Arrow Season 5 “So It Begins” Recap

Like any show that has reached 5 seasons, it is great that Arrow is looking back and referring to things that happened in season 1. One example is Oliver shooting arrows at tennis balls (one of my favourite scenes from the Pilot) and the List becomes an important connection to Prometheus.

Let’s get into it

Russian Flashback

ar506a_0233b_1f65ae58-1024x684Anatoli is teaching Oliver how to build a bomb but he doesn’t see the point and is anxious to get to Kovar. The Bratva hideout the two are it soon becomes a target of Kovar. Oliver isn’t pleased to know that the Bratva is a target of Kovar. However, there is a way in to get in front of Kovar. Playing up his former billionaire playboy persona, Oliver is to target Kovar’s casino and to blow it up. Oliver gets in and shows the money, knocks the guy out and starts to plant the bombs. Soon Oliver and the his Bratva brother are knocked out and when Oliver wakes, he is in front of Kovar who spins a yarn and soon kills his Bratva brother. Kovar then calls Oliver by his name and tells him that he has been looking forward to meeting him. And this is perhaps something I hope these sets of flashbacks deal with in that how come no a single Russian blabbed to Oliver’s family or even the American press that the billionaire thought lost at sea has been found in Mexico.

So it Begins

The Green Arrow and Spartan are tracing Church’s cell phone that brings them to a warehouse. Felicity wonders why the two didn’t call in the recruits as it could be a trap. The Green Arrow tells Felicity that they didn’t tell the recruits as it could be a trap. When they enter a warehouse, Prometheus isn’t there but a message lit in fire is there “So it Begins”.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Diggle and Oliver still don’t want to bring in the recruits and they are only forced to when Prometheus kills a divorced single mom of two and a cab driver with a throwing star with the media dubbing him the “throwing star killer”. Felicity steals one of the throwing stars off of her boyfriend, Malone’s desk, for further analysis.

ar506b_0083b_e7279bf7-1024x684The team isn’t happy with being benched and kept in the dark but the recruits decide to table everything to protect the city. News reports come out that the Throwing Star Killer is seen at an outdoor mall but Prometheus is not there and just a situation to create some chaos to draw out the Green Arrow.

When Felicity and Curtis finds a connection between the victims and Prometheus, we learn that names of the victims are anagrams of those on the List from season one such as Adam Hunt. Rory realizes that Prometheus is targeting Oliver because he is the serial killer and Rene calling him a hypocrite. While Evelyn isn’t pleased that Oliver stopped her from killing Damien Darkh as it would darken her soul and destroy the Black Canary’s legacy.

Felicity runs the names on the List to the Star City census and comes up with a list of 6 possible names that Prometheus may target next. The team splits up. Before doing so, Oliver tries to clear the air with Evelyn but she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say.

Later, Artemis is keeping a watch of a subway car conductor when Prometheus appears. Artemis is valiantly fighting Prometheus but is unable to and the Green Arrow appears and manages to fight off Prometheus who flees the subway car. Unfortunately, Prometheus leaves a parting gift of a bomb that forces the Green Arrow to escape with Artemis that the subway car drive.

At the Arrow Cave, Oliver is patching up Evelyn and tells her that the 6 targets are going under witness protection under the decree of Mayor Oliver Queen. Oliver then tells Evelyn that he is trying to becoming a better man and the two come to a better understanding.


  • Susan Williams is still going easy on Oliver in the media as promised but the month is ticking down as his is opportunity to call her to ask her out
  • Oliver denies that Susan Williams is his girlfriend
  • Thea throws the first ever Star City arts and music festival to help generate some revenue
  • Thea learns that Quentin is still drinking and offers to take him to a AA meeting
  • Felicity tells her boyfriend Billy Malone that she works for the Green Arrow and he’s very okay with it and peppers her with questions about the Emerald Archer.


At the Star City Festival, Felicity pulls Oliver aside to let him know that the throwing stars are made from the different arrow heads that he has used over the years. Oliver and Felicity figure that Prometheus is someone from the SCPD as that is the only possible place where the arrow heads could have been procured.

We then see Quentin wake up from a drunken stupor with a terrible cut on his arm and finds a throwing star on his coffee table. Could Quentin be Prometheus during his drunken blackouts? Highly doubt out it but you just never know.

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