Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode 14 “Lie, Cheat and Steal” Recap

image2Jeff Probst appears on screen to announce that this season’s 3-hour finale will include something the audience has never seen in 31 seasons of the show. He referred to the upcoming finale as a tearjerker so let’s see if that statement rings true.

Kimmi’s Move

Keith is finding a hard time figuring out exactly why Abi was blindsided. It’s as if it was this very moment when Keith realized he had no clue how to play Survivor. Noticing that Keith and Kelley are on the outside of the majority alliance, Kimmi approaches them with a plan to blindside Spencer or Jeremy. Kelley is very receptive to Kimmi’s plan and agrees to work with her moving forward. It looks like 15 years after the first time she played in Survivor Australian Outback, Kimmi is ready to make a big move.

Immunity is back up for grabs as the 6 remaining castaways prepare to compete in a puzzle race. This far into the game, the immunity challenges are new to all of the survivors left in the game; no more second chance redemption challenges. Spencer takes an early lead as expected because puzzles are his bread and butter. Spencer’s challenge dominance makes you miss seeing Joe compete every week… or maybe that’s just me. Anywho, Spencer adds another challenge victory to his resume by easily completing the puzzle and winning individual immunity once again. Now the ball is in Kimmi’s court. If she can rally Keith and Kelley without raising any suspicions, Jeremy might be the next one eliminated.

Back at camp, Kimmi approaches Keith with the plan to vote out Jeremy. Apparently Kimmi has been pretty obvious with her scheming and plotting because Tasha and Spencer both notice her suspicious behavior. Tasha and Spencer run over to tell Jeremy that Kimmi cannot be trusted by Jeremy has faith in Kimmi. After all, Kimmi and Jeremy have been on the same tribe since the beginning of the game. Jeremy confronts Kimmi about her loyalty and she expertly turns on the waterworks. With tears in her eyes, she emphatically tells Jeremy that she has always been loyal to him and the alliance. Jeremy seems convinced because he doesn’t want to use his immunity idol at the upcoming tribal council. Jeremy’s plan is for his alliance to split their votes between Kelley and Keith so that in the even that Kelley has an immunity idol, Keith would be the one eliminated. Spencer is sure that Jeremy is wrong about Kelley having the idol. Spencer feels like if they split the vote between Kelley and Keith, Kimmi will have the opportunity to jump ship and vote Jeremy out of the game.

No Votes

The CRAZIEST tribal council of all time is upon us and I’ll just skate over the minor details because it gets really complicated. Basically, the alliance of Kimmi, Kelley, Jeremy, and Tasha appears to be a cohesive unit until Spencer reveals that he, Jeremy and Tasha will not be splitting the vote to flush out an immunity idol. Kimmi is shocked to hear that her name has been left out of the plan. Jeremy assures Kimmi that she has nothing to worry about, but she looks devastated to find out that she might have been caught red handed. Kelley and Keith are completely out of the loop, but they are prepared to vote for Jeremy and even draw rocks in the event of a tie vote. Spencer tells Kelley that she also has nothing to worry about during this vote. There’s so much going on at one time that it’s hard to tell who is in the most danger.

Before the votes are read, Kelley Wentworth decides to play her hidden immunity idol. Jeremy was correct and Kelley has once again managed to dodge elimination. Seeing Kelley play her second idol convinces Jeremy that he should play his second idol as well. Now any votes for Jeremy and Kelley will not count. Keith and Kelley both voted for Jeremy while Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha voted for Kelley. Jeremy is floored to find out that Kimmi also voted to eliminate him. For the first time in 31 seasons, nobody has a valid vote. Jeremy, Spencer, and Kelley are all safe meaning the tribe must vote for one of the vulnerable castaways. Jeremy gloats as he happily skips over to cast his next vote against Kimmi. When the votes are read, Kimmi receives a vote from Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha each. Kimmi, Keith, and Kelley all vote for Tasha leading to another stalemate. Neither side is willing to change their vote. Now for the crazy part. Per the rules of the game, in the event of a deadlocked vote, the castaways that have received votes will be immune as well. The remaining castaways that do not have immunity will then be forced to draw rocks to determine who will be eliminated from the game if they cannot unanimously pick one person to eliminate. So in this case, Kelley, Jeremy, and Spencer are all safe. Kimmi and Tasha will also be safe because they received the tying votes and Keith would be forced to draw a rock to survive the vote. The problem is that Keith would be the only one drawing a rock so he would 100% be the person eliminated if the tribe can’t unanimously pick someone else. Tasha’s alliance is firmly in favor of Kimmi going home so it’s up to Keith and Kelley to decide if Kimmi will be going home or if Keith will be eliminated by default. After some deliberation, the entire tribe comes to the consensus that Kimmi will be the newest addition to the jury as she is voted out of the game. Good try Kimmi.

Immunity is Up for Grabs

image3 (1)Once all the smoke clears from that crazy tribal council the alliance of Kelley and Keith has survived one more round in the game. With Kimmi gone, they really don’t have many options left. The next immunity challenge there is another obstacle course followed by a puzzle. Kelley Wentworth takes an early lead in the obstacle course and makes quick work of her puzzle with Keith behind her in second place. Kelley wins individual immunity when she needs it most. Keith knows that unless he can make a big move, he will be the next person eliminated.

At the Orkun camp, the majority alliance is paranoid the either Keith or Kelley will have a hidden immunity idol. Kelley knows that keeping Keith in the game could be beneficial for her to break up the alliance of Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha so she fashions a pretend immunity idol out of material she has been collecting during the game. She gives the convincing idol to Keith for him to use to scare one of the other players into turning against each other. Keith spends the next few hours wandering around the beach trying to make the Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremy paranoid.

When the tribe arrives at tribal council all the discussion is about the possibility of Keith or Kelley playing an immunity idol. The majority alliance would be devastated to find out that Keith has one because one of them would be going home. Keith keeps the fake idol in his pocket, but he doesn’t show it. Once the votes are tallied, he receives votes from Spencer, Jeremy and Tasha resulting in him being the next member of the tribe voted out. Kelley Wentworth is now the last obstacle the alliance of Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy have to conquer in order to make it to the final tribal council.

The Final Immunity Challenge

The next day the tribe goes immediately to the final immunity challenge. The challenge is the final immunity challenge from Survivor Tocantins. It involves a lot of hand/eye coordination and concentration. The challenge continues for a while before the first person is eliminated. Kelley Wentworth is devastated as she drops out of the challenge; she can feel her shot at the title of Sole Survivor fading away. Tasha drops out of the challenge second leaving Spencer and Jeremy to battle it out. The challenge ends when Spencer is eliminated from the challenge and Jeremy wins the most important immunity challenge of the game. Now it’s up to Jeremy to determine who he will be taking to the final tribal council and who will be the last member of the jury.

When the castaways get back to camp, Jeremy assesses whether or not he should remain loyal to Spencer and Tasha or bring Kelley Wentworth with him to the final 3. Kelley thinks her best move is to convince Jeremy that he has a better chance of beating her than Spencer. Jeremy is going to go with whoever he feels more comfortable competing against. Spencer and Kelley both have some big moves on their resumes so Jeremy’s decision is not an easy one.

image4 (1)At the third tribal council of the episode, they talk about Jeremy’s choice between taking Kelley and Spencer to the final round of the game. Tasha’s spot seems pretty solid so she stays out of the deliberations. Spencer and Kelley take turns throwing each other under the bus. Spencer uses this moment to make his plea. He tells Jeremy that not only does he thinks that Kelley will win the game and that if he is eliminated instead of her, he will use all his influence on the jury to make sure that Kelley wins. Jeff makes the castaways place their votes. Kelley receives 3 votes and is eliminated from the game. Now, Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremy can celebrate that their alliance of 3 was triumphant. The only thing left to do is decide the winner of the game. The castaways will have to plead their cases in front of the jury of their former tribemates and the jury will vote on the winner.

The Jury Speaks

The Final Tribal Council is pretty tame in comparison to other seasons, but the general theme is clear. Tasha is almost overlooked as a strong player, Spencer is questioned mostly about his arrogance and Jeremy is questioned about the way he handled himself toward Kimmi when she was to be eliminated. All three castaways answer the questions pretty well, but Jeremy is definitely the standout of the tribal council. The weirdest question comes from Kelly Wiglesworth who asks the castaways to pick a number between 1 & 10. All three of the castaways are challenged to sum up the meaning of their “Second Chance Story.” By now we should know all 3 stories by heart… Tasha’s Second Chance was about building and maintaining relationships. Spencer’s story was about making relationships with the other players and Jeremy’s was about family. Jeremy was already in a great position to win the game, but he puts the cherry on top when he reveals that he has been hiding the fact that his wife is pregnant with his baby boy. After that, there really isn’t much left to say. The jury places their votes to be revealed at the finale…

And the winner is…

image5The winner of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance by a landslide is Jeremy Collins from Survivor San Juan Del Sur. Not only did Jeremy win the game but he won receiving all 10 votes. Jeremy played a masterful game his second time around. He was never really in danger of eliminated, plus he found two hidden immunity idols and won the most important immunity challenge of the season. Jeremy came a long way from being eliminated before the merge in season 29 to being the last man standing in season 31 surrounded by some of the most memorable players in Survivor history. Spencer and Tasha both did well but in the end, their downfall was not realizing that in order to win the game, they would have to go through Jeremy. At the end of the reunion special, Jeff announces that the next season of Survivor will follow the Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty theme similar to season 28, Survivor Cagayan. Notably, Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother 16 will be the second Big Brother contestant to ever compete on Survivor (following Hayden Moss from Big Brother 12 and Survivor Blood vs Water). I honestly don’t know how to feel about Caleb, but I’ll definitely be watching. Survivor: Koh Rong – Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty will air in February of 2016.

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