Disney Legend Ming-Na Wen Graces the Fan Expo Vancouver Stage

Ming-Na Wen spent two years living in Vancouver when she was filming “Stargate Universe” and she returns to the city again as part of Fan Expo Vancouver 2022.

Sporting a “Book of Boba Fett” t-shirt gifted to her by her husband, Wen talked about her varied career, Asian representation, what it is like being a Disney Legend and also shares some Star Wars stories especially around the creating of Fennec Shand.

On being named a Disney Legend, Wen calls it a crazy that such a title was being bestowed upon her.

Wen also said that she really loved her cameo in the live-action version of Mulan as it allowed her to pass the baton to Liu Yifei.

In addition to being a Disney Legend, Wen is also getting a star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame.

As for Asian representation, Wen said growing up in white suburbia that she felt not part of the larger community and wanted push away from her culture. But now she tells fellow Asians out there to love who you aren and embrace being Asian. Wen added that she calls her mom her idol

As for her being the Star Wars universe, Wen was a huge Star Wars fan growing up and she is an example of anything is possible if you go after your dreams and manifesting your own destiny.

As for being in The Book of Boba Fett? Wen still can’t believe that she gets to work with Boba Fett and calls Temura Morrison “the bomb” and that she was at first petrified to work with him because he was Boba Fett and that he was acting so seriously to jokingly intimate her.

Wen added that “Tem makes Bob more human and grounded.”

As for developing the character of Fennec Shand, Wen said the most amazing part of creating a character was the opportunity to work with all the departments like hair and make up as well as costume that help the character come to life.

The orange in Fennec’s costume is something that spoke to Wen as the colour was significant to her. She noted that Fennec name references Fennec foxes, who are orange and the animal inspired the character’s hairstyle. Wen said it was her idea to have ears in Fennec’s braids and that the braids became a tail, which just made her the assassin fans know and love.

“It was such a treat to create character, the name, the costume and the silhouette [of Fennec],” she added.

When asked what it was like filming scenes in the volume versus green screen, Wen said that “when you are in it, you are in it”. Wen explained that the scene where Boba and Fennec took back his ship, in the volume, the ship was really there as oppose to using green screen where you have to imagine it being there.

As for Grogu, Wen jokingly referred to him being a diva that has an entourage around him. All jokes aside, Wen said when the four puppeteers bring Grogu to life and he starts to move, he is alive and she found it was hard to be Fennec in her scenes with him. “When the cameras roll, I just want to pinch his cheeks,” she said and added that Grogu is even cuter in real-life.

When asked to compare Fennec to her other iconic role as Melinda May/The Cavalry in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Wen noted that May could be maternal whereas Fennec is not and makes selfish decisions and she really wants to see where her character evolves from there.

What would a Fennec Shand stand alone show look like to Wen? She doesn’t know but right now she is thrilled to be in The Book of Boba Fett and just loves being Fennec Shand and being in an ensemble.



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