Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode 10/11 “Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil/ My Wheels are Spinning” Recap

It’s night 24 at Orkun and once again the game has shifted. Jeremy, Stephen, and Spencer aligned with Abi-Maria, Kelley Wentworth, and Ciera to blindside Kelly Wiglesworth. The move was designed to take out Joe’s biggest allies since he won immunity once again. Jeremy knows that by taking out Wiglesworth he may have caused a rift in his own alliance with Tasha, Keith and Kimmi. Jeremy plans to realign with those three in order to target Ciera but first he must mend his relationship with Tasha. Tasha promises that her alliances will not get another chance to blindside her in the game. The person most hurt by the demise of Wiglesworth is Joe. He tries to remain tight with the majority alliance but he knows that he is the biggest target left standing. If he doesn’t win immunity he will sure be the next one eliminated.

The Monsoon

image (8) The rain continues to pour well into the next day and the whole tribe’s spirits are low. Ciera is happy that she has been able to gain some momentum in the game but the rain is making it pretty difficult to strategy. Keith isn’t bothered by the rain. He’d be willing to sit in the rain for 50 days for the chance to win the game. When the tribe arrives at the reward challenge the rain immediately picks up. The tribes are divided into two teams of 5 for the very physical challenge. The game is basically a mixture of rugby and basketball submerged in about a foot of water. Abi, Spencer, Ciara and Tasha and Joe end up victorious which isn’t a huge surprise because they have Joe. Joe hasn’t lost a challenge and it doesn’t look like he’ll be losing one any time soon. The team of Kelley Wentworth, Kimmi, Stephen, Tasha and Jeremy are forced to go back to the camp and suffer through the rain while the winning team will have the chance to get dry and enjoy a meal and the other benefits of the reward. The time away from camp is exactly the opportunity Ciera has been waiting for to make a move.

The Reward was the opportunity to experience some of the Cambodian culture, get dry and enjoy a decent meal. Ciera pitches the idea to blindside Stephen Fishbach. Spencer completely agrees that the advantage Fishbach won at the last immunity challenge makes him too big of a threat to leave in the game. Joe doesn’t hesitate to go along with the plan because he’s aware that Fishbach has been targeting him since day one. However, Joe is completely aware that if he is not able to win immunity, the tribe will be voting him out almost unanimously. Back at camp, the five reward challenge losers all huddle up to stay warm in the shelter. Kimmi tells us that her biggest motivation is her son. She feels like if her son is able to battle with kidney disease, she should be able to stick it out in the game to make her family’s life better. Keith and Jeremy reflect on how dominant Joe is in the challenges. Fishbach even points out that if Joe were to get voted out, that would give Jeremy a legitimate shot at winning some of the challenges as well. Until now, it has seemed like Joe and Keith have been pretty close but Keith has had enough of Joe’s winning streak. He says that he wouldn’t mind one bit if Joe goes home because that would give everyone else a chance at winning. Kelley Wentworth is excited because voting out Joe can open more doors for herself Abi and Ciera. Fishbach feels like has a lot of room to maneuver in the game which puts him in a great spot competitively. But that night as the torrential rain continues, Stephen’s health takes a turn for the worst. Once again, he breaks down in tears only this time his emotions aren’t strategy related. He’s legitimately concerned that his body won’t be able to take the conditions of Cambodia.

Choose a Rock

image (11)Fishbach’s health doesn’t get any better the next day. His stomach is really bothering him, his feet are swelling and the rain just will not stop. His closest ally, Jeremy hopes that Fishbach will be able to start feeling better soon because he is one of the few people in the game he knows he can trust. The tribe meets Probst at the Individual Immunity Challenge, but before they begin he has a proposition for them. In light of the horrible weather conditions, Probst offers the tribe to reward the tribe with a brand new shelter if 5 individuals are willing to sit out of the immunity challenge. The castaways don’t have time to discuss who will sit out. They have to immediately hold out a black stone if they chose to compete in the challenge or a white stone if they chose to sit out of the challenge. The exercise is to determine if anybody would be willing to risk their lives in the game for a chance to better the shelter for the entire group. Probst tells all the castaways to reveal their decision and it turns out that only two tribe members have decided to compete for immunity. Abi, Tasha, Spencer, Fishbach, Ciera, Jeremy, Kimmi and Wentworth all decided to sit out of the challenge. The only two people competing will be Joe and Keith. Joe tells Probst that he knew immediately he would be competing in the challenge. Keith says that he wanted to compete for the chance to win immunity over Joe. The challenge is familiar to Keith, who competed in it during Survivor San Juan Del Sur but once again Joe wins making that 4 individual immunity wins in a row. Keith or one of the eight people who voluntarily gave up their shot at immunity to improve their shelter will be going voted out of the game at the next tribal council. Fishbach tells us that he will now be targeting Ciera. He doesn’t trust her and because she has been playing so aggressively, she terrifies him in the game.

image (12)The Orkun Tribe arrives back at camp and sees their brand new shelter. Spencer feels like they sold their soul to the devil by sacrificing immunity for a shelter they very well not be around to enjoy. Kimmi, Jeremy, and Fishbach discuss who their next target will be. But while Fishbach is rallying his troops to take out Ciera, Ciera is busy confirming that her alliance will be targeting Fishbach. Tasha and Spencer sneak away to discuss which move will be best for them. Noticing that Ciera has been gaining momentum, Tasha suggests that they should join the side that would like to vote her out but Spencer isn’t sure that move is best for him. Joe is playing both sides because he actually doesn’t know if he wants Ciera to go or Fishbach to go instead. Spencer tells Jeremy that the current plan is to take out Fishbach, but Jeremy quickly shoots down that idea. Jeremy wants Fishbach to stay because he knows he’ll remain loyal. Moments before tribal council and Spencer is still not convinced that Jeremy will go along with the plan to vote out Fishbach. Neither guy is willing to budge so once again it’s not clear who will be eliminated.

Million Dollar Shelter

One of the main themes of tribal council is the weather. Wentworth and Fishbach both point out that the rain and the conditions have made surviving a really difficult task. Probst asks how the tribe felt about the idea of giving up individual immunity for the chance to improve their shelter. Tasha and Ciera both say that they would rather be selfless and risk being voted out to better their conditions. Joe interjects that he didn’t have the luxury of being selfless because had he not competed in the challenge, he would’ve surely been the next one voted out. Probst also brings up Fishbach’s advantage in the game. Jeremy points out that the advantage could really be a disadvantage because the target on Fishbach has gotten so much bigger because of it. Ciera says that it would suck if she ends up being blindsided because she would’ve felt like she should’ve chosen to compete in the immunity challenge instead. The choice may have been a million dollar mistake for what Tasha calls a “Million Dollar Shelter.” But was it worth the risk.

image (13)The votes are in and but before Probst begins tallying the votes, Jeremy interrupts him to play his idol. Everyone is shocked to see that not only is Jeremy playing his idol, but he’s playing it for Fishbach. The move pays off for Fishbach as he receives the majority of the votes and his life in the game is saved. However, Fishbach, Kimmi, and Jeremy all voted for Ciera and she is the next person eliminated on the game and the 4th member of the jury.

Survivor Folklore

The tribe returns back to camp and congratulates Jeremy on his idol play. Fishbach had a feeling he was going to be the one voted out and he tells Jeremy that he has earned he will remain loyal moving forward. Jeremy pulls Spencer to the side to try to assure him that they are still a solid alliance, but Spencer can’t help but feel like he’s being lied to. He’ll be keeping his options open for an opportunity to flip to a more stable alliance. Fishbach is completely annoyed at the fact that he was nearly eliminated with no clue of what was going on in the game. Not to mention, he’s can barely walk due to his swollen feet and he hasn’t really slept in days.

The next Reward Challenge is the classic Survivor Folklore Challenge. Probst will read a story to the castaways and they have to race around answering multiple choice questions about the story. The first castaway to get 5 correct answers will win the reward. Although, Fishbach ends up winning the challenge, Kelley Wentworth could be considered the real winner. She was able to locate a clue to a hidden immunity idol and stash it away while no one was looking right in the middle of the challenge. Probst gives Fishbach for the ability to choose to people to go on the reward challenge with him. When Fishbach uses his first pick to choose Tasha, Jeremy looks absolutely livid. But that look of anger quickly transforms to happiness when Jeremy is chosen by Fishbach second. The castaways arrive back at camp well after sundown and Kelley Wentworth finally has the chance to read the clue to her idol. The clue says that the idol is attached to the underside of the shelter. Kelley’s challenge is to find the perfect time to crawl under the challenge to retrieve the idol without being caught.

Fishbach, Jeremy, and Tasha get to go to a tropical resort and cabana to enjoy food and drinks for their reward. Realizing that Tasha voted for him at the last tribal council, Fishbach picked her to come on the reward challenge to regain her loyalty. The three collectively decide that if Joe loses the next immunity challenge he should be the one voted out. But at the Angkor camp, Fishbach’s picks for the reward challenge aren’t going over too well with the rest of the tribe. The consensus is that Fishbach, Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi are a tight alliance and need to be broken up. Spencer and Joe pitch the idea that the tribe will be voting out Spencer next. Abi worries that she could be the one eliminated if she Fishbach plays his advantage. She has to decide if she is able to trust Spencer and Joe or if she should flip and vote with the other alliance.

Streak Ended

Kelley Wentworth bides her time all day for a chance to grab the hidden immunity idol from under the shelter. When all the other members of the tribe are preoccupied with other activities, she scurries under the shelter and grabs the idol before anyone even notices she’s done it. That now makes 2 idols Wentworth has obtained right under her tribemates’ noses. She’s ready to use her second immunity idol to shake up the game.

image (16)The Individual Immunity challenge is familiar to both Jeremy and Keith. They both competed and lost in the challenge during Survivor San Juan Del Sur. The object of the challenge is to be the first person to stack all of their blocks using only their feet. For the second time this episode someone is able to beat Joe. Spencer wins individual immunity and after 29 days in the game, Joe is FINALLY eligible for elimination. Joe now has to rely on his relationships in the game to get him through this round or he will be going home.

Fishbach can pretty much taste the blood in the water; he wants Joe out of the game so badly and now he finally has his chance to vote him out. Kimmi, Fishbach, Jeremy, and Tasha are committed to taking out Joe, but Kelley Wentworth has other plans. She wants to use this vote to target Fishbach once again. She and Spencer approach Joe with the plan to blindside Fishbach, and Joe really has no other choice but to go along with the plan. Elsewhere, Fishbach tries to recruit Abi as a possible vote and while she does say she is willing to work with him, he can tell that she doesn’t trust him. At this point, Fishbach knows his next move is to try to convince Joe that the plan is to vote for Abi. Unfortunately, Abi sees Fishbach and Joe talking and becomes even more suspicious of the pair. Wentworth tries to put Abi’s mind at ease about the vote, assuring her that Fishbach will be the one voted out. Wentworth tells us that if she feels like the vote will not go the way she wants it to, she will not hesitate to use her idol. The vote has thrown the tribe into a state of paranoia. Fishbach and Jeremy, decide that placing all their votes on Joe could be a huge risk because they are pretty sure that Joe has found the hidden immunity idol. They decide to split the vote between Joe and Abi so that in the event that Joe plays an immunity idol, Abi would be the one eliminate. But in order to make that happen, Fishbach will have to use his advantage at the upcoming tribal council. The advantage would allow him to steal one person’s vote and use it as his own.

The 5th member of the Jury is…

image (17)The first thing Probst points out at tribal council is that Joe is not wearing the immunity necklace. Now that he isn’t immune, he can only hope that he has built enough trust with everyone else in the game to keep him safe for another round. Abi says that Joe is putting his faith in his alliance and the vote this week will come down to loyalty within the alliances. Tasha points out that the voting bloc strategy the castaways have been discussing the last few weeks is dwindling and people are now aligning with the people they want to be loyal to for the next few votes. Fishbach is genuinely concerned that his advantage has put a target on his back, but he thinks that the odds of a blindside are pretty low for this vote. But moments later Fishbach catches much of the tribe off guard when he announces that he will be using his advantage to steal Joe’s vote. This means that Joe will not be voting, but Fishbach will get to vote twice. All the castaways place their votes and Fishbach uses one vote against Abi and the other vote against Joe. He relishes the moment of victory and tells us that he has been waiting 29 days to vote Joe out of the game. However, the moment ends pretty quickly. Joe only receives 2 votes and Abi-Maria receives 3, meaning the remaining votes all go to Fishbach. Spencer’s plan works and Stephen Fishbach is blindsided by the majority of the tribe, becoming the 11th person voted out and the 5th member of the jury.

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