Saving Hope Season 5 “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” Recap

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

This particular episode of Saving Hope was a bit more supernatural that it has ever been before with the spirit of the week. Before we get to the rest of that, let’s find out what happened elsewhere with our doctors at Hope Zion


Shahir is feeling overwhelmed at filling out the numerous forms required for adoption that he yells at Jonathan for disclosing a high school arrest. Jonathan can’t handle Shahir when he gets that way and calls him weird. This does not go well with Shahir and he shuts down. Later after his experience with Sydney’s patient, he opens up to Jonathan about how he wonders if is parents would have chosen him if they knew about his Asperger’s. Jonathan counters that all babies are special and deserve to brought up in a loving home. This brings back Shahir’s resolve to adopt a child.

The Hope Zion ER

Zach gets Dev and Billy to deal with a small framed man, named Bart, who has come into the ER with blood all over him. Billy realizes that the blood isn’t Bart’s. Dev, Zach and Billy are trying to figure what happened to Bart and whose blood is on him. Maggie has that answer and it is Bart’s roomate, a beefy body builder by the name of Niles. It seems that when Niles came home for lunch, he woke up Bart and ended up breaking his nose. Zach calls in the police to deal with the domestic dispute

Later on, Bart is asleep in one of the ER beds when Billy wakes him up but when he does, Bart puts him in a choke hold. However, Bart is still asleep and Maggie and Zach figure out that he has a REM sleep disorder. To get Bart to wake up peacefully, Zach orders Dev to tranquilize him before security arrives. Luckily for Dev, Jackson comes along with a taser gun to put down Bart.

Maggie and Zach let Bart know about his sleep disorder and ask if there is anyone that can help out. Bart says there isn’t anyone but Niles comes in to say he can help citing how hard it is to find an apartment in Toronto as a reason to stay.

Maggie and Sydney

Just when it looks like these two might be in it for a long haul, it is thrown in doubt with Sydney receives a job offer from Torben Hospital in London, a job she applied for a year ago. However, Sydney doesn’t disclose this to Maggie just yet.

Speaking of Maggie, Zach notices how sleepy she is which she attributes to the small bed she has been sharing with Sydney. Zach makes fun of Maggie on how she is living with Sydney, which she denies.

While all the fun that Maggie is having in the ER, Sydney is helping her patient Trudy, a middle-aged pregnant woman who fell during the Zombie Walk. In terms of the pregnancy, everything checks out but when Trudy goes to sign her discharge papers, she can’t. Shahir determines that she hit her head when she fell and now has a hematoma and the pressure needs to be relieved.

During the surgery, there is an issue with the bone bank meaning that the bone flap that Shahir has removed needs to be placed in Trudy’s abdomen to ensure it remains viable to be put back in place at a later date. Trudy gets contractions while trying to put in the bone flap in her abdomen but luckily Sydney asks for a certain drug to be administered that gets the contractions to stop.

Seeing Shahir’s procedure has made Sydney realize that she wants to learn from the best and tells Maggie about the job offer. Maggie knew that Sydney was going to do this to her again and worries about their relationship. Sydney then asks Maggie to come with her, which she happily agrees. Maggie then suggests the two need a bigger bed.

Alex and Charlie

We open up the episode with Alex having a nightmare about a spirit taking her and Charlie’s second child, a daughter. When she wakes up, we see her and Charlie asleep on the couch after having a conversation presumably about their future. It seems that nothing was resolved from this talk.

Once at the hospital, Charlie is still being haunted by Blake, the spirit from episode 1. Blake wants Charlie to help him move on but does it in such an aggressive way that doesn’t make him willing to help. Charlie and Alex get called into the ER to deal with a car accident.

The first two brought in from accident are declared DOA but the third is clinging to life. The spirit of the two, who learn are named Kieran and Isaac, tell Charlie to save their little brother Ezra. Charlie tells Alex that the three men are brothers.

Ezra has tons of internal injuries because of the seat belt and his tibia is broken in half. In the OR, Cassie and Alex are working on repairing the internal injuries. Before Charlie goes into the OR, Blake insists on Charlie helping him. Charlie ignores him and is surprised that Blake is able to grab his arm. Once in the OR, Blake is wreaking havoc first by shoving Charlie, turning over the surgical cart and then sitting on Ezra’s chest. The last one causes Ezra to go into distress but luckily Alex and Cassie manage to save him. Charlie also manages to save Ezra’s leg despite Blake’s interference.

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris and Sean Arbuckle as Blake

In the morgue, Blake is causing all kinds of trouble by tossing stuff at Charlie and opening and closing morgue drawers. Alex sees all of this and asks Charlie who is Blake. Charlie doesn’t know but tells Alex everything will be fine.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Meanwhile, the boys father, Mr. Towne, arrives in a drunken state. Alex learns that Kieran and Isaac left home because they couldn’t deal with a drunk father and came to get Ezra who also couldn’t deal with their dad. Mr. Towne is quite reasonable with Alex demanding to see his sons but she manages to convince him to get in a state that he will remember seeing his sons instead of waking up the next day with the realization.

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams

Alex and Cassie go and clean up Kieran and Isaac but Alex gets emotional during it. These deaths and her mom’s death has overwhelmed Alex. With Kieran and Isaac all cleaned up, Mr. Towne goes to see Kieran and Isaac. At first he belittles them for their state but this was just a coping mechanism as Mr. Towne breaks down for all he has done wrong for these two.

Later, Ezra wakes up with his dad by his side. Mr. Towne vows to his son that he will do better by him.

Meanwhile, Charlie has gotten Blake’s medical file and confronts him with his findings. We learn that Blake has been to Hope Zion numerous times as a child with a lot of injuries. Of course all of these injuries were inflicted on young Blake by his parents but blamed on other things like falling down the stairs. Charlie learns that Blake isn’t willing to blame his parents for what happened to him as a child. We see Blake turn into that child. Charlie talks to young Blake and tells him nothing that happened to him was his fault. Charlie’s words get Blake to move on.

Later on, Charlie drops off dim sum to Alex and tells her about Blake. Alex worries that Blake was the most difficult spirit that Charlie had to deal with. Charlie admits that Blake could move things and touch him that had him spooked but says that everything is fine now. Alex tells Charlie about her nightmare. Charlie promises that nothing will happen to her or the kids and he has the spirit thing handled. Alex seems to accept that.

So are Alex and Charlie officially back together? And are you happy about Maggie going off to be with Sydney?

Next week’s promo has me worried about Maggie. It looks like their might be an accident and Maggie will die. I hope not as Maggie has become one of my favourite characters on this show.

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