Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode 9 “Witches Coven” Recap

With one of the flashiest moves of this season, Kelley Wentworth was able to lead Abi-Maria and Ciara to blindside Andrew Savage, by playing her hidden immunity idol. Now that the hidden immunity idol has been re-hidden, many of the castaways are tempted to look for the idol and secure themselves safety for a future tribal council.

The Coven

The tribe returned back to camp after the most shocking elimination of the season and congratulate Kelley Wentworth for making such an impressive move. Although Wentworth is happy saved herself from elimination her idol play has several other implications as well. She weakened the majority alliance, but she also dispelled the rumor that there might not be hidden immunity idols in play this season. After all, the only people who knew for sure that there were idols in play were Wentworth and Jeremy, who still has yet to play his idol. Kimmi wants to ensure that the next person voted out is either Wentworth, Abi or Ciara. She’s named the three women the “Witches Coven” because she knows they will stir up trouble if they are allowed to stay in the game much longer. Stephen Fishbach also recognizes that the “Witches Coven” is a dangerous alliance, but he would rather try to work with them than against them.

On Day 22, Jeremy points out that the loss of Savage hurt his strategy. Even though he has his immunity idol and he trusts Fishbach, Jeremy feels like he needs to find the other hidden immunity idol for one more added layer of protection. Keith, Tasha, and Joe all hunt for the idol. Joe knows that finding the hidden immunity idol will be crucial for his survival in the game and searches for it in a large tree near the tree-mail box. Abi comes across Joe searching and interrupts his search so that she could find a secluded place to pee. Moments later she reports back to Wentworth that Joe was desperately poking around looking for the idol and Wentworth tells us that the Joe’s paranoia gives her hope that people will be willing to make a big move at the next tribal council.

Survivor Spa

The tribe heads off to the muddy reward challenge. It is an obstacle course from Survivor Cagayan that Spencer and Tasha both competed in as members of the “Brains Tribe.” The reward this time is a trip to the Survivor Spa where the castaways will get a shower a massage and a full stomach of food. The shower will be much needed after competing in the rain and mud in this challenge. Tasha’s team of Stephen, Joe, Ciara and Spencer is STACKED. They make quick work of the first few obstacles and leave the team of Kelly Wiglesworth, Wentworth, Keith, Jeremy and Kimmi in the dust. It’s a blowout from beginning to end and the duo of Spencer and Ciara manage to finish the puzzle at the end of the course and win the challenge for their team.

As the team enjoys the Survivor Spa, Joe points out that the reward will rejuvenate them to better compete in the upcoming individual immunity challenge. Ciara, on the other hand, looks at the reward trip as a chance to talk about strategy. She knows that she is still one of the people on the outside of the majority alliance has not yet given up on saving herself. Fishbach points out that Abi, Ciara, and Wentworth are all desperate to stay in the game so they are willing to work much harder than the other members of the tribe when it comes to strategy. Ciara tells Stephen, Tasha, Spencer and Joe that if any of them are to go to the end of the game with Jeremy or Wiglesworth, they will most definitely lose. Jeremy has been playing really hard and Wiglesworth has gotten really close to everyone on the tribe.

Val’s Idols

image (5)Back at the Orkun camp, Jeremy goes looking for the hidden immunity idol while Abi, Keith, Wiglesworth, Kimmi, and Wentworth all rest. Jeremy decided to check in the big tree closest to tree-mail because it reminds him of where he found his last idol clue. After searching for a while, he notices the clue right in front of him in the tree. This time, the clue says that the idol will not be located at a challenge, but instead he will have to wait until the rest of his tribe is asleep later that night and follow the instruction on the clue that will lead him directly to the idol. Jeremy tells us things are starting to look up for him and he anxiously awaits nightfall to go search for his prize. When the rest of the tribe returns from their award many of them sit around the fire talking well into the night. Jeremy can’t wait any longer for them to fall asleep so he sneaks off down the trail that leads to the location of the idol. He approaches a tree illuminated by a lantern with the hidden immunity idol hanging right in front of him and grabs it. Jeremy dedicates both of his idols to his wife Val, and in another teary-eyed confessional, he admits that he knows people are after him in the game and he needs to use the idols at the right time so that he can be the last castaway standing, and win the prize money to make a better life for his family.

On Day 24, Fishbach notices that Joe and Kelly Wiglesworth have been getting extremely close. He says the two of them share a sort of “shared arrogance” about how awesome they are. Fishbach wants to team up with The Witches Coven to make a move against the pair. Ciara notices that ever since Kelley Wentworth played the idol and got rid of Andrew Savage more people have been willing to approach The Coven to make moves. The Witches Coven agrees with Fishbach that they will be targeting Wiglesworth at the next tribal council.

Vote Stealer

image (4)The Immunity Challenge is another challenge from Survivor Cagayan. The challenge requires the castaways to balance on narrow platforms in the pouring rain, trying not to fall into the lagoon. The last castaways remaining standing on their individual platform will win immunity from elimination at the upcoming tribal council. Minutes into the challenge, Probst reminds the tribe that their success in Survivor is dependent on their abilities to make the right choice at the right time. He offers an advantage in the game to the first person to jump into the water and swim over to a buoy a few yards away. But that would require the castaways to give up their shot at individual immunity as well. The only 2 castaways that take Probst up on his offer are Fishbach and Spencer. It’s a close race to the buoys, but Fishbach has about a one-second lead on Spencer that ultimately led to him winning but just a hair. Fishbach gets the advantage, and he and Spencer both have to sit out the remainder of the challenge. Many of the castaways fall out of the challenge and this time the last 2 standing are Abi and Joe. It looks like Abi might actually beat the Golden Boy but once again Joe is victorious and immune from yet another elimination.

The rain continues to come down when the tribe gets back to camp and they all huddle in the shelter to get warm and dry. Kimmi tells us that she’s not really upset about Joe winning individual immunity again because she wants to concentrate on getting rid of a member of the Witches Coven. She doesn’t want the three of them getting too much power. She comes up with a plan to put 5 votes on Wentworth and 3 votes on Ciara so that if Wentworth has another immunity idol, Ciara would be the one voted out of the game instead. Meanwhile, Fishbach wanders off to read the details of the advantage he won during the immunity challenge. The advantage gives Fishbach the power to steal another player’s vote at a tribal council. He will be able to select the tribe member whose vote he wants to steal and vote a second time as well. He’s excited to have a potentially game-winning advantage at his disposal.

The Coven and Fishbach decide to put their plan to vote out Wiglesworth into action. The Coven is committed to the plan but Fishbach first needs to convince his closest allies, Jeremy, and Spencer, to turn against the rest of their alliance. Jeremy and Spencer are skeptical but Fishbach adamantly insists that they can trust Abi, Wentworth, and Ciara for at least this vote. Jeremy trusts Fishbach, but he doesn’t know how he feels about blindsiding Keith, Tasha, Kimmi and Joe. Getting rid of Wiglesworth could put another rift in the already fractured tribe.

It’s difficult to hear what the soaked castaways are saying over the sound of the downpour and thunder at tribal council. Keith tells Probst the game is made so much more difficult because of conditions they are experiencing. He’s barely gotten 2 hours of sleep in almost 2 days. Wentworth and Ciara both say that they hope the last tribal council was enough to get some of the other castaways to make a move and work with them moving forward. Fishbach, Spencer, and Jeremy all chime in on the theory that the game is not being played in big alliances but in smaller voting blocks that may change from week to week, but Tasha tells Probst that in the end, the voting block with the strongest alliance will dominate the game. Finally, Probst asks the castaways to raise their hands if they feel like they could be in jeopardy of getting voted out of the game. Abi, Tasha, Fishbach, Spencer, Wentworth and Ciara all raise their hands.

The Votes are in

image (7)Probst tallies the votes and it’s clear that we are witnessing another blindside. Keith, Tasha, Kimmi and Joe all look surprised to see that Kelly Wiglesworth received the most votes and will be the third member of the jury. The Witches Coven lives to fight another day but Jeremy, Fishbach, and Spencer might’ve put themselves in a tough position moving forward. I’m sure Joe, Keith, Kimmi and Tasha won’t take this move laying down.

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