Arrow Season 5 “Underneath” Recap

Seriously, what would Arrow be without Emily Bett Rickards and Felicity Smoak. Meant to be just a one and done character in season 1, Felicity has become such an integral part of the show and spawned Olicity. When Felicity started to appear more and more in season 1, I enjoyed Olicity despite shipping Oliver and Laurel. But someone how as Felicity became the female lead, I am one of the rare people that didn’t ship Olicity. However, this Olicity-centric episode has now caused me to ship them.

In the last episode, Olicity was having an argument about trust when Felicity discovered that Chase is in the Arrow Cave and set off an explosion. Oliver surveyed the damage and sees that nothing was badly done. Felicity figures that Chase set off an EMP causing everything to shut down anything electronic (i.e. computers, elevators, etc…). This includes the electric chip that allows Felicity to walk and is paralyzed again.

Both discover that the modifications that Cisco made to the Arrow Cave has made it impossible to get out and in fact with the electricity down, they will soon run out of oxygen. But Olicity decide to take a look at the Arrow Cave’s blueprints to find a way out.

Oliver works on climbing up the elevator shaft as a way to get out. Felicity, now in a wheelchair, doesn’t think it is a great idea as she believed Chase booby trapped it. Oliver ignores Felicity’s warnings and climbs up it. But Felicity was right and Oliver falls down the shaft where is back is impaled by a nut and bolt.

While Felicity is stitching up Oliver, she pretty much tells him I told you so. Felicity then uses the moment to finish up their talk at the last episode. Again it is a matter of trust and Felicity feels like Oliver doesn’t trust her but he says that isn’t true. The two continue to fight about this matter and Felicity wants Oliver to trust her with her plan on getting them out of there.

Speaking of trust that is the issue too between Lyla and Diggle. Diggle is pissed at Lyla for all the questionable things that she has done as head of ARGUS but she throws back at him all the questionable things that he has done with Team Arrow. Diggle doesn’t believe it is the same thing but their discussion ends when Rene, Dinah and Curtis arrive saying that they believe Olicity is trapped in the bunker.

Back in the Arrow Cave, Felicity decides to use the power from Oliver’s motorcycle to power up the Arrow Cave. At first it looked like it worked but things blow up and burts a methane gas pipe. This causes issues for Team Arrow 2.0 upstairs when Rene and Curtis tries to blow torch an opening in the elevator but narrowly escape a ball of flame. When they try using acid to open a whole they realize that it would take forever. Lyla drops by to reveal that ARGUS copied Curtis’ T-Sphere and made some modifications.

Underneath Team Arrow 2.0, Felicity and Oliver escape through a steam vent and climb down. However, this opens up Oliver wound and is woozy. Before Oliver passes out, he tells Felicity that he does trust her, it is he that he doesn’t trust. Oliver admits to Felicity that she, Dig, Team Arrow 2.0 followed his crusade on a lie and that Chase got him to admit that he liked killing. Oliver then passes out. It seems that this moment of honesty between the has brought them closer.

Olicity Flashback

We see Olicity 11 months ago shortly after the defeat of Darhk and the disbanding of Team Arrow 1.0. Felicity is trying to get Oliver to start a new team starting with Curtis. But Oliver likes the team just being the two of them. Curtis notices the sparks still flying between the former lovers and orchestrates some alone time with them that involves take out Chinese and wine.

After food and too much wine and Felicity attempting the salmon ladder leads to bunker sex between her and Oliver. Afterwards, the mood is broken when the problems between them still persist. Oliver apologizes again for not telling Felicity about William but she says it wasn’t about him not telling her but not trusting her.

Back to the present, Oliver comes back around and Curtis T-Sphere breaks a wall to tell the bad news for the two.

Not giving up Team Arrow 2.0 find a way to get Olicity out and Olicity too finds a way to meet up with Team Arrow 2.0. And after some tense moments where Felicity might have fallen in the ventilation shaft, Olicity is safe and sound.

Team Arrow 2.0 and Olicity are brought to ARGUS to recover. Felicity is able to walk again thanks to Curtis and Oliver is going to be fine after undergoing surgery. Also, the Diggles are going to be okay. Both agree that they live in a moral grey area and do trust each other and will work towards getting better.

Meanwhile as Oliver recovers, Felicity visits him and admits that Oliver was right. Felicity was becoming like him in the way that she would do what it takes to bring down Chase for killing Malone. Felicity tells Oliver that he needs to figure out who he is.

Speaking of Chase, Quentin called in a council emergency session as it looks like all the criminals that Chase put away are most likely going to be let go. And where is Chase? Chase is where ever Oliver has stashed William and his mom. We see Chase welcome William (who now goes by Matthew) to say he know his father. Earlier in the episode, Oliver assured Felicity that Chase doesn’t know the location of his son. Unfortunately, once again Chase is a few steps ahead of Oliver.

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