Orphan Black Season 5 “Let the Children & Childbearers Toil”

Cosima (Tatiana Maslany)

It is a light clone workload for Tatiana Maslany this week as only three clones appear with Sarah taking the spotlight. But Cosima has been doing some investigating of her own over on Revival

Revival Island

Aisha and Charlotte are searching the woods of Revival to look for a lost pig and discover a human tooth. As the two girls hears the beast in the woods, Mud comes upon them telling them to return to camp.

After an examination, Charlotte shows Cosima the tooth that she found. Cosima then confronts Mud about what is in the woods. Mud passes it off as a bear.

PT Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie) and Mud (Janessa Grant)

Later that night, Cosima follows Mud to Westmoreland’s house where she helps him with his dialysis.

Cosima sneaks in and pokes around the house and wanders into the basement where she discovers a lab, images of stitched up body parts and a room with a bed, shackles and blood all over the walls. Mud finds Cosima and demands that she leave as Westmoreland calls out to Mud.

Speaking of Westmoreland, we see that he has saved Susan Duncan with some of the stem cells they developed in their research. Westmoreland has reunited Susan with Ira. Ira wonders how Susan can trust Westmoreland again and she discusses why their relationship turned south. It seems that while Susan and Westmoreland still share the same vision it is the mean to achieve that vision that they differ.

At episode’s end, it looks like Susan and Westmoreland are once again work together. Susan makes a deal with Westmoreland in that she gets all of the research Rachel has on Kira. Westmoreland agrees as long as Susan knows that Rachel is still in charge of the cause. We see Ira listening in, hopefully relaying what he hears to Clone Club.

Back in the forest, Cosima follows Mud as she offers the Beast some blankets for warmth. Cosima sees the Beast emerge, give Mud a fright and grabs the blankets and flees.

Clone Club

Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany)

Sarah has discovered Kira has deliberately cut herself and manages to get out of her that she wanted to see how fast she can heal.

S gets Felix to drop off and pick up Kira from school for a sleepover so she and Sarah can go and investigate a lead.

S and Sarah pay Scott and Wizard at the comic book store who gives them the low down on Westmoreland. Wizard then gives S a mysterious file that she is mum about to Sarah.

This lead brings S and Sarah to a bar at the Royal York where their target is Dr. Elizabeth Perkins, a psychologist, who has a meeting with at a psychiatric facility they need access to. How they get Elizabeth’s ID is faking a mother-daughter spat something she is currently going through.

Once they get the ID, Sarah and S are on their way to the psychiatric facility. S tells Sarah they are there to see a former Neolutionist with ties to Westmoreland. Once they get there, S pretends that Sarah is her assistant and manage to gain entrance and roam around the facility entering the restricted section. Once inside, they find who they were looking for and it someone familiar to both: Virgina Cody, the former head of the Castor division. Virginia is drugged out of her mind but a little adrenaline brings her out of stupor.

Virginia tells them Susan put her in the psych ward and also tells them about how there was someone else they experimented on before Kendall Malone. A boy they did so much testing on that he turned into the monstrous beast that is roaming the woods of Revival. Before Virginia spills more, she demands that the two help her escape. S and Sarah seemingly refuse but don’t have time to think as their jig is up and Virginia comes after Sarah. This distraction allows Virginia to grab her visitor pass that will allow for her escape.

Meanwhile, Felix learns from Kira what Rachel is up to. Felix is also paid a surprise visit to his loft from his sister Adele, whom S has brought into Clone Club. Felix is angry at S for bringing Adele into this dangerous mess. However, S has given Adele a mission and that is to trace the money back to some Neolution outlets in Switzerland and Felix is going to help her do that.

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