DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 10 “Progeny” Recap

We are in 2147, a pivotal moment that leads to Savage’s rise to power. Rip takes the team to Kasnia Conglomerate (Vancouver filming fun fact: Kasnia Conglomerate is actually Vancouver’s Olympic Village) and tells them how in 5 years time, a virus will be unleashed wiping most of them out. Also while out exploring, Ray sees that his Atom suit have become police robots that are more ruthless than peace keeping. So the team splits up. Ray, Stein and Jax go find out how the robots came to be while Rip, Sara and Snart attend a shareholders meeting where the chair is Tor Degaton. At this meeting, Rip sees Savage suggest population control. Tor Degaton is against the idea. We then see Savage talk to Tor’s son Per Degaton and Rip sees how influential Savage is on the boy.

Rip tells the team that in order to stop the virus from being unleashed they need to kill Per Degaton. Everyone but Snart and Rip are against killing the boy. Rip equates Per as another Hitler. The team manages to convince Rip not to kill Per but to kidnap him instead.

Meanwhile, Ray visits the robotics firm that developed the robots. The trio’s tour guide is a Dr. Bryce who talks about the robots and how there is no crime because of them. Dr. Bryce is happy to tour people from Central City but now says it is called STAR Labs Corp. Ray mentions how the robots are powered by a dwarf alloy. Dr. Bryce wonders how Ray knows about such proprietary technology and wonders how he knows such tech since it was something that came from the founder of the company. We see a bust that says Palmer and it looks like Ray so Dr. Bryce is a descendant of Ray.

LGN110b_0264b_1300bea-1024x682Rip, Sara and Snart do manage to kidnap Per. But Gideon informs Rip that kidnapping him doesn’t change anything in the timeline as Savage still rises to power. So Rip takes Per on the time ship on the pretense of returning him to his father. Instead, Rip takes him to a secluded location ready to kill him but doesn’t. Per thinks Rip is weak but he disagrees that not killing doesn’t make him weak. Rip is hoping to perhaps change Per as Sara suggested by saying Per should think about becoming the man his father wants and not what Savage wants.

Meanwhile, Kendra is having flashbacks of her life with Carter in the 1930s. We see Kendra worried how Savage will find them and they should flee. Kendra then procures new names and documents for them but worries what to tell their son Aldous about why they keep moving. Carter comforts Kendra about her fears and says the one thing they have is their love. When it is time for them to move, Aldous wants to know why Savage is always after them. So Carter and Kendra tell their son about the truth about them and their life a long time ago in Egypt. It was so nice to have Falk Hentschel back.

Kendra tells Ray about her memories of Carter and how her feelings for him have come back. Kendra tells Ray she feels like she is cheating on Carter with him. Ray then tells Kendra about his possible love child back in 2016.

LGN110a_0241b_21f25a9e-1024x682Savage tells Tor that he knows who took his son and knows the team won’t kill him as they are weak. So Savage and Tor takes their guards and the robots to attack the Waverider. The ship can’t fire back so the team uses their powers to fight back. Ray takes off to stop the robots and when he gets to the command center, Dr. Bryce points a gun at Ray and Kendra to stop them and wonders why Ray is in the Atom suit. Dr. Bryce believes the robots keep the peace but Ray tells her otherwise. We learn here that Dr. Bryce is actually a descendant of Ray’s brother Sydney who came to work with Felicity shortly after he left 2016. Kendra tells Dr. Bryce if she has any Palmer blood in her then she will know the right thing to do. So the robots are shut off and the team have taken out the guards. However, Savage has taken Sara hostage and threatens to kill her. Rip comes with Per and offers to exchange him for Sara. Tor agrees to the exchange much to the chagrin of his son.

Ray and Kendra then have a heart to heart. Ray can’t see how he can compete with Carter but Kendra says that Carter is her past while he is her future.

LGN110a_0433b_eee935b2-1024x683We see Per and Savage reunite. Savage tells Per the tale of Oedipus Rex suggesting that Per kill his father. We do see Per do the deed. And we learn from Gideon that things have gotten worse by not killing Per. Instead of the virus being released in 5 years, it gets released in days. With Tor’s death, Per inherited all of his shares and names Savage proxy, who moved forward his population control plans.

Throughout the episode, Sara is trying to get Snart and Rory to talk to each other. Near the end of the episode, the two men fight it out to the death. When Rory is about to deal the final blow he stops and tells Snart he doesn’t know where he belongs anymore. Rory tells the team that since he didn’t return them to the time masters, they have sent Hunters after them to wipe them from existence and suggests they all run.

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