Orphan Black Season 5 “Ease for Idle Millionaires” Recap

Rachel (Tatiana MAslany) and Ira (Ari Millen)

We were promised clone-centric episode this final season and we get another one. This time the focus is on Cosima as she is starting to learn the secrets of Revival, Westmoreland and what Rachel wants with Kira.

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Kira (Skyler Wexler)

While all that is happening, Sarah is bonding with Kira with the promise to let her know about Neolution. S. is also learning more about Westmoreland, Cody and Neolution from Wizard and Josh.

Back on Revival, Cosima is testing the tooth that Charlotte and Aisha found. As Cosima is looking through the genetic sequencing, we flashback to the moment that she learn that she is someone’s intellectual property. Delphine is with Cosima and tries to comfort and reason with her. Cosima feels betrayed by Delphine but Delphine promises to protect Cosima if she promised to defy Dyad/Neolution the whole lot.

Meanwhile, out in the woods, the Creature has attacked a Revival member. A manhunt ensues with Mud being dragged along as she seems to have a connection with the Creature.

Cosima (Tatiana Maslany)

Back at camp, Cosima examines Aisha and learns her tumour has shrunk. Cosima borrows Aisha’s medical journal to examine it more closely and as she is heading back to the medical trailer, she spies Delphine going to Westmoreland’s place.

At Westmoreland’s, we see Rachel seemingly get Cosima’s cure from him. The two discuss patenting the cure and how Westmoreland’s feels that Rachel is the only one worthy to receive it. Westmoreland also asks Rachel to see her mother. So we see Rachel and Susan meet for the first time since Rachel tried to kill her mother. During this discussion, Susan wants to continue with the research on surrogacy and then applauds Rachel for getting Kira into their care. Rachel takes exception to Susan taking credit for getting Kira and deliberately grabs her stab wound to get her to comply.

Delphine (Evelyne Brochu)

Delphine pays Cosima a visit in her yurt where Cosima quickly explains her discovery. It looks like the Creature and Kira have the same gene: Lynn 28 aka the Fountain of Youth gene that they’ve injected into Aisha to manipulate her tumour.

The two are then informed of a dinner party at the big house. Cosima forces her way into the party by mentioning Lynn 28. When they arrive, the two have to dress up in some Victorian-era garb with Delphine in a lace dress and Cosima in a tuxedo.

Rachel (Tatiana Maslany)

Westmoreland pulls Delphine aside before the dinner while Cosima goes into the dinning room to see Susan and Ira. Once the dinner starts, talk of Lynn 28 happens and then Rachel arrives where more science talk happens such as putting in the Lynn 28 gene into the Leda clones to see if rapid healing would occur in them but it didn’t. Instead, the Lynn 28 gene appeared in Kira. The plan is harvest Kira’s eggs to see if the gene will appear in her children.

Delphine and Cosima leave the dinner as Delphine needs to go Geneva supposedly on Westmoreland/Rachel business. When alone, Delphine reveals she is going to Geneva to help Felix and Adele in taking down Neolution. The two then re-affirm their vow where Delphine will protect Cosima and Cosima will defy Neolution.

Eventually, news arrives that the creature has attacked and killed one of the men that was going after it. The creature attacked Mud but she manages to calm him down by calling him by his real-name: Janus.

With Janus loose, Cosima, Susan and Ira are locked safely in a room. Cosima gets Susan to tell the full story. It appears they are going to implant Kira’s eggs in surrogates. Cosima is disgusted at this. Also, Cosima defies the orders and decides to go after Janus himself.

Cosima finds Westmoreland in the basement cage of Janus. Westmoreland has recaptured Janus. Cosima also tells Westmoreland that he is dying and had been prolonging his life by manipulating the genes of others. And Cosima doesn’t believe Westmoreland is that old of person. Westmoreland the tries to get Cosima to kill Janus but she refuses to betray her humanity and instead tries to show compassion to him. However, Westmoreland kills Janus and locks Cosima up in the same prison.

Back at S., Delphine pays her a visit to update on everything that is happening and what Rachel wants with Kira by giving her UBS drive. Delphine also lets S know that her trip to Geneva is a go and things are going according to plan. Also, Delphine wants to know if they can rely on S’ source that got them the intel on Cody. S is ensure but Delphine needs this sources help.


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