Bitten Season 3 “Of Sonders Weight” Recap

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

In a pretty low-key episode of Bitten after an action-packed one could also be called “They Came to Talk” with all the 1-on-1 conversations being had among our characters.

Clay and Alexei

George Stroumboulopoulos

George Stroumboulopoulos

For these two it was all about finding the person that Alexei attacked while a wolf. This person is Trevor (George Stroumboulopoulos) a man in the woods spraying wolf urine around to stop deer from entering before hunting season begins. Trevor keeps on getting phone calls from his girlfriend about an upcoming visit from his mom.

Clay and Alexei are searching for Trevor’s body as Alexei starts remember biting him. Clay is worried that Trevor is changing and might go to a hospital and reveal their secret to all. Alexei wonders why they have to keep their life a secret but Clay argues the secret protects them so they can live a life. Clay tells Alexei that he has to tap into his humanity while a wolf and to remember that humans he encounters have lives, families, loved ones. The two finally find Trevor and he is dead.

Alex Ozerov as Alexei Antonov and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Alex Ozerov as Alexei Antonov and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Thankfully, it looks like an animal attacked Trevor so they will leave his body as is. Alexei mentions how he enjoyed the wolf in him and liked attacking Trevor and is afraid that is who he truly is. Clay then plays Trevor’s voice mails from this girlfriend and learn that Trevor had a brother that was killed by a hunter’s stray bullet.

Once back at Stonehaven, Alexei and Elena have an emotional hug.

Elena and Sasha

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Elena is tending to Sasha who isn’t a very good patient as he only to help Alexei and then find Roman. Eventually, Sasha becomes more cooperative as Elena had to call in their werewolf doctor to look at the wound in his arm that has become infected.

While they wait, Elena finds out from Jorge that Roman has fled to Southern Ontario and rounds up Cain and Marsden to help find Roman.

Later, during a heart to heart, Elena confesses that Jeremy was going to kill her because he thought she saw him change until Clay bit her. Elena wants to know the truth about her mother no matter how painful. Elena knows she is Roman’s granddaughter.

Sasha tells Elena that Roman abandoned his daughter Natalia after she was born. After Roman’s wife died, he asked Sasha to check on Natalia to make sure she was okay. The two meet at the graveyard where Natalia’s mom was buried saying his mom was there too. The two soon fell in love and Natalia became pregnant with Elena. Sasha grew tired of lying to his Alpha and to Natalia and was torn between his two lives. Sasha choose to reveal who and what he was to Natalia. Natalia seemed to be okay with all this. One day, Natalia handed Elena over to Sasha who took her for a walk but while away Roman tatacked Natalia. Sasha came back to see Roman waiting to kill him so he fled and dropped off Elena had a hospital where soon a Canadian couple, that Elena would know as her parents took her in. Sasha blames himself for Natalia death. Sasha also tells Elena that Jeremy loves her very much and can’t forgive himself for almost killing her. Sasha also tells Elena that she is the heart of the pack.

Jeremy and Karen

Karen wakes up in the boardroom thinking Alexei’s change was a dream. Jeremy informs Karen that she will be find. Jeremy wants to know why Karen has come to the warehouse if she is no longer a sheriff and just wants a quiet life. Karen admits that she saw the Russians in town and grew suspicious especially after she saw Jeremy’s car outside after following them to the warehouse. Karen was just trying to help Jeremy. Karen tells Jeremy a story of how she took off from her sister’s wedding for a police case and eer since them her sister has refused to talk to her. Karen knew she had to do her job but at the same time regrets it was at the expense of her family. Jeremy tells Karen that he was at the warehouse to broker peace between two Russian families and was doing so to protect his own family as threats were made.

Jeremy manages to get Karen to drop her investigation and to try the quiet life. As Jeremy helps Karen leave, she remembers seeing Alexei change. Jeremy admits that what she was was a werewolf and that he is one too. Just as it looks like Jeremy will let her go after getting Karen to promise not tell anyone, he stabs her in the side and she dies.

Jeremy phones Elena to tell her about Karen and Jorge is going to clean up the mess while he goes after Roman. Elena tells Jeremy that she forgives him for wanting to kill him and wants him to come back safely. Jeremy gets all emotional and tells Elena how much she means to him.

Episode End

 Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

When Clay comes home to Stonehaven, an envelope is left there and inside is a USB key that shows video of Marsden getting beating to a bloody pulp.

Looking forward to next week’s episode as it looks like Nick and Paige are going to be working together to help Rachel and her baby.

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