The Flash Season 3 “Dead or Alive” Recap

Last week we had a visitor from H.R.’s Earth come to Earth-1 searching for him. We learn from H.R. that her name is Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) and she is a Collector out to capture those violating the ban on interdimensional travel. It seems on Earth-19 traveling through the multi-verse is a big no-no ever since another Earth tried to conquer Earth-19. Gypsy is able to find H.R. is because he broadcasts chapters at a time of his novel that features Team Flash.

fla311a_0073b_55d3aff8-1024x740When Gypsy arrives at STAR Labs to collect her bounty, Cisco sees that she has vibe powers and he gets all flirty confrontational with her. Gypsy gives H.R. one hour to gather his things before she comes back. While H.R. is packing, he says that the punishment is death unless someone challenges Gypsy to a trial by combat. Cisco and Barry ask why did H.R. risk coming to Earth-1 and tells them he realized on his Earth that he was a fraud and wanted a fresh start.

When the time is up, Cisco challenges Gypsy to a trial by combat and the winner gets H.R. Gypsy agrees and gives him 24 hours to prepare and reminds him that the trial is to the death.

fla311a_0247b_3f99a39c-1024x683Team Flash helps Cisco train for his battle against Gypsy but it isn’t going so well. H.R. and Barry sees Cisco struggling and tries to bring in Gypsy themselves but it only makes matters worse. Cisco is upset at the team’s lack of faith and H.R. wonders why Cisco and Team Flash is going through the bother of saving him. Cisco says that it would be something the team would do and that while they depended on the previous Harrison Wells they see that H.R. depends on them.

Julian, now on Team Flash, tells Cisco of a potential weakness of Gypsy that he can exploit to take her down.

fla311b_0377b_7f7867f1-1024x682Meanwhile, Iris is chasing down a story on an arms dealer selling futuristic weapons. Both Joe and Barry doesn’t want Iris involved as they don’t want her in danger. After promising to drop the story, we see Iris recruit Wally in her endeavour. Iris and Wally do manage to take down the arms dealer but almost gets killed in the process. Iris tells Barry that she was so determined to do this story as she wants to leave a mark in this world as she fears she won’t.

Back to Gypsy versus Vibe. The battle is on for H.R. and we see the two take their fight to multiple dimensions. Some of the places visits include Earth-2 and Earth-38’s National City where the two fight in Cat’s/James’ office with Miss Tessmacher witnessing it. Another Earth visited is one I will call Mustafar. Vibe and Gypsy return to Earth-1. When Cisco sees Gypsy in a vulnerable spot takes her down. Cisco wins.

However there is a cost to the win. Gypsy says when she goes back to Earth-19 she will tell them she killed H.R. This means that H.R. cannot return home. I don’t think this is the last time we will see of Gypsy and there definitely was something going on between her and Cisco. Later, Cisco shares with H.R. how the other Harrison Well’s inspired him.

Finally, Barry is trying to figure out a way to prevent Iris’ death. Team Flash figures that Barry only has 1.5 seconds to reach Iris before Savitar kills her. Julian tells Barry at the rate of his improving his speed, he won’t be able to. But Barry has an epiphany and that he isn’t the one to save Iris, it will be Wally.

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