The one thing I don’t want to see happen in Smallville

As Smallville nears its 10-year run, I’ve been reading several blog posts about what fans want to see in the finale. The usuals include the return of Lex Luthor as played by Michael Rosenbaum and seeing Clark Kent in the Superman suit.

We already know that the former will happen. I too wish for the latter to happen and happen for more than two seconds of the finale.

However, some suggest that they also want Lois to forget that Clark and Superman/the Blur is the same person because that is how it is in Superman history.

To that I say, no way. I waited too long for Lois and Clark to get together just for them to be split up in the finale because that is how Superman is suppose to be. I say hogwash. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman handled her knowing Clark’s secret very well.

And yes we did get that triangle built for two thing happening for that show’s first season and a half but Smallville also had that.

Technically he wasn’t Superman yet but the Blur. We still had Lois oblivious to the fact that they were the same person and she did have feelings for the Blur and Clark as in the comics. Even in the comics today, Lois and Superman are married and she knows his full secret.

What I love what Smallville has done is that Clark is a better person with Lois knowing his secret. I love the fact that Lois is the one that helps him shape his Superman identity. All the episodes so far in season 10 have indicated that Lois will still know Clark is Superman well into the future.

Even if Lois’ mind were to get erased of this knowledge somehow in the final episodes, you know that Clark will just tell here anyways again because he sees that he is a stronger and better person with her knowing and believing in him. He even said in Luthor that he couldn’t live in a world where she didn’t love him. And if she forgot that he was Superman, he would get a Lois that would be Lois from when they first met one that was more annoyed with him than in love with him. I don’t think Clark would like that considering he is crazy in love with her.

I would truly be pissed if they made Lois forget. I waited too long for them to be together. And the way Clois is right now is just perfection for this romantic

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