The Great Canadian Baking Show Season 5 “Pies and Tart Week” Recap

It is “Pie and Tart Week” and we are down to six bakers. Do Steve, Vincent and Aimee have pastry in their veins or is this the week where they can’t roll with the punches. Let’s find out.

Signature Bake

The Bake: A provincial pie – a pie from a particular province. A sweet pie that you hold near a dear.

The Time: 2 hours

What I would bake: A Nanaimo Bar pie – of course this would be from my home province of British Columbia. 

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts: 

None of these really appealed to me except for maybe Aimee but just barely 

  • Stephen: Prairie Berry Pie made with Saskatoon berries and almond paste. Kyla noticed the pie wasn’t quite baked and Bruno said the pie was soupy.
  • Aimee: Peaches and Cream Tart made with macerated raspberries, pastry cream, and poached peaches. Kyla loved the peach and Bruno noted the nice bake. Kya liked the balance of sweetness ad Bruno could have eaten the whole pie.
  • Dougal: Summer on the East Coast Pie made with mixed berries and a pastry sun. Kyla wanted him to take the pie out of the baking sheet and Bruno said the pastry was under-baked.
  • Amanda: Mile High PEI Lemon Pie made with lemon zest and piped meringue. Kyla called the meringue gorgeous and has a perfect bake. Bruno liked the contrast of sweet with the tartness of the lemon.
  • Steve: Top of Superior Pie made with over roasted pecans and topped with a pastry lighthouse. Bruno was distracted by the colouring and said it could have used more eggs but Kyla liked the mix of brown sugar and maple..
  • Vincent: Blueberry-Lime Trillium Pie made with a lard pastry crust. Kyla liked the detailing but Bruno thought the colouring wasn’t necessary Bruno loves the blueberry-lime flavour.

Technical Bake: 14 Portuguese custard tarts

The Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

How I would have fared:

Years ago I took a Chinese pastry class and these were one of the recipes that came with the course. I’ve made these before but used pre-made tarts but I think I would do well with this even if I have to make the tarts from scratch. I have also eaten a ton of these too. For these, I might use my muffin tins or if I can find individual tart shells then I will use those. 

I think this will be something I will attempt during my vacation next month along with the pineapple buns and the lammingtons. 

1st Place

How the bakers did:

  1. Amanda
  2. Aimee
  3. Vincent
  4. Stephen
  5. Dougal
  6. Steve


The Bake: Hand Raised Pie – two tiered  -two pies and two flavours and two layers of filling

Thanksgiving Dinner Pie made with a hot water crust

The Time: 4 and half hours

What I would bake: A Thanksgiving dinner pie. I used my Thanksgiving dinner to make a pie and I used a hot water crust. But I left it in its mold. The other would leek and potato gruyere pie

The pies I want to try are Aimee’s, Amanda’s, Steve’s and the savory pie of Dougal’s.

What the contestants baked and judges thoughts: 

  • Stephen: Peruvian and Pork Pies with one made with pork, apple and fennel and the other with a Peruvian empanada filling. Bruno called the pork pie a bit dry and his other pie was salty.
  • Aimee: Pasta Dinner Pies. One pie is chicken and sundried tomato and the other is a sausage, mushroom and broccoli rabe. Kyla said the chicken one had the layers collapsing on each other and Bruno said it could use more salt. The other one, Kyla said was a bit bitter.
  • Dougal: Hold the Meat Pies. One is made with cherries and peaches and the other is a potato and spinach pie. Bruno noted that both pies and overbaked and Kyla said the fruit one was leaking. Bruno liked the potato one but could use some cream.
  • Amanda: Maritime Fast Food Pies. One is made with East Coast Donair and the other is a PEI fries with the works. Kyla liked the layers on the bigger pie calling it succulent. Bruno said he could taste the red peppers in the Donair pie.
  • Steve: Deli and Diner Pies where one is a turkey dinner pie and the other is a Montreal Smoked Meat pie. For the turkey pie, Bruno called it dry and could have used some gravy. Bruno liked the Montreal Smoked Meat. Kyla noted that his pastry was think.
  • Star Baker

    Vincent: All in the Family Pies. One made with green curry chicken and the other is a oxtail stew. Bruno liked the curry and the sweetness. Bruno liked the oxtail stew too and Kyla said he made his mom proud

Up for Star Baker: Amanda, Aimee, Vincent

In danger of going home:  Stephen, Dougal

Star Baker: Vincent

Going Home: Dougal

We say goodbye to Dougal

Quick Thoughts:  Last week, I predicted that Dougal would go home next and I wasn’t wrong. Dougal has really shone week after week. On the other hand, Amanda is starting to climb and I predict that she will make it to the semi-finals but fall short to making it to the finals. Aimee and Steve stumbled a bit but not enough that it hurt their standings. Next week is “Caramel Week” and I think The Great British Baking Show did this in season 8. My prediction as to who goes home next week: Stephen.

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