair and hugs him tightly. Clark jokes that she must have missed him, Lois denies that and said that she is only glad that she is back because the person that took over was a psychopath. We all know that she missed him and her hug totally confirmed that. Clark states that he missed her too.

When he asked Lois if he missed anything, she excitedly relates how she helped the Blur with the John Corben case to which Clark just sits back and has a huge smile on his face as Lois tells her story.

It is actually John Corben who reveals to the audience that Clark loves Lois. John blames Clark for the murder of his sister. He says that because the Blur saved a prison bus, a murderer escaped and killed his sister. John tells him that Blur will know now what it feels like to lose someone he loves. John doesn’t even know Clark/Blur and his history with Lois so it is even obvious to a total stranger that Clark is in love with Lois.

I do want to mention how disgusting that the Kandorians did that to John as I thought at first that it might be Tess. He may be out but is not gone.

It did seem like for a moment that Clark wanted to reveal himself to Lois after he saved her from Corben but he didn’t.

I avoided Rabid when it first came on because it involved zombies. I am not a huge fan of horror movies and zombies is part of that genre so that was the reason why I didn’t watch this episode. But I needed worry as the zombies and the associated violence was pretty tame.

But overall Rabid was a great episode and 100% better than Thirst where Lana gets turned into a vampire. This time, another lady love of Clark gets turned into a supernatural creature and this time it is Lois, courtesy of a zombie virus that was unleashed by one of Zod’s minions (we only find this out at the end of the episode) to flush out the Blur (they think the Blur is Jor-el).

Before Lois turns into a zombie, she and Clark battle off those in the Daily Planet and it is almost sweet that she wants to protect him but together they fight them off and as Clark carries Lois away to safety, she looks at him with loving eyes.

While in an office at the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois have a heart-to-heart and while Clark is tending to her wounds, the look she gives Clark, you can just tell that Lois is in love with him. Also, thinking the world is ending, Lois explains this connection she has with the Blur to Clark and is one that she never had with someone before and it looks like Clark is jealous because there was a point where Lois said that she wants to be with him. He looks so disappointed that she doesn’t want to be with him but that is ridiculous considering you are the Blur. But Lois admits to Clark that working with the Blur, helping him and doing good helped her realize that it eased the loneliness in her life and that she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

Anyways, knowing that the virus germinates after a person falls asleep, Clark asks Oliver to keep Lois awake while he goes for help. Oliver sees the look they give each other, which is a romantic look, and becomes jealous and hastily closes the elevator door between them. In the elevator, Lois comments that Oliver is a mess and Oliver confesses to Lois that he misses her and their days together and that deep down Lois does too (unfortunately, you are wrong there Oliver). Bad thing though, Lois didn’t hear that as she fell asleep.

The cure is in the form of Clark’s blood (thanks to Emil and Chloe) working together. And Emil says something interesting that perhaps foreshadows Oliver and Chloe in that he says that Oliver and Chloe are a perfect match for each other.

And when the antidote is unleashed in a rain storm, Lois and Clark have a great moment. After Lois is cured, the way that they stare at each other, it is the moment when both are finally looking at each other with new eyes and that they are in love.

I know that a lot of fans were disappointed in how Lana was written off the show because it made it look like Clark was with Lois by default and there was no real picking Lois scene and I used to be one of them but now after seeing all 8 seasons and I think differently. More of why appears in my season 8 blog but I think Rabid gave us that picking Lois moment.

It was the scene where Clark cleans his wallet and stumbles across a picture of Lana that he probably has kept for years but this time he takes it out, looks at fondly for a moment then puts it away in a scrapbook of other memories where Lana remains as a memory. He does this because he is ready to move on finally and no longer denies that he is starting to fall for Lois. That gesture to me was him picking Lois because if he still was in love with Lana, he would have kept her picture even though he can’t be with her. If he kept her picture, then I would agree with fans that he is only with Lois because he can’t be with Lana but Lana is part of his past and Lois is his present and future. And Clark isn’t that type of person anyways. He loves all out and is almost an all or nothing person. He would never be with Lois if he still had feelings for someone else, he wouldn’t do that to Lois.

I think that was why he didn’t pursue anything with Lois in season 8. As I said in my blog, he was starting to fall in love with Lois but at the same time, he was still in love with Lana, he even said so to Chloe in Bulletproof. Knowing this, Chloe was worried that Clark would hurt Lois, meaning that if Clark did pursue Lois and Lana came back, Clark would dump Lois and in turn break her heart. I mean it was his MO in the past. He left Chloe in Tempest on their date at the spring dance to save Lana. He went right back to pursuing Lana after Kyla died and the same thing after Alicia died even after he professed to love her, Clark went back to pining after Lana during their prom. Clark even dumped Lois in Crimson to kidnap Lana from her engagement party. So it is easy to see how Chloe was protective of Lois in Bulletproof and why fans think that Clark is only with Lois because he can’t be with Lana. But I repeat again, if Clark was still in love with Lana and strongly believed that she was the one, he probably would have waited forever to find a cure for her. So again, Rabid is the episode that he clearly chooses Lois.

I think Clark will always love Lana. She was an important part of his life but she is his first love and I think he needed that dysfunctional relationship to go through in order for him to see the real deal with Lois. The way Lois makes him feel is something he has never felt before. When he is with her as Clark, he feels relaxed and has fun with her -no weight of the world on his shoulders. When he is with her as the Blur, he can talk to her and unburden the weight of the world he is feeling and because she believes in him so fiercely in what he does for the world, helps him be that hero. I don’t think he ever felt that way when he was with Lana because he always had that weight of the world on him and Lana never helped alleviate it even after she knew his secret.

After he effectively chooses Lois, she comes in and says that she saw a whole new side of Clark and that was as a hero and that they make a great team together, to which he agrees. You see Clark you don’t need someone like you in your life to be a team together. Now you finally get what you always wanted: someone to work along side of him like his parents and it isn’t Lana but Lois.

When Lois said that Clark never did get to tell his secret, Clark hesitated before Lois goes to punch him and Clark stops her. In the past, Lois punches Clark in a playful, platonic manner but Clark stopping her meant one thing and one thing only and that is he no longer wants to be her friend. And Lois does something that Lana never did and that is allowed Clark to have his secret and thinks the mystery will do them good.

Echo was a very revealing episode in terms of the Clark and Lois relationship. Jor-el has given Clark the ability to hear people’s thoughts in order to get a better understanding of people’s motives to know what they really feel inside of Clark trusting what he sees on the outside. Jor-el believes that this will help him be a better hero.

One of the thoughts that he can hear is Lois and to him, it reveals how Lois really feels about him. Clark hears Lois saying how attractive she finds him and is hopeful that Clark is asking her out on a date. Clark quickly says that it is like a date but not a date. When they decide to go to a Monster Truck rally for their like a date, Lois can’t believe that she and Clark are on the same wavelength.

Back at home, Lois is preparing for her date when Chloe comes in. Did anyone notice that the plaid shirt she was wearing is the one she had in Committed but just the sleeves cut off. Anyways, Chloe can clearly see that Lois getting ready for a date and is surprised that it is Clark and Lois mentions that they have been on the same wavelength all day. Chloe isn’t surprised since she knows Clark can read minds.

Lois wistfully says out loud at the possibility of her and Clark becoming a couple and be a great one at that considering how well they are at work together.

Chloe goes to Clark and reams him out for taking advantage of his new power to ask Lois out on a date to only break her heart because Clark is clueless to how Lois really feels about him.

Clark really is clueless because he was totally oblivious to how Chloe felt about him and was almost going to make the same mistake with Lois.

Clark denies that it is date and Chloe says that he has stood her up but Clark has a reason and that is Toyman is back and was responsible for the hostage situation/bombing at the beginning of the episode.

When Clark goes to the Ace of Clubs for a Queen Industries share holder shindig and knowing that Toyman will show up to target Oliver, he is surprised that Lois has shown up to not get scooped by Clark.

To make sure Lois is safe, he claims that he stood her up to get the headline and Lois is outwardly fine but inwardly is saddened and says to herself that why does she get attached since they all leave anyways. She is hurt that Clark would never be interested in her in that way. This tells Clark that Lois definitely has romantic feelings for him.

After Clark disarms Toyman and sees that Oliver was going to kill himself by stepping off the pressure plate to release the bomb, Clark realizes that he hasn’t seen how hurt his friends have been feeling (at this point the power to hear people’s thoughts is gone).

At the Daily Planet, Clark says he is sorry for standing her up and wants to share the byline on his story and asks for her help. Afterwards, they talk hypotheticals in asking for a second date and Lois responds that Clark should wait for a slower news day and Clark hypothetically responding that he would get it right the next time. The way that they were just staring at each other, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. In fact, the whole episode was filled with sexual tension between the two.

So the revealing thing about Echo is both Lois and Clark want to date each other.

I don’t know if anyone caught this or not but when Clark gave Lois that maple donut and when Lois took, she said I love you to Clark, of course she also said in Rabid that one of the things that she loved about Clark was he thinks of food when disaster strikes so it could have been one of those I love you’s and nothing more to do it.

Here is what I am wondering though, did the Smallville producers ever have the intention of putting Oliver and Chloe together? I do wonder, because to me that romance came out of nowhere. In season 7, they introduced Dinah Lance and in the comic books, she is the true love of Oliver Queen and Dinah appeared again in season 8 and season 9 so it appeared that she was being set-up to be Oliver’s love interest. And no offence to Chloe but Chloe is so not Oliver’s type. He seems to go for tall leggy models for a fling but maybe this is what makes them sweet.

I wonder this because in Roulette I think is the start of the Chloe-Oliver relationship. We find out that it is Chloe behind the game that Oliver goes through in the episode to help re-awaken the hero within and they share quite the tender moment at the end where Oliver thanks Chloe for saving his life.

But Roulette wasn’t the start of Chloe and Oliver because we know that Ollie is still hung up on Lois and the two share a nice scene of friendship at the end but I bet Ollie was hoping it could be something more on.

Briefly, on the Lois and Clark front, they share a hilarious movie night together that Clark said involved sharks, laundry and lacy things. Also, Lois found out that Clark knew that Oliver tried to kill himself in the previous episode and she seemed unwilling to accept his apology and Clark looked dismayed at that.

I loved Crossfire and that is because Clark finally man’s up and goes for what he wants and gives Lois one of the most passionate kisses in Smallville. But before we get to that, we have Lois auditioning to be the host of Good Morning Metropolis and dragging Clark to help her. He tells her that the only reason he is doing this is for her and the only way he can get that elusive second date with her.

The producer of the show loves their chemistry and banter so much that she hires them on the spot and their first assignment is to film blind dates with people they met through online dating.

I loved how Clark knows Lois so well that he can tell when she is embellishing her online profile and their banter was so funny in this scene. I loved the part when Clark mentions how she likes bubbly only if it comes in a six pack and Lois eyes his body and says that she indeed loves a six pack. Clark mentions that Lois forgot to put down that she loves Monster Truck rallies but Lois didn’t want to put that down because she thinks that it won’t get her a guy that would attract viewers. Clark mentions that there are a lot of things about Lois that would attract a great guy and when Lois asks like what, Clark couldn’t think of something and just said that she is Lois. This reminds me of the conversation that Lois has with Oliver in season 10’s Fortune where she mentions that she finally found a guy (Clark) that gets her wacky worldview and care enough to give her the ring and that person is Clark. Clark loves Lois because she is Lois. It is her personality and everything about her that attracts him to her.

Of course, both were jealous of each other’s dates and more so Clark who has to compete with Oliver who shows up to help Lois with her assignment. Oliver confesses to Lois that he still loves her while Clark is listening. Lois pulls Oliver aside and make sure Clark isn’t listening and says to Oliver that she only loves him as a dear friend. Oliver realizes that there is someone else that Lois is in love with and correctly deduces it is Clark. But because of Oliver’s association with Mia (see below), this puts Oliver and Lois in danger. Clark rescues them and sees them embrace and it gets Clark thinking that he missed is chance with Lois. Beforehand though, Clark gives Oliver such a dirty look for trying to steal his woman. At the TV studio, the producer mentions having high hopes for Lois and Clark and Clark said he had high hopes too.

Other developments in Crossfire, Oliver takes in a protege called Mia (Elise Gatien) and is nicknamed Speedy. Apparently, in the comics Speedy is Green Arrow’s sidekick. Tess announces the building of RAO Towers in conjunction with Zod (unbeknownst to Tess) and this tower will become the source of the Kandorians powers as we will find out in Pandora. And Chloe meets her hacker soul mate in Tess’ tech dude.

Chloe mentions how Stuart keeps on blocking her attempts at breaking into Tess’ computers to find the Kandorians and Clark mentions he knows how that feels like as he feels like Oliver blocked him just when he was starting to make his move on Lois. Chloe mentions that Clark sacrificing himself is noble but he needs to decide what he wants.

Clark really matured in season 9 in terms of romantic relationships. He seems now willing to go for what he wants. Clark knows that he is in love with Lois and even though he was willing to let Oliver have her because Oliver is in a low place and his love for Lois might help him through it. He has done that in the past like letting his feelings for Lana go because she was with Whitney and then Jason and later letting her go to Lex. He just waited until she was free. He never once fought for the girl he supposedly loved in the past. But with Lois, he does that and is one of the reasons I loved Crossfire. He enters the bullpen and sees Lois and decided to man-up and fight for the woman that he loves (before Oliver has a chance) and plants a very passionate kiss on Lois who at first was shocked but then responds just as passionately. But Clark didn’t really need to do that because after Oliver declared his love for Lois in front of the TV cameras, Lois took him aside and told him that she loved him only as a friend and that she was in love with someone else and Oliver deduced that it was Clark but Clark didn’t know any of this but it was still awesome that he still fought for her and up against a sexy billionaire playboy while he was just a farm boy turned reporter.

In Kandor, we learn more about the Zod-Jor-el relationship and Clark gets to meet his father ever so briefly and even though he is a clone, his death really affects Clark and he wants to continue to use his family’s shield as a symbol of hope for people.

Which leads us to Idol where the Wonder Twins start to make saves and leaves the Blur’s shield. A lot of this saves are botched especially when Zan fiddles around with Clark’s voice scrambler and Lois discovers that Clark and the Blur are the same.

She tells her therapist that it doesn’t matter to her that Clark is the Blur that it doesn’t change how she feels for him. Lois’ earlier therapy session was hilarious as she describes her sex dream about Clark.

Anyways, the DA, Ray Sacks, wants to Blur’s head for all the botched saves and wants him to reveal himself at a press conference. But Lois comes to the podium and declares how much she believes in the Blur and what he stands for. Clark looks on with admiration and maybe just falls in love with her more.

But the DA hates that Lois upstaged him and throws her off the room and will claim that the Blur killed her. Clark sees Lois dangling, goes on the roof to rescue her as Clark but Lois says just to let her go as she doesn’t want him to risk his identity as the Blur to the onlookers down below and tells Clark that she always believed that he was a hero.

Even after the Wonder Twins help create a diversion so Clark could save Lois, Clark still wouldn’t tell Lois the truth and I just don’t understand why. He saw the lengths that Lois would go to protect his secret and that included her willing to die for him to protect his secret.

This is what makes Lois so different from Lana. Clark saw that Lana was willing to kill to protect Clark’s secret and this goes against Clark’s moral code and even Clark looks disgusted and disappointed at Lana that she was willing to kill for him. Even Chloe told Lana that Clark doesn’t need someone like that in his life, someone willing to kill for him, but someone who is loyal. I mean how loyal can you get with Lois. The woman was willing to die for him to protect his secret. It is too bad that after Clark sees all this, he still won’t tell her his secret. Lois looked disappointed at that but Chloe came to the rescue and called Lois as the Blur to throw her off Clark’s sent. I can understand Clark for wanting to protect Lois from knowing her secret because people that know his secret get hurt and I guess the DA throwing her off the Daily Planet roof proves that. However, something about season 10’s Homecoming where Clark saw how protective Lois is of Clark’s secret shows that Clark can trust her and that was the best thing he ever did because in season 10, he finally got what he has always dreamed: someone to share his life with and work along side with and not having to keep secrets.

Near the end, Lois mentions how it would be easier if Clark and the Blur were the same person but that all her thoughts are of Clark. Lois loves them both but I think she loves Clark more, which in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, that was what Clark always wanted for Lois to love him and not Superman. Anyways, in season 10’s Isis, Lois said that when she found out that the man she loved and the hero that she admired was one in the same, only made her love him more. She says something very similar in Idol.

When Clark revealed that his secret is that he needs to wear glasses, Lois apologizes for thinking that he was the Blur and Clark is flattered that she thinks he had it in him to be the Blur. Lois playfully punches him and walks away before she returns to passionately kiss him and when he returns the kiss, Lois starts having seizures and all the memories from the future come flooding back.

One of the things that I thought was interesting about Pandora was the major evolution of the Clark and Lois relationship. The episode was pretty much an end of the world scenario set in the future with Zod creating a solar tower that emanates a red sun that leaves Clark powerless and lets Zod rule the world. And when you are faced with the possibility of never seeing someone again, usually truths come out.

A similar end of the world scenario happened in season 4 with Commencement. Here, with the arrival of a second meteor shower coming, Lana and Clark admit that they love each other and share a kiss in case they don’t see each other ever again.

In season five’s Vessel, you have Chloe kissing Clark because of the coming of Zod. She wanted to let Clark know how she felt about him, even though he didn’t feel the same way.

In Pandora, Lois and Clark don’t quite admit that they love each other but actually release their pent-up passions that has been building between them over the years and they actually do more than kiss but make love. And as much as I love sexy times between Lois and Clark, it did seem odd that they would just jump into bed together because at this point in time of their relationship, they haven’t admitted that they are in love with each other. In fact, we know from season 8 that Lois is in love with Clark but you really don’t know if Clark loves her. Even though Pandora was the ninth episode of season 9 it kind of takes place before Savior. So even though we have episodes like Crossfire and Idol that aired before Pandora that clearly indicated that Clark also loves Lois, I guess we are supposed to believe that it wouldn’t seem odd that they would sleep with each other.

It is Lois’ memories of the future that we get to fully see in Pandora. We see Chloe kill Tess and it was her that Oliver was burying. Tess observes this when she i locked into Lois’ memories. It is interesting that Clark is protective of Lois that he practically shoves Tess out of the way.

When Clark gets synched into Lois’ mind, he sees her witness Chloe being murdered by Alia and see that it is the RAO Towers that cause Zod to gain powers and destroy the Earth and finds out that they become enemies because Clark treats him like one.

Clark also witnesses him making love to Lois and he sees how Lois makes him feel because when she reappears one year later, he does feel stronger and every time he saw her, even when death and destruction was going on, he smiled. And I think Clark seeing this future, he decides that he wants Lois to be his girlfriend.

So Clark is actually the one to pursue Lois and finally convinces Lois to start a relationship with him. He even tells Lois that he feels stronger when she’s around and seeing season 9, that is so true.

That is what I find interesting about season 9. Lois knows that she has gone through several bad relationships with Oliver and Grant being some examples and that when Clark wants to date her, she seemed reluctant because she has gotten it wrong so many times in the past and Clark is the one that she wants to get it right with. And she says that in Disciple and Clark looks pleased that Lois thinks of him as the one.

Also, in Disciple, Lois and Clark are officially a couple and at the beginning of the episode, they are on their fifth date. Lois notes that Oliver didn’t looked pleased when he found out that she and Clark were dating and Lois notes that who knew that Lois and Clark would end up together. Clark said he knew. I am not quite sure I believed that because when he first met her, Clark just wanted her out of his life but maybe when he realized how she makes him feel and sees what he becomes without her in his life and see Lois’ visions of the future, are the signs that let’s him know that Lois and Clark are meant to be.

When Clark suggests that they go back to the farm for a walk and that Clark would give her Clark Kent’s tour of the gala, they do kiss, as mentioned above, but Lois wants to take things slow. And while it is clear that their evening has come to an end, the look of passion in their eyes indicate that they both don’t want it to end but unfortunately, the Blur duties call and Clark says goodnight.

When Lois is attacked by a guy that looks like Green Arrow and I loved when Clark visited her and he looked so concern and caressed her cheek and arm. Oliver looked on jealously and Chloe has to remind him that he and Lois have been over for years.

Before we find out it was actually Dark Archer targeting a lover of Oliver (Lois), an ally of Oliver (Chloe) and a disciple of Oliver (Mia); Chloe, Clark and even Mia believed that Oliver has a split personality and actually is the one behind the attacks. Clark believes that Oliver is jealous that he is dating Lois.

That jealously is still evident when Oliver sees Lois at the Ace of Clubs on a date with Clark and gives Clark PDA number five on date number 6.

And this is what I find interesting. It must be extremely weird for Chloe to fall for Oliver knowing that he is still in love with her cousin. It is odd because for years Chloe was in love with Clark but Clark didn’t see it and definitely didn’t feel the same way and when Chloe saw that Clark and Lois had a romantic connection way back in season 4, she was jealous and probably knew at that point that Clark will never look at her romantically. Then you have Lois who in season 6 believed that she was in love with Oliver. And now, Lois and Clark are in love with each other and Oliver is still in love with Lois. At this point, Chloe is not in love with Oliver.

Also in Disciple, you have Zod visiting Lois in the hospital and gives her a charm that is a Kandorian symbol. It is a message to Clark but Clark doesn’t recognize it but the only thing Clark cares about is that Zod stays away from his girlfriend. He doesn’t trust Zod and Zod calls him on the fact that he doesn’t trust anyone not even Lois and knows that Lois doesn’t know his secret. Clark just repeats that he stay away from Lois and that she is off limits and if they don’t, he will destroy them.

We get a little break from Zod and the Kandorians with Absolute Justice. It was probably one of the most epic Smallville episodes. We get introduced to the Justice Society of America and the a slew of new super heroes that include the Star Spangled Kid, Sandman, Dr. Fate and Hawkman (aka Carter Hall as played by Michael Shanks) and the newest member of the JSA: Star Girl aka Courtney Whitmore (Britt Irwin). We also got a glimpse of Green Lantern too. It was really cool to have all these super heroes get introduced to the Smallville universe and join forces with the Justice League of America to bring down Icicle who was killing members of JSA under the orders of Amanda Waller of Checkmate but little does he know that it was all a ploy to bring them back together and join forces with the likes of the Blur and Green Arrow to fight the upcoming apocalypse. I guess this is foreshadowing season 10 and the coming of Darkseid.

Anyways, Waller recruits Lois to help write the story of the JSA members who in the public eye were criminals but her story revealed the truth and that they were vigilante heroes like the Blur out there to protect people.

And I did love how Tess referred Lois as Clark’s girlfriend to Clark in the context saying that his girlfriend is over her head in her investigation of the JSA and says that she is probably keeping secrets from him. But you know what, when Clark asks her what she is investigation, she actually tells him and in the process helps him.

Lois’ investigation led her to the JSA headquarters where Dr. Fate tells Lois her fate and that is she is the one He will need and He is the she will need. The He in question is the saviour/sentient power. The vagueness of who that is leaves Lois confused. Before Lois arrives, Dr. Fate tells Clark his fate and that he will lead the new set of heroes like Carter did with the JSA and that he will be the hero that people will look up to.

At the end of the episode, Clark asks Lois what did Dr. Fate tell her and she tells him and you can see in Clark’s face that he knows that the saviour/sentient being was him. And when Lois said she believes in the fate that you make happen, he has this huge smile on his face because that was something that he always believed in the earlier seasons. And the fact that he knows it is true that he needs Lois in his life and Dr. Fate even mentions to Clark that Lois is the key to him becoming a hero.

What I found interesting about Absolute Justice is that it seems to hint heavily that Chloe would become the next Dr. Fate but it never happened. Also, this episode shows that since Jimmy’s death, Chloe shut herself away from the world and relies on being Watchtower to ease her loneliness and it is John Jones who pretty much tells her that is not a life to live.

And it seems that Absolute Justice is the episode that starts Oliver and Chloe on the road to romance.

This is totally confirmed in the Allison Mack-directed Warrior. The end scene at Watchtower between Oliver and Chloe oozed sex. It was really hot and all they did was shoot arrows together. Even though their romance may not be in the comics, it does make sense in the show. I can see why Oliver falls for Chloe because she actually helped him out of the gutter and be a hero again. And I can see why Chloe would fall for Oliver in that he doesn’t let her fall into self-pity.

I won’t mention the main storyline of Warrior about a cursed comic book but will mention how this brings Zatanna (Serinda Swan) back in town to reverse the curse that her father put on it. All of this takes place at Metro Con and Lois hilariously dresses first as a Stormtrooper from Star Wars then finally in a Wonder Woman-type costume that Clark totally checked out his girlfriend in. However, I don’t like how Zatanna stirred up trouble with Clark and Lois. Zatanna trying to convince Clark that he is afraid to light a spark with his relationship with Lois because of what happened with Lana and that he is afraid to get burned. Zatanna casts a spell to try and seduce Clark and gets him to kiss her and while they do start to kiss and Zatanna tries to make it go further, it is the thought of betraying Lois and what they have that makes him stop.

Even after everything is over, Zatanna still tries and convince Clark to be with her but seeing his look at Lois, Zatanna knows that she has no chance and by him turning her down for Lois says that it must be love and Clark looks surprise at that. But come on Clark, we all know that you are in love with Lois.

Again this is the difference between Clark and Lois and Clark and Lana. When that Simone chick in season 5’s Hypnotic hypnotized Clark into making out with her, he did and continued to make out with her and even on the verge of having sex with her if Lana didn’t come in. Not once did his supposed love for Lana break that spell. Yet, Zatanna places a spell on him and yes it did work ever so briefly but it was Clark’s love for Lois that broke that spell and he put an end to her seduction.

Of course, Lois somehow knows that Zatanna tried to seduce her boyfriend and waits for Clark to come clean, which he does and Lois promptly kisses Jeff the intern in retaliation. Clark asks Lois forgiveness because their relationship is new to him and she says it is new to her too and hates being insecure knowing that other woman will find him fantastic because she thinks he is fantastic too. Clark smiles at this and his apology, which Lois accepts, consists of a costume ball at the end of Metro Con and even though he hates costumes he is willing to go for her. At the beginning of the episode, Lois asks Clark what his dream/fantasy is and Clark answers her at the end of the episode by saying that his dream is with her, which I find incredibly romantic.

The last time Smallville celebrated Valentine’s Day, it was season six’s Crimson. In that episode, both Lois and Clark are down on love considering that Lois recently broke up with Oliver and Clark is upset that Lana and Lex are engaged. A love potion infused with red K made them enamoured of each other and while both passed that off as reason why they made out with each other and almost had sex, the fact was that it actually unveiled the hidden feelings they really had for each other. Unfortunately, Lois didn’t remember anything that happened in Crimson even the fact that Clark broke her heart by dumping her to kidnap Lana from her engagement party. Clark, however remembers everything that happened that day and his mother is the one that points out that Clark does indeed have romantic feelings for Lois, which he denied at the time.

This time in Persuasion, Lois and Clark are together as a couple and celebrating the day of romance with each other in the only way Lois and Clark can and that is investigating the construction of the RAO Towers . I loved how when Clark caught Lois, the look of love they give each other was awesome.

Anyways, like the last Valentine’s Day, both Lois and Clark come under the spell of kryptonite and this time it is gemstone and gives Clark the power of persuasion. He tells Lois that he wants a traditional relationship with her and this leads her to quit her job at the Daily Planet and become a traditional 1950s housewife complete with pearls and a dress from that era (which Clark later admitted to missing after things go back to normal). When things like this happen in Smallville and especially with Lois, it is always silly fun. Anything like this that happens with Lana, it was always filled with angst and sadness.

Anyways, I loved the scene when Clark came home to Lois moved into the Kent Farm and “cooked” him dinner that even Shelby wouldn’t touch. I did love how Lois sat on Clark’s lap and of course this time Clark didn’t mind one bit unlike last time Lois was on his lap.

Even Clark’s power of persuasion infected Chloe in driving her in over protective mode and this leads to a scene where Chloe tells Lois that she is in the way of Clark being a hero without actually revealing Clark’s secret. She states that she has seen Clark in love and knows that it always gets in the way of his destiny and tells Lois that if she really loves Clark that she needs to leave him. And I loved the fact that there was a photo of Lois and Clark as a couple that appeared throughout this episode of the two of them posed in front of the Talon.

The conversation with Chloe breaks Lois’ heart in knowing that it is probably true and decided to leave Smallville and Clark and calls Clark to pretty much tell him so. Clark comes and sees all of this and how upset Lois is and as she makes her way to leave him, Clark does something that he never did with Lana and that is to successfully get the woman he loves to stay. Every time he begged Lana to stay with him, she never did. There was an episode in season 7 and I think it was Siren where Lana was going to move out of the Kent farm because she couldn’t be around him because of her cheating on him with Bizarro, if I remember correctly, he didn’t stop Lana from leaving.

In Persuasion, Clark tells Lois something that he never says to Lana and that he first calls Lois home and that they would always be together to which Lois responds that not only always but also forever. Clark does stay silent at the forever bit but when Lois asks if he really means always and forever, and even though knowing that Lois is under the influence of gemstone kryptonite, it was almost like a light bulb goes off in his head that he realizes something, that Lois is the one and he sincerely tells her that Lois and Clark will be together always and forever to which they promptly passionately kiss. But this also makes Lois thinks that Clark and her are engaged and the hilarious sequence of Lois prancing around the Kent house in Martha’s wedding dress and calling her sister and dad to announce that she is getting married.

When everything is back to normal, the engagement is retracted and Lois says that things are going too fast for them and Clark agrees and that they should take things slow and that getting rid of him won’t be too easy. Lois does ask if Clark trusts her and Clark says that she is the most trustworthy person that he knows and the underlying theme is that whether or not Clark is going to tell her his secret and that hug in the end and the look on his face pretty much tells that story.

What Persuasion shows is that Lois and Clark are a way more fun couple to watch than Clark and Lana.

The other storyline of Persuasion is we discover that Alia killed Jor-el and that Clark destroys the RAO Towers with his heat vision.

I really loved that opening interaction in Conspiracy with Lois and Clark at the Daily Planet as they make plans for a romantic date. It was so hot and their chemistry was just on fire. And at the end both agree that a little mystery between the two of them will help in the romance department.

It was also in Conspiracy where we see one of the Kandorians, Vala, develop a crush on Clark to which Faora told her that she has no chance because Clark is in love with a human (Lois). Even at the end Zod sees why Clark cares so much for Lois because Lois was willing to stay and ensure Zod was okay after he got shot.

Conspiracy also confirms the Oliver/Chloe romance where Chloe thought Oliver came over to the Talon to make out but instead reamed her out for stealing money from him. Chloe shows that she has been using the money to stock pile kryptonite weapons to protect Earth and Clark should the Kandorians get powers. It seems that Chloe no longer trusts Clark’s judgement.

The big reveal of Conspiracy is that Zod now has Clark’s powers thanks to Clark’s blood saving his life.

Clark’s romancing of Lois continues in Escape. He wants to take Lois away so they could consummate their relationship so he plans a romantic getaway. He never did that with Lana. Sure, Bizarro wanted to whisk Lana away to Paris but that wasn’t Clark plus Clark had a rule that he wouldn’t sleep with Lana when he had his powers. Chloe called him on that and worried for her cousin but Clark said that his training helped him control his powers so he can be with a woman sexually without harming them. I like to think that he wanted to learn this because he was in love with Lois and he wanted to be with her in every way possible. It is interesting that Clark could have learned how to control his powers while with Lana. He learned how to control all his other abilities like heat vision when he got excited, I just don’t see why he didn’t want to learn to control his powers so he could have sex with Lana.

I loved how, when their room was flooded because of a leaky pipe, Clark totally wanted to fix that problem and get the room livable so he could have sex with Lois. You could see the determination in his eyes. I loved how both were nervous at taking this next step and that Clark really appreciated the effort Lois took to make herself sexy for Clark and Lois appreciated Clark for setting the mood and to ensure that they were comfortable.

It really sucked that the Silver Banshee had to disrupt their kiss but at least we got a scene of Clark and Lois holding hands, which happens at the moment when they discover that Oliver and Chloe are also here on a romantic getaway.

The scene at the breakfast table was hilarious on both couple’s part.

I loved how before Chloe and Oliver join them at the breakfast table that Clark said that he would wait forever if it meant at the end he gets to be with Lois. He says this because Lois promises to make up for happened the night before.

This happens to be a romantic encounter in the shower. Plus, Clark sings about Lois in the shower in Escape and as far as I know, Clark has never sung on the show and it is totally awesome that he sings about Lois.

And when Lois comes into the shower, she is dressed in some sort of sexy Scottish outfit that Clark totally loved, you could see it on his face. Too bad that Chloe being possessed by the Silver Banshee ruined the moment but Clark looked very hot in that scene with his muscles rippling. Another hot scene happens at the end of the episode as Clark and Lois have a hot make out session at the Talon that is disrupted by Zod calling Lois as the Blur.

Another light bulb moment came in Escape too, when Lois told Clark that without her, he would still be lost, Clark realized that it was true. Of course, Lois was talking about if she wasn’t around they wouldn’t have seen the world’s biggest ball of yarn or made it to the B&B. But Clark knew that if he didn’t have Lois in his life, he would be a lost soul.

What I loved most about Escape was that we actually saw Lois and Clark be a couple doing couple things.

While Chloe and Oliver deny that they are a couple, they really are starting to build on something. I really do wonder how Chloe really feels about Clark and Lois as a couple. Oliver mentions her being in love for a long time with Clark but Clark never saw her that way, even though she held out hope that he would. I wonder because Chloe and Lois are not that different. I did feel for Chloe in season 2 when Clark said that they were better off friends but they truly are better off as friends and as soon as Lois came on the scene, Chloe never stood a chance.

However, it seems that they are making their way towards coupledom in Checkmate.

There are couple of things that I will say about Checkmate and that is one: Pam Grier is all kinds of bad ass as Amanda Waller and I loved the sequence when Clark goes in a rescues Chloe/Watchtower from Checkmate’s clutches. Another thing about this episode is that we get introduced to the Red Queen, whose identity is unknown at this point.

When the episode, Checkmate, first started, for a brief second, I thought I was watching an episode of Once Upon A Time because of the opening shot of the castle before I realized I was watching Smallville.

The one thing that I disliked about Upgrade was the lack of Lois and Clark together screen time. Sure we had that awesome scene when Clark greets Lois with quite the romantic wake-up call but other than that nothing.

But I did love the fact that when John Corben asked Lois out on a date because he feels she is the only one that he could have an honest relationship with, Lois gently turns him down and tells him that she is seeing someone (Clark) and that Clark is it for her. And I love Corben’s description of Lois, calling her honest, loyal and brave and hopes that Clark knows that she is all those things and I think he does but he fully does in season 10.

In this episode, Clark becomes infected with red K once again but this time it was a bit different. He usually loses all inhibition and says what he wants and goes after what he wants. In Upgrade, his red K high is a bit different. Sure he tells Chloe how he feels when he finds out that she and Oliver have been stock piling green kryptonite weapons but instead of pursuing any hot piece of ass to make out with like he did in season 2’s Red with the new girl in town and with Lana and his wild and crazy phase in season 3 and almost having sex with Alicia and making out with Lois and kidnapping Lana, he doesn’t do that because at least in the romantic part of his life, he has everything he wants (Lois) so there is no need but I do wish there was a scene with Lois and Kal. However, Zod manipulates Kal into almost joining forces with him until Corben shows up on Chloe’s orders to cure Clark of his red K high.

When Clark goes to apologize to Chloe, he tells her that he went with Zod because he wanted to have a relationship that she has with Lois, which is a sisterly one and Zod is the closest thing that he has to a brother.

Charade was a really great episode as it added layers to the Lois and Clark relationship. We have Lois revealing to Chloe that she plans on telling Clark that she will drop the “L” bomb on him during a romantic rooftop dinner where she will present him with a new telescope. The “L” bomb in question is of course that she loves him. And she feels that if he and Clark are ready to declare their love then they should no longer have secrets from each other. I remember back in season 6’s Hydro, Lois blurts out to Clark that she thinks she might be in love with Oliver but with Chloe she confidently says that she will tell Clark that she loves him but of course she doesn’t do that until season 10’s Homecoming.

Of course Chloe goes and confronts Clark who responds by saying that the dinner is to get Lois to admit her secrets and not vice versa.

I do wish we got to see Lois and Clark make out with each other in the elevator. It really does show how relaxed Clark is around Lois and how comfortable he is in displaying his feelings for Lois. He never was that way with Lana.

When both Lois and Clark get fired by the new editor of the Daily Planet for trying to break the Ray Sacks story, Clark discovers that Lois has been talking to the Blur (and it wasn’t him) and tries to get Lois to admit that to him but Lois, thinking Clark is jealous, is steadfast in protecting the Blur.

When Lois gets kidnapped by Maxwell Lord, a Checkmate agent, into finding out the Blur’s identity for Sacks, Lois’ mind is protecting everything that Lord throws at her. Clark comes in and saves the day and Lois sees the Blur and tells him not to tell her his identity even though she really wants to know but knows that it is best that she doesn’t.

I really can’t believe that when Clark knows that Lois is willing to die for the Blur that he still doesn’t tell her his secret. So, Clark as the Blur breaks up with her. When Lois finally tells Clark that has been talking to Blur and tells him pretty much what she told him as the Blur that talking to him and helping made her feel like she was doing something with a higher calling in helping in help people. When I watched her say those things, I couldn’t believe how much Lois and Clark are so much alike that it is no wonder that Clark fell deeply in love with her. Lois seems saddened that the Blur wants her out of her life and Clark responds that there is someone (meaning him) that wants to be in her life (and that is ironic considering that early on, he just wanted Lois out of his life) and wondered if he would be enough for her. This is probably as angsty as Lois and Clark get on this show.

I understand Clark’s reluctance to not tell Lois. He has seen first hand that if someone suspects that Lois knows the Blur’s identity, it puts her in danger but at the same time, I think he wants Lois to want Clark and not the Blur.

To me this is so interesting. Throughout season 9, Clark has seen the length’s that Lois would go to protect his identity. She was willing to die for him like twice but somehow in season 10, when he sees the future, that is when he decides he can Lois who he is really is. Maybe it’s because in the future, she already knew his secret and she still protected him and was still in danger from herself. Clark even said that to Chloe in Charade that half of being in a relationship with Lois is protecting her from herself.

Sacrifice was written by Justin Hartley, who of course plays Green Arrow, and I thought his script was pretty good and advanced the whole Kandorian plot forward. We have Faora pregnant with Zod’s child, Checkmate kidnapping the Kandorians that includes Vala and about to execute them but Clark intervenes to Zod killing Faora for her betrayal and not knowing that she was pregnant until it was too late. Zod blames the humans in particular Waller and Checkmate so he create a war against the humans. Plus, Clark discovers that all the Kandorians have powers.

We also see the return of Stuart Campbell, the techie hired by Tess and working covertly with Chloe until he was shot dead (so we thought) by Tess in Pandora. Here we find out he is a Checkmate agent but now only has one eye.

And when Chloe and Tess are stuck in Watchtower, Tess opens Chloe’s eyes to what she has been doing with her life. She holes herself in Watchtower and the defenses she puts into it isn’t about keeping people out but letting people in. Of course, Tess is subtly hinting that Chloe has been keeping Oliver at arms length even though he is madly in love with her.

This is what I find interesting. Chloe is probably the character that has evolved the most on Smallville. Sure, Clark has evolved too but he pretty much has the same personality that he had in the pilot which is kind, honest and caring but now he is more sure of himself and more comfortable with his powers. Same with Lois, she still is bossy and rude but she always was honest, brave and loyal.

Chloe was a bit naive at the beginning and more of the intrepid reporter that is what Lois is now. But somehow she became this bad ass person that has trust issues and maybe that has all to do with losing Jimmy and the person you thought you could trust the most (Clark) not wanting to help bring him back.

Sacrifice is also the very last Smallville episode to not feature Lois Lane (YAY!!!) because she appears in the last two episodes of season 9: Hostage and Salvation and every episode in season 10.

With Hostage, I have now seen every single episode of Smallville as I did see Salvation when it first aired.

And what I great last episode that I have not seen to finally see. I loved it, especially all the Perry White (Michael McKean) and Lois Lane scenes. They were just all kinds of awesome working together on figuring out the Book of RAO and who the Red Queen is (more on that later). I loved the two of them together as opposed to when Perry was last in town and butted heads with Lana. It is interesting that with one of Clark’s love interest he butts heads and the other he gets on like a house of fire.

On the Lois and Clark front, I loved it when Clark caught her stealing thinking she was a thief, Lois said if he didn’t recognize her butt in a pair of jeans then what he was thinking of. Clark admonishes himself for not knowing his girlfriend’s butt. Anyways, this episode also saw Lois break-up with Clark because she feel that he doesn’t understand her need for a higher calling. But of course the pretend all is peachy keen when Martha Kent (a much missed Annette O’Toole) comes back to town on a break from the Senate with Perry in tow, who she is dating. People do know that Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean are married in real life and it was funny seeing them awkwardly be a couple. You can tell that Martha wasn’t ready to move on because she is still very much in love with Jonathan still.

I loved the mother-son talk that Martha has with Clark saying that she sleeps better knowing that a special person (Lois) is in his life and loved the mother-“daughter” bonding that she has with Lois talking about finding a higher purpose in herself, which Lois does find when she unleashed the hero within to rescue Perry. When she did rescue Perry, Clark saw that and had a huge smile on his face showing how proud he is of Lois.

I did love that when Lois said that they were on a break (what is this Friends?) that Clark stated that he didn’t want to take a break because he still believed in them and when they did finally break-up, he didn’t want to let Lois go but he did because he loves her and because that was what she wanted.

Anyways, I loved when Clark had a heart to heart with his mom saying that talking to Lois as the Blur let him see a different side to Lois that made him fall deeper in love with her. Martha tells Clark that he needs to be honest with Lois if he wants her back or he should just let her go. I don’t think she ever gave advice like that to Clark when it came to his relationship with Lana. Usually with that relationship was about telling Clark that Lana isn’t the one for him and that he should break up and move on.

It is later revealed that the Red Queen is Martha, which I thought was a bit uncharacteristic for the character but she did it to protect Clark. After taking the Book of RAO from Tess, she gives it Clark saying that is can be used to send the Kandorians away but it also means sending any Kryptonians on Earth away too (It’s a good thing Kara is out in space looking for Kandor).

Hostage sets up a lot of things for the season finale. We have the possibility of Clark leaving Earth for good to protect it from the upcoming alien war, Lois being offered a job in Africa by Perry (but before Perry got Lois and Clark their jobs back at the Planet) and Chloe wanting to leave Watchtower and have a life again with Oliver. This time was setting Allison Mack to leave the show.

Salvation was another action-packed season finale. We start off with Clark having a dream of the future and of him being the hero that he needs with Lois in his life. He wakes to find his mother has left a gift for him and in the reflection of his eye, we see the iconic Superman shield so we can assume it is the Superman suit.

Part of Salvation involves the Kandorian creating havoc around the world, burning Zod’s mark around important landmarks like the Great Wall of China, the Pyramids and the Washington Monument. We get appearances from members of the JLA: Star Girl, Black Canary, Hawkman, John Jones and Cyborg who all agree to protect Earth once Clark is gone.

Clark has decided the use the Book of RAO to send the Kandorians and himself away as he feels that is the only peaceful solution. But before he does go away forever, Oliver encourages Clark to say goodbye to Lois and maybe tell her the truth about himself. Even though Clark desperately wants to, he feels that he shouldn’t has what would be the point since they will never see each other again.

Lois is in the loft snooping around Clark’s trunk and comes across Virgil Swann’s journal and a picture of the Book of RAO and Lois realizes that Zod posing at the Blur was right about Clark. Clark does come to the loft and says a pretty romantic thing to Lois by declaring that when he went away last fall, he felt so lost but when he came back to the Bullpen and the way Lois greeted him with a sparkle in her and a loving hug, he knew then and there that Lois was the person he always needed in his life.

Then Lois told him about Perry’s job offer in Africa and Clark looks a little sad but bucks up and tells Lois to take the job that way he knows that she will be safe and distracted once he leaves for good. But Lois says that she would give up that job because even though her career is important, Clark is way more important to her and that she would stay in Smallville and Metropolis for him.

She wants Clark to be honest with her but he wouldn’t. Note that this is the only time in their relationship and even friendship that she has ever asked for that type of honesty. Lana spent seasons begging Clark to tell her the truth.

Anyways, Lois leaves to meet the faux Blur (aka Zod) to give him the Book of RAO but Lois soon discovers his duplicity and Zod, not pleased throws Lois towards the phone booth that means so much to Clark and Lois. After punching Zod away, Clark rescues Lois and when she comes to, she sees the Blur in the shadows and asks for his forgiveness and gives him the Book of RAO. Clark doesn’t say anything but grasps Lois’ hand and pulls her into a passionate farewell kiss. Just before Clark leaves the look that he gives Lois was something “I love you and goodbye” all at once. But the greatest thing is that when Lois emerged from the kiss she whispers Clark. I shouted for joy when this episode first aired. I love how Lois finds out Clark’s secret. Everyone that has found out saw Clark use his powers in front of their eyes but Lois knows through a kiss. She knows her man. But I had a feeling that she suspected much earlier when Clark told her that he would be watching over her just like the Blur did in Charade. It makes me wonder if Clark deliberately said that and kissed her the way he did as a way to tell Lois that “Hey, I’m the Blur.”

So at the end of season 9 lives once again are in peril. We think Tess is dead from the severe burns she got from a Zod confrontation but to visited by a mysterious old lady at the hospital; Oliver was being swarmed by an unknown group of people that aren’t Kandorians but before hand Chloe and Oliver declared their love; and Clark allowed Zod to stab him with a blue kryptonite dagger so that way Zod can get sent to another plane of existence like his fellow Kandorians and the season ends with Clark, with dagger in belly, falling to his supposed death.

The only lives not in danger, Lois, who probably still on the street in shock at discovering that the Blur and Clark are one and Chloe in Watchtower wondering what happened to Oliver

I loved season 9 and that is mainly because Lois and Clark finally became a romantic couple and all their episodes were awesome, funny and romantic.

It also helped me better appreciate season 10. While I loved Smallville’s final season and loved the fact that Lois and Clark were together, I still always had that feeling that Clark was with Lois because he couldn’t be with Lana but season 9 helped me see that Clark is with Lois because he is in love with her and wants to be with her. It is so funny that in a deleted scene in season 6 that he told Chloe that he and Lois would never happen. Well you know that saying, never say never.

Now I am onto the final season of Smallville, which means my journey to watching every single Smallville episode in order is coming to an end.

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5 Comments on Smallville Redux: Season Nine Review

  1. Great review. Thank you

  2. LaNai Martin // August 6, 2013 at 10:57 pm // Reply

    I know that clark always said he couldn’t stand lois but yet he was always around her in one way or another. I think he was in denial all that time because he would follow her when she wasn’t following him. I think he just didn’t realize it. With lana I believe it was just a big case of infatuation and stupidity.

    • I agree that Clark was plain old stupid when it came to Lana. To me Smallville got great when Lana left so my favourite seasons are 9 and 10 where Clark and Lois are a couple. What I love what Smallville did is we get to see Clark and Lois slowly fall in love. They both go from can’t standing each other to can’t live without each other.

  3. rundownzoo // August 9, 2017 at 6:50 am // Reply

    I know I’m late to the party but just wanted to thank you for this extensive review and analysis. Just finished watching the series and I have to agree that Season 9 was pretty good. Out of all the seasons, I just felt that this one really juggled a lot of balls in the air—the highlight, of course, being Lois and Clark’s relationship and the big reveal in the finale.

    I was actually excited with Season 8 when Lois and Clark started working together at the Daily Planet and was pretty bummed when the writers threw a wrench at the whole dynamic by putting in Lana’s story arc. However, after rewatching the show recently, I kind of realized the significance of the said delay in pursuing the said relationship because Clark was obviously not over Lana at the beginning of Season 8 and that all signs pointed to him not being ready to acknowledge his feelings for Lois.

    And while it was actually painful to watch the ending of Infamous when Clark stood Lois up, I have a greater appreciation for it now because he took time to sort out his feelings. The interval it took between his split with Lana and his decision to start a relationship with Lois signified a sense of responsibility and maturity on Clark’s part. We’ve seen him in the past immediately take to another girl after breaking up with Lana and going on this vicious cycle of waiting and pining after Lana again and again. Though it felt like it took forever, now I understand and appreciate the fact that he took his time until he was sure and ready. This meant that Lois was by no means a rebound or fallback.

    This is also the reason why I liked the subtle touches in Rabid and Echo which heralded a shift in the relationship. Like the previous comment, I agree that as early as season 4 there was already an underlying attraction which they just brushed off with playful banter. From what I’ve seen, they didn’t even consider each other as a romantic prospect because: (a) they were very vocal about not being each other’s type—Clark was convinced that Lois only saw him as a dorky farm boy and Lois was far from being the sweet girl next door; and perhaps, more significantly, (b) Lois was quite aware of how much Clark loved Lana and how Chloe carried a torch for Clark, which I think is why she kept her distance and gave Clark his space until the dust settled after the last Lana encounter.

    I liked how these two episodes at the beginning of Season 9 addressed these two obstacles by having Clark move on, placing Lana in the past and Clark gaining some insight on how Lois regarded him as a man. 🙂

    • Thank you for your insightful comment to my blog post on season 9. I totally agree that Clark didn’t jump into a relationship with Lois right away because he did want to sort his feelings and ensure Lana was truly in the past for him and he can move forward to a more fulfilling relationship with Lois.

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