Saving Hope Season 4 “Not Fade Away” Recap

Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

This was quite the emotional episode tonight as we see Dana struggle with her battle with breast cancer, Cassie trying to take a chance on love again and the beginning of something something between Dawn and Zach.

Dawn and Zach

Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller and Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell

Zach has come to Dawn’s office to find her re-decorating it. Zach pretends to want to talk inventory for his ER but really wants to know how things went with her court case with Lane, her rapist. Dawn pretends everything is fine but eventually opens up that it went as well as it could. As Zach leaves, Dawn receives a phone call from her college roommate Reba who is out hiking but fretting over a spider bite. Zach overhears and wants to know what type of spider. Eventually it is determined that it is a Black Widow spider, which is poisonous but there is a small percent chance that Reba could be affected by its toxins. Reba starts to panic so Dawn and Zach stay with her as she makes her way to her car to drive to Hope-Zion. To keep her mind of the spider bite, Zach gets Reba to tell embarrassing stories about Dawn. Zach likes hearing about this side of Dawn. When Reba falls down and starts to exhibit symptoms of being poisoned by the spider, Zach realizes she is going into shock and instructs her to follow some steps so she won’t. Dawn then decides to read a passage from Pride and Prejudice to keep Reba’s mind off everything while waiting for the paramedics. The passage they read is where Mr. Darcy professes his love for Elizabeth against his will and Elizabeth rebuff. Dawn reads Mr. Darcy part while Zach is reading Elizabeth. It is while Zach is reading to Reba that we see Dawn look at Zach in a different way, almost like she has fallen for him. However, the two lose contact with Reba and Dawn cannot get a hold of her again. Dawn becomes distraught as she can’t lose her oldest friend that has known her before she became the Chief of Surgery. Zach offers her some comfort, which Dawn gladly takes.

Fortunately, the paramedics arrived in time and Reba has responded well to the anti-venom. Reba is happy to meet Zach and thinks he and Dawn make a great couple. And I think so too. Dawn thanks Zach for his help and there is a flirty air between them. Dawn tries to quell it but stating she is his boss but he says she isn’t. You see Dawn is the Chief of Surgery and Zach is no surgeon.

We later see Dawn and Reba looking over old photos of themselves during their university days.

Cassie and Jeremy

Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams and Peter Mooney as Jeremy Bishop

Kim Shaw as Cassie Williams and Peter Mooney as Jeremy Bishop

Just before a patient gets rushed into the ER, Jeremy asks Cassie to join him for an after work drink. Cassie declines as she has decided to avoid having men in her life. Later on in the surgery for Charlie’s patient, Jeremy learns more about Cassie early life as a farm girl.


Before heading into work, Alex ambushes Charlie about getting his tumor removed. Alex does a mock debate offering reasons why he doesn’t want to like not wanting to lose the ability to see ghosts. Alex suggests that Charlie try and go a day without using his ability to see who he wants to be with it or without it.

Charlie’s patient is Russ, a superstitious farmer, who has come in after being crushed by his tractor trailer. According to his wife, Tracy, Russ was farming at night to get a head of an unforecasted storm. Apparently, Russ’ behaviour has become erratic over the past year.

During one of Russ’ surgeries, he visits Charlie to ask him to call his brother Ed but he decides to ignore Russ and focus on the medicine. Charlie manages to complete the surgery despite Russ spooking him into dropping a surgical screw.

When Russ is awake, Tracy, Charlie and Cassie check up on him. Russ’ asks his wife if he called Ed but when he said it, he looked right at Charlie which makes him think that he remembers his time in the spirit world. Russ starts to panic about the farm and when Tracy tries to reassure him, he realizes that he can’t feel his legs. Russ’ stats start to spike and Cassie notes his spleen is filling with blood.

Jeremy and Cassie fix his spleen and the two tells Tracy that while the surgery was a success he is stll paralyzed. Tracy starts to worry that Russ will continue his erratic behavior if he recovers and she is near the end of her rope. Jeremy asks if Tracy is going to leave Russ and she says no. Jeremy realizes he crossed a line and apologizes to Tracy and she surmises that someone left him.

Russ’ spirit visits Charlie again. This time Charlie doesn’t ignore him but decides not to ask him anything to see if they can solve his paralysis. So Charlie, Jeremy and Cassie look over Russ’ x-rays and determine a piece from an old clavicle surgery has broken off and hit his spine. Charlie is pleased that he used medicine to help find out what was wrong with Russ.

Jeremy and Charlie tell Tracy that they found out why Russ can’t feel his legs and fixed the issue and he will be okay. Jeremy also shows Tracy a brain scan that shows Russ is suffering from early on-set Alzheimer’s, which is a possible reason for his erratic behavior. As Russ is recovering, we see Tracy with him on his bed offering him comfort.

Alex and Dana

Alex is asking Dana’s doctor, Dr. Stroman, if she is a possible candidate for a breast cancer trial. Unfortunately, the size of Dana’s tumor does not make her a candidate. Alex goes to visit Dana in her room and sees that she is going stir crazy. Dana wants to go to Muskoka cabin and partake in the Muskoka Cottage Festival. The festival holds special meaning to her as she gave birth to Molly during that time. Speaking of Molly, Alex learns that she and Dana got into a fight and haven’t spoken since.

Of course, Dr. Stroman kiboshes any road trip up north but Alex decides to ignore Stroman’s order and breaks Dana free. During their drive, Dana talks about how seeing Dumb and Dumber with Molly is on her bucket list; talks about Buddhism and how we should wake up everyday and think if this is the day we die, are we the people we want to be (I may not have gotten this right); and reveals the real reason behind her fight with Molly. Dana gets Alex to promise not to let Molly drop out of university if she should die from her illness. Alex promises to be there for Molly

Dana starts to feel chest pains and tells Alex that they should turn around as they aren’t going to make it to the cottage. Alex said they never were going to the cottage but instead takes her to Molly as she is the reason why Dana wants to go in the first place. This scene with Alex and Dana in the car just makes me love their friendship. I also loved the performance from Wendy Crewson and especially Erica Durance in this scene too.

Dana is back in her room. Molly speaks to Alex to say that her mom has given up and it is hard for her to watch. Molly doesn’t want to give up, Alex shouldn’t give up and her mom shouldn’t give up either; she just needs something positive.

Alex visits Stroman to get him to offer Dana some hope but he replies that isn’t his job and shows the results of Dana’s latest PET scan.

Hope-Zion Cottage Festival

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney

Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney

The results of the PET scan is actually a cause of celebration as Dana’s tumor has shrunk, which now makes her a candidate for that clinical breast cancer trial in another hospital.

Alex and Molly has set up the lobby of Hope-Zion like her Muskoka cabin to celebrate the news.

As everyone settles in, Charlie tells Alex that he tried her suggestion and while it had its hiccups had its desired effect and booked the surgery with Shahir.

Meanwhile, Zach asks how Dawn is doing. Dawn replies that she doesn’t want Zach to feel sorry or pity for her. Zach states that is the furthest thing he feels for her. Zach then tells Dawn that he would have fallen hard for the college days version of her.

Cassie has changed her mind about getting a drink with Jeremy but to stop whatever could go on with them, he states that he is married but is going through a contentious divorce. Cassie says they should still go out for a drink but Jeremy think she deserves better and walks away.

SH4_EP415_D7_0125-1024x683The episode ends with everyone watching a fireworks show outside of Hope-Zion, just like the fireworks in Muskoka just before Molly was born. Alex looks on with happiness at scene of mother-daughter reunited.

Only two more episodes left until the season finale and I have no clue how this season will end.

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