Bitten Season 3 “Tili Tili Bom” Recap

Gregy Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

This episode clears up a lot about the Albino and how he always manages to be one step head of the Pack. And tragically we lose someone at episode’s end.

Katia and Nick

Nick and Katia are banged up and bruised after being run off the road. Nick sees two Russians come after them and he gets Katia to make a run for it while he fights them off. Unfortunately, both are captured and taken to a dairy farm.

The two are handcuffed to items around the farm and one of the Russian men tells Katia that the Albino will kill her and not them. While the two are having a smoke break, Nick gets Katia to knock over a clip board so he can pick the lock of their handcuffs. Nick promises Katia that he will help her get to Montreal to escape this supernatural life. Once free, Nick knocks out a window so Katia can escape. When the two Russians notice that they’ve escaped, they come after Nick, who does manage to kill both of them but not without sustaining an injury to his ribs and knee. Nick then takes one of the Russian’s phones.

Elena, Clay and the Albino

Gregy Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Gregy Bryk as Jeremy Danvers, Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Elena and Clay meet up with Jeremy in the woods. Jeremy is upset that he disobeyed his orders but regardless he delegates Alpha status to Elena. Elena only accepts as a temporary position once Jeremy gets back from defeating Roman. Jeremy says that it isn’t a temporary title but that it is time for Elena to lead their Pack as she is the one that can do so. Jeremy thanks Clay for his loyalty and asks he do the same with Elena. Clay does so wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, the episode opens with the Albino cleaning up the house that Clay wants to buy for Elena. We see the Albino sweeping the floor, setting up the dinning room table, placing car fresheners on the wall, cleaning the kitchen and installing an alarm system. We see the Albino light up a cigarette when we see another Albino say the cigarette will kill him. At first I thought that the Albino has mental health issues and is talking to himself but we see later that the Albino are twins. We see one Albino leave the house.

We are not sure which Albino Elena and Clay see at the diner but they go in, pay off Brian the bartender to leave. The two confront the Albino and is ready to kill them when he shows them his phone of a captured Nick and Katia.

So the Albino then leads them to the house that Clay had wanted to buy. Elena and Clay know that something is up but when they get into the house, everything seems fine except no Nick or Katia. The Albino tells Elena that Clay is like him and that she is too soft to be a leader. The Albino tells Elena that he will kill Katia as he never likes to leave names on his list.

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, Greyston Holt as Jeremy Danvers, and Oliver Becker as the Albino

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, Greyston Holt as Jeremy Danvers, and Oliver Becker as the Albino

Their conversation is interrupted when a state trooper knocks on the door. It seems that when Elena and Clay entered the house, it triggered the alarm system alerting 911. Elena answers the door to say she didn’t realize the real estate agent installed an alarm and that she came up early to set the house up. The state trooper insists on coming inside to make sure everything is okay. Elena manages to easily explain the car fresheners on the wall but the Albino bangs his head on the wall, alerting the trooper who insists on speaking to Elena’s fiancee. Clay does appear to explain that noise was him checking the walls and that the Albino is his contractor. When you think that everything is going to be okay, the Albino head butts the state trooper who takes him into custody with Elena and Nick looking on confused.

Nick contacts Elena to says that they are okay. Elena will come by and pick them up but Nick says they may not have to as a pickup truck has stopped for Katia. However, we see the Albino’s twin emerge to grab Katia and stab her. Albino 2 drives off. Nick hobbles over to Katia only to watch her die in front of him. Elena arrives and cleans up Katia’s bloody face. The three return to Stonehaven and Clay doesn’t understand how the Albino could have killed Katia. Nick says it was him as Katia identified him as her killer. Elena doesn’t blame Nick for Katia’s death but knows that things have to end. Elena hopes that once Roman is dead, the Albino will be called off and will leave them alone. Nick can’t believe Elena would just let the Albino get away with everything. Clay lets Nick know that Elena is the Alpha now. Nick thinks that makes sense and is ready for whatever Elena has planned.


Jeremy knows the only way to call off the Albino is to end the blood feud by killing Roman. Assured by Elena that Konstantin won’t betray them, Jeremy meets with him and discusses plans on how to break into the compound. Jeremy has noticed that only one guard is protecting the compound at one time but Konstantin says there are always two, with one hidden. To show that he can be trusted, Konstantin suggests that Jeremy get his way in to the compound via the catering company that brings in their meals once a day. So hidden underneath the catering van, Jeremy gets into the house. Silently making his way around, he takes down one guard and observes Roman in the backyard meeting with his men. Unfortunately for Jeremy, two other guards confront Jeremy and he surrenders.

We have two episodes left until the series finale and we are starting to see how things will end. This is my prediction. Roman will die but Jeremy will too. Elena will lead the Pack well along with Clay and Nick will get together with Rachel (even though I still ship him with Paige).

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