Saving Hope Season 5 “Change of Heart” Recap

We have only 8 episode’s left of Saving Hope’s final season and it looks like the show is setting things up to give our characters a happy ending. While we see happiness on the horizon for our characters, “Change of Heart” was an episode that got the tear-ducts flowing with Alex’s medical case and planning her mother’s memorial.


To balance the emotional stories in the episode, we get a bit of comic relief in Cassie. In fact, I think Cassie is the comic relief character this season. In this episode, Cassie seems very pleased with herself with the schedule she has devised for her residents. However, all that planning goes down the windows as the surgeons decide to switch residents with each other throwing Cassie’s careful planning out the window.

Alex and Charlie

Alex is planning her mom’s funeral but things hit a snag when her mom’s urn doesn’t arrive in time to place her ashes. Alex is then called in for an emergency and tasks Maggie to hold on to her mom’s ashes while she is away (more on that adventure in “Maggie and Sydney”).

Meanwhile, Alex has tasked Charlie to go and bring her older brother Dougie (Ben Bass) to the memorial. Charlie brings Shahir on this road trip for help as Alex believes Dougie would refuse to come to the memorial. While on the road, Shahir wonders Charlie performing this favour means that he and Alex are back together. Charlie lets Shahir down that he and Alex aren’t back together and he was only asked to bring Dougie in is because he knows how he can be.

Alex and Shahir find Dougie passed out drunk on a couch in front of his home but do manage to get him to go to the memorial. When Dougie and Alex meet, they get into a fight with Dougie blaming Alex for letting their mom die.

In terms of the medical case of the week it is the Avery family. 13-year old Erin has been brought into the ER after collapsing. Erin has a kidney disease and requires a transplant. Erin’s younger sister, Vicky is a match. Alex realizes that Vicky is a saviour sibling meaning she was conceived to save Erin’s life. Alex is placed in an ethical dilemma and refuses to do the surgery until Vicky speaks to the ethical professional. After speaking to this person, Alex determines that Vicky does want to save her sister and starts to prep for the surgery. However, all is not well with Vicky as we saw earlier she has a runny nose. When Alex goes to find Vicky, she finds her collapsed in the washroom burning up and vomiting.

The doctors of Hope Zion discovers that Vicky has caught a virus that has led to heart disease. Dawn tells the family that they can place an LVAD around Vicky’s heart but it is only a temporary measure and eventually she will need a heart transplant.

During Vicky’s surgery, Charlie sees her spirit in the halls of Hope-Zion looking for Erin. Unfortunately, Erin is being wheeled into surgery herself because she has suffered a stroke.

Charlie lets Alex know that he is talking to Vicky’s spirit and she knows that is not good news. Alex needs Charlie to convince Vicky to go back to her body.

Bad news though is Erin’s spirit arrives and the two sisters are so happy to be reunited and feeling great for the first time in a long time. The two girls are having fun in an elevator while Charlie is trying to convince the two girls to fight for their lives.

Unfortunately, Shahir was unable to fix Erin and she becomes brain dead. Charlie manages to get Erin to convince Vicky to fight so she can do the things they were supposed to do together. It was an emotional scene and I am not doing it justice but I was bawling my eyes out.

Over at Vicky’s surgery, her LVAD is not working and Dawn is at a loss as to why. Alex sees Charlie talking to Vicky and goes to find out what is going on. Charlie lets Alex know that Erin didn’t make it and says that the two sisters don’t want to be apart. Both realize the way the sisters can be together is if Vicky receives Erin’s heart. The heart transplant occurs and we see Mr. and Mrs. Avery say good bye to Erin and then by Vicky’s side as Erin’s heart beats strongly in her chest. More tears flowing here.

Maggie and Sydney

So Maggie was tasked to babysit Martha’s ashes which are in a child’s shoebox. This being Maggie, she loses the ashes and she is forced to ask Sydney for help.

You see Maggie has been avoiding Sydney since her confession of love. Sydney is back at Hope-Zion and wants to know why Maggie has been avoiding her. Which brings us back to the ashes, Sydney does help with the hunt while Maggie is off at a consult.

Maggie’s patient is Olivia who is complaining that it burns when she pees. Maggie discovers that Olivia has chlamydia and suggests that her fiancee, Jesse, get tested too. Olivia tells Maggie that Jesse doesn’t have to be tested as they have not slept together yet. Olivia and Jesse met online and became friends then realized they were in love. But Jesse has been in jail for illegal reptile. smuggling and only recently go out. Before Jesse got out of prison, Olivia had a one night stand.

Meanwhile, Sydney is having no luck with finding the ashes but gets involved in Maggie’s case as she is concerned the chlamydia might make her infertile. The two examine Olivia and sees that there is something wrong but a minor procedure will fix that. Olivia then comes clean to Jesse about the one night stand and he leaves but he does come back and the two reconcile.

Maggie finally tells the truth to Sydney and how she needs to time to process her confession of love.

Remembering Martha

After all of the emotions of the day, Alex gets more bad news in the venue for her mom’s memorial has been double booked. Dougie comes back and tells Alex that he isn’t mad at her but mad at himself for not reconciling with their mom thinking he had more time to do so. Dougie then tells Alex to let him find another venue for their mom’s memorial.

Dougie does pull through and it is a camp-out memorial that Alex thinks is perfect for their mom.

Luckily, Sydney does find the ashes and Maggie gets the urn so Alex can lay her mom to rest.

Before the memorial service, Maggie pulls Sydney aside and tells her that she is afraid that a relationship won’t live up to the hype she built in her head. However, Maggie is ready to have a relationship with Sydney. The two ladies finally get together and seal their love with a kiss.

Also, Shahir lets Jonathan know about his fears over adopting a child but it looks like the two are still going ahead with their plan.

As the memorial continues on, Alex wants Dougie to be back in her life and to meet Luke. Alex wants Dougie to be around and be the uncle her kids can turn to. Dougie notices the plurals and Alex admits to her brother and everyone that she and Charlie are having another child. To me this news seems to have taken Charlie by surprise but to Alex it seems like she already told him.

To lay their mom to rest, Alex and Dougie set their mom’s urn on a raft and sets it on fire as it drifts away on a lake. Fireworks are then set off and Alex reaches for Charlie’s hand and the two hold hands seemingly getting back together.

Are you happy that Charlie and Alex are back together? Happy that Maggie and Sydney are back together too?

Do you think we are going to get happy endings for all of our characters?

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5 Comments on Saving Hope Season 5 “Change of Heart” Recap

  1. Even though it feels a little cheesy and somewhat unnatural (like: when is it in life that everything turns out just the way you want it to and everyone gets their happy ending?) I am so glad that everything seems to go as we would like it to. Although I am not exactly positive that there is no more drama ahead.
    However, I am quite sure that we will get a Alex and Charlie wedding, which makes me very happy! I have loved those two since the beginning and them finally getting married would make saying goodbye to the show a little less hard

  2. Any photos from this episode? Can’t find any and I enjoyed the road trip with Shahir and Charlie!

  3. So disappointed that you have not posted as many images for season 5 as you did in the past for other series.

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