Orphan Black Season 4 “The Antisocialism of Sex” Recap


All the clones featured in this week’s episode are reeling from Kendall’s death to varying degrees with one taking huge risks and another going off the rails with almost tragic consequences.




Susan decides to release Rachel from her basement prison. So Rachel makes her way up a long stair case to the upstairs. Rachel explores her surroundings (she is on what Susan calls the Island of Dr. Moreau). Susan tells her that the original is gone thus a cure. Susan then shows Rachel a book that details the history of Neolution and how she gave up a lot in her life to continue on the founders work and now Evie Cho has over thrown her.

Susan and Rachel hold a Facetime call with Evie. Evie tells Susan that Neolution is now hers and they are backing all of he research. Susan wonders what is going to happen to all of her clones and Evie says they will be set free. But Evie does warn that all the self-aware clones will pretty much be killed. Rachel offers to help Evie deal with her clone sister but she declines.

Earlier, we see Evie meet with Dr. Van Lier who tells her that a new bot is being developed that will help cure her shingles and in fact the bots will be a new and improved form of gene therapy.

Later, Rachel tries to give Charlotte the hard truth that she is dying like her. However, Charlotte has the innocence of a child and doesn’t quite believe Rachel.

Much later, Rachel comes down some stairs but falls down. Rachel sees a swan but Ira doesn’t see it. It seems that Rachel’s new eye is projecting images but not quite sure what the purpose is.


Cosima is feeling very guilty of causing Kendall’s death and knows that she was kept alive to tell the others what happened. Scott tries to see if he can salvage anything off the computers but to no avail. Both decide to think outside the box and see what they can do with Sarah’s bot. They see that the bot has the potential to turn off the gene that is causing Cosima’s illness. Cosima is thinking about placing the bot in her cheek but Scott thinks it is a crazy idea. Scott suggests taking a dinner break so the two go up to the comic book store. But Cosima returns back downstairs to put the bot in her cheek. and locks out Scott. Scott calls Felix to tell him what Cosima is up to and mentions Delphine. Felix then calls Cosima and gets her to pick up before she could put the bot in her cheek. Felix tells Cosima that Krystal saw that someone helped Delphine after she was shot but that she was alive. This gets Cosima to stop what she was doing and Felix vows that they will get through everything together.




Alison breaks down and cries after trying to right a sympathy note to S. over Kendall’s death. Donnie comforts her and suggests they cancel their daughter, Gemma’s, birthday sleepover. Alison refuses to do so as she wants to keep things normal as possible for their kids.

So the party pushes ahead and Donnie invites Reverend Mike to the party as someone Alison could perhaps talks to about her grief. Reverend Mike tries to get Alison to talk but she avoids him. The party is in full swing with Donnie telling a ghost story. When it gets to the point where Gemma is being served her birthday cupcakes, the police burst in to arrest Donnie for his pill pushing. They way they rush in frightens the children. Among the cops is Duko who threatens Alison and reveals that he knows all about her.

Earlier, we saw Art beat-up and threaten Duko over his involvement with Evie Cho and Neolution, who in turn threatens the clone sisters.




S blames Sarah for the death of Kendall creating a rift between the two that causes Sarah to leave. Kira tells Felix that Sarah has left her again so he goes to find her.

Sarah is at a bar that Dizzy happens to be at. Sarah drinks, does drugs and gets involved in a three-way with a couple at the bar. Sarah’s drinking party moves to Dizzy’s place and the two start to make out but Dizzy wants to know how she got rid of her bot because a friend of his died trying to get rid of his.

Sarah doesn’t want to talk shop and leaves Dizzy. Throughout Sarah’s drinking and drug use, she sees Beth throughout the night.

Back at the safe house, Kira tells S that Sarah is going down the same path as Beth. This concerns S who calls Felix to tell what Kira told him.

Felix finds Sarah at a bridge near the train station. Sarah has been “talking” to Beth before Felix arrives. Felix does talk Sarah off the edge and before Beth disappears, she tells Sarah that everyone needs her.

Sarah returns to the safe house and reconciles with S and Kira’s game of Minecraft gets interrupted by MK.

Next week we get Alison in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar and Donnie is in prison. Also, will we Delphine at all this season? We don’t have that many episodes left before season 4 ends.

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