Better late then never to get into Smallville

Smallville, the WB/CW TV show about a teenage Clark Kent before he became Superman has been on TV for 10 years and it is only now in its 10th and final season that I’ve become a devoted watcher.

It really is for one reason only and that is: Clois. The name that fans have given to Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

I have been a fan of Superman since watching Superman II and loving the relationship between Clark and Lois in the film.

I also was a huge fan of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where their relationship was front and center. I;ve been re-watching that show on DVD and realize that Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher’s Clark and Lois, while good, don’t hold a candle to what Tom Welling and Erica Durance bring to the roles.

But if I loved Superman so much, why wouldn’t have I been a devoted follower of Smallville when it first aired back in 2001? Well, I didn’t exactly know what to expect of Smallville when I first heard about it. I knew that it was about the teenage years of Clark Kent ala Superboy but that was it.

So I saw the pilot, enjoyed it but then the first season was all about the meteor freak of the week (one of whom was future Academy Award nominee Amy Adams) which thankfully the show abandoned for subsequent seasons. So that was reason one why I wasn’t a devoted follower of Smallville.

Another reason is the lack of Lois Lane for the first three seasons. They had Chloe Sullivan that I thought was the Lois Lane-type character so thought that was the show’s way of having Lois but not having her.

It also didn’t help that Smallville was on Thursdays for most of its run and it competed against Survivor, a show that I still enjoy watching to this day. Now that it has moved to Friday, it makes it much easier for me to watch it.

Then there was Clark’s pining over Lana Lang. Like all the WB shows before it, the producers wanted people to invest in that relationship; wanted fans to cheer for Clark to get together with Lana. I wasn’t buying it, I couldn’t stand Lana. How can I root for a relationship that I knew was ultimately going to fail because all Superman fans know that Clark’s heart truly belongs to Lois. Lana was truly a pointless character on the show. Fans got 8 seasons of Clark pining after Lana and have them be on and off again. While Clois fans only got two seasons of their romance.

Then in season four they decided to introduce Lois to the canvas. But even then I didn’t watch Smallville every week. I read somewhere that the producers had no intention of putting Lois and Clark together romantically because the film division of WB had some restrictions over the character due to the production of a future Superman film that eventually became Superman Returns.

So I didn’t want to watch a show where they had Lois but she wasn’t going to get together with Clark. But I have read that from season 4 to season 7, the producers subtly hinted at their future romance and it was only in Season 6 and beyond that we finally got more romantic action between Lois and Clark because Superman Returns had already hit theatres. I don’t want to imagine a Smallville where that movie never came out. I don’t think I could stand 10 years of Clark pining over Lana.

But thankfully Superman Returns did come out and season 8 we started getting Clois moments and to what has culminated to their current engagement in season 10.

I wished that I had seen every single episode of Smallville to truly see the relationship between Lois and Clark develop but am glad that I started getting into it now. More Clois please and also would it hurt to give us fans a wedding?

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2 Comments on Better late then never to get into Smallville

  1. I think you explained it exactly how I got into Smallville as well. Started out with the pilot, but didn’t get into it. Dropped back in when they introduced Lois Lane, but didn’t get into it because she wasn’t in it much, and he was always moody over Lana. Then I can’t remember why I started tuning in season 9, but a friend of mine watches and I think it was Absolute Justice that I tuned into, and saw that Lois & Clark were together, so I was instantly hooked. I too wish I had been watching all these years. But, I feel that I have been filled in enough with missed storylines that I will incredibly emotional on the finale day. I’ve been squeeing all season long. I”m a big supporter of these two. Was hooked on the 90s Lois&Clark and think I love this one even more. I don’t think there is a greater famous couple in the world. And both their individual personalities are strong, strong enough for people to look up to.

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