Smallville Redux: Season Eight Review

Note: Started watching season 8 on April 4, 2012

This is the season where Lois and Clark are slowly, and I mean painfully slowly, make their way towards each other romantically.

In season 7, I believe the moment that Clark comforted Lois over her break-up with Oliver was the moment that she was falling in love with him and I think that when Lois comforted Clark when Lana broke-up with him was the moment where Clark realized that Lois deeply cares about him. He may not have fallen in love with her at this moment but we can see that their relationship definitely shifted to becoming best friends that cared about each other.

Anyways, I have seen all of season 8 except for the five episodes that Lana was in. I erroneously thought that this was the season that was the start of Lois and Clark but really that was season 4. I am now taking a look at this season with new eyes as I have seen all the episodes that precede it.

Season 8 opens with Odyssey. It has been four weeks since the season 7 finale and we get introduced the Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) as the new acting CEO of Luthercorp up in the Arctic looking for Lex. When Tess was introduced, I assumed that she had a thing for Lex and I still believe that because she didn’t know that Lex was her half-brother even though Lex did and that was the reason why he appointed her. But of course we don’t know any of this until season 10.

Clark survived the Fortress coming down on him but his powers have been taken away. That is what that device did that was supposed to control him. Clark realizes that to control him was just to take away his powers.

Lois investigates what happened to Chloe after she was taken away by the DDS but in fact was taken by Lex to use her new supercomputer power to find members of the JLA.

Lois is reunited with Clark in Black Creek and again they make a good team in tracking and rescuing Chloe. When Lois is knocked out, Clark shows concern by asking Chloe to stay with Lois to be sure that she is okay.

While at Black Creek, Oliver briefly comes under control of Lex’s henchman to do whatever it takes to find out what happened to Lex. Unfortunately for Clark that means getting shot and almost killed by Oliver. I did hate that while he was dying that he saw Lana and that was his first thought while his parents came second. But Clark seeing that made him realize that life that he wanted doesn’t exist any more and that he needs to get a new one.

Anyways, Martian Manhunter saved him after Chloe discovered that she lost her healing ability. But Martian Manhunter lost his powers in exchange for saving Clark’s life.

Jimmy makes his first appearance of the episode near the end and where Chloe accepts his marriage proposal.

So the new life that Clark decides for himself is to join the Daily Planet so that he could be in the middle of the action. Lois is very pleased at that and when asked where he will be starting out, Clark said that he would be closer to home (meaning that he will be near Lois). I love that he thinks of Lois as home. Clark knowing that Lois would be annoyed that they would be desk neighbours smiles a big wide smile at that. At first annoyed, Lois looked actually very happy to have Clark that close. So begins the start of a beautiful relationship.

I love Clark’s new look. His hair no longer has those bangs that cover his forehead that makes him look like a boy but now he looks like a man with the clothes to go with it.

And now that Lana is no longer on the show, Erica Durance no longer has to add blonde highlights to her and now her hair starting to turn back to her naturally dark locks.

What I loved about Plastique, the episode not the character, was all the Lois and Clark stuff. This is the episode where the Lane/Kent reporting team was born. Lois gave Clark a new look. Gone is the plaid and in are dress shirts and slacks. And boy did Tom Welling look ever so sexy and handsome. By the way, the plaid shirt that he wears in the episode is one that Lois later wears in season 10’s Kent.

Anyways, Lois and Clark investigate that bus explosion that occurred outside the Daily Planet and their scenes of working together were hilarious. I did love how Clark called Lois on the fact that she thinks he has a charming smile.

At first, when Tess is rescued by Clark, it looked like Tess was interested in him romantically and there was a deleted scene that seemed to hint at her unhealthy interest in one of her employees but we all know that she is just interested in his secret.

But what was really evident in this episode was the romantic tension in the air between Lois and Clark. They shared a moment when Lois was thrown in Clark’s arms after the bus explosion and there was a look that Lois gave Clark as he was going to meet Tess that indicated that she was in love with him. And the way that Clark spouts Lois’ rules of reporting and when Lois said that she was more interested in uncovering the truth behind the bus crash and not the story was the moment that Clark began to see her in a new light.

Plastique saw the introduction of the character (Jessica Parker Kennedy) as a meteor-powered teen that caused the bus explosion and later recruited by Tess for a team. We also get introduced to Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer), a very handsome paramedic who forms an instant connection to the engaged Chloe. At this point, we don’t know that he is Doomsday but at the end of the episode with him lying naked in the rain, we know there is more to him than meets the eye.

I am grateful that Clark has now joined the Daily Planet because it is episodes like Plastique that sees him interact way more with Lois than ever before. In the past, she was just an ancillary character in his life that popped up once in awhile to give him a hard time or work together briefly on a common cause or sometime s on the rare occasion a shoulder to cry on and be there to support each other but now with him at the Daily Planet working alongside of Lois, she is more part of his life than ever and I love it. And Lois loves it too. The first two episodes of the season, you can clearly see that Lois Lane is in love with Clark.

Toxic gives us how Oliver (Justin Hartley) became Green Arrow and it follows the back story established in the comics. Oliver was shipwrecked on an island for two years and learned how to be a skilled archer and one day comes upon Tess and some pirates and he rescues her. I always thought that they were going to set Oliver and Tess up as a couple but that never came to pass.

In the present day, Oliver is poisoned from some flower that came from the island that he was on. As he was dying there was a nice moment with Chloe and Oliver that perhaps foreshadowed their future relationship. Of course Lois came and took care of him and showed that feelings were still there but stood fast as to the reason why they broke up so that he could save the world. As she was caring for Oliver, Clark came in and noticed how she was feeling and went to comfort her. It was a sweet moment and you can tell that they have a great friendship.

When Oliver got well, thanks to Chloe and her Brainiac infused supercomputer brain, there was a scene at the Daily Planet where Clark came in looking really good in a suit and was surprised that Lois didn’t want to do Oliver’s story but realized that feelings were still there and it wouldn’t have been right and buried herself in work. Clark seemed genuinely concerned that Lois didn’t come home last night. Lois goes on to say that breaking up with Oliver was right and Clark saying that even though the relationship is over doesn’t mean that the emotions do and brings up how he has watched the good-bye video that Lana had sent him. Lois says that she isn’t cut out to date a guy with a hero complex but she is wrong, she is actually cut out to marry a hero. Lois feels that she isn’t worthy to be with a hero but only to write about him. Clark counters that nothing is wrong with that. Lois then advised that when feelings flare up, you then have to realize that you broke-up for a reason. I wish that Clark took that advice when Lana came back. Also nice touch with Lois obviously stealing Clark’s coffee.

Before Oliver got poisoned, I love when at the Ace of Clubs, Chloe was surprised that Clark wasn’t attached to Lois’ hip as they seem the be spending a lot of time together.

I wanted to mention that it is too bad that in season 8 Smallville stopped using Vancouver as Metropolis but instead decided to build Metropolis on a sound stage and I think the show is actually poorer for it.

Anyways, the episode Instinct is the one that shot the Lois and Clark romantic relationship into the stratosphere from the flirty banter at the beginning to when they were investigating Maxima’s string of killer kisses. You can tell that the two definitely had a strong bond together. I did love Lois’ advice for Clark to start dating again and go outside his wheelhouse (meaning no pretty damsel in distress ladies) to try the different flavours of ice cream out there comparing Lana to being vanilla and for him to try wild cherry which subconsciously means her.

I hated the scene with Clark and Maxima making out in the Bullpen and then the elevator but when Lois caught them, you can tell that she was seething with jealousy and when Clark broke free from the kiss and looked at Lois, you can actually see that he is attracted to Lois and when Maxima tried to get his attention again, he didn’t want to and chased after Lois who clearly was jealous but denying it to herself, Clark and Maxima. I think Clark’s attraction to Lois has been growing at least since season 6. It is shown when they kissed in Hydro and his mother helped realize that he was attracted to Lois on some level while on red K. So it is no surprise here that Maxima saw their connection.

I loved how Lois wanted to fight Maxima but Clark took Maxima away so she wouldn’t hurt Lois.

There was a scene with Clark and Jimmy in the hospital where Jimmy was recovering from his Maxima kiss and Jimmy talked about how you never really get over your first love (alluding to Chloe’s feelings for Clark) but when you find another love it is different and I agree with that, it is different, it is better. Chloe said that her feelings for Clark helped pave the way to find that perfect love with someone else and that was with Jimmy. Clark hearing that probably helps try and move on. Eventually, in season 9, he does see that Lois is the love that he has been waiting for all his life.

Maxima kept on playing on the fact that Clark was lonely and desperate to share his life with someone and hoped that was enough to get him but Clark knew that she wasn’t the one and sent her back to her home planet.

Later on in the barn, in what almost mirrors a similar scene in season 5’s Aqua but this time it is Clark wondering what if he is too blind to see his soulmate just as he was blind to Chloe’s feelings. Lois responds to saying that Clark will know when the right woman comes into his life. Little do they know that the right woman for Clark has been in his life for years. I think they both are attracted to each other at this point in the series but both are in denial.

And Clark is living alone at the farm and even offers Lois to live with him knowing that it is uncomfortable living with Jimmy and Chloe but Lois says thanks but no thanks as living together before didn’t work out but little do they know that in two years you will indeed be living together.

What I love about Committed was all the Lois and Clark stuff. We start the episode at Jimmy and Chloe’s engagement party and Lois plastered and pretty much bemoaning her love life and giving an inappropriate toast that pretty much says that Lois is jealous that Chloe found love while her love life is in the crapper.

I did love that Clark was so concerned about Lois that he didn’t let her drive drunk and took her back to the farm to take care of her and loved that Lois’ drunken message to Chloe pretty much indicated that Lois very much appreciated Clark being so caring. I loved that Lois woke up with Clark’s football jersey and thought that she and Clark slept together and Clark quickly dismissing that but 2 years later she would be at the Kent Farm wearing his football jersey after they truly did sleep together. Anyways, when Lois and Clark went back to the Talon, I loved that Lois was wearing one of Clark’s flannel shirts and it is the same one that she wears in season 10’s Kent so I guess she keeps that shirt of his.

The basic premise of Committed is someone is kidnapping engaged couples to test their loyalty to each other and Jimmy and Chloe is one of the couples and while missing, Lois and Clark work together to find them and pose as an engaged couple to root out the culprit. I did love all the fake pet names they gave each other, it was hilarious. But in season 10 they really do become engaged.

Jimmy and Chloe pass the test but next it is Lois and Clark’s turn.

And this is where we find out that Lois Lane is in love with Clark Kent. When attached to those lie detector chairs and when asked whether or not Lois was in love with Clark, Clark told Lois to tell the truth and was surprised when she said that she was in love with him and that it wasn’t a lie. Clark seemed surprised and Lois embarrassed that Clark now knows how she feels about him. The first time I saw this episode I didn’t really believe but now that I have 7 seasons behind me, I do see in Lois’ eyes that she is indeed in love with Clark. When it came time for Clark to answer that question, we would never know what his answer would since he managed to rescue them.

To save herself some embarrassment, Lois just said that she slipped of the sensors when she gave her answers. Clark did look a bit disappointed at that but we all know that is a lie. I think that Lois was reluctant to admit that she was in love with Clark because she didn’t want it to be another Chloe situation where she was in love with her best friend but he didn’t love her in return as he was still hung up on Lana. I think Lois didn’t want to have her feelings unrequited like Chloe’s feelings were. Lois does admit that they make a great team but that being a couple would never happen. Even when posing as an engaged couple, Clark thinks that no one would believe them as an engaged couple. However, Lois said that who knew where they would be if Clark had to answer that question, Clark doesn’t say anything as he himself doesn’t know the answer. Throughout this episode, sometimes the way Clark looks at Lois is with caring eyes and others it is with the annoyed look that he normally gets when he is with Lois.

I think we can see why Lois fell in love with Clark. I mean he is always there for her even in the early days when they couldn’t stand each other. He has shown to care about her and is there as a shoulder to lean on and cry on. Also, Clark has good morals and is fiercely loyal to friends and family. I think that Lois is even attracted to his hero complex. It doesn’t hurt that he is also drop dead gorgeous.

The most significant thing about Prey is that Clark starts to be more overt about saving people while still not showing his face. He has finally embraced being the hero that people need and is getting closer to becoming Superman. The other thing about Prey is that the Doomsday side of Davis is starting to come out more and that Davis and possibly Chloe feel more than friendship for each other.

One of the things that I loved about Identity is that you can see that Lois’ feelings for Clark are definitely romantic. You see that in the memory that Sebastian Kane (Kyle Schmid) sees when Clark is zipping Lois up. She clearly likes having Clark that close to her. I loved how Clark was all shy about zipping her up. If he had no romantic feelings for her at all, this wouldn’t have been awkward.

I also loved how Lois’ had Clark on speed dial and called him to save her instead of calling the cops. Clark put protecting his identity aside so he could save Lois.

I do want to say one thing about Kyle Schmid. When he appeared in the US version of Being Human this season, I thought why does this good looking guy look familiar so after looking him up, I realized that he was Sebastian but that hair cut on him in Identity really does him no favours.

Anyways, Identity also sees Jimmy capturing the first photo of the Good Samaritan in action and later deduces that it is Clark. And Clark not wanting to go public enlists Oliver’s help in throwing Jimmy off his scent. This obviously mirrors season 6’s Hydro but Clark got the better end of the deal has he got to make-out with Lois.

Cape and all, Oliver swoops in and saves Jimmy. Clark sees how everyone is looking at Oliver as The Blur as a hero and a symbol of hope. I am glad that Clark let the article get published as he realized that being out there instead of in secret will let him be that beacon of hope.

When Jimmy did figure out the secret and no one would confirm it, he believed that Clark and Chloe don’t trust him with it but I don’t think that was the case and Clark says that anyone who knows his secret always gets hurt and he doesn’t want that to happen to Jimmy. That is a common theme in Smallville, Clark not wanting people to know his secret because he thinks people get hurt. I think that is true for sure but early on though, I think it was a trust thing especially with Lana. In the beginning, no one was really hurt from knowing his secret but there must have been something about Lana that prevented him from trusting her with his secret. Like I said in my earlier blogs, there was nothing that Lana said or did that would cause Clark to believe that she would look at him differently or not trust her.

I loved the conversation that Oliver and Clark have on his plane as it mirrors the conversation that Clark has with Lois in Masquerade. In Identity, Oliver said that deep down inside that he is the Green Arrow and has always been. In Masquerade, Clark tells Lois that he is the Blur and has always been.

One of the things that I didn’t like about Identity was the fact that Chloe killed Sebastian to protect Clark’s secret. Back in season 7, Chloe was worried that Lana was willing to kill to protect Clark and that wasn’t the type of person that Clark needed in his life yet here in this episode she overloads Sebastian’s mind with information that literally fried his brain.

I have to say that Bloodline is actually one of my favourite episodes of season 8. There was something about Lois and Clark in the Phantom Zone working together and looking out for each other that is so awesome. I love how Clark encouraged Lois and how he says that no one messes with Lois and Clark. I wanted them to kiss so bad when Clark told Lois to go through the portal to go home. I love how Lois didn’t want to go without Clark.

It was like Lois said in season 10’s Dominion that she rather be in the sand-blown purgatory of hell then not knowing where Clark is. They made a great team in The Phantom Zone that even Kara (Laura Vandervoort) noticed. Kara told Clark at the end of the episode that Lois can handle knowing his secret because she is tough and can take of herself and that Clark knows this or he wouldn’t have let her become close to him.

So close in fact that Lois briefly moved in with Clark at the beginning of the episode. I love how Clark doesn’t think it would be a good idea for them to work and live together. Well two years later, he has no qualms as they do live together and work together. After Lois is freed from her possession of Faora, he said the one good thing about her living at the farm is he can keep an eye on her but Lois got a raise and will be getting her own apartment.

When Clark came home, I could have sworn that he felt a little down that Lois wasn’t there but I think it was because he noticed Oliver who came over to show his concern over Chloe.

Anyways, the big meat of the episode is the fact that Lois gets possessed (again) but this time by Faora who is the wife of Zod, looking for the son they created. Erica Durance looked absolutely stunning in this episode and loved that she has Clark’s powers just like she did in Prophecy.

Lois’ possession by Faora definitely differs to when she was possessed by Isis, which was actually cheesy and dreadful but as Faora, Lois voice was more herself and as Isis it was deeper. I loved how Lois as Faora just like Lois as Isis calls Clark out on his feelings for Lois. Faora points out that Clark has feelings for Lois while Isis points out that Clark loves Lois and wouldn’t hurt her body. Clark tries to reach Lois while being possessed and it reminded me a bit of how Clark was trying to get through to her in Prophecy when she was being controlled by Toyman. I loved how when Lois was no longer possessed, her unconscious body lands on top of Clark and he makes no motion to move her body off of him.

The big reveal of this episode is that Davis is now indestructible thanks to Faora’s tough mother love. Overall, this episode was action-packed, brought back a missed character in Kara, moved the Clark and Lois romance forward and saw the impact of Brainiac’s infection has on Chloe.

That impact is fully seen in Abyss, where Brainiac is slowly taking over Chloe to the point where she loses her memory of everyone than Davis.

Eventually she does regain her memory thanks to Clark and Jor-el (after the Fortress has been re-built), The only thing that Chloe doesn’t regain is her memories of Clark’s secret. Clark still believes that people are safer if they don’t know his secret. He believes that everyone that knows his secret either has died or left his life for good and cites Pete, Lana, his adopted father, Lionel and even Lex as examples. So if Chloe doesn’t know who he really is then she will be safe. Clark echoes does same sentiments to Lois in season 10’s Isis but this time, Clark knows that with Lois knowing him fully, he is all the better for it.

But in exchange to Chloe not remembering, Clark does lose that confidant. Before he asks Jor-el to remove Chloe’s memory of his secret, Jor-el did warn that there were consequences of him letting people know his true self. It is interesting that Jor-el seems okay that Lois knows all about Clark in season 10.

And lucky Allison Mack, who not only has a cute fiance in Aaron Ashmore but a really hunky admirer in Sam Witwer. In the context of the show, it does make me wonder that the only reason why Davis and Chloe are drawn to each other because of the Brainiac infection. Anyways, the episode ends with the Fortress being infected and the announcement that Doomsday is coming.

Bride is one of those episodes that I love and hate at the same time. It is no surprise why I love it and why I hate it. First, why I hated it and again to no one’s surprise it is because it saw the return of Lana (Kristin Kreuk). I am telling you that after watching almost every Smallville episode, nothing Lana has ever done that has made me love her. I still hate her and the fact that Lois and Clark could have kissed sooner and started their relationship sooner if it wasn’t her, makes me hate her more. Lana would never have come back if the writer’s strike didn’t happen in season 7 but because Kristin Kreuk was contracted to do 5 more episodes in season 7 and that it never happened that is why she appeared in season 8.

I do blame Oliver for bringing Lana back. If he didn’t go to Cuba and see her, he wouldn’t have convinced her to come back for Chloe’s wedding.

And Lana is such a suave liar, making Clark believe why she was in Cuba and her reasons for staying away from Clark is such bull crap. except for one thing but more on that later.

I loved Bride because it is the first episode where both Lois and Clark’s romantic feelings for each other are very overt. When Jimmy tells Lois that she and Clark are great together and he hands off Clark’s tux, Lois lovingly touches the lapel before she hilariously rings the bell of the videographer.

And when Clark gives Chloe the flower that she gave Clark for the homecoming dance as her something borrowed, you can see that gesture has made Lois fall more in love with him. And I love how Lois asks Chloe how did she know that Jimmy was the one. To me this indicates that Lois feels that Clark is the One for her.

When Lois and Clark are dressed in their wedding clothes, you can see the attraction between them. They admire how each other looks and when Lois helps Clark with his cufflinks and giving some unintentional sexual innuendo, Clark was so checking Lois out. And when Clark was reading Jimmy’s vows. there was hope in her eyes that Clark was actually declaring his feelings for her. I felt Lois’ disappointment when she discovered it was Clark only reading Jimmy’s vows. But you know what, Jimmy’s vows were sappy because we all know that Clark didn’t know the moment they met he knew that they would be together forever. That is why I love Clark’s actual vows because it truly does convey how he feels about Lois.

Even while dancing, they were avoiding eye contact. If they were not attracted to each other, it would not have been awkward. They are in love with each other but it is only Lois that knows it and acknowledges it (thanks to a conversation with Oliver), Clark remains in the dark because now that Lana is back in the picture, so does his Lana blinders come back on. When Lana comes back, Lois looks heartbroken, knowing the history that Lana and Clark has, she feels that now that Lana is back, she has lost her chance of ever being with Clark.

Lana does say something smart in that she says that Lana Lang and Clark Kent weren’t meant to be.

After Doomsday crashes the wedding, almost kills Jimmy and kidnaps the bride, Lois looks heartbroken again when she sees Clark and Lana together at the hospital. Also, heartbroken when she has to leave Clark to go with Jimmy in Star City as he recuperates. And thus, we lose Lois for four episodes.

I am not sure how I feel about Legion. On the one hand it was great seeing the Legionnaires but at the same time I don’t like how Imra was giving Clark and Lana fans that there was hope for the couple. I hated that the producers forced couple shots of Clark and Lana at the Kent house for Imra to look at because those were all screen grabs from previous seasons because those pictures were never there in house or Clark’s bedroom or loft before hand.

I hate that Imra states that Lana is one of the reasons why Clark becomes the hero that he does. I always liked to believe that it was Lois that helped him be all he could be and I see that in season 10.

When the Legion leaves, Clark thinks that he can’t live up to what the Legionnaries believe he becomes. Lana tells him that she knows that he can but to do it on his own time. I am glad that he didn’t look hopeful at Lana’s word that gave him hope. That is what I love about Lois in that her fierce belief in him lets to do anything like fly -see season 10’s Collateral.

Even though Lois wasn’t in this episode, I did love how the Legion mentions Lois first as someone they know about from the history books. Clark should have taken that as a sign that Lois is and will be an important part of his life because she is in the history books as it relates to the Man of Steel.

In all the episodes that Lana was in during this season, I just wished that Lois could have been in them too so we could see Clark in a true love triangle. It would have been great to see Clark struggle who to be with as we know that he in love with Lois. I really dreaded seeing these episodes that Lana was in because we see Clark fall back into his old pattern with her and decides to get back onto that roller coaster.

I guess the only good thing was that Clark managed to save Chloe and still get rid of Brainiac and the Legion take him back to the 31st Century to become Brainiac 5 and it is that version that has a great influence on Clark because he shows Clark his future were he gets to be the hero and still have a personal life with the woman that he loves: Lois. This all happens in season 10’s Homecoming but a crucial episode that moves Clark forward in his destiny.

I really hated Bulletproof. The reason being that Clark kisses Lana after that cop Dan Turpin asked if Clark had anyone in his life that makes what he does (meaning saving people) worth it. Clark smiles and at first I really hoped that he was thinking of Lois and when I first saw this episode that was what I initially thought so you have no idea how pissed I was that it was Lana. If I take solace in one thing is that their reunion was again angst-filled.

Earlier on in the episode Chloe called Clark out on his feelings for Lois because she knows from experience that being the third point in a love triangle hurts. Clark denies that he has feelings for Lois but Chloe says that it is obvious that they have feelings for each other. Clark doesn’t know what to say saying that Lois is Lois and how could he feel something for her and now that Lana is back in his life, he just can’t shut his feelings off. I really think Clark is afraid of his feelings for Lois. But because he knows how he feels for Lana, thinks that it would be better for him to try again even not knowing how long Lana would stay in town.

And that is the thing. Clark probably thinks Lana is staying because of him but again Lana is such a liar that she doesn’t tell Clark the real reason why she came back and probably will leave again.

But the creepiest thing about Bulletproof was Tess discovering that Lex has been spying her by an optical implant in her. What was the creepiest was her declaration of love for him. I am not sure if the producers always intended for Tess to be a Luthor from the start or they decided that later, her declaration of love is probably more romantic because we know that she doesn’t know she is a Luthor until season 10. So that means she was in love with her half-brother which is totally gross. But wouldn’t be too surprised considering Earth-2 Tess was having an affair with her adopted brother Clark Luthor.

The one thing that I did like about Bulletproof is we are introduced to Emil Hamilton (Alessandro Juliani). Sure Emil is not a huge part of the Superman universe but the fact is that he is played by Battlestar Galactica alumni Alessandro Juliani (aka Felix Gaeta) is significant to me. First off, he is a local Vancouver boy and second, he was in the BC Boys Choir with my brothers. He may not remember me but I attended their practices because my dad had to take me along to them as my mom was working. I remember always sitting with his mom and grandma during the BC Boys Choir Christmas dinners. Now he is a staple at Bard on the Beach, where I volunteer and have seen him a few times when he appeared in the 2010 season. That was the season where AJ was Henry V in Henry V and in Falstaff. The latter play was the one that Cassidy Freeman took in one Sunday afternoon and who I happened to see in the village and that my podcast partner, Nadya served hot chocolate to.

I hated Power. It is the episode where Lana and Clark get back together for like the millionth time and I just don’t get it. Why on Earth would Clark want to get back together with a woman like Lana who went to such almost evil lengths so they could be equals. She tells that guy that all the training that he put her through wasn’t enough and that she wanted power and despite what she says, she stole that suit to stick it to Lex.

Again, Lana feels that the only way that Clark and her can have a real relationship is if she is his equal, meaning has some of his powers like in invulnerability that way she can’t be hurt and that he no longer has to worry about her and that they can be a team to save the world. But really, is that what Clark really wants. Before he found out that Lana was forced to make that break-up DVD, he really did think it was best that they were no longer together because he did believe that she was holding him back.

But now that they are equals, Lana asks if that is what he wants them to be together, to which he says he does. Again, Clark seems to gloss over everything Lana has done in the past because he thinks that Lana and he are meant to be. Their whole reunion on the Daily Planet roof was not romantic but angst-filled, again a norm in anything that is Clark and Lana. Also, it is funny that they don’t say I love you to each other before they kiss. I mean this is the reunion both have wanted since she left 7 months ago so why don’t they say it to each other. I take a look at the scene and the way Clark looks at Lana is not with love in his eyes but almost like hope that this time will be different. When I see Clark look at Lois, especially in season 10, it is definitely with such love and devotion in his eyes. In all the seasons that I have seen Lana and Clark together, I have never seen that look.

In Patriot, Lois wondered why Clark would want to be with her because she is nothing like him but Clark said that is why they work. So you see, Lana, Clark doesn’t need someone to be like him in order to have a romantic relationship with him.

It is funny when he thought Lana was kidnapped and he confronted that guy in Luthor mansion, he didn’t seem anguished but when Lois goes missing in Recruit and in Lazarus, he practically yells “where is she?” and roughs up the guy to find out where Lois is. He really does no such thing in Power.

The one good thing about Power is that it was directed by Allison Mack. It was quite the action-packed episode for her to direct and she did a good job.

Requiem saw the death of Lex Luthor and also the end of Lana and Clark finally.

But overall, I hated Requiem. Why does the lovemaking between Clark and Lana have to be so violent. In season 7’s Wrath, the caused earthquakes and in this episode they broke his bed. I did say in my season 7 blog that I wished that Lois and Clark’s lovemaking was like that but I guess in Harvest and Pandora it was more loving and passionate. It is interesting that it probably has been a year that has passed since Wrath, meaning it’s been a year since Clark had sex and then I think he waits like another two years before he as sex again. Clark Kent is quite the monk.

Also, while Clark wanted to continue on, Lana rather patrolled the streets of Metropolis with him. How romantic..NOT. Anyways, Lana told Clark that she has always wanted to share his life with him. But, Clark told Lana that he always wanted to share his life with someone, he never said it was with her. If Clark finally had the life he wanted, wouldn’t he have said I have always wanted to share my life with you and not with someone. Also, he said that he wanted to work side by side with someone just like his parents and thought that now that Lana had powers she would be it. But, if you think about it, he has been working side by side with someone just like his parents for years and that is Lois. They have been working together since the moment she came on that show. They help each other out and protect each other just like Jonathan and Martha Kent. His Lana blinders prevented him from seeing that.

I do find it strange that in Requiem that Clark tells Lana that there has to be a way from them to be together even though she is walking kryptonite and that he would find a way for them to be together. He even said earlier in the episode that now that they were together, nothing would keep them apart. Also, even in season 6, after Lana marries his enemy, Lex, he still worried about her and tried to find ways for them to be together, whether it be to tell her secret or not. Yet, after she leaves, Clark doesn’t do anything. He threw himself into his Blur duties as a distraction but he did the same thing in season 6’s Combat yet still found time to look out for her and protect her and tried to be with her. Even after Brainiac infected Lana in season 7, Clark still fought to save her in a round about way so he could get her back and resume their lives together. Clark even asks Lana to stay as he doesn’t want her out of his life but Lana says that she can’t and walks out of his life forever (YAY!!!!)

Sure Lana is technically unavailable to him because he literally will drop dead if they come close to each other but there were other times that Lana was unavailable to Clark like when she was with Whitney or with Jason or with Lex but he waited until she was available to pursue again because he was still in love with her.

But he never looks for a way for them to be together and fix that kryptonite problem. Sure Kristin Kreuk was off the show but in the context of the show (and how the producers shoved their love story down our throats) and the history of Lana and Clark, it seems quite uncharacteristic of Clark. If he really loved her and thought that she was his soul mate then why doesn’t he go to the ends of the Earth to find a cure. He said at the end of Power that he wants to save the world with Lana. He said in the loft that they will find a way to be together. He even whispers that he loves Lana (after she has left the scene). He could have enlisted Oliver and his resources to get help or get Chloe to hack into Luthor Corp data bases to help since it was Lex’s fault that this happened. Or once Tess becomes an ally in season 10, he could have dumped Lois and got Tess to use all her Luther Corp resources to find a cure for Lana because he has always believed that he wanted to be with her and have a life with her. But again he doesn’t. And I believe is because he was starting to fall in love with Lois and that scared him and loving Lana was something familiar and easy for him to fall back to and a way for him to run away from his growing feelings for a woman that, in the past, he always wanted to just get out of his life.

I think Clark finally sees that with Lana being walking kryptonite that was the final sign to him that he and Lana were never really meant to be. Despite numerous signs in the past, he just ignored it and tried to find ways for them to be together. But now that they can’t ever be together, even though he could have fought to find a cure for her, Clark finally listens to what the universe has been trying to tell him for years that he and Lana aren’t meant to be.

And while Lana and Clark are forced apart, I do wish that wasn’t the case, where Clark would have to choose between his growing love for Lois and his struggle to try and still be with Lana.

Now that Lana’s arc is complete on Smallville, I want to say that I really can’t stand how the show over-emphasized her relationship with Clark. It was 8 seasons and in the comics, Lana was only supposed to be his high school girlfriend and that was it. Afterwards, Clark went away to do his training and when he got back, about 12 years later, he was a man and started at the Daily Planet where he met and fell in love with Lois almost at first sight.

I know Smallville had its separate universe from the comics but still hate Lana. I do understand that Clark needed to do through this dysfunctional relationship to realize what he feels and has with Lois is a more mature relationship but to only give us two and half seasons of Clois is just not acceptable but again I understand how if you wanted to remain faithful to the comics then Lois and Clark don’t get together romantically until he arrives at the Daily Planet.

If I reflect on Clark and Lana’s relationship over the course of 7 seasons and 5 episodes, their relationship was way more angsty then loving and romantic. Even when they were a couple in season 5 and 7, it was still angst and even after Lana knowing his secret there was angst. There was always a tinge of sadness in their relationship and sometimes their interactions. Even their last I love you’s were tinted with sadness. There was no fun in this relationship, no witty banter. Early seasons, Clark and Lana were friends but I don’t think so, I think they never were friends because Clark was in love with her (without knowing what real love is) since he was 5 years old so really he only wanted to be her friend to get close to her so that he could eventually get her to see him romantically. That is not friendship. Clark and Chloe and Lois and Clark, now that is friendship.

Lois and Clark are lovers and best friends. Lana and Clark were only lovers and never friends. I don’t thing I really saw Clark confide in Lana everything that he confided in Chloe and later on with Lois. Even when Lois didn’t know his secret, he did talk to her about his problems with Lana and she was a shoulder to cry on and an ear for him.

Again looking back at the entire Clark and Lana relationship, he never was truly happy with Lana. Even when they were together, he wasn’t happy because he kept his secret from her and because of it they kept things from each other and just ended up hurting each other. Clark even cheated on Lana in season 5. He never cheated on Lois in season 9 and 10. When they were together in sea on 7, they weren’t really happy. Sure, it seemed at first that they were happy but that was very short-lived because Clark saw how corrupted Lana got with his powers and realized that she kept her revenge scheme from him and Lana cheated on him with Bizarro that definitely put a massive strain on their relationship. Plus, in all 8 seasons, Clark never does anything romantic for Lana. I have seen all 150 episodes that she is in and sure there was the aborted “romantic” dinner in the loft in season two where he was going to tell her his secret but it never happened and there is also that drive-in that he did for her birthday in season one but to her it wasn’t romantic but a gesture of friendship.

It is interesting that when Lana went away at the end of season 7, Clark started his new life that was for the better. He has embraced his abilities to help others rather than just friends and family and loves it. He wouldn’t have been able to do that if Lana was in his life. I mentioned earlier how Clark believed that Lana was holding him back and even though Lana was forced to say those things, Clark was right. If Lana was still around, he would still be on the farm and not be the hero the world needs him to be. With Lana gone, Clark didn’t need Lana to help him be the hero but Clark needs Lois to help him continue to be the hero and that this emphasized in season 9 from what I hear.

Infamous was the episode where I finally get it. The it being why Clark wouldn’t tell Lois his secret, why he was pushing her away and why he stood her up at the coffee shop.

But before I explain why I get it I want to get to what Infamous was about. Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) who has returned and wants to use Clark to mark her return to journalism. She wants to be the voice of the Red-Blue-Blur and pretty much blackmailing him because if he doesn’t she will reveal that he is an alien. Of course we all know that Lois is the voice of Superman in the comics so it is not a surprise to thwart Linda, Clark goes to Lois and ask her to write his story because he knows that she is the only reporter he wants to do it. And while at first, she thought he was joking, she ended up being one of his fiercest supporters.

Of course everything goes to hell and Clark has to turn back time. The greatest outcome of that is Chloe’s suggestion of forming a dual-identity where he can be the hero as the Blur but still live a normal human life as Clark Kent.

In the barn, before Clark turns back time, Lois said she has been down that hero road before (AC, Oliver) and turned and ran but with Clark it was different, she told him. I think it was because Lois was in love with Clark and actually believed in all the good work that he does as the Blur.

And because Clark told Lois that he wasn’t going to tell her his secret once he resets time, Lois believes it is because Clark doesn’t think she is special enough to him to tell her his secret. But Clark disagrees and says it is because Lois is special that she won’t tell her. When I first saw this episode I didn’t get it but after watching all episodes before this one, I finally get what he meant.

Clark didn’t want to tell her his secret because he still believes that everyone that knows his secret either leaves him, dies or gets hurt and he cares about Lois so much that he doesn’t want that to happen to her. But I have to say that in this episode, Clark willingly told Lois his secret and never has done that before because everyone else that knows his secret find out about it. His parents find him emerging from a space ship, Pete finds his space ship, Chloe sees Clark catching a car then speeding away, Lana sees Clark rip open a door and then speed away. All these people find out about it and this  forces Clark to tell them his secret (well not in the case of his parents -they actually have to tell him who he really is) but it is Lois that he wants to tell his secret but of course he turns back time and him willingly wanting to tell his secret won’t happen until season 10.

It is too bad that Clark reset time before Lois had a chance to tell him that Davis was Doomsday.

Even after knowing that Lois would react positively to him being an alien and the Blur, Clark still didn’t want to tell her again because of what I mentioned above.

I also wanted to note that at the beginning of the episode saw Lois coming back from Star City in pouring rain and Lois complaining to Clark how he didn’t pick her up from the airport when he said he would. Lois said why should she expect to be on top of her priority list and sure at that moment, she isn’t but in a year or so time, he declares to that sheriff in Harvest that Lois is the most important thing in his life.

The one thing that he corrects is he does pick up Lois from the airport which leads to Lois asking Clark sort of out for a coffee date so they could talk about their almost kiss at Chloe’s wedding.

Lois shows up and I loved how the song Dreamer played over this scene. When Clark texts to say he can’t make it, you can see that Lois is sad that she got stood up and starts to think that maybe Clark really doesn’t like her that way at all. To save face, she says she couldn’t make it either and Clark is surprised at that lie considering that he is watching her. He wanted to show up at their coffee date but yet, he doesn’t go over to her and he feels that he knows that something is happening between him and Lois that is beyond friendship but he wants to keep his distance from Lois so he wouldn’t get hurt because it does seem that everyone he was ever cared about leaves him and I guess he couldn’t bear for that to be Lois. He didn’t want to get hurt and he didn’t want Lois to get hurt. I think he rather have her in his life as a friend if he can’t have her in his life as a romantic interest than not have her in his life at all. This is what he fears – Lois leaving him.

Turbulence sees the return of Jimmy after a 5 episode absence. We last saw him when Doomsday crashed his wedding. Seems to be a common theme in Smallville. 2 years later a corrupted Oliver and the coming of Apokolips ruined Lois and Clark’s wedding.

Jimmy return was not a happy one. He sees Davis kill someone who then tricks him into believing that it is the drugs that are making him hallucinate. When Jimmy finds the body and knew he was right along, he confronts Davis and has Chloe come to see the monster that Davis is but instead Chloe tasters Jimmy to protect Davis and actually calms the beast within. Davis realizes this. I think Davis really loves Chloe and I think there is an amount of attraction there on her part. Put Chloe siding with Davis was the camel that broke the straws back. Jimmy is sick of Chloe always putting others before him. First Clark and now Davis. So I think their marriage is pretty much over and that is so sad because they were cute together.

On the other front, Clark is starting to embrace the dual identity thing and enjoys the fact that people are looking at the Blur as a symbol of hope. But Tess hints very heavily that she knows Clark’s secret and setting up that plane to crash (but Clark not really knowing that) almost confirms that he believes that Tess knows.

I loved Hex. It was a very funny episode and gave Erica Durance to really shine and show off her comedic chops. Her Chloe in Lois’ body (Chlois) was absolutely hilarious and even when she was Lois, she was funny at Chloe’s birthday party.

Being in Lois’ body does give Chloe some major insights. First off, she finds out how Clark really feels about her break-up with Jimmy and sees Jimmy’s side of things. He tells Chlois that it is hard to build a life with someone when they don’t believe in you. It is an interesting thing for him to say because in his wedding vows he talks about this he tells Lois that she has always believed in him and he believes in her and when you believe in someone it is not just for now or a moment but forever.

The other insight that Chloe gets is Clark’s feelings for Lois. She sees the banter that they have when he comments on Chlois wearing Chloe’s clothes which are obviously very tight and short on Lois’ tall frame. Another thing was the look that Clark gives Chlois when she falls off the sidewalk. When I first saw this episode and Chloe mentioned the puppy dog eyes (more on that later) later on, I didn’t see it but re-watching this episode I see it. You can totally see that Clark is in love with Lois. Chlois even says that Clark has never looked at her (meaning Chloe) that way before.

When Zatanna (Serinda Swan), who granted Chloe’s wish to be Lois because Chloe was jealous that Lois has the life that she wanted, meaning being a reporter at the Daily Planet and working alongside Clark, granted Clark’s wish just to be a normal reporter, that rooftop scene where Chlois was trying to convince Clark that he is a super-powered alien was hilarious. Tom Welling and Erica Durance were just excellent in that scene.

It was also great to hear Erica spout all those lines about Clark’s secret because we won’t hear her do that again until season 10.

When Zatanna gets the spell book back so she can bring back to life her father, Clark needs to save the day and Chlois tells Clark that he believes in him and that helps the spell break and the Blur is back. This scene reflects the one we see in Collateral where Lois and Clark are trapped in a virtual world and the only way off is to leap off the Daily Planet roof. Clark was reluctant because he doesn’t believe that it would work or that he can fly but as soon as Lois says she believes in him, he takes that leap and goes. So in Hex, when Chlois says she believes in him, he takes that leap and stops Zatanna. I like to believe because those words were said in Lois’ body was the reason why Clark could do it. Lois makes Clark be able to do anything.

There are two deleted scenes in Hex that I want to talk about before I get to the rest of my thoughts on this episode. The first was between Chlois and Jimmy and it was a sweet scene of Chlois trying to see if there was hope for Chloe and Jimmy. The next one is when Lois comes back from Mexico and after finding out about the hex, tells Chloe she is following in her first steps and is the one that inspired her to be journalist and tries to convince her to come back to the Planet. It is too bad that these two scenes got cut.

When everything goes back to normal, Lois asks how long it took Clark to figure out that it was Chloe. I am actually not surprised that he couldn’t tell because Chloe and Lois are actually quite similar except Lois is way more bossy. They both speak in a similar fashion so I don’t blame Clark for not knowing.

I actually think it is sweet that Clark framed Lois’ rules of reporting and that Lois called him on liking her assertive flare (even though in the past he said that he couldn’t stand her because of that -maybe he was lying before). It did seem that Clark was jealous that Lois had a date and actually tried to claim her attention again by saying that if anything important came over the wire, he could call her. But she let him down by saying she didn’t want to get stood up again and also decided to put an end to any romantic tension that they had and just chalk up what they were feeling because they were thrown together at work and have to work together and sit across from each other and that is why sparks are there. She wants to keep their relationship strictly professional. It seems that Clark reluctantly agreed that it was a good rule and it else seemed that Lois didn’t believe what she just said. That scene right there I could just feel their chemistry.

There was a shout out to this episode in issue two of Guardian which is part of Smallville Season 11. Lois is drinking from a mug that says Bear Hug on it and in this episode, Jeff the intern, gave Chlois her coffee in a mug that says Bear Hug.

The most important thing to come out of this is that the JLA gains another member in Zatanna and Chloe found her calling as hero support and becomes Watchtower for the JLA

Also, after Chloe gets a glimpse of what it feels like to be Lois and after seeing the puppy dog eyes that Clark gives Lois, Chloe calls Clark on his feelings for Lois again but claiming that Clark is so afraid to fall in love again because the last time that he did, he got hurt and his heart broken so I think he decides to shut his heart from loving someone that way again. Clark turns the tables on her and says she is also talking about her and Jimmy. Chloe, in response, says that they can’t live in the past and live on what could have been and Clark agrees. It is almost like a suggestion that they should move on and find love again.

There are two things that I will say about Eternal. One is that Being Human US has allowed me to appreciate Sam Witwer in Smallville and he was good in this episode. And Eternal also had Clark wondering what it would have been like if the Luthor’s found him instead of the Kent’s. Well, he gets that wish in season 10’s Luthor.

I loved Stiletto. It was another episode where Erica Durance gets to shine and show her comedic chops. When she is Stiletto and Clark confronts her and says that she is Lois, she adopts this ridiculous British accent.

Of course Lois dresses up as Stiletto so she can get an interview with the Red Blue Blur and when Clark mentions that there is a reason why the Blur is avoiding reporters and what would she say to him, Lois said that she would listen that even heroes need a friend. I don’t think at this point Clark believes her. He knows that Lois wants a story and will stop at nothing to get it.

But when Clark gets into some trouble in retrieving Chloe’s laptop, which was stolen at the beginning of the episode and the reason why Lois became Stiletto as the guy who took it was part of a crime ring that operates out of the Ace of Clubs. It seems they are counterfeiting money and when Clark goes to the club and overhears their discovery of something on the computer, he swoops in and gets incapacitated because of the kryptonite that is laced in the money. The crooks also have Jimmy who unfortunately was taken because he took pictures of Lois as Stiletto. Lois finds Clark and Jimmy beaten up and Clark about to be shot and Lois crashes down to the rescue and just when it looks like all is well, Bruno Manheim (Dominic Zamprogna) is about to shoot Lois dead but Clark although weakened jumps in front of the bullet and gets shot. He obviously eventually is okay but Lois doesn’t know that and it is that one gesture that I think makes her fall in love with him more.

Their scenes together at the Daily Planet when it was all over was just awesome. Their banter and chemistry was off the charts. Both looked at each other with such warmth in their eyes and mutual respect and even love. Although earlier, Clark tells Chloe that romance is the last thing on his mind when some fans paired him (or The Blur) with Stiletto calling them Blur-etto. Chloe did mention that Clark thought he found his super-powered soul mate in Lana but since she’s been gone, Clark has never mentioned her once. Which is telling because, in the past, even when Clark and Lana weren’t together, he always confided into Chloe his feelings about Lana and his relationship with Lana. So this means that Lana is no longer on his mind 24/7.

But Stiletto is the episode where I can pinpoint the moment where Clark actually falls in love with Lois.

And that is the phone call that he shares with Lois at the end. Thinking that he is the Blur, Lois says that she doesn’t want to talk to him for a story, like he believed, but as a friend that he could talk to whenever he is lonely or a shoulder to cry on. Hearing that must have surprised Clark but I think that made him fall in love with her knowing that she just wanted to be there for him and doesn’t see him as a story to advance her career. Even after the conversation, he just has this huge smile on his face at seeing a new side of Lois.

During the phone call, Clark seems to love calling her Miss Lane and when she calls her a great journalist, there is a look of pride on his face. Clark Kent has fallen in love with Lois Lane.

I can see why Clark would fall in love with Lois. With her, he seems more relaxed and is able to joke around with her. There is no angst there at all, just fun. Plus, seeing how she is fiercely loyal to those she loves and seeing how it is more important to uncover the truth than get the story, make him realize that Lois shares the same ideals as him. It doesn’t hurt that Lois is gorgeous. Being at the Daily Planet and spending so much time with Lois, because he really hasn’t that much in the past, helps him see who she really is. Also, even though she doesn’t know that he is the Blur, Clark seeing how much she cares for him and helps pump his tires probably makes him fall deeper, which he does say to his mom in season 9. Also, Lois just sees Clark, the dorky farm boy that she just loves to torment that helps Clark feel normal because his demeanour around her is so different than when he is around Chloe or Lana. In Beast, Chloe sees Clark as the saviour of the world and why she is staying with Davis. Even Lana sees Clark as a hero and not as Clark. When Clark eventually knows his secret, she still treats him the same way and I think that is why Clark loves he so much.

More on Beast and the only other thing that I will say about it is there is a scene in the episode in the Talon basement where you have three of Chloe’s significant love interests in the same scene: ex-husband (Jimmy), tragic love interest (Davis) and future husband (Oliver).

The way that Clark wants to save Davis in Injustice reminds me of how Luke wants to save Darth Vader. Everyone tells Clark that he needs to kill Davis because he is a danger to the rest of the world and Chloe and according to Tess he is fated to kill him. Luke is supposed to kill Vader so he can truly be a Jedi. But Clark still sees good in Davis in his human side and the same is said about Vader.

Also in Injustice and in Beast, Oliver calls Tess the girl that got away and I thought that this was a bit of discontinuity. In season 7’s Siren and even season 6’s Justice, he made it sound like leaving Lois is the one thing that he has regretted making it sound like Lois was the one that got away but in season 8 that seems to be Tess.

The season finale of season 8, Doomsday, while action-packed, was more emotional as we said good bye to a beloved character but more on that later.

It seems that with Clark saving Chloe in Legion, it signed his death warrant. Clark finds out from Rokk that he will day the next day from his fight with Doomsday.

Still believing that there is good in Davis, he refuses Oliver’s suggestion to kill him. He will split Doomsday from Davis and bury Doomsday underground with the help of Dinah (Alaina Huffman) and Bart (Kyle Gallner).

Before his fight with Doomsday, Clark writes a letter as The Blur to the citizens of Metropolis saying that they are good people and has seen them be the hero and that what inspired him to help people and that he saying good bye and they don’t nee him for them to be heroes. He mentions something in the letter that it is not the mask that makes the hero. It is something he echoes later on in season 10’s Booster.

While he is writing the letter, Lois comes in and berates him for not looking for Chloe and things become tense between them. And when Lois’ back is turned from Clark’s, he slips away and calls Lois as the Blur. Their conversation shows that their connection has deepened and they care about each other.

There as a great scene where Jimmy breaks into Tess’ office and stumbles upon Lois. It was funny and missed their interactions this season.

Then we get an epic Tess/Lois catfight that was way better than Clark’s fight with Doomsday, which had the promise to be epic but was a dud.

Anyways, the result of the Tess/Lois smack down was Lois finding the Legion ring, touching and being sent to the future.

Eventually, Doomsday is split from Davis, which is where the disappointing fight comes. As Clark searches for Doomsday, he sees the phone booth that Lois was supposed to meet him at and she is no where to be found, and he shows great concern at that.

The tragedy of the episode is the death of Jimmy Olsen at the hands of a jealous Davis. And that sucks because just before Jimmy died, he finds out that Clark is the Blur and reunites with Chloe after giving her his wedding gift, which is Watchtower. Before Jimmy dies, he saves Chloe from the murderous hands of Davis/

One the disappointing plot twists of Smallville is that we discover that Jimmy isn’t Jimmy of the comic books but actually is Henry James Olsen the older brother of the Jimmy from the comics. We meet him briefly had Henry’s funeral and Chloe gives Jimmy his camera and says that maybe one day you will follow in his footsteps, which we all know that he does in season 10’s Finale Part 2 where he is played by Aaron Ashmore.

One of the things that Clark learned is that it is human side that makes him weak and holds him back from being a hero. He blames himself for Jimmy’s death and Lois’ disappearance (Clark looked heartbroken when he couldn’t find her). Clark believes that he gets too attached to people and lets his emotions guide his decisions. Chloe says it is human emotions that makes him a hero and Martha said something similar in season 6.

But Clark won’t be swayed, he knows that in order to be the hero that the world needs, he mistakenly believes that he has to be 100% Kryptonian 24/7 and no longer denying that he is an alien so he declares that Clark Kent is dead.

The biggest cliffhanger ending is the fact that Zod has emerged from that orb Tess has been keeping and he will be the big bad for season 9.

It should be noted that Doomsday is the only episode of the entire season where everyone in the opening credits has appeared.

Now I am onto season 9. It is the season that I have been waiting to see as it is truly the season where Clark and Lois become a couple. Now that Lana is gone for good and has been since episode 14 of season 8, Lois and Clark started make strides after this moment and I think I need season 9 to see Clark fall for Lois to cleanse my distaste of all the Clark/Lana crap of this season.

Plus, season 9 is the first season where Lois is in the majority of the episodes. Since she began on the show, Lois would only by in 12-13 episodes and when she isn’t in one, she is missed. And those on the show pointed out her absence like John Jones (Phil Morris) did in Prey when he asked Clark where his “mouthy cohort” was. But in season 9, Lois is in 18 episodes out of the 22.

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  1. LaNai Martin // August 6, 2013 at 7:53 am // Reply

    I really like your blogs about smallville. I agree with you about lana, I didn’t like the character or the actress that played the character. They could have let her go after the first season. I loved lois I was so mad when lana came back: keep up the good writings

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