Saving Hope Series Finale “Hope Never Dies” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

If you wanted the series to end with Charlie and Alex getting married then you got your wish. If you wished for them to live happily ever after, then depending on your point of view, they did.

As far as series finales go, this definitely was a tear-jerker that I didn’t think I was going to cry but there were two moments that the tears were flowing. I am sure it was the same for most of you.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

But before we get to the tears, lets start off with some happiness. We open the episode with Charlie and Alex making impromptu wedding rings out of some surgical tubing. We then see Charlie with Luke in the hospital chapel on the cusp of matrimony. At this point we don’t see the ceremony but we know they are married as Charlie, Alex and Luke are on their way up north to start their honeymoon.

However, they are waylaid by Zach who calls them asking them to help out at a scene of an accident until ambulances can come. The two don’t hesitate when they hear it is van filled with kids in a choir.

When Alex and Charlie arrive at the scene, Charlie gets out to tend to the victims while Alex stays in the car to stay with Luke.

Charlie first helps the teacher, Ryan Hines, out of the van then tends to Joe, who has a broken leg. Alex has to spring into action when a young woman, Michelle, collapses with something impaled in her abdomen. While Alex is tending to Michelle, Ryan makes his way over and he collapses. Alex switches to Ryan when she notices gasoline leaking out of the van and flames nearby. Alex yells for Charlie to leave the area ASAP. As smokes starts to envelope the van, Alex is relieved to see Charlie make it out with Joe to safety.

The ambulance and fire crews arrive. Charlie and Alex return to their car and tell Luke they are on their way to Bali. Unfortunately, as Charlie pulls out, he gets hit by a car.

Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Meanwhile at Hope Zion, people are starting to pour into the ER and Zach kicking non-emergency patients out. When the choir van starts to roll in, Dana tries to get Billy to help out with Michelle but he freezes so she turns to another doctor. Zach checks out Ryan but he collapses and Dawn is called in immediately as it is cardiac related.

Also, if you recall, Jackson was in the OR to give part of his liver to Randy but Jeremy had to stop the surgery as Jackson was having an allergic reaction to the anesthetic. Turns out Jackson is fine and in fact springs into action helping Zach out in the ER.

Also coming into Hope Zion is Alex, we see Charlie jump out of the ambulance to tell Dana what is wrong with her but the EMT tells Dana the same thing. Dana then asks where are the others and the EMT says they are coming. We then realize that all three: Charlie, Alex and Luke were seriously injured in the car accident. We see Charlie turn into his tux wearing spirit as we see his body being wheeled in along with Luke. Shahir and Dev handle Charlie’s brain injury while Jeremy handles Luke.

Alex is fine but learns that Charlie and Luke are in the OR. Against Dawn’s better judgement, she lets Alex go to Luke and Dana lets her observe the surgery. Jeremy works on repairing Luke’s spleen and liver and it is a success. Luke is going to be okay.

During Charlie’s surgery, it is bad news. There is too much bleeding and swelling in Charlie’s brain for Shahir to stop and is about to give up but Charlie’s spirit encourages him to go on and save him.

Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza

Unfortunately, Shahir has to give Alex the bad news that Charlie is in a coma. Alex sits by Charlie’s bedside as Shahir administers a series of tests for brain activity. During one of these tests, Charlie is all of a sudden in a hospital gown and in a knee brace being seeing by an orthopedic surgeon. The young woman tells Charlie how she is nervous about giving the best man speech at her brother’s wedding and asks if he has a son. Charlie mentions he has a two-year old son so this woman asks what would he say at his son’s wedding as she doesn’t have a father. It is at that point and the fact the actress cast to play this doctor looks remarkably like Erica Durance that I realize this is their daughter. Anyways, Charlie does give the speech and it is lovely about hope and trusting in the love between two people. When Charlie asks for the doctors name, she says her name is Charlotte Harris and was named after her father.

We are back to the present and the tests aren’t looking good. When Alex notes that Charlie’s hand starts to move, Shahir gets a glimmer of hope that is quickly dashed. Shahir tells Alex that Charlie is brain dead.

Back in the ER, Zach rummaged around Ryan’s things and found drugs. Earlier, Dawn and Zach were at a lost at how a 38-year old could have a heart attack with drugs being a possibility. Dawn isn’t happy that Zach was going through a patient’s belongings without their permission and believes he was looking for someone to blame for the accident that killed Charlie. Zach agrees that he was looking for someone to blame but that he blames himself because if he hadn’t called Charlie and Alex they would be fine. We do learn the truth, thanks to Billy, in that the drugs belonged to Joe and that Ryan found them and took it away to protect him. Joe blames himself but Zach tells him no one is to blame.

We then see Charlie going through the hallways of Hope Zion and chasing after Charlotte. We then see Charlotte meeting a very grown up Luke. The two of them have arrived at Hope Zion to say goodbye to their mom, Alex, who has grown into an elderly lady. The two Harris’ siblings admire their mother’s spirit thinking that she was immortal. Fun Fact: Paul Popowich, who played the older Luke, was in a TV movie with Erica Durance back in 2007 called I Me Wed and he played her love interest.

At the ICU, Alex is crying over Charlie when we see spirit Charlie touch her pregnant belly and Alex touches his hand, Charlie realizes that Alex can see him and queue waterworks #1. Charlie tells Alex that he has seen the future and everything is going to be fine with her and their children. I am not doing this part justice but trust me I was crying me eyes out. After one last kiss, Charlie’s spirit disappears.

Later at the chapel, Dana goes to comfort Alex. Alex tells Dana that she and Charlie were not cursed but blessed as they had 5 years together and two wonderful children.

Everyone at Hope Zion is grieving this loss and Alex asks Dawn for one final favour for Charlie. Alex gathers the surgeons at Hope Zion to organize which of Charlie’s organs goes to who. Part of Charlie’s liver goes to Randy, the other part goes to Michelle. Charlie’s kidneys goes to a Doctor Paul. Alex has a difficult time when talking about Charlie’s heart but manages to say it goes to Ryan.

As we see Charlie’s body getting wheeled into surgery, we see the staff of Hope Zion say farewell.

Sometime later, the Hope Zion family have gathered at Alex’s and Charlie’s for his funeral. After Jeremy makes Alex a smoothie, he finds her hiding in the bathroom. Jeremy tells Alex it is okay to grieve and tells her that everyone is here for her.

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

When Alex emerges, we intercut with her and Charlie’s wedding ceremony. We see Alex give beautiful wedding vows.

And we each see our Hope Zion family (which includes Jonathan and Shahir with their little baby girl) say goodbye to Alex until we just get her and Luke.

Luke is painting on the floor when he spills a paint bottle. Alex tells her son that it is okay and joins him on the floor and paints with him. Alex then proceeds to draw a heart on the floor.

We then are on the beach, with the waves coming in. Charlie is drawing hearts (and we see later it is many hearts) in the sand when he sees Alex all beautiful in white approach him. Charlie thinks it is too soon for Alex to be there with him and wonders about the kids. Alex assures Charlie that the kids are alright and that 50 years have passed and she is ready to be with him. Charlie feels like he just left Alex and the two kiss, finally together forever and I start crying again.

So what do you think about how Saving Hope ended? I think it could not have ended any other way. It was a nice way to end with just the two of them and their love. The heart of this show has always been the Charlie and Alex love story and it is fitting that the show ends with those two finally happy.


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  1. ADRIANA DINIZ SILVA // August 4, 2017 at 6:39 am // Reply

    I rally loved the show and how it ends. It was beautiful and emocional as it should be and had a properly clousure.
    But it wasn’t by far dia best or the most emotional ep.There were bater, like the Christimas one with a little boy waiting for his mom.

    • The only thing more ridiculous then that ending ( Charlie dying, again )was letting a two year old play with paints all over the floor —- give me a break ! “Hope” doesn’t always have to be accompanied by disastrous — it’s a challenge even in the mundane to stay loving & faithful. That ending was a cheap , unimaginative cop out.

      • After finally watching it with my girlfriend tonight i was left feeling unsure but she connected all the dots. Charlie was meant to die in that first episode, if not then, definitely while he was in his first coma. Charlie with the help off the people who cared for him and his love for Alex cheated death. He was suppose to die but he didn’t which, using Alex’s words “he had a foot in both worlds.” This is why he could see and talk to the dead, because basically half of him was dead, he should of never survive that first car crash and as he was fading out his friends and his love yanked him back to life, leaving him between both worlds. This explains the “curse” around not Alex but Charlie. He cheated death so death was after him. With charlie surviving and not dying, the balance was off, the only way to balance the scale again was for charlie to die. Another example to this is when charlie is about to die and he see the cop that shot the child and then finally killed himself. The cop was basically telling him it was over and that he needed to follow him, but again Charlie’s need to create a life with Alex and the hard work of the people who care for him, made him cheat death again. Also, at the end of the final episode we final understand what the visions of charlie drawing a heart in the sand are about, This is what waits for charlie after the light. We have seen this many times and it was always a mystery but now it makes sense. Charlie kept seeing this because again, charlie was a dead man walking. He was basically seeing he own death because he survived when he should of died.

        This whole series is about a man who doesn’t die when he should of because of his love for a women and the love for him by others. He then has a side effect from this and uses it to save more lifes and help people, Including helping him start a family with the love of his life and by helping many of his co workers. However, while this is going on the universe isn’t balanced and death is after him to make it right but in the end death finally wins or does it. Charlie cheated death long enough to start a family with Alex, Show Alex he truly cares and loves her and help so so so many people. In the end His children turned out great and he was finally with the love of his life, probably forever.

      • JANICE ERVIN // August 10, 2017 at 8:04 pm //

        It ended good, but why did it end?


      • Carol Joy DePallo // August 9, 2017 at 5:12 am //

        I couldn’t agree more. This show has gone way, way downhill ever since they killed off Joel. Nothing but a disaster for every single character. This turned out to be one of the worst series. I am so disappointed because 2 years ago, this show was Awesome! The writers lost any talent they may have had. 😦 Bummer

      • Michael wrote the whole story line. The show went from running the story line twice a week to just on Tuesdays. There weren’t too many people watching the show, so he derided to end it. They will be missed. At least we got to see the kids all grown up.

    • Truly have enjoyed “Saving Hope”

    • Fran Kirkendoll // August 9, 2017 at 2:52 pm // Reply

      I love Saving Hope , so sad that it’s over. There is so many stupid shows, why is this one over. I have to admit I cried and cried. When today I told husband about last nights show, I cried again. 😥

    • An incredible entertaining show!! My husband and I could hardly wait for each episode. The actors (all of them) were superb along with the writers! Congrats in making Hope Zion a part of my family. I had no idea this was the finale so we were taken by surprise and not a dry eye in the room. Thank you for a great ending to a beautiful love story!! We will miss you all but a special shout out to Charlie’s character for giving hope to those who have encountered and will encounter trauma as in the show. I have and believe their is truth in Charlie’s world. You will be missed. Hope you get all get an Emmy 🙂

      • Terri Goolsby // June 13, 2019 at 1:58 pm //

        Loved the ending but I would of liked to see more of Charlie with Alex, with the kids somehow..

    • Jill Elaine Dir // August 11, 2017 at 7:25 pm // Reply

      I love this show and look forward to watching it every Tuesday and Friday. I am sooooo sad it is not on anymore. Really upsats me. Alex and Charlie really show the love in there faces and voices for each other and gives me hope that love exist. All the actors on this show are awesome and I really can’t come to terms that it is over. Please, please, please bring it back. This show has such good meaning and caring. Congrats to all of these actors in this show. You all Rock. Big mistake to take this off the air.

    • I loved the show. It hurt me so bad to see Charilie die after him and Alex got back togethe. I looked forward to watching it every Tuesday. Now I don’t have a good show to watch anymore. Please please bring it back.

    • I Loved the ending because I believe that’s how it will be when we die years will seem like yesterday.

  2. Usually series finales leave me wanting more or pissed off in some way – this was perfect – wrapped everything up sweetly and didn’t leave any loops open. Bravo!

  3. Great recap Vanessa – I was definitely crying too! But agree that it was a perfect way to wrap up the show!

  4. Mary C Gilman // August 4, 2017 at 11:34 am // Reply

    I did not enjoy the finale at all, l was crying and very sad!!! l turned it off on the last 5 mins. I have watched the series from the beginning and have enjoyed the story line. Too bad you had to end it so sadly.

  5. Gayle Lester // August 4, 2017 at 1:21 pm // Reply

    Cried my eyes out it was beatifully played out and a definite end. No reprise it ended as it should on a sad but in its own way a happy end. Thanks Saving Hope for 5 good seasons

  6. Very disappointed. Why not call it Sixth Sense II? I HATED this ending. I have watched from the beginning but Season 5 was rushed and not very well done. Could have been so much better.

  7. I loved the show and felt like the ending took everything away. I don’t watch tv for heartache, I wanted to see them happy in life. I am so disappointed.

  8. I loved the show and felt like the ending took everything away. I don’t watch tv for heartache, I wanted to see them happy in life. I am so disappointed.

  9. I loved the show and HATE that it ended. There is do much trash on TV. I don’t understand why producers keep ending wonderful shows like this.

    • I agree what a bad ending everybody leafs and then this

    • I agree. I watched this show for the good feelings it gave me. If I wanted sadness I would watch the news. I would rather have had them drive into the sunset married and happy to spend the next 50 years together!

  10. Just reading about the ending had me crying. I am really going to miss Saving Hope. Wish it could have kept going. I will see ending Tuesday on ION.

    • Thank you. As I was writing the recap and remembering the scenes, I started crying again.

      • N.Montague // August 8, 2017 at 10:17 pm //

        I hated the ending. I loved the show. It feels like someone had to rip away the enjoyment I had gotten from it.

      • Vanessa, kudos on your recap of the entire series which many
        of us LOVED and eagerly waited for each new episode.
        I’ll be the sucker who admits she loved LOVE STORIES and
        Some of the medical series on TV. It was impossible to not
        root for Charlie and Alex and want the best of everything
        for them. My only disappointment with the author(s) was
        TOO MANY CAR ACCODENTS. Isn’t this how the show started…with Charlie and Alex being in an accident and the
        Charlie roaming the hallways of the hospital running into and
        helping his ghost pals, tux and all, for months. But that’s what
        made the show fun! Well, until the grand finale with the happy
        couple being split for their earthly life together by yet ANOTHER CAR ACCIDENT! The end could and should have ended by another type of tragedy. Oh well it doesn’t matter any more…IT’S OVER….sadly. I agree with someone else on here that stated there are so many CRAP shows on TV, why cancel
        A good one??? Senseless. If there’s too many medical shows, Grays Anatomy has long lived their time to be GONE! My Dreamy, McSteamy and Sandra Oh were the most favorite characters. Ellen P can’t pull this off by herself and the other
        main characters have gone way downhill.
        So with heavy heart I say “till we meet again” CHARLIE YOU HUNK and ALEX. ❤️😂❤️

  11. Ann Wallace // August 4, 2017 at 5:52 pm // Reply

    The heart of the show has always been Charlie and Alex. I hate they had to get their ending this way. But they are together and that’s all that matter. I am sad, he didn’t get more time with his kids. Saving Hope was a great show and Thank You Vanessa for the best recaps I have ever read.

  12. Dixie Morrow // August 4, 2017 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    I would rather watch them build a future with their kids….. I LOVE this show, I wanted to cry when I found out that you were not doing anymore show, just wanted to cry, I have watched this show from the beginning, wish you would change your mind on cancelling the show, 😭😭😭

    • chick20112011 // August 9, 2017 at 12:22 am // Reply

      I would rather have had the ending knowing that Alex didn’t have to spend 50 years without Charlie. I wish he had been saved, fast forward through the life they had together and end with them being reunited after their two natural deaths.

  13. I must of missed it somehow but was there ever an episode that told conclusively weather Luke was Charlie’s or Joel’s ?

    • No there never was. In the season 4 premiere, they were going to do a paternity test but the two decided not t

    • Sorry didn’t finish the comment. Charlie and Alex decided not to and that Charlie is Luke’s father and didn’t matter what a test told

    • No, there never was. I waited and waited and then with the last show, wanted Charlie to KNOW he was Luke’s biological father.
      It didn’t matter to him or to Alex, but come on…sooner or later, they would have wanted or NEEDED to know the truth.
      Joel’s death was sad and heroic.

    • No there was. I forget what episode but i remeber think, boom they just comfirmed it

      • No. They never did. At the end of one episode Charlie was looking into paternity tests but never followed up with it

  14. They should have asked Daniel Gillies to play future-Luke 😛

  15. @charlise74=yes but can’t remember season nor episode lol. Sure someone will help ya. Won’t tell ya who’s daddy in case you want to see episode.
    And people, for the love of drama, the facts detailing this show and that ED filmed several seasons pregnant (who really does that but a dedicated actor) you should welcome how they ended the show. The context for the series was about always love through helping people. Ex. Stopping to help at the accident scene (thought ED was going to give birth right there lol), Charlie in the end via organ transplants to 3 people. And unconditional love always being tested in every episode! Their unconditional love was depicted as timeless, endless, forever. Modern day translation of ancient Greek drama. So glad they didn’t do a slow series death that went on too many seasons. Be very happy and content you have emotions that are real and work in this day and age and of course this leaves you longing for more of this show. You were and are never alone! A sincere best wishes to all the actors of the show and everyone, everywhere!

    • Wow…didn’t think I had missed any episodes but apparently I did. Do you perchance know which season and episode
      that cleared up this mystery? No, you’re right…No spoiler
      alerts for those of us who missed it. Thanks for any help
      you can provide 🙃

    • Nope, watch it again. No paternity test was ever done. you don’t know who the father is since they don’t reveal it. As for how it ended, people have the right to feel however they feel.

  16. @charlise74…Now that you have been somewhat clued in I believe there was many subliminal messages done on purpose in that episode about who the father is/was. Yikes, each father tragically dying could be another message that both father’s….????? I’m going to review some episodes including that one.
    For now try to stream that episode and go to this link and read the article and comments.

    @Vanessa…Many Thanks for sharing all!!!

  17. The writers did a superb job wrapping up the series, gladly not all in the final episode. Maggie’s path was resolved a few episodes back. Dawn’s was put in her place by finding out that she was not the first choice for replacing Charlie as chief at the end and she got to connect with Zach’s kids. We didn’t get many details on how Shahir resolved the differences he was having with his beau, but that is fine as I thought it bordered on too much time on that thread. Cassie went off to NYC for the position she wanted (although, too much time may have been spent on the upcoming doctors.) Maybe a little more attention was paid to the other characters to reduce the work load for pregnant ED. Oh, and Dana focused her desire and will (hopefully) get the burn unit.

    Interesting that Alex talked about the five extra years they got together. How many of those five were they actually together? Joel Goran was in there for a while. Then more recently she was busy riding her motorcycle with Dr. Palmer before he headed off for another job.

    Superb wrap up though to a very special series. Definitely sorry to see it end – would have enjoyed watching it for another couple of years!

  18. I would have liked to see Charlie and Alex finally be happy and have no more drama…:(

    • Carol Joy DePallo // August 9, 2017 at 5:18 am // Reply

      yeah That’s another thing. For Miss Alex to be so in love with Charlie, she sure got around with many other men during this so called 5 years. Really? I thought her to be acting rather slutty, not really in love with Charlie at all. Very poorly written show….Sorely Disappointed

      • yes but thats exactly why the ending was perfect and everything. So above i explained the whole meaning of this show, (My GF’s theory anyway). One of the reasons charlie cheated death was his love for Alex and to start a family. If charlie had died on the table in the season then there is no doubt Alex would be with other men and making families with them. The reason why charlie didnt fight as hard as the other times to stay alive this final episode was because charlie saw that Alex now truly loves him (she was still wearing the ring and the ring they made at the hospital when alex was dying) and that he knows she knows that charlie truly loves him. Again if charlie died in the first season, alex would of not shown up at the beach, where charlie was waiting.

  19. KathyK-inTO // August 6, 2017 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    I LOVED the finale & think this show was wrapped up beautifully.
    Having watched since the start, I say
    Saving Hope was
    Very Well Done!
    All The Best, On Future Endeavours !!!

  20. I live in New York so haven’t seen the final episode. I watch the show at 1:00 in the morning every week. I am so sad that this is the last episode. These characters had such great chemistry together, all of them. It was like one big family. I will miss the show very much and hope to see some of the actors on other shows in the near future.

  21. I really wish that they had not ended it this way, It was so not necessary to kill Charlie off- the show could have very easily ended happily. Already sad that the show ended- but this… this was just not necessary. It was well done and all because this cast of characters was SO good- but this was just a terrible way to end this series. Terrible,

  22. Cathy Proffitt // August 7, 2017 at 9:56 pm // Reply

    I had to wait until tonight to watch it on Amazon Firestick. When I saw the title, I thought finally they would have a happy life if even for a short time. I loved this show from the beginning and heartbroken that from now on I’ll have to watch reruns. Even if Charlie had to become a spirit roaming the halls of the hospital, I would have enjoyed it. But dissecting him was the final end to his spirit. So sad they couldn’t find a way to continue the story line but that’s tv. It’s not about the faithful viewers, unfortunately. 😰

  23. The ending, although sad, was exceptionally beautiful in every way.

  24. The series couldn’t have ended any other way. Sad, but at least nothing is left unresolved.
    Only criticism I have is that it was way too similar to the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Derek Sheppard died – helping out at an accident scene, potential death at the accident scene, involved in a collision leaving the accident scene, the voice over narration by the dying person etc etc. The writers could have tried to be a little more original.

  25. This ending was horrible!! Damn the writers for doing this!!!! I loved this show, but now I wish it had never come on the air. This was terribly unfair to the fans of this show. it sucked!!!!!

  26. I love Saving Hope and hate to see it end! Seems like the good ones end too soon! I was hating the ending until the last scene, full circle and loving… but still… it could all be a “dream”!!! Bring Saving Hope back! Please!!

  27. I was just thinking about them getting back together after her mother died so much time past if l New it was going to end l would not wanted to see the last one because it would only make me miss the show now I’m just saying what now!when something is so good it end why?the best movie soap there was no gone.

  28. This was such a good series!! Why did it have to end?!? It was a good ending but I didn’t want it to end. I cried through the whole finale. So real and so much love. I wish the series would come back.

  29. Jennifer Lewis // August 8, 2017 at 10:40 pm // Reply

    I didn’t realize this was the last episode … I tape it and watch it on ion … I was saying outloud I can’t believe this … Crying saying don’t go Charlie … it broke my heart but I’m glad Alex got to talk to Charlie before he died and she knew everything was going to be ok … A blessing and not a curse … and they were reunited when it was her time to go … Very good writer / show … There is a God and there is eternal life after this life!

  30. Ann Cunningham // August 9, 2017 at 1:32 am // Reply

    Omg I was literally crying out loud super sad episode

  31. I guest the ending did what it was suppose to, pulled heart strings and certainly made me cry cry cry in ‘Notebook’ sort of way that’s just awesome acting. More too the point I’m so sorry to see the show leave. I struggle too see good programming and it seems every time I do it goes off the air. Well I like to say thanks to all the cast for a great delivery of a great story!

  32. Stacy Martin // August 9, 2017 at 4:11 am // Reply

    Love the show,the end was so sad.charlie should of not died.I was hoping they would finally be happy together.

  33. Stacy Martin // August 9, 2017 at 4:13 am // Reply

    Love the show,charlie should have not died,I was hoping they would be happy finally ,and we could see the new baby.

  34. Lori OToole // August 9, 2017 at 5:17 am // Reply

    Thanks for making me cry my eyes out AGAIN. I wish you hadn’t had Charlie die. It was a great ending though but just so sad.

  35. Ann Wallace // August 9, 2017 at 6:42 am // Reply

    I watched the Final Show last night on ION and cried through the whole thing. I wish they had let Charlie and Alex grow old together. Everyone saying bye at the end was amazing. It was a short run Series, but it had an amazing cast that did an outstanding job. It ended beautifully and I will miss the show. I will watch all the reruns I can find.

  36. Marilyn Peters // August 9, 2017 at 6:54 am // Reply

    Caught this last program by mistake as had fallen asleep. This was a fabulous program to watch late at night. Didn’t know that this was the final until it started playing out. I will certainly miss this well written series on IonLife.

  37. Sad to see the end of the show.. I saved a bunch of the shows this past month and was able to binge the end of the series till 1:30am.. One thing nice this last season is those of us in the US were able to see it at just about the same time as those north of the border. It is always nice when a show can end on its own terms.. Looking forward to seeing many of the SH actors in some other shows going forward. We all know where ED is going this fall though that role on Supergirl will not be full time. On ION next week, they go back to season 1 and start over.

  38. Saving Hope was a Fantastic Series but I wanted to write to Ion to put it on earlier than from 11 PM to 1AM and I am very sorry it ended……loved all the actors and actresses.

  39. I think it was the worse thing to do. Charlie is what made the show,he was the show. I probably wont watch it anymore

  40. Charlie was the show he made the show popular. I felt like i knew him and cryed when he died. The show wont be the same and i have no interest in watching the show anymore

  41. Hated the ending!!!!!!!!. Writers should have done better.

  42. Michelle Hanold // August 9, 2017 at 10:07 am // Reply

    Why did the season have to end? Why could they not have another season to welcome the new baby and to check in on how Shahir was doing raising the baby with Jonathan. It could have just ended happy. I loved this show.. i loved the cast and the stories but to cry my eyes out because finally alex and charlie can get married and be a real family — and you KILL HIM ??? wtf. sorry but that is not how i wanted to see a happy ending end.

  43. Almost makes me sorry I ever watched the series!

  44. It was a sad tear jerker and a bit of a letdown. I was hoping for a creative twist similar to what writers did in shows like 6 feet under. It seems like the writing suffered the last 2 years but it was not as strange and trite as this last episode.

    I started watching as a Michael Shanks fan. He deserves a lot of credit for giving a character that was underwritten in a good number of episodes dimension.

  45. Lorraine L O'Brien // August 9, 2017 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    I just saw finali on and I wish he didn’t died it would been nice if they eere,alive and got to live watch his kids go up but ending was sweet and so sad and happy at same time they all play good parts and great cast wish them all luck in where ever they go

  46. Joyce Bernstein // August 9, 2017 at 1:30 pm // Reply

    I would like to watch the last episode again…how can I do that? Will it be repeated? I live in NY and watched it on ION.
    Thank you

  47. I watched the season finale last night. I must say that when that car accident happened to Alex and Charlie I said out loud “Are you kidding me???” I could not believe after 5 years Alex and Charlie finally married and then he was killed the same day. As the show continued and I watched the beautiful ending I thought if this show had to end this was such a beautiful way to do it. I will truly miss the show and the amazing cast. I watched every episode. I’m in the U.S. so I’m hopeful I will see these people again in movies or perhaps other Canadian shows I am able to see here.

  48. James Resseguie // August 9, 2017 at 2:05 pm // Reply

    I thought the series final was sad in several ways. The last scene did make it a little better but I will miss the show.

  49. I loved the show and I am going to miss it. I loved the ending. it brought everything together. Great Show and Great Actors!!! BRAVO!!!

  50. I am very disappointed this show has ended. There are very few shows on television that lets the audience connect with characters. This show did that. Enough Reality trash, what we want is real tv.

  51. Islandgirl // August 9, 2017 at 5:46 pm // Reply

    Ugh. How many freaking accidents and crisis can two people have? It was such a lazy ending. Why did he have that gift at all? Cheap finale and disrespectful to the characters and fans. It did not make me cry, it made me roll my eyes. Writing the last season or two was unimaginative but the cast was solid.

  52. I have been watching Saving Hope I’ve never missed a series I never thought it would end the way it did last night very sad very touching but it was a really true love story we just need more television movies like that there’s so much violence and movies that we watch now and Saving Hope is from the heart I cried myself to sleep after watching the movie last night maybe one day the Riders will create something similar to Saving Hope thank you and I enjoyed every single episode and many blessings to all

  53. mary smith // August 9, 2017 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    my heart was breaking when alex was saying goodbye because i said the same thing when my husband past away.

  54. ANGELA G LEEKE // August 9, 2017 at 6:57 pm // Reply

    I am sorry to see it end but ending beautifully. Thanks to the directors, producers and especially the actors who played with such talent and realism.

    I would only comment on the poor spelling and grammar used in the recap above. Vanessa should learn how to proof read.

  55. Joyce Vandermeyde // August 9, 2017 at 7:50 pm // Reply

    Please show this last episode again! Did not see
    The end and it is not on Ion encore next week.
    They’ve been showing Saving Hope at midnight and
    I fell asleep. Thank you.

  56. Maria Mendez // August 9, 2017 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    My heart was ripped out of my chest watching this episode . The last 30 minutes felt like I had lost
    A family member I cried the whole episode.
    This show was incredible because of the phenomenal actors and the way they portrayed the characters.
    Sad to see it end . M. Mendez

  57. Liz porter // August 9, 2017 at 9:21 pm // Reply

    I loved it. Hit all of my emotions. And found it very appropriate to end it the way it began. But I do agree they shouldn’t have let Joel go. I”ll miss the show though. Those who didn’t like it seem to have no heart.

  58. I just watched the last episode. I did not know the show was ending. I kept telling my son that Charlie can’t die, he is the reason for the show. I said Charlie would stay in a coma and still help other spirts at the same time, but would eventually he would wake up. When Alex was talking about giving his organs to other people, I was like no way it can’t be true. But then they roled Charlie on the guerny and he didn’t have the breathing tube. And then everyone was at Alex’s apt. So upsetting they ended the show. I love this series. The last scene was beautiful. I am going to miss Saving Hope.

  59. I loved the show and l beleave the ending was sad but me having a daughter that died of cancer didn’t want to see the other Doctor die with cancer leaving people like me with Hope they can find a cure for cancer…! My thoughts only…but truly loved the love of support they gave each other in each crisis….GREAT SHOW….!

  60. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode from day one! Saving Hope is a program we looked forward to with anticipation every week. Very unfortunate that when there are great Canadian based shows they seem to run their course and end much too quickly.
    To everyone responsible for Saving Hope…..BRAVO!!!!!
    I will miss the incredibly talented cast and look forward to seeing them in their new endeavours.
    To those with the responsibility of continuing shows like Saving Hope…..wake up! You’ve let this end way too soon!
    Saving Hope-thank you for having provided all of us with great entertainment every episode of the entire series! The best to all of you.

  61. This will go soon as one of the worst series finales ever. So stupid to kill off Charles

  62. Minnie Davila // August 10, 2017 at 12:18 am // Reply

    I loved it from the start. The ending was so sad, but, beautifully written. Hate to see the series end!

  63. James Speed // August 10, 2017 at 9:36 am // Reply

    I have to say I thoroughly LOVED the show, my wife as well. We looked forward to it each week. I didn’t realize the episode the other night was the “Series Finale”…seeing that left my mouth was agape. It was great watching the show over the years and seeing all the characters develop, and sometimes, sadly dying.

    I am truly heartbroken to know that there will be no more Charlie & Alex.. Shahir, Cassie, Sekara, Dawn & Zach and Dana and a host of others. I can’t believe I actually had tears more than once watching the episode, more like 3 or so times. I will miss this show.

  64. Shirley moses // August 10, 2017 at 2:08 pm // Reply

    I was truly shocked and heartbroken! I have cried and cried. Truly one of my favorite shows that I looked so forward to. Why do they always take off the best shows and leave on the junk ??? This makes me so angry that this show has ended !!!

  65. So dissapointed with the ending. Always tragedy even on the last show. How could they have Charlie die!

  66. im going to miss this show…even paid for amazon to watch last season ….sigh.

  67. I just recently started watching this show about 2 years ago. I had no idea that this show was even in tv until one late night while sitting with my mom, this amazing show came on tv. I have watched it every since. I have bought the seasons on DVD as too be able to watch them again. I am completely saddened that this wonderful show came to an end last night and yes as many many others I cried for most of the show. The love that Alex and Charlie had for one another is a love that most people spend their lives searching for!!!! I hate it that this show has ended but hopefully Michael shanks will write another screen play that gets turned into another tv show!!! Mr. Shanks is a truly talented writer!! I mean who else has come up with a story line where the main character gets into a car accident on their wedding day and then slips into a come, comes out of the coma and has a wonderful, talented gift of being able to see people make that last journey to the golden stairway leading to heaven??? I am going to miss this show and the actors in it!!

  68. I came in late to this series but binged what I missed to catch up to the third season. I agree that the first two seasons and arguably the first 4 seasons were terrific. But the fifth season just seemed as if the writers left and were replaced by novices with little interest in the characters. I do think this ending was inevitable to the arc. Things happen and not always for the better. No one can cheat death forever and so given Charlie’s original head injury, he was likely to die if he suffered another serious head injury. But a happily-ever-after ending would have been too sweet and too perfect. This series was about the unexpected in life, the good and the bad luck. It couldn’t have ended any other way. I look forward to Mr. Shank’s next appearance on film or screen and I will see what Ms. Durrance does on Supergirl (even though I don’t care for that series). Best wishes to the entire cast!!!

  69. I didn’t even know the show was ending! I have watched Saving Hope from day 1 and loved all episodes. I hate they killed off Charlie

  70. Michael Shanks wrote the show and directed it… It would have had many more viewers if it had not been on so late… I am disabled and extremely sick and I stayed up to watch that show… I loved it and hated the way it ended…. was hoping for another miracle to happen to save Charlie again… that is so so so so sad the way that it ended…. I truly am heartbroken…

  71. I just checked and two different people directed and wrote it, either of whom was Shanks. Makes no difference as I do like the ending. I just didn’t like where the show failed to go in the previous Season 5 episodes. On the whole, Season 5 was a letdown after the other four seasons. The cast and fans didn’t deserve that. Sorry, but IMHO.

  72. Antoinette Hamlin // August 14, 2017 at 4:50 pm // Reply

    The show had me from it’s beginning. I wish it was on earlier in the evening to attract more viewers. Sorry it ended. We need more shows like his one.

  73. Ahhhhh!!!! I dislike you all for a horrible ending!!!!! 😡 Does this mean it’s the season finale or it’s the finale of the tv show because if it’s the season finale I don’t what to see the next season thanks a lot!!!!!!

  74. diann knight // August 14, 2017 at 11:53 pm // Reply

    I hate to see Saving Hope end. This show is/was the only decent show out There! The show ended the only way it could have, knowing that one day we will be with the ones we love after our life on earth is done. Great job, I will miss Saving Hope alot!

  75. I discovered this show about 2 years ago and fell in love with the first episode. Of course, went back and watched them all from the beginning -some times more than once!– excellent show. I was apparently not paying attention for half the season but I started to notice the story lines getting tied up Maggie leaving for London (cry) , Shahir and Johnthons quest for a baby check and FIANLLY, Alex and Charlie back together. The minute the headlights were shown bearing down on the family vehicle, it was tear factory time…how could they take our show? I hope. baby Luke doesn’t die! Oh no, not again!!!! But again, this was a great hallmark of the show, tugging you back and forth through real life emotions telling the stories with one hand Ian ours ( even the hard ones) when the issues were big. Although the ending seasons writers could have done a wee bit tighter job on some of the writing, I overall think thatthey did tie a sweet little bow for us. Charlie and Alex at last together on the beach, young, beautiful and still in love. Keep your Hope alive fellow romantics! Perhaps ION will bring us another quality show at an earlier time..

  76. I can’t believe I watched this entire series just to have it end with such a terrible ending. This fatalistic bull crap is pointless and depressing. If I want to be depressed I can watch the news. So very dissapointed

  77. This should be a dream for her. Season 6 should be more happier for her. We need 6

  78. I’m disappointed the end was suck we need 6

  79. The ending was a big disappointment. Seemed totally rushed , the fans waited for them to get together , while they were still alive. Are you kidding me? Charlie’s dies and they say they will be together after 50 years then eternity. Sorry I even bothered with the last season. Never really totally explained the ghost thing, and all the accidents and near death by two people really got old, why didn’t they have a feel good celebration of their lives? we get enough sadness in the real world. Not to mention Her back and forth dumping of Charlie.Ranks up their in the worst endings ever.

  80. bondingweekend // September 13, 2017 at 2:13 pm // Reply

    I have loved this show, but the ending was just horrible. Left me angry, and wishing I had never watched the show. What the heck? They took us threw all those seasons, hoping, and then all hopes dashed and Charlie just dies. Why bother? And then the fantasy of them going off into heaven together…. ugh! Can no longer recommend this show to anyone.

  81. Honestly, I didn’t like even one episode of this series. For me, it was really painful to watch, and to find out it ended like this? Anyway I do respect the actors

  82. Yet another drama failing to grasp what love really is. Alex was quite possibly the most irritating character on the show. Like most of u I watched the show for Charlie and Alex. And I gotta say my heart goes out to Charlie. For the most part his love for alex was believable but Alex for him seemed obvious plot. At some point as a viewer u gotta recognize that all of her love triangles were more about herself. On again off again with side pieces in the middle isn’t love. Its selfishness plain and simple. In other words if a woman doesn’t know who the father of her kid is when she gets pregnant she can’t accurately say she loves any of the men she’s with. That situation really only boils down to Alex and what Alex wants or feels. Giving little consideration for any of the men she supposedly loves. I mean logically speaking if u love someone you’d know if u got their child growing in ur belly. But Alex repeatedly disapoints from season 3 onwards to the point of no return. There’s actions and words and Alex’s actions in the show speak volumes. It’s like the writers took a bottle of mustard and tried to relabel that mustard with katchup. I’m sorry writers but Alex wasn’t in love with charlie. Poor guy. She cared for him for sure. But the person she really loved was herself and or aspects of herself. Cause curse or not if u love someone u love em. There r no conditions on whether or not u two can be together or not. Real love is one of the only things capable of outlasting death. And now even with a happyish series finale and her and Charlie being together, I find the position of the story unbelievable for so many reasons. Charlie deserves better and the show was frequently brutal to him. And now he’s dead and 50 years go by in the blink of an eye for him and now Alex is ready to finally b with him. Really the ending seemed devised specifically for what Charlie would’ve wanted. Not what he deserved. It’s clear Charlie loves Alex and just wants to be with her but he deserves someone better. So ones heart aches over his love for her. Even in the midst of being mistreated brutally he still holds out in unconditional love. For all the show did to try and repair the damage it caused it will never be able to mend itself fully, especially not after that ending. Maybe I’m being harsh but with Alex’s track record id be surprised if she didn’t break things off with Charlie with in the month to run into the arms of yet another co-worker in the after life.

    Critiquing aside I’m happy about the ending. Charlie got what he wanted in the end and even if what he wanted wasn’t what he deserved, one can’t help but be happy for him. The episode was a tear jerker and while it still left us with unanswered questions. It was nice to see Alex and the kids have good lives. If anything else the show went out with a happy ending and I applaud Alex for not moving on after Charlie’s death. She knew she was going to see him again and it was nice to c a happily ever after in the afterlife for a change. Not many shows end in a concrete ever after like that. While in life there is sorrow the general view of after life is happiness everlasting, so we can safely assume Charlie and Alex will be happy together for eternity.

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