Geeking it out at Fan Expo Vancouver

I am a geek. This should come to no surprise to my readers and to my friends and family. I let my geek flag fly proudly when I geek about Harry Potter, Star Wars and Smallville. So when I heard that Vancouver was going to have its version of Comic Con, I had to go.

I was hoping to meet some of the cast of Smallville, mostly Erica Durance but was disappointed that no one major from Smallville was present. But I did get to meet Aaron Douglas who appeared in season 1’s Obscura and season 7’s Traveler and Emilie Ullerup who played Catherine Grant in season 9’s Crossfire. I got to talk to both of them too for a length of time. Both were promoting their new film Till Death Do Us Part, a horror movie where a group of people on their joint Bachelor/Bacholerette party get picked off one by one.

Emilie Ullerup, played Catherine Grant in season 9’s Crossfire

Anyways, I got to ask Emilie’s feelings about not being asked back to be Cat Grant in season 10. She said she was disappointed and didn’t know the character was back until the first episode that Cat was in aired. She even mentioned that she had to even audition for Cat again in the CW pilot Arrow. I asked if Keri-Lynn Pratt had to audition as well and Emilie said that yeah she did. Unfortunately, both ladies did not get the part. This was something that I did not know about Arrow in that they are going to feature Cat Grant.

I noticed that one of the photos that she had was her in Smallville and the scene where Catherine meets Clark Kent on their blind date. I asked what it was like to work with him and she said that he was really a nice guy to work with and mentioned that they gave a pair of his shoes for her to wear during that scene and Emilie mentioned that she was swimming in them and asked that Tom could join her in them.

Me and Aaron Douglas aka Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica

I then talked to Aaron Douglas and knowing that he is Canuck fan, I asked him what he thought our chances were in winning Game 5. He said that he wasn’t sure and he isn’t quite confident in the guys despite the fact that Schneider was in net and Daniel Sedin is back. See I am not only a geek but a sports fan too.

I also asked him about whether or not he was disappointed that his CTV show The Bridge didn’t take off and he said he was and I asked even with CBS behind it. Aaron said that the Bridge was a very dark show and there were some episodes that were so dark that even CBS didn’t air them. He mentioned that he wasn’t surprised because CBS is an old persons network and I don’t disagree with that because I’ve been hearing that for years.

My podcast partner, Nadya, noticed a casual picture of the Final 5 Cylons together and asked where it was taken and Aaron said it was in Chicago, probably at a Comic-Con like convention there. I asked when did he find out that he was one of the Final Five and he said it was the day before filming and I asked how he felt to be one of the Final 5 and he said he didn’t like it and in fact none of the Final 5 liked that. We told him we thought it was a really great twist.

Since this was my first time ever at something like this I didn’t know what to expect. The first I didn’t expect was that many people were there. It was very crowded but I am sure if I was at Comic Con in San Diego that it would be 10 times as crowded. I also didn’t expect to have to pay for autographs and photo ops but I guess if everything was free there would be line-up galore.

So to get around this I actually used my front facing camera to take pictures of me with the celebs in the background. Here are some of the highlights.

Me and Lou Ferigno aka The Hulk

On the left is me and Lou Ferigno aka The Hulk.

Below is a selection of people that I had my “picture” taken with.

And then there is me with Kevin Sorbo aka Hercules.

Me and Kevin Sorbo aka Hercules

Me and Marina Sirtis aka Star Trek Next Generation’s Counsellor Troi

Then there is my with Marina Sirtis aka as Counsellor Troi on Star Trek Next Generation.

Of course I expected people to be dressed up in costume. I saw tons of Harry Potter people, people dressed up like characters from The Hunger Games, the Ghostbuters and saw some Game of Thrones people and of course Star Wars people. One of my favourites being the TIE Fighter.

I did attend a couple of Q&A’s. Saw parts of John Delancie’s one, he played Q on Star

John Delancie aka Q from Star Trek Next Generation at the Celebrity Autograph area

Next Generation and he said that one of his sons goes to UBC and that he doing more work on My Little Pony and that he preferred playing Q on Next Gen versus DS9 or Voyager and that when he was starting out acting like in high school, he got play a lot of roles in Shakespeare like Henry V in Henry V.

I attended Nicholas Brendon’s Q&A and he was very funny and his panel was peppered with colourful language. He answered a question that I had about the Buffy comics. Earlier, Nadya and I got to talk to the comic book artist of the Buffy

Me and Nicholas Brendon

comics and he was very nice guy and talked about how Joss Whedon is very involved in the comic.

Hopefully this will happen next year and if it does, I really hope for more Smallville presence. It does make me want to go to San Diego to experience this on that level and it would be a little bit more interesting because studios do use that forum to promote new stuff and so would love to be there for The Man of Steel.

Fan Expo Vancouver was a bit crowded to my liking but overall had a fun experience.

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