First Reaction to the CW’s Arrow

Since Smallville left our TV screens a year ago, we have been sorely lacking in the superhero department. Sure, superheroes are all the rage on film with The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises all out this year but we haven’t had a superhero show on TV since Clark Kent ripped open his shirt to reveal the Superman costume last year.

So when I heard that the CW was developing a new superhero show based on the Green Arrow, I got excited. I thought it would be a spin off of Smallville with Justin Hartley back as the Emerald Archer, which could mean that we might get appearances from Tom Welling and Erica Durance as Clark and Lois. They could have gotten rid of Chloe (Allison Mack) by indicating that their marriage didn’t work out but have joint custody of their kid so this way, Dinah Lance (bringing back Alaina Huffman) could still be his end game love interest.

But Arrow (as the show is called) is not a Smallville spin off as it isn’t from the same people but from the folks that brought us Everwood and Brothers and Sisters and the Green Lantern movie that starred Ryan Reynolds (and wasn’t that bad-ok it was bad). And instead of Justin Hartley, we have Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who by the way is very buff and from the trailer below, he does an very impressive set of pull-ups.

From the trailer , it obviously is an origin story of how Oliver became Green Arrow, which was revealed in Smallville in the Oliver Queen Chronicles and in Season 8’s Toxic. We can assume that the entire series is probably about Oliver trying to figure out who was behind the shipwreck and what happened to his father while fighting crime as Green Arrow.

It would seem that Arrow would be closer to the comics than Smallville was hence we get Laurel “Dinah” Lance (Katie Cassidy) on the show. I do find it odd that the DC Comic heroes love interests always seem to be reporters as I believe that Laurel is a reporter on the show and in the comics I think she is a conservative talk show host and I think she was that and a columnist for the Daily Planet in Smallville. I wonder if Arrow will introduce the fact that Laurel/Dinah is also Black Canary. It would be cool to have two superheroes on the same show again.

Since we all know that Dinah is the true love of Oliver, I think I won’t be as frustrated with this show as I was with Smallville. I hated Smallville for dragging out the whole doomed to fail romance of Clark and Lana and how we got so little of Clark and Lois together but the fun of watching all of the episodes of Smallville was to see Clark and Lois slowly fall in love.

I think Arrow will obviously drag out Oliver and Laurel/Dinah coming together but at least I won’t be annoyed because you actually want them to get together.

I do hope Arrow has a long run because first off it is filmed in Vancouver and it would be awesome to have another superhero show on TV again.

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