The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 6 “Finale” Recap

It is the finale of season 6. I think during Biscuit and Bars week, I predicted the final three to be Chi, Lauren and Kristi. I was 2/3 right and if Kristi’s showstopper didn’t fail, I think she would have been in the finale. But the final three we do have are all worthy of being here. If I were to predict right now who the winner is at the top of this recap, I would say Lauren as she is the hottest baker coming into the tent. But a good bake from Zoya and Chi could see either one of them win especially if Lauren falters anywhere.

Signature Bake

The Bake: Paris Brest – baker’s choice on flavours and fillings.

The Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

What I would bake: I thinking of doing a Nanaimo Bar Paris Brest. It would be a coconut choux with a vanilla custard and drizzle with chocolate.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts:  

I would never have thought of doing a savoury Paris-Brest so the sound of Lauren and Zoya’s are intriguing. I am liking Lauren’s more than Zoya’s only because I am not a spicy person at all. 

  • Chi: Childhood Memories Paris-Brest made with coconut sticky rice, spicy mango and mascarpone cream. Kyla loves the colours and Bruno liked the structure of the choux/ Bruno called Chi’s Paris-Brest tasty but Kyla noted the gelatin taste.
  • Lauren: Tjoe-Choux Stew-Choux made with Labneh mousse, eggplant stew and Za’atar pistachios. Bruno said the choux is thin and Kyla said the filling was overwhelming it. Bruno liked the eggplant stew and Kyla said she could eat the whole thing but wanted more choux.
  • Zoya: Hondwo Paris-Brest made with spicy vegetables, chickpea craquelin and lemon pickle. Bruno liked the craquelin and it hit all the spot. Kyla liked the pickle. 

After the signature. I think Zoya won that one with Chi a close second. 

Technical Bake

The Bake: Cassata Siciliana

The Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

How I would have fared: I have made the individual components before with no issue but together? It looks like a complicated bake and decorating has never been my strong suite. Also, cutting the trapezoid will be an issue. I hated

1st place in technical

geometry and I would fail at this. Candying the fruit will be a fail too. So I would say, I would probably come in last. 

How the bakers did:

  1. Chi
  2. Zoya
  3. Lauren

So with Lauren’s first place here means she has pulled ahead into the front runner position. So it all comes down to the Showstopper but I will say at this point, Chi is out of the running unless their showstopper is so outstanding and better than Lauren’s and Zoya’s.


The Bake: Garden Party Centerpiece – comprised of three bakes.

The Time: 4 and a half hours.

What I would bake: Chi and I have the same thought on doing a tower that honours our Asian heritage. I would do Chinese Mini swiss roll with mango buttercream, matcha almond cookies and egg tarts

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts: 

Lauren’s sounds so delicious that I would love to try it. 

  • Chi: Mid-Autumn Festival Tower made with Che Ba Mau tart, jackfruit jelly roll, spicy pineapple cake and taro mooncake. Kyla liked the colours but noted the pineapple cake is a bit under-baked. Bruno liked the mooncake. Kyla also noted the tart was under-baked but Bruno liked the red bean. Kyla liked the jackfruit roll. 
  • Lauren: Veggie Garden Party made with cornbread “dirt”, feta and jalapeno tart, hotteck, challah fence,  and eggplant Stroopwafel. Kyla loved the creativity and also the Stroopwafel. Bruno loved the tart and said her hotteck was baked beautifully. Kyla said she didn’t overwork the scones and likes the freshness of the yogurt. Kyla calls the whole thing impressive.
  • Zoya: Garden Wedding Arch made with Pandan chiffon cake with earl grey buttercream with mangosteen profiterole and Szechuan jalebis. Kyla called the cake stunning. Bruno wanted more bakes on the arch. Kyla liked the Szechuan. Bruno liked the contrast of flavours in the mangosteen but Kyla said it could have used a bit more time in the oven. Kyla liked the contrasting colours in the Pandan cake and Bruno called it refreshing. 

Season 6 Winner

Up for Star Baker/Winner of Season 6: No one was mentioned

Star Baker/Winner of Season 6: Lauren

Quick Thoughts: So I called it. So happy that Lauren won. She totally deserved. Lauren just kept on getting better as the season wore on and bonus that she is from Tsawwassen! I got a bit teary-eyed when she won.

Season 6 was a good season. All the bakers were great and came up with interesting flavour combinations and were so creative. A lot of the technical bakes this season I want to try and make so can’t wait to start on that soon. I am hoping there is a season 7 and I am going to try again and get on this show. You know what they say fourth times the charm.

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