DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8 “Night of the Hawk” Recap

We are in Harmony Falls, Oregon 1958, a town that Jax calls Pleasantville. Also, there are plenty of Back to the Future references in the episode from Jax calling a high school bully Biff to Ray wondering if Jax is going to the Enchantment Undersea dance before going on a date with the local cheerleader.

Before we get to any of that, we open with a group of teens drag racing when one of them blows a tire and crashes in the woods. The teens see a glowing meteorite but Savage is also there. The only person to not to be taken by Savage is Tommy’s girlfriend.

Rip is glad they’ve gone to 1958 as Savage doesn’t know about them so will have the element of surprise on them. Rip believes that Savage is responsible for a series of murders and missing people.

Here are the Legends assignments. Ray and Kendra will act as a married couple to infiltrate the neighbourhood of one of the missing/killed people. Sara and Stein will go undercover as a nurse and psychiatric doctor at the local insane asylum where one of the doctors was killed. Since Jax can pass for a teenager, he is tasked for finding out what happened to the missing teens. Meanwhile, Rip and Snart go undercover as FBI agents to the Sheriff’s office to get the case files on all the murders and missing people.

Speaking of missing people, we still don’t quite know the fate of Rory since Dominic Purcell is still listed in the cast. Jax keeps on asking Snart what happened to Rory throughout the episode.

The Insane Asylum

As mentioned, Sara and Stein get jobs at the insane asylum. Sara befriends a closeted nurse, Lindsay Carlisle, and the two grow close. Sara encourages her to be who she is while Stein thinks that it is wrong for her to do so as it is the repressed and racist 1950s not the 21st century. Lindsay takes Sara on a tour of the facility and tells her that Hallway H is off limits. Sara sees a photo of Savage there with the name Dr. Curtis Knox, apparently an homage to Dean Cain’s character in Smallville.

We see that Savage has been experimenting on the teens using the meteorite making them Hawk monsters where they killed a man while changing a tire.

LGN108b_0126r_826a7140-1024x684During their lunch break at a local diner, Stein, Sara and Jax meet up to discuss what is happening at the asylum. Jax then notices Betty, Tommy’s girlfriend at the counter and goes over to talk to her. After showing her the joys of dipping fries in a milkshake, Jax tries to ask Betty about Tommy but get interrupted by some bullies.

Vancouver Filming Side Note: The diner where our Legends ate at is called Moderne Burger and is along West Broadway and Larch area of Vancouver. And the place makes amazing burgers and fries. Make sure you eat there if you ever visit Vancouver and yes it has that 1950s decor and feel.

Back at the asylum, Sara and Lindsay get closer where the latter kisses the former but she pulls away. Later, Sara tells Stein that she pulled away because for the first time since she’s come back to life, she started to feel something again.

Meanwhile, Jax goes on that date with Betty but unfortunately they get attacked by Tommy Hawk Monster and scratches her with his talon. Jax frantically drives to get Betty back to the Waverider so Gideon can help. Unfortunately, the sheriff stops him and knocks Jax out. Thankfully, Snart had a bad feeling about Jax so he and Rip go to his last known location and find Betty there. Once on board the Waverider, Betty mutters about being attacked by Tommy Hawk Monster and Rip takes a closer look at Betty’s injures and knows what has happened.

Rip sees that the meteor is the same one that gave Kendra and Carter’s powers.

In Suburbia

Kendra and Ray are looking at houses and receive some racial discrimination from the real estate agent. But the pair take the house and soon discover their neighbour is none other than Vandal Savage and his wife. But Savage is going by the name Dr. Curtis Knox,

Bearing a tuna casserole, Savage and his wife invite the pair to a soiree at their house. Kendra pretends not to know who Savage is and she believes that he bought it. At the party, Ray goes exploring and find a locked room. While Savage gets all flirty with Kendra but the phone rings calling him away back to the asylum to deal with the monster problem.

The next morning, Ray uses his Atom suit to shrink down to gain access to Savage’s locked room. In the room, Ray finds the dagger that can kill him. Ray manages to get out before Savage comes home.

Attack of the Hawk Monsters

So a plan is developed where Kendra will confront Savage with the dagger in order to kill him while the rest of the Legends are going to rescue Jax.

Speaking of Jax, he gets injected with the liquid from the meteor and it turns him into a Hawk Monster.

Savage also isn’t stupid as he knows Kendra has his dagger and took it back and starts threatening her. Savage also release all of the Hawk Monsters that start attacking people in the asylum. When one of them is about to attack Lindsay, Sara comes to her rescue. Snart and Stein are trying to find Jax and fight off Hawk Monsters while Ray and Rip try and find Savage. Just as Savage is about to kill Kendra, Ray uses part of his Atom to suit to blast him away.

LGN108A_0591r_9e20439a-1024x683When Jax Hawk Monster goes to attack Stein and Snart, Snart could have killed him but decides not to giving Sara a chance to knock him out.

Once back on the Waverider, Stein administers the cure and Jax is back to normal as are the rest of the teens. Jax buys Betty a new car and tells her and Tommy to get out of town when they get a chance. Sara says farewell to Lindsay but not before sharing a kiss.

Ray and Kendra make up after their fight over Ray’s over protectiveness. Also, Jax calls Snart a hero for rescuing everyone.

As the team waits for Ray, Kendra and Sara to return, the Waverider gets attacked by Chronos, who makes his way onboard. As Ray, Kendra and Sara walk up to the ship, the three see it leave. Sara wonders why they left them.

And we are off for a few weeks until March 31.

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